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PRIME TIME: Will Opt-In To Larger RP Shows Sarah Lacklan
Author Message
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World's best at making murderhobos cry

XWF FanBase:
The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

02-20-2019, 12:45 AM


In-Ring Name: Sarah Lacklan

Wrestler's Real Name: Sarah Selena Grey-Lacklan

Nickname: The Blood Princess, the Firestarter, Rule 63 Thanos, the Poshest of Goths, the Gothest of Poshes, the Matron of Pigeons, Ilhar de La'al, the Most Decorated Wrestler in XWF History, the Aristocracy of Professional Wrestling

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New

Wrestler Date of Birth: 1/1/98 AND 1/14/98

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 155 lbs

Hometown: Born and raised in Maine, now residing in Hollywood Hills, CA

Personality: Conflicted Cultist

Looks Description: A short albino, Sarah is the WASPiest of WASPS. Bright white hair and skin, red-tinted eyes, sharp and angular cheekbones. Heavily muscled frame for her short size, creating a heavy center of gravity, and possesses legs that can, and have, crushed the soul from opponents.

Ethnicity: New England Caucasian, speaks with a Londoner accent.

Pic Base, if any: Dakota Fanning

[Image: GS066MQ.png]

In-Ring Appearance: Sarah wears a full bodysuit, black with black and white spiderweb designs throughout, along with heavy black knee braces, thin gloves, and heeled boots. To the ring, she wears a long black robe which features long black feathers at the neck and wrists. Wears thick contact lenses when wrestling.

Out of Ring Appearance: Sarah is typically seen wearing clothing of her own design, often inspired by the turn of the 20th century. Red and black dresses, hats, parasols, veils over her face, and far too much makeup. All of her clothes cover her from her feet to the top of her neck, covering every inch of skin except for her face and hands. She wears thick glasses.

~Jewelry~ She is often adorned with jewelry, including a silver net in her hair, large earrings, dazzled finger armor, and a diamond-encrusted spider that hangs from her navel (a cherished gift from Kenzi), though that last item is always underneath her clothing.

~Tattoos~ While no one has seen any of her skin in the last couple of years, it is known that her right shoulder is dominated by a well-shadowed white mask filled with cracks and purple eyes (her father's mask, inked to commemorate her first win in 2017); Left shoulder features a cross inside of a sunburst (the symbol for the Path of the Light Church, inked to commemorate her first World Championship in 2019); the date of her wedding day (8-26-17) in an "intimate" location

[Image: WMhr4kIm.jpg]

Strengths: 2nd generation wrestler, intelligent, manipulative, vicious kicks, tag team specialist

Weaknesses: Physically weak in comparison to most wrestlers, severe trust issues, arrogant to a fault

Interesting Facts:

~Is both a terrible and talented driver
~Handwriting is naturally Comic Sans
~Super duper blind without her glasses
~Trained in singing, ballet, piano, and painting
~Competed in cheer and swim in school
~Loves children
~Has several animals but is particularly known for her love of pigeons and spiders
~Experienced horse-rider
~Advocate for cancer research
~Over-plans things to the point of minutiae
~Talented with spreadsheets and slideshow software
~Hosted a podcast called "PrincessTwilightSexyFang" from ages 12-21 which documented much of her athletic and artistic pursuits
~Talented in mimicry and can perform surprisingly accurate impressions of her peers
~Proud member and supporter of the "Free the Nipple" Movement
~A notorious note-taker, she is constantly writing in a book or on a legal pad about her observations of people, places, and situations. Those close to her know that her "Relationship Notebook" about Kenzi is several volumes long
~A talented seamstress, she designs and sews most of her own clothes
~Has been known to wake up "bored"
~Interested in linguistics and etymology
~Insists words be pronounced "correctly." Over emphasizes the H after W, you can hear the apostrophe in Hawai'i, etc
~Her favorite book is Les Misérables
~Fluent in French
~Once outswam a helicopter

~Has two birthdays because she stole Jim Jimson's 
~Is taller than Thad Duke
~Once hit Jenny Myst so hard that she made her forget they had a match
~Holds the record for the the fastest win in XWF when she tapped out Atara Raven in, like, 5 seconds 

~Considers Grey to be the best Atticus
~Is Noah Jackson's favorite wrestler

~Her promotional videos are considered "MUST WATCH CONTENT" by the official Dungeons & Dragons Players Association of Texas 
~Is the most popular subject on the official XWF Podcast
~Considers Angelica to be the BEST ketchup holder EVER


"Eyes on ME!"
"Oh...and ANOTHER thing!"
"I won't stop until I'm legend."
"Speaking as a (literally anything) Expert..."
"Let me tell you about (literally anyone)..."
"Mind the Flames"
"First of all..."

Entrance Theme Music:"Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)" performed by Eric Calderone

The lights in the building go down and a spotlight shines on the ring, where we see Tig O’Bitties. But the XWF ring announcer has changed out of her normal uniform of a spaghetti strap so thin that her monstrous bust looks like two watermelons being held up by Dollar Store floss, because the XWF is STILL run by 13-year-olds, and into a far more appropriate dress of black and red which features fully shoulders and cloth covering her from heel to her neck.

TIG: Everyone, please stand for the arrival of the MOST Decorated Wrestler in XWF History.

About half the crowd stands as-




A red spotlight shines down on the entrance ramp as a metal version of the Moonlight Sonata plays. Through the curtain walks a woman, dressed like she’s about to ride through a New England town in 1913, carrying a large plaque.

TIG: She has been awarded the Newcomer of the Year in 2019…

Another woman carrying a plaque walks out.

TIG: …she has been recognized as having THE best debut promotional video ever…

A third woman with a plaque joins them.

TIG: …she has the record for the FASTEST victory in the XWF, wherein she made Atara Raven, of the House of Themis, tap out in five seconds…

A fourth woman with a heavy plaque.

TIG: …she has the BEST smile, with an estimated worth of being in the billions…

Yet ANOTHER woman walks out.

TIG: …and, as seen at some point in the future due to the reality-bending tape delay schedule of Anarchy, the undisputed greatest return in that show’s history…

Sarah calmly walks out onto the ramp and stops, taking the time to look at the crowd. As the guitars play, she slowly walks down the ramp, careful to avoid the touch of any fans, as the women carrying the plaques follow in her wake.

TIG: Standing at the perfect height of 5 feet and 2 inches, and weighing in tonight at a buff and squat 145 pounds-

Upon approaching the ring, the woman quickly arrange themselves in front of her, dropping to all fours, into that of a human staircase, for Sarah to ascend.

TIG: -and fighting simultaneously out of both the Hills of Hollywood and the Blueberry Fields of Maine-

Sarah slips through the ropes as two of the women hurriedly open them for her.

TIG: -she has an overall XWF record of 43 wins, 10 losses, and 2 draws-

Sarah makes her way to a corner, leaning her back into it.

TIG: -she has won the Universal Championship…the Tag Team Championship…the Anarchy Championship…the Leap of Faith Rafter Match…and survived War Games…

Sarah pushes herself up the turnbuckle until she sits atop the highest pad, a queen on her throne.

TIG: …she is the Blood Princess…the Firestarter…both the Poshest of Goths AND the Gothest of Poshes…the Matron of Pigeons…Ilhar de La'el...YOUR Rule 63 Thanos……SARAHHHHHHHHH

Tig takes a big breath as Sarah looks around at the crowd with a small smirk.

AKA: Resting Sar Face.


Sarah gives Tig a small nod of approval before slowly raising one fist into the air as the crowd splits in cheers and jeers.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

Sarah is a Super Junior who focuses on kicks and grounding opponents with joint submissions, particularly focusing on the arm to set up her Pigeonwing submission. When fighting, Sarah focuses on reversals and counter moves, rarely going on the offense until she has been able to wear down an opponent or capitalize on a mistake. Her strikes are vicious, typically looking to attack joints to counter offense. She very rarely climbs or runs the ropes, instead preferring to keep everyone grounded.


Open hand palm strikes
Snap kicks
High kicks
Muay Tai clinch knees
Elbows from the mount on the ground
Knee strikes in the corner


Snap vertical suplex
Brain buster
Drop toe
Arm wringer/snap


Fujiwara arm bar
Triangle choke
Knee bar
Leg scissor body lock
Finger breakers

Combo moves

Arm drag into arm locks
Dropkick to knee followed by several stomps
Around the world stomp - Starting at an opponent's head, she stomps all around there body; i.e. head, shoulder, stomach, leg, knee, then up the other side
Bearhug headbutts - Adapted from her step-mother, she holds the opponent in a bearhug and slams her head into them repeatedly
Snapmare -> Kick to back -> Penalty Kick

Trademark Move(s):

1) The Mark of Cain - A Shining Wizard knee strike, an homage to her father

[Image: xsffWJR.gif]

2) Supergirl Punch - Typically the only time she uses a closed fist, the move is inspired by the first time she and Kenzi got arrested when she knocked out a police officer.

[Image: 0SWgPmw.gif]

3). Arm Breaker - Sarah twists an arm that has been worked on, brings it up to her shoulder, and then slams the elbow the wrong way across her shoulder in an attempt to hyperextend it.

[Image: l2F7gR0.gif]

Finishing Move(s):

1) The Abyss - Hammerlock Reverse DDT - After twisting the right arm behind the opponent into the hammerlock, Sarah pulls their head backward under her arm and drops them with a DDT, simultaneously on the back of the head and the arm.

[Image: Fxbg2Q5.gif]

2) The Pigeonwing - A Crossface Chicken Wing with Grapevine

[Image: Bus6B4k.gif]

3) Poison Mist - Another homage to her father, she spews red mist in an attempt to blind or choke an opponent.

[Image: reuBGQX.gif]

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Sarah abhors using weapons in matches, considering them to be "garbage" and hardcore matches to be "garbage matches." However, she is adept at using the environment to her advantage, including removing turnbuckle pads, using the ring steps, removing floor pads, and throwing people into security barriers.

XWF Bio: Sarah joined the XWF as a competitor in the King of the Ring tournament in 2019. She was able to defeat Donovan Blackwater, Eli James, Lux, and Dolly Waters on her way to the crown. She then led Team Big D into a War Games victory, as both a survivor and Team MVP, won the newly activated Anarchy Championship at Leap of Faith, and then was joined by spouse Kenzi Grey-Lacklan in the 2019 Tag Tournament where they won both the tournament and the Tag Team Championships at Relentless. She made two successful defenses of the Anarchy Championship before losing it to Ruby Debauchy, and one successful defense of the Tag Team Championships before losing them to The Sick Cunts. In January of 2020,
 she left the company after pledging herself "exclusive" to a rival organization. However, six months later, her "freelancer" spirit took over and she again hit the road, including returning to the XWF to compete at Leap of Faith and to assist Ruby Debauchy on Anarchy. She won the 24/7 Briefcase in the Leap of Faith Rafters Match and then cashed in on Shawn Warstein at the end of the show, successfully winning the Universal Championship. She successfully defended the title against Peter Gilmore and Charlie Nickels before being stripped of the title and fired by Vinnie Lane for rampant insubordination. The following year, she returned in non-wrestling roles as the Commissioner of Anarchy and as a manager/advocate for her sister, Angelica Vaughn. The year after, she returned to full-time wrestling with the vague promise of being "a better friend," which was highlighted by winning the Tag Team Championships with Angelica at Snow Job. After a successful defense against The Buff Dude, Angie and Sarah lost them at March Madness to SAGA combination of Raion Kido and Jason Cashe, during a triple threat with Michael Graves and Cadryn Tiberius.

Full Bio: Sarah is a full-time wrestler who is usually seen in the company of her spouse, Kenzi Grey-Lacklan. The daughter of journeyman wrestler and founder of the Path of the Light Church, the departed Jean-Paul Lacklan, Sarah is a second generation wrestler who was nurtured to consider herself the aristocracy of wrestling. 
Sharing her father's free spirit, she considers herself a freelancer, and delights in traveling the world to fight in tournaments and experience as much of the wrestling world as she can. While doing so, she advocates for her belief in "pure" wrestling, a vision of the sport that is clearly defined rules and without a need for "extreme" or "hardcore" styles.

Along with actively wrestling, Sarah has expressed an interest in learning to run wrestling shows as a groundwork for a future promotion, as well as supporting her wife's non-wrestling Hollywood career.

Current Record: 145-66-9


Empire Pro Tag Team (w/ Kenzi Grey)
UGWC Cooperative (w/ Kenzi Grey)
UGWC Cross-Hemisphere
XWA 24/7 Hardcore
XWF Federweight (x3)
XWF Anarchy Heavyweight
XWF Tag Team (w/ Kenzi Grey, w/ Angelica Vaughn)
UGWC World Heavyweight
DTW Eternal Warfare
APW Hardcore
Revo1 World Champion
XWF Universal
XWF 24/7 Briefcase

Tournament victories:

UGWC WrestleStock '17
XWF King of the Ring '19
XWF War Games Survivor (MVP) '19
UGWC Outlast '19
XWF Tag Team Tournament '19 (w/ Kenzi Grey)
Trinity Revival '20
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World's best at making murderhobos cry

XWF FanBase:
The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

07-29-2020, 08:45 PM

XWF Record



Universal  (2 defenses)
Tag Team (x2: w/ Kenzi Grey, 1 defense ; w/ Angelica Vaughn, 1 defense)
Anarchy (2 defenses)

Tournament Victories

March Madness '19
Tag Team '19

Other Accolades

War Games Survivor '19
24/7 Briefcase Holder
Federweight Champion (x3)
Newcomer of the Year Award ('19)
Fastest XWF Victory: 5 Seconds

XWF's Greatest Debut Promotional Video Ever
XWF's Best Smile - Estimated Worth: Billions

XWF's Greatest Return to Anarchy

Notable Feuds

Ruby Debauchy
Vita Valenteen

Match and Promo history:


DateShowOpponentOutcomePromo(s)Word Count
3/9/19SavageDonovan Blackwater (King of the Ring Tournament)WinDriving Miss Craxy
Of Gods and Men
3/16/19SavageEli James (King of the Ring Tournament)WinTake a rap, fellows, find her an empty lap, fellows
Oh, FFS. You're THAT guy?!
3/31/19March MadnessLux (King of the Ring Tournament Semifinals)
Dolly Waters (King of the Ring Tournament Finals)
#FuckDolly...sober, this time...
A Day in the Life
Of Shitty Takes and Bluffs
Cool Comics Presents
"I am a PERFECT driver!"
4/18/19AnarchyR. L. EdgarWinPresidential Hashtag1000
5/26/19War Gamesw/ Team Big DWin (MVP)On The Subject of War
Of Workouts, Video Games, and Fanny Packs
5/30/19AnarchyVita ValenteenWinSurvivors1000
6/8/19SavageRobbie Bourbon vs. Barney GreenLossKILL YOUR DARLINGS
6/13/19AnarchyMastermindWinBlood Sport Princess1000
6/27/19AnarchyHootie the OwlWinBOW! Chicka BOW BOW BOW!1000
7/11/19AnarchyMini MorbidWinMarketing Genius1000
7/13/19SavageHanari CarnesWinScavenger Hunt
To scratch the surface - but never look deeper in - the fate of losers
7/28/19Leap of FaithThe Drezdin OpenWinFor the Love of Shoes, Part I: The Drezdin $50k Open
For the Love of Shoes, Part II
7/28/19Leap of FaithNoah JacksonWinRule 63 Thanos1000
8/15/19AnarchyVita ValenteenWinUpchuck 1000
8/29/19AnarchyZane NorrisonWin2319
8/31/19Savagew/ Kenzi vs. Noah Jackson/FuzzWinFirst!
Of Strawberries and Marshmallows
9/14/19Savagew/ Kenzi vs. Slater/Famine of the VileWinDSSS
Ga(y)la: Of Tryhards and Clowns
9/27/19RelentlessVita ValenteenWinMixed Media
9/29/19Relentlessw/ Kenzi vs. Hanari Carnes/Steve JusticeWinRelentless
Be Careful
10/17/19AnarchyZane NorrisonDrawThe Pigeons Come Home to Roost - Interlude
10/19/19SavageGriffin MacAlisterWinThree Questions
10/31/19AnarchyBigD vs. Noah vs. MastermindLossClever Girl
12/1/19Lethal LotteryRubyLossInevitable
12/14/19Savagew/ Kenzi vs. Big D/Ned KayeWin8.5%
On the Subject of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
12/28/19SavageFuzzLossManifest Destiny: A Prelude
Dear Sir
1/27/20CuntFestw/ Kenzi vs. Fuzz/NoahLossPlanet of the Cunts, Part I
Planet of the Cunts, Part IV
6/25/19Anarchyw/ Ruby vs. the THUGSWin#TeamSaRuby, Part I
7/23/20AnarchyJenny MystWin“WHY IS THERE AN ALLIGATOR?!”
7/26/20Leap of FaithLeap of Faith Rafter MatchWinMahalo
Best. 23rd. Birthday. Party. Ever.
”Buraddo Purinsesu!”
7/26/20Leap of FaithFuzz (24/7 Briefcase Cash-In)WinSecret Promo #1, linked within LoF #2: Bonjour
Secret Promo #2, linked within LoF #3: Sayonara
Secret Promo #3, on the CD Board: CoolTube Presents
8/19/20WarfarePeter Gilmour (Universal Championship)Win"Give it to me, Peter!"
Special Delivery
9/27/20RelentlessCharlie Nickles (Universal Championship)WinSetting the Pace
Come on Down
An Interlude
Empathic Hypnosis
Interlude, Revisited
Now, entering the studio are today's contestants
Lessons from the Masters
On the Subject of Garbage
A Generic Challenge
2/11/21AnarchyBilly "Bass" AckwardsWinUn
2/25/21AnarchyBridget "Big Sky" BulletWinDeux
3/11/21Anarchy"Big Puddin'" Herschel KissWinTrois
3/28/21March MadnessThe Aroostook StranglerWinLa Fin
1/14/23Weekend Warfare"Mad Dog" Mark Wright WinQoS: To Do Good
1/14/23Weekend WarfareJim Jimson's Birthday Battle Royal WinQoS: HAPPY JIMMY DAY!!!
1/29/23Snow Jobw/ Angie Vaughn vs. Michael Graves/Barney Green vs. Dolly Waters/Charlie Knickles (Tag Team Championships) WinWhen a Door Closes
Employee of the Month Aspirations
2/11/23Weekend WarfareRaion Kido (King of the Ring Tournament) LossOf Wealth and Taste
2/25/23Weekend WarfareAtara Themis WinThe one with Kenzi in it (you're welcome)
A massive rack cameo
3/1/23Weekend Warfarew/ Angelica Vaughn vs. Vagabond/Clyde RoverWinTo be a Posh Twat's bloody dogsbody
3/26/23March Madnessw/ Angelica Vaughn vs Michael Graves/Cadryn Tiberius vs. Raion Kido/Jason Cashe (Tag Team Championships)LossLess Cameos, More Team HSU
A letter and a carriage
4/8/23Weekend Madnessvs. Charlie KnicklesWinThe Origin of the Mist, Part I: A Question of Futility
The Origin of the Mist, Part II: What did Chuckles say?!
4/13/23Anarchyvs. Aphriya AdlerWinRestoration of Anarchy, Part I: Gatekeepers and Keyholders

4/22/23Weekend Warfarew/ Angelica Vaughn vs BoB (Bobby Bourbon/Dolly Waters)LossIn Person Meeter Greeter, Part I
In Person Meeter Greeter, Part II
4/27/23Anarchyvs. Buster GlovesWinRestoration of Anarchy, Part II: VIRTUOUS RETRIBUTION!

5/7/23MayDay 2Captain's Match Battle RoyalLossEat Your Hearts Out, Buffer Bros
Getting into a posh goth's tights

5/11/23Anarchyvs. Jason CasheWinRestoration of Anarchy, Part III: SarTalk

5/20/23Weekend Warfarew/ Angie vs. Bourbon/Charlie vs. Omega/RichardsWinHouse Party
On the Subject of Plans and Such
5/25/23Anarchyvs. Darren DangerousWinRestoration of Anarchy, Part IV: Ungwe

6/4/23War Gamesw/ Bobby Bourbon/Noah Jackson/Lexi GoldBig D vs. Angelica Vaughn/Raion Kido/Vita Valenteen/Mr OzOn the Subject of: Baby Sisters are teh WORST
The meaning of a name
Of banter, nicked treats, and confessions

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World's best at making murderhobos cry

XWF FanBase:
The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

03-23-2023, 01:34 PM

Supplemental (wip)


The House of Lacklan - The Lacklan family is "old money," a family line which stretches back to near the founding of the United States. Beginning in the Tri-State area as fisherman, the family expanded their operations into canning, establishing a foothold in the manufacturing industry. After spreading throughout New England, the family mostly settled in Maine, where they began to acquire property and expanded their business to include plastics. Over the generations, the Lacklans exclusively wed with other mainstays of the New England social hierarchy, focused on Ivy League education, placing physical fitness on a high pedestal, and clinging to staunch Protestant beliefs and lifestyles. 

Jean-Paul Lacklan (Father) - Jean-Paul Lacklan was a journeyman heavyweight wrestler trained in Strong Style. Debuting in 1993 after training in the Emerald Path Gymnasium in Saitama, Lacklan would work through the tag team ranks with partner Kutsū before being offered singles championship opportunities. Unfortunately, disaster struck when his parents, Jack and Lorelei, perished when their small aircraft lost control over the Pacific on their way to see him in a high-profile match. Those close to him have said that he went into a deep depression where drugs and alcohol were his only release, and he later left Japan to return home and help settle matters with the family businesses. But while still in Japan, he had "a vision from God" of him standing atop the wrestling world with a unified championship, and believed that vision meant that the world should follow the "holy" tenants of professional wrestling and, through him, find Salvation.

Believing himself to be "The Voice of God and Hammer of His Will," Lacklan spent most of his career wrestling in the United States, preaching the tenants of God and beseeching that others follow the rules and regulations, as God wanted. Over time, he created a following from society's outcasts, as he promised them a home of understanding, and after following him on his journey, they eventually settled on his family lands in the outskirts of Maine, creating a somewhat contained society amongst themselves. Lacklan earned a fanatical respect and dedication from his followers, from which he gathered a collection of "sister wives," at least three of whom bore children, though only one was known at the time.

During his lifetime, Lacklan was noted for being vicious and cruel, with his sermons espousing the need for cleansing and purity. As both a wrestler and man, he was known for explosive bouts of bigotry, ruthless judgement, and unwavering faith. The prime focus of his hate was towards the growing "hardcore" or "extreme" movement in wrestling, which he typically referred to as "garbage." And believing he had to fight evil with the power of evil, he threw himself into the "garbage" world, in attempts to become their champion and injure their wrestlers, hoping to force those companies to close through his success. In doing so, his body became broken down, including a famous incident wherein he was set on fire, causing the loss of his hair, and resulting in and ugly scarring of his face and head that forced him to wear a protective mask for the remainder of his career. It was alluded to, though never quite proven, that in order to battle his body breaking down, Lacklan invested money into experimental steroids, which, among other things, helped him put on a significant amount of muscle mass. 

For the last few years of his life, Lacklan was inflicted with an especially acute case of melanoma which racked his body. While aggressive chemotherapy and drug cocktails seemed to keep him going, he eventually succumbed to the cancer, passing away in April of 2017.

        Relationship with Sarah - His only known child, Lacklan dotted on his daughter to the point where he blatantly ignored her destructive tendencies. A classic enabler, his smiles and laughter at Sarah's early mistreatment of other people, particularly servants, only fueled her attitude. As time went on, while he would rather she not become a wrestler herself, he believed that she had the capability to finish his mission after he passed, and so he trained her in how to think and act as not only the leader of his growing flock and compound, but of the entire world. He took her with him wherever he went, introducing her to other wrestlers, and having her eat and breathe the world of wrestling. He taught her how to be resolute, to balance her focus on both physical and artistic pursuits, and to always strive for excellence. 

Selena Jornagen (Mother)

Aveline Lacklan (Step-Mother)

Kenzi Grey-Lacklan (Wife)

Shinjiro Nakama (half-brother)

Angelica Vaughn (half-sister)

Dexter Severin (Godfather)

Zoe Chaos (Godmother)

~The Path of the Light Church~


~The #CoolKids~


Jean-Paul Lacklan - While Sarah's father had preferred she stay away from the business and focus instead on politics and society, Jean-Paul still began training with Sarah in powerlifting when she turned fourteen. As she grew older and stronger, he began to teach her basic holds and throws, eventually acquiescing to her request that he formally train her. While their styles are vastly different, much of how she thinks about the business is heavily influenced by his teachings, including the desire to be a freelancer without setting down permanent roots in any one company or region.

Nikita Dolore - Realizing he could not teach Sarah how to deal with being significantly smaller than her opponents, Jean-Paul hired his contemporary Nikita, then the World Champion of the company he was in, and a childhood favorite of Sarah. Nikita would become her primary instructor, annoyingly referred to by Sarah as her "sensei," which included lessons in dealing with larger opponents, as well as how to navigate a business dominated by men while being a woman. Much of Sarah's strike and joint submission focus comes from Nikita, as well as her penchant for using vlogs. Nikita's own "Bitches Get Stitches" vlog was the initial inspiration for Sarah's "PrincessTwilightSexyFang" podcast.

Lisa Seldon - A journeywoman hardcore wrestler, Lisa developed a fondness for "the little vamp scamp" early in Sarah's career. Lisa spent time with both Sarah and Kenzi in attempts to make them better prepared for more "hardcore" or "extreme" wrestling, including joining a team-based competition with Sarah which helped propel her towards her first World Championship in 2019.

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