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Wednesday Night Warfare - 06/27/2018
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Ghost Tank
- vs -
Dumpster-Diver Match - A dumpster is wheeled out into the arena filled with all different sorts of weapons. The competitors have an opportunity to go dumpster diving and utilize whatever weapons they find inside!!!

Nathan Kennedy
- vs -
Nathan Kennedy welcomes Jack back to the XWF in a "That's It, I'm Done!" Match! 3 Conditions to WIN that must be fulfilled! 1) Make your opponent bleed.
2) Send them through a table! 3) Make them quit! IN THAT ORDER!!!!

Bombshell Title Match
Nyx Nephthys ©
- vs -
Jessalyn Hart
Nyx makes her official, scheduled XWF debut by defending her recently won Bombshell Championship against Jessalyn Hart in a TLC Match! The winner must climb a ladder and retrieve the hanging title!!

Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Doctor Louis D'VIlle
Two former Universal Champions duke it out in a "Left Overs" Match! The competitors will fight in the aftermath of the previous TLC Bombshell Championship match! Whatever Nyx and Jessalyn leave behind (broken/destroyed or not) isn't cleaned up, leaving an already wrecked battlefield for them to fight!!

Peter Gilmour & Chris Chaos ©
- vs -
Dem Niggaz
(Micheal Graves & Cadryn Tiberius)
The Tag Team Titles are on the line in this epic match between the defending champions and the returning, reunited team of Graves and Tiberius! We will see how each team can coordinate in a VIRGINIA MICROBURST MATCH!!! (Tornado rules where all competitors are legal at all times!!) FIRST PINFALL WINS!!


Robert Main ©
- vs -
Azrael Erebus
A match NOT for the faint of heart.... No pun intended! We will see who has the MOST heart in this match when the Hart Title is defended in this week's MAIN EVENT in a LAST MAN STANDING ANYWHERE MATCH!!! Wherever they take the match, whoever cannot respond to the officials ten count.

Wednesday Warfare opens up in typical fashion and the Richmond fans cheer as the camera pans over them and back to the ring. Luca Arzegotti and Pip Collins sit in their commentary booth and welcome the fans from across the world to another amazing XWF show!

Hello fans! Welcome to Wednesday Night Warfare!! We are here in the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia and what a night we have schedule for YOU!

Damn straight Pips! Tonight we have three, count 'em up, THREE title defenses!

Yes! Newly crowned XWF Bombshell Champion Nyx Nephthys defends against Jessalyn Hart in a TLC Match!

And Dem Niggaz.... Well.... Micheal Graves and Cadryn Tiberius will get their shot at Peter and Chaos for the Tag Team Titles!

And, of course, our Main Event will feature Hart Champion, Robert Main, defending against Azrael Erebus!

And that's not all!

Nope! Doctor Louis D'VIlle will be in action tonight as we faces off against Robbie Bourbon in the remnants of the TLC match!

This place is going to be trashed by the end of the night, for sure! Look! They're wheeling out the dumpster!

It looks like they're preparing for our first contest!

Ghost Tank
- vs -

Dumpster-Diver Match - A dumpster is wheeled out into the arena filled with all different sorts of weapons. The competitors have an opportunity to go dumpster diving and utilize whatever weapons they find inside!!!

The dumpster is wheeled out to the stage and left there by the crew as Tigs steps into the ring to a barriage of cat calls from the crowd. She positions herself in the middle of the ring and readies her microphone.

Ladies and gentlemen, the first match of the evening is a "Dumpster Diver" Match!

Ghost Tank walks out wrists and ankles seemingly bound in solid steel manacles. The sound of the chains scraping along the entrance way. As the song hits its slowest part, he throws his arms out in a t pose, ripping the chains away, freeing himself. He then rips the chains off of his ankles.

Introducing first! Weighing 384 pounds..... Ghost Tank!!!

Ghost Tank stands atop the stage and easily looks down into the dumpster beside him. He stomps towards the ring and slides in under the bottom rope.

And his opponent.....

"Here comes the Rain again", by Skylar Grey hits and the colors of the arena begin to flash quickly and vibrantly, akin to a trance club. Rain walks out through the curtains, the xTron displaying --



Weighing 199 pounds.... Rain!!!!

Sparks of every color pour down upon the stage, as Rain saunters out.. He wears a t-shirt reading-- '#BELiEVE' on the front, bedecked in dazzling diamonds. The fans offer up a split reaction, some calling for his head (familiar territory, to say the least). However, some cheer on 'The Storm' as he sprints down the ramp, slides under the bottom and hops on the middle rope, raising the horns. The cheers and jeers of the fans reverberate throughout the building, as Rain prepares for war.

Ghost Tank has close to a foot and nearly two hundred pounds on Rain, Luca. With the stipulations in this match-up, it's hard to think of how Rain is going to be able to defend himself from a Ghost Tank onslaught.

The bell rings and Rain charges after Ghost Tank! He jumps in the air and hits a drop kick to GT's chest, but bounces off with no effect. He shoots right back up to his feet and tries again, but is once again thrown aside by Ghost Tank. Rain rises back to his feet again, runs to the opposite ropes, and jumps high into the air looking for a cross body block, but is caught by his opponent!

It's showing early, Pip. Ghost Tank won't budge.

GT lifts Rain up over his head, charges towards the ropes, and throws him ten feet up the ramp!

Woooow! Ghost Tank threw Rain like a sack of potatoes!

Why potoatoes?

GT steps over the top rope and drops down from the apron to the floor. Rain crawls away on their hands and knees, but in a few short steps, GT is right there. GT grabs Rain by the back of the pants and hair and throws them into the barricade.

GT continues up the ramp to the dumpster!

It looks like we're going dumpster diving, Luca!

I'd hope, that IS the point of the match!

Ghost Tank simply reaches down in and pulls out a large, old school stereo! Rain is to his feet now, as relentless as he appears, and charges up the ramp after GT who meets him half way and crashes the stereo into his face. It shatters into a million pieces. GT then grabs Rain, lifts them up over his head again, and tosses them into the dumpster.

You're supposed to take things OUT of the dumpster, retard. Not put things INTO it!

Regardless, I don't think GT has any good intentions doing this....

GT then closes the lid and in one solid push, sends the dumpster sliding towards the edge of the stage!

Oh my God! Don't do that! You'll kill him, GT!

The dumpster slides to the very edge and stops. The entire arena lets out a long, drawn "Awwwwwww....." as it comes to a stop. The lid pops open and Rain sticks their head out, only to see GT run and shoulder block the dumpster sending it and Rain off the edge.

The dumpster landed top down, so there was literally no way for Rain to get out even if they could. The crowd goes insane at the brutal act of violence as GT doesn't appear to be finished. He jumps down from the stage and goes over to the dumpster, turns it over with amazing strength, and most of the contents come out with it, including Rain. We see several broken pieces of wood, that could have been something at one point before this wreckage. Some metal conduit, a couple tires, some random paper and other fast food garbage, and of course, a kitchen sink. Rain lies unconcious with some of this stuff on top of him. GT pushes it all away and places one foot on top of Rain for the referee to count.

Wow, GT isn't even going to carry Rain back to the ring. Will the official Chaz Bobo comply to this?

I think for the saftey of the wrestlers, specifically Rain, he just might.

The official slides into a position...





Yeah, what a waste.

Winner - Ghost Tank

Nathan Kennedy
- vs -

Nathan Kennedy welcomes Jack back to the XWF in a "That's It, I'm Done!" Match! 3 Conditions to WIN that must be fulfilled! 1) Make your opponent bleed.
2) Send them through a table! 3) Make them quit! IN THAT ORDER!!!!

”Tonight's contest is a “That’s It, I’m done” match. The rules of the match are that in order to win, you must first make your opponent bleed, then put him through a table, and finally make him say I quit!”

”Introducing first, from Edinburgh, Scotland, NATHAAAAAN KEEEEENNEDYYYYYY!”

"Calm Before the Storm" echoes through the halls of the arena, the fans slowly coming to life, giving their own reception- whether cheers or boos- as Nathan Kennedy walks through the curtains. The Scottish Spitfire scans through the crowd for a hot second, taking in all the faces that have their attention placed firmly on Nathan. After a brief moment, Edward Osborne walks through the curtain, tapping Nathan on his shoulder and pointing his attention towards the ring. Nathan relaxes his muscles, shaking his arms as he starts sauntering to the ring, Osborne following behind. Nathan gives some high-fives to a couple of fans who have their eager arms outstretched, but for the most part, Nathan's gaze is expressed solely to the ring as he slides underneath the ropes, cracking his neck and peering back towards the top of the ramp. Osborne moves to Nathan's corner, shedding his coat and placing it aside as he looks ready to lead Nathan to victory.

”And his opponent, from parts unknown, JAAAAAAACK!”

A Perfect Circle's "The Doomed" rings from the speakers as smoke fills the entrance ramp. One by one, the lights begin to switch off at the command of the drums, slowly engulfing the arena in darkness. Once the drums take a brief reprieve, a lone back light shines on the entryway, revealing a silhouette of a man wielding two daggers. When the percussion returns, All the lights illuminate the building once more, revealing JACK staring straight at the ring.

He walks to the ring slowly and unafraid, keeping his unwrapped eye facing forward all the while. Not once does he face the audience, some of whom offer and immediately retract their hands. He rolls through the bottom rope and heads towards his respective corner, waiting patiently for the bell to ring.

The bell sounds and this match is underway!

The match starts as Jack and Kennedy stand toe to toe. Jack gets right up in Kennedy’s face as he taunts him. Kennedy isn’t impressed, though. As he’s doing that, though, Jack blast Kennedy across the chin with a closed fist right to the jaw. Jack starts to deliver a couple more strong rights which keeps Kennedy off guard as he grabs him and whips him towards the rope. Jack then drops Kennedy with a dropkick before rolling out of the ring and looking under the ring apron for a weapon.

”Jack isn’t wasting any time here! There’s three conditions to win this “That’s It, I’m Done” match, and the first one is to make your opponent bleed!”

”Gorehounds are in for a treat tonight Pip!”

Jack emerges from the outside with a steel chair in hand. Kennedy is up! Jack takes a wild swing with the chair, but Kennedy manages to avoid it! Kennedy hits Jack with a kick to the gut, causing him to drop the chair. He then takes off into the ropes, on the rebound he connects with a Superman Punch that rocks Jack to the core! Kennedy grabs the chair and sets it up in the center of the ring. He pulls Jack up to his feet and whips him into the ropes.


”Jack is busted open!”

”Nathan Kennedy has the advantage, but he’s still a long way off from victory!”

Kennedy rolls out of the ring and grabs a table. He slides it in under the ropes and follows just behind. Jack pats his forehead and looks at the blood on his hand. Shaking the cobwebs, Jack climbs to his feet as Kennedy approaches. Kennedy throws a big right hook, but Jack slips it and returns one of his own. Kennedy no sells it and fires back with another that connects to Jacks jaw. Jack stumbles for just a second before pushing in and landing a big uppercut. Kennedy staggers and Jack follows up with some Knife Edge Chops that push Kennedy back against the ropes. Jack takes a few steps back and rushes in with a clothesline, sending him and Kennedy over the top rope!

Jack is the first to his feet. He grabs Kennedy and pulls him to his feet, but Kennedy fires back with a shot to the gut causing Jack to lose his grip! Kennedy grabs Jack and whips him into the barricade where he crashes so hard he takes out the knees of the fans in the front row! Kennedy stalks Jack, pulling him from the barricade and leading him over to the ring post. He rears back and shoves Jacks face into the post, but Jack catches himself with both hands and blocks it! Jack hits an elbow, stunning Kennedy momentarily. That gives Jack and opening, and he uses it to smash Kennedy face first into the steel post!

”The sound of his skull hitting the steel was sickening!”

”Hard shot for sure, but Jack didn’t draw blood!”

Jack grabs Kennedy by the back of the head and drops to his knees bringing Kennedy face first with the corner of the steel steps!


Jack scoops Kennedy up and rolls him into the ring. He follows just behind and quickly moves to set of the table that Kennedy brought in earlier. Jack locks the legs and sets the table upright, he turns to Kennedy just in time to get caught by a superkick! Jack falls back onto the table and Kennedy grabs his legs and positions him up. Kennedy dashes to the corner and jumps up to the top rope. The fans are on their feet as Kennedy launches himself into the air and smashes through the table with his patented 450 splash, Dive Bombing!

”Nathan Kennedy is now one step closer to winning this match!”

Neither man shows any signs of life in the rubble that was once a table. Both men lay in the broken mess trying to recover. Kennedy is the first to begin moving around. He rolls over and pushes himself up to all fours. Jack begins to stir as well and rolls under the ropes to the outside as Kennedy slowly pulls himself up. Kennedy stumbles to the ropes and leans over them, staring down at Jack who lays motionless on the floor below. Kennedy uses the time to catch his breath and shake the cobwebs. After a brief moment, Kennedy steps through the ropes and drops to the outside. He grabs Jack and lifts him to a vertical base. Kennedy throws Jack into the Norwegian announce table before rushing in for the attack.


Kennedy is sent crashing through the announce table!

”Does that count?”

”I think it counts!”

”The official is signaling that it counts! These men have been through hell, but which one of them is going to quit first!?!”

Jack stumbles to the ring and rolls in under the bottom rope. He leans in the corner, trying to regain his footing as Kennedy crawls out of the rubble and up the ring steps. Kennedy now back to his feet steps into the ring. Both men look like hell, but the battle isn’t over yet. Kennedy and Jack approach each other, meeting in the center of the ring. A staredown ensues between the two before they begin trading blows. A right by Kennedy, a right by Jack. Back and forth, neither man giving up an inch.

”What’s driving these men to keep going!?”

Kennedy breaks the back and forth with a kick to the gut! Jack doubles over and Kennedy hits the ropes.





Jack locks in his Entombed variation of the straight jacket camel clutch! The ref shoves a microphone in Kennedy’s face as he fights to break free. Jack leans back applying more pressure. Kennedy is kicking his feet wildly, trying to block the pain. Jack begins rocking back, using his body weight to apply short burst of added pressure. Left with no other choice Nathan Kennedy yells out, “I QUIT”!

Winner: Jack!

The camera's catch Jenny Myst in her dressing room, her X-Treme Title on the table behind her. She's straightening her hair in the mirror when you hear the door open. She looks over and smiles.

Chris Chaos and Peter Gilmour walk in, they're Tag Belts over their shoulders. Chris has the TV Belt around his waist. Maria Brink is in tow.

"Gentlemen, and lady." Jenny says.

"How's it feel to have a night off for once?" Chris asks.

"It feels----"


Peter yells, causing Jenny to step back and scrunch her face.

The crowd laughs.

Chaos shakes his head at Peter. "Pete....wrong time.....just.....just go sit in the corner." Peter smiles goofily at Chris, his thumbs up as he nods for approval, but the look on Chaos's face is serious. Peter puts his head down.

The crowd laughs again.

"For real, Jen. We have a challenge tonight. I don't trust these two, and if I know them like I think I do, they have something up their sleeve........"

"You're just being paranoid"

"Perhaps. Either way, EMPIRE is going to reign supreme again tonight and establish our place at the top of this company. In order to do that, we need to make sure all of our belts stay in our hands. You two ladies, get to know each other. Have girl talk, whatever it may be. You're belt is 24/7 rules, so I want someone here to watch your back while we prepare for this match".

Jenny stops straigtening and looks at Chris.

" are so concerned about my safety, so you have a singer watching my back? No offense, Maria, but she isn't a trained wrestler."

"I've been training her", Peter pipes up from the corner.

Chris puts his hand up.

"Either way, two bodies are better than one. You two get to know each other, and let Peter and myself handle our business."

Jenny sets the straightener down a little aggressively, looking at Chris, but then smiles with a sigh.

"Okay, come on over Maria. I'll show you a highlight video of myself."

Chris shakes his head. He signals for Peter to get up. Both men leave the dressing room.

"So, you're song, Sex Metal Barbie, that is SO'd you come up with it tell me about the writing process." Maria smiles and begins to say something as the camera fades back to the arena.

Bombshell Title Match
Nyx Nephthys ©
- vs -
Jessalyn Hart

Nyx makes her official, scheduled XWF debut by defending her recently won Bombshell Championship against Jessalyn Hart in a TLC Match! The winner must climb a ladder and retrieve the hanging title!!

The show cuts to the ring which is currently filled with three ladders, two tables, and a partridge in a pear tree. The Bombshell title is hanging above the ring, and Tig is there ready to announce the match.

The following match will be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the BOMBSHELL championship! Introducing first, the challenger from Cincinnati, Ohio.....JESSALYNN HART!

She stands to wait for the music to start.ON the second drop Pyro goes off and she screams to the crowd.She walks down to the ring and climbs the ropes and yells your END IS NIGH! while pointing at the title hanging above the ramp! She goes to one of the ladders and sits on it, waiting for the champ!

And the champion, hailing from New Orleans, Lousiana....NYX NEPHTHYS!

The arena darkens, momentarily before taking on a purple, radiant hue. Lavender mist, seeps and seethes along the floor, while amethyst and indigo fireworks erupt in a magnificent display and Nyx Nephthys, emerges. Greeted by hoards of screaming fans, she shows little emotion as she walks to the ring, climbs the steel steps and enters the squared circle. Where she walks to the center of the ring, whispering something softly to herself as she raises her left hand, high into the air. Suddenly, a bright blast of lilac energy is pulled down into Nyx's raised hand and then, quickly blinds the entire arena in an epic flash. Dispersing as swiftly as it was created, it is revealed that everything has returned to normal and Nyx has taken her position within the ring, where she awaits the fight to begin.

This is going to be a good one!

Word. I'm rooting for Dr. Strange with a vagina.

The bell rings and the match begins, and challenger Jessalyn wastes no time, she immediately starts climbing the ladder to get at the title! Nyx sees this and races around the ladder, pulling her back down to the canvas and lighting her up with some elbow shots! Nyx then finishes her off with a dropkick before climbing the ladder herself! Nyx gets almost all the way up before Jessalyn is up and she grabs hold of the ladder and pushes it over, dropping Nyx down onto the top rope across her abdomen! Nyx falls back into the ring, holding her middle as Jess scrambles over and yanks her up by her hair, tossing her viciously back into the middle of the ring by it before measuring her, kicking her in the gut and dropping her down with a Snap DDT!

Both of these women sure as hell came here to fight!

I can't help but wonder though if the arcane arts are legal or not. Like, if Nyx casts Magic Missile....?

She can roll 3d4 for damage.


Jess stays on Nyx now, picking her up and drapping her on top of one of the tables! She mounts the top turnbuckle and looks to leap off of it, but Nyx rolls off and Jess stops herself just in time! Nyx goes back for the ladder and Jess jumps down and runs over to stop Nyx. Getting up and under her, Jess goes to powerbomb Nyx off the ladder, but Nyx counters it into a headscissors takedown! Stunned, Jessalyn staggers back up by Nyx is ready for her with a big time double knee attack! It's Nyx's turn now, and she runs at the ropes, springboarding off the middle into a high angle lionsault! She lands right on the challenger, knocking the wind out of her and needing some time to recover herself.

Finally, Nyx takes one of the tables and props it up in the corner. Behind her, Jess starts to rouse. She turns Nyx around and starts leveling her with closed fist shots, but Nyx fires back, turning the tide and throwing Jessalyn into the table! The tables doesn't break, but Nyx looks to change that by charging at her with a spear through the table. It hits, and Jessalyn goes right through the table!

I wonder who's going to volunteer to pluck the splinters from that ass.

Nyx looks back up at the title and repositions a ladder under it, she starts to climb and is nearly at the top when Jessalyn frustrates her again by again tipping over the ladder, but this time Nyx plummets over the top rope and all the way to the floor!

A hard landing!

Nyx gasps in pain and Jess rolls out after her, perhaps looking to ensure her lead. Picking the champ up, she then irish whips her into the ring post! Nyx impacts against it hard, spinning to the canvas. Smirking, Jess appears satisfied with her work and rolls herself back in the ring. She picks the ladder back up and starts to mount it, getting all the way to the top!

Her fingers are inches from that title!

Suddenly, out of nowhere a chair goes flying through the air, smashing Jessalyn in the head!

I knew it, SORCERY!

Actually, I think Nyx just threw it.

Indeed, Nyx is on the apron, and she chucked the chair right at Jessalyn's head. Jess loses her balance and tumbles off the ladder. Nyx, looking wobbly, gets back in herself. She picks up one of the other ladders though and draws a bead on Jessalyn with it. She charges at her, jamming her right in the skull with the end of the ladder as she tries to get up! The crowd “oooohs” in sympathy as we see that Jessalyn has been busted wide open!

The challenger runs a hand across her forehead in a daze, seeing the blood. Nyx closes with her, still holding the ladder, and she brings it down across Jessalyn's leg now! She cries out in paid and scoots backwards and out of the ring to escape, rolling out but soon slipping down to the mat. Nyx goes t the ropes and tosses the ladder at Jessalyn, knocking her to the floor once again.

Nyx then takes hold of one of the other ladders and starts to climb. She gets to the top before realizing it's not positioned quite right, so she goes back down to reposition in. Jessalyn rolls back in, still bleeding quite badly. She runs up behind Nyx as she's repositioning the ladder, clotheslining her down and then chaining that into a quick standing moonsault. Both women stay down for some time after that, recovering from their injuries but Jessalyn rouses first, trying to climb up the ladder. But Nyx grabs her leg and pulls her away and into a grapple, followed by a fall away slam! Nyx takes another of the ladders and whips it at Jessalyn, but Jessalyn manages to avoid most of the damage. Jess then takes this ladder in hand but Nyx dropkicks her and the ladder, causing it to fall on top of Jessalyn. Nyx leaps up on top of the ladder then, adding her body weight to the top and jumping up and down to crush Jess beneath it!

Total brutality from the Bombshell champion here, this woman is focused!

Nyx then pulls Jessalyn out from under the ladder and tosses her on top of the nearest table. Nyx then goes to the top rope! She goes for the CRIMSON DROP frog splash, but JESSALYN ROLLS OFF THE TABE! Nyx puts herself through the table in dramatic fashion!

The fans clap their hands, trying to get both women to their feet but both are feeling spent. Nyx is laying in a pile of broken wood and Jessalyn's face is a crimson sheen. Jessalyn shows the first signs of life then, crawling over to Nyx and mounting her to pepper her with some punches, before moving slowly towards the ladder. Jess uses it to balance herself as she repositions it. She then slowly starts to walk up it, but Nyx is now also crawling over. Nyx goes to the other side of the ladder and starts climbing that side. They meet at the top, both crawling and scrambling for that gold! They start to throw punches and slaps at the top of the ladder, back and forth, back and forth when suddenly Nyx takes Jess' head and slams it down on the top of the ladder before vaulting over her, catching her and bringing her crashing to earth with a modified TALES FROM THE DARSIDE off the top of the ladder! The fans roar with approval!

The challenger was just folded like an accordion!

It is the least sexy of all instruments, so it's doubly bad!

Jessalyn is motionless, body folded in on itself with her ass in the air! Nyx is also motionless, having spent a last reserve of energy to pull off that dynamic move. Nonetheless, Nyx forces herself to her feet, pulling Jessalyn up with her. Nyx wedges Jessalyn's head between her thighs to go for another Tales from the Dark Side, but Jessalyn BACK BODY DROPS HER!

With an insane burst of repressed energy, Jessalyn starts scrambling up the ladder! The fans momentum turns to cheers at the sudden turn of events! Surprised by this, Nyx also starts climbing up the ladder behind her, grabbing for her legs but Jessalyn keeps kicking her away! Finally, with a last mighty tug Nyx is able to get her down. But then Jessalyn slaps the taste right out of her mouth, picks Nyx up and drops her down into the CAN YOU HEAR IT? Both women are down again!

It's truly anybody's game here! Oh my God who wants it more?!

Jessalyn slowly pulls herself up tp her feet. She repositions the ladder and pauses to look up at the title gentilly swaying back and forth then back to Nyx. Jessalyn grabs Nyx by the hair and begins guiding her to her feet, but Nyx reaches up and grabs ahold of the top of Jessalyn’s head before dropping to her knees and delivering a jawbreaker! Jessalyn staggers back as Nyx gets to her feet and begins to stalk her. Jessalyn doubles over from a kick to the midsection…

Tales from the Dark Side!

The crowd roars as Nyx hops up to one knee and points to the Bombshell title.

[white]”Much like the great Babe Ruth, Sorceress Nightshade is calling her shot!”

Nyx starts up the ladder as Jessalyn grabs onto the ropes, trying desperately to get to her feet. Nyx makes it to the top of the ladder and reaches for the title. At the same time, Jessalyn makes it to her feet and desperately rushes the ladder, crashing into it and knocking it out from under Nyx as Jessalyn and the ladder fall to the mat.

”Nyx Nephthys still has ahold of the title!”

The crowd jumps to their feet as Nyx swings back and forth on the cable that the title is suspended from! Suddenly she drops, falling back first into the ring…


”Nyx Nephthys did it, she retained the Bombshell title!”

Winner: Nyx Nephthys!

Immediately following the match the feed cuts to a view of the backstage area where we see a bloody and bruised Robert Main laying on the ground with a steel chair in his hand. Seated in an upright position against the wall a few feet away with a dented trash can next to him is Azrael Erebus. Both men look completely out of it with Erebus having a bloody nose and a cut above his right eye.

Medics and XWF personnel rush onto the scene to attend to the two men while Steve Sayors steps into the camera's view.

"Hello everyone Steve Sayors here! Bringing you exclusive backstage access from Wednesday Night Warfare. According to two witnesses Robert Main and Azrael Erebus only moments before their scheduled match with each other bumped into one another in the hallway. The two exchanged some words and then all hell broke loose. The candy machine off to my right has been destroyed, it looks as though someone's head was smashed through the front. I am being told right now that the status for tonight's main event is up in the air as both men are currently being looked at by the XWF medical staff. We will have more for you later."

Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Doctor Louis D'VIlle

Two former Universal Champions duke it out in a "Left Overs" Match! The competitors will fight in the aftermath of the previous TLC Bombshell Championship match! Whatever Nyx and Jessalyn leave behind (broken/destroyed or not) isn't cleaned up, leaving an already wrecked battlefield for them to fight!!

The opening chords to I Don Quixote permeate throughout the air as Robbie's music starts to play throughout the arena, the lights performing a sweet strobe show as Redman's voice cuts the air. Across the X-Tron, we see the exact same thing as what is traditionally used as Robbie Bourbon's banner on the XWF website, and as the baseline ramps up, Robbie steps out. He raises his arms to 45 degree angles while the X-Tron shows clips of Robbie standing on top of the Elimination Chamber followed by the massive dive through the top onto Trax, Robbie forcing Vinnie Lane to sign his contract mid-match, Robbie Bourbon scoring a pinfall against Chris Chaos, and Robbie delivering the final blow to Barney Green's career by way of Robbiebomb onto the hood of the car. Robbie starts to calmly walk down to the ring, taking his time to get there. He climbs the ring steps, stands on the apron, and turns his back to the ring, and raises his arms at 45 degree angles while jawing to the crowd, which is singing along to Nobody Speak. Robbie then enters the ring and points at the referee, jawing at him. He then spins, hops on the second turnbuckle, and raises his arms at 45 degree angles again.

The lights go out in the arena followed by an eerie red glow. Smoke rises from the entrance way and the Doctor emerges from it. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks out among the crowd, then slowly begins walking towards the ring. The Doctor climbs the ring steps and into the ring, he stands on the second turnbuckle and holds his arms into the air as the lights flash back on.

The ring is littered with the wreckage from the Bombshell Championship match as Tig O' Bitties begins her introductions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. To my left, hailing from Washington, D.C., he is the master of the Robbiebomb, ROBBIE BOURBON!

Robbie spins around and appeals to the crowd, and the XWF Universe responds.


And to my right, from Sulphur, Louisiana, by way of, well, parts unknown, DOCTOR LOUIS D'VILLE!

D'Ville nods as he hears his name. The XWF Universe responds.


The fans here are still hyped from that incredible Bombshell match, Luca!

The fans want to see what these two are going to do in what is pretty much a junkyard!

The referee calls for the bell, and in a flash, Doc is charging Bourbon! Bourbon is charging Doc! Doc with a leaping knee, catching Bourbon right in the face! Bourbon staggers back, holding his hands up, and catches the ropes! The referee backs Doc off. The crowd starts to become unsettled until they see Robbie is taking his mask off? Louis D'Ville has knocked Bourbon's eye out of it's socket!

[Image: vader_eye.gif]

The crowd is going wild as Doc smirks at his handiwork. A team of medics ringside climb the apron to check on Robbie! Robbie puts his own eye back in place, cracks his neck, then replaces his mask. The medics want a chance to check on him some more, but he tells them to go away! D'Ville has picked up a piece of broken table! Robbie turns, and D'Ville swings the half of a table, bringing it down onto Robbie's head! Robbie catches it! He rips it from Doc's hands, tosses it outside, then spins! Doc with a right! Bourbon with a right! Doc with a right! Bourbon blocks, and delivers a massive clubbing haymaker to Doc! A loud crack is heard throughout the arena as Doc stumbles back to a corner, and the referee backs Robbie off! Doc's jaw is hanging, dislocated, after Robbie smashed him with the huge right!

Medics again hop onto the apron to attend to Doc! Suddenly, the lights go out!

What the...

When they come back up, we see Bourbon is confused, looking around, and Doc, his jaw back in place and looking perfectly fine, is atop the turnbuckle behind Robbie! Doc flies and catches Robbie with a missile dropkick! Robbie staggers and lands with his head draped over the second rope! Doc smoothly slides outside the ring and delivers a slap to Robbie! He reaches down and picks up a stray ladder! He opens it, stands it up, and places it with Bourbon's head between the front and read side rails! He stands back, grabs the opposite sides of the ladder, and brings them closed around Robbie's head! Bourbon is devestated, his head crushed, and he recoils back into the ring in a heap! Doc slides back in and goes for the cover!



Kickout! Bourbon looks like he's only shaken half of the cobwebs out! Doc gets to his feet as Bourbon slowly gets to all fours. Doc shoots off the ropes and comes back with a knee to Bourbon's head! Bourbon's head bounces off of Doc's knee, and Doc shoots off the ropes again as Bourbon stands! Doc rears his arm back and throws a huge charging elbow strike! Bourbon ducks! Doc spins and Bourbon with a clubbing blow to the gut! Bourbon hooks Doc and looks for a vertical suplex! Doc blocks, and throws a snap suplex! Doc with the kip up, and delivers a standing leg drop to Bourbon! Doc up again, and another leg drop!

Bourbon is taking a hell of a beating!

Bourbon has always taken the beatings.

Doc lifts Bourbon by his head and whips him into the corner! He follows up with a charging clothesline into the corner! Doc slides out of the ring and picks up a ladder, which he places in the ring! Doc reenters the ring and sets the ladder with the top step right under Robbie's chin! Doc turns and calmly walks to the opposite corner, and as soon as he's there he charges! Robbie pushes the ladder out from under his chin, and Doc runs right into a ladder being flung at him! Bourbon drops to his butt as Doc hits the mat! Bourbon nods his head and uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet! He lumbers over to Doc and goes for the cover!



Kickout! Bourbon rolls back over onto the seat of his singlet and looks back at the referee, holding up 3 fingers. The referee shakes his head no and holds up 2. Robbie slowly gets back to his feat and picks Doc up. Huge back chop onto Doc! Robbie bounds off of the ropes and delivers a clothesline, turning Doc inside out! Bourbon shoots off the other ropes, and leaps with a senton, when the lights go out!

D'Ville might have too many tricks for Bourbon here!

When the lights come back up, we see Bourbon is on the mat holding his back with the missed senton, and Doc is atop the turnbuckle again! Trepanation! Doc with the cover!



Bourbon kicks out! Doc is slow to get up, holding his own forehead after colliding with the sturdy skull of Bourbon! Doc delivers a stomp to Bourbon, then mounts him and starts delivering stiff forearms shots to Robbie's face! Blood starts to flow from Bourbon's nose! D'Ville stands and exits the ring, picking up a fresh table! He slides it into the ring, and sets it up in the corner. Bourbon is slowly getting up, and D'Ville delivers a swinging neckbreaker! D'Ville holding the clinch, and wraps around into a choke! The referee checks in on Bourbon! Bourbon's hand is hovering above the mat, and trembling!

D'Ville's going to choke Bourbon out! He's siphoning the life out of him!

Bourbon's hand shakes less and less, and finally drops. The referee looks around as D'Ville keeps the choke in as tight as he can! The referee raises Robbie's hand, and it drops the first time!

The referee raises Robbie's hand a second time, and it slumps like a wet rag!

The referee raises Robbie's hand a third time, and before it can drop, Robbie raises it. His eyes are nearly bulging from his skull as he starts to stand with D'Ville still on his back! Bourbon on a knee with D'Ville still cinching in the choke! Robbie is to his feet, and he slings D'Ville over his head onto the mat in front of him! The chokehold free, Robbie grabs the sides of D'Ville's head, and applies the pressure with the Phrenology Claw! D'Ville grabs at Robbie's wrists trying to pry the massive hands of Robbie from his head! Robbie screams at D'Ville!


D'Ville gets to his feet, still having his peanut pressed into butter. As Bourbon bellows at him, D'Ville with a rear heel kick catching Bourbon square in the crotch! Bourbon releases the hold and doubles over! D'Ville off the ropes and comes in with a running bulldog to Bourbon! D'Ville with a pinfall!



Kickout! Doc looks angry as he lifts Bourbon to his feet, and places him against the table still set up in the corner! D'Ville goes to the other corner, and grabs the top ropes, tensing up and preparing his momentum!

Oh my God, he's going to destroy Bourbon!

God has nothing to do with it.

D'Ville rushes at Bourbon! Bourbon steps up and away from the table and catches D'Ville! Bourbon with a t-bone suplex on D'Ville through the table! Bourbon is still regaining his composure as D'Ville lies in the fetal position under a broken table folded in half!

D'Ville looks like he's been in a car wreck!

In a car made out of table!

Robbie slowly crawls over to the body of D'Ville, tosses the pieces of table on top of him away, and goes for a pin!



Kickout! Bourbon can barely believe it! Bourbon gets to his feet and picks up D'Ville! He puts D'Ville in the corner, and delivers a shoulder block to the midsection! Another shoulder block! Robbie takes Doc by the cranium and rakes his eyes on the top rope! D'Ville hits the mat, holding his eyes! Robbie picks him up and puts him back in the corner, and he climbs to deliver some mounted punches! The XWF Universe counts them off!










As Robbie looks to deliver punch number ten, the lights go out again! As they come back up, we see Robbie is standing on the mat, and D'Ville is again on top of a turnbuckle across the ring! Robbie looks at him, and just as suddenly, the lights go out again!

What is happening!

On the XTron, an image is displayed.

[Image: Vs1zO8R.jpg?1]

The lights come back up, and we see Doc still on top of the turnbuckle, only now Robbie is on the apron next to him with his hand around Doc's throat! Robbie lifts and dives with D'Ville's body towards the announce table, delivering a massive E.M.C. through the announce table! Robbie's head bounces off of the edge of the table, and both men are wiped out!


The fans here know it!

They almost made me spill my Orangina!

Pip and Luca step back away from their wrecked table as medics rush both Bourbon and D'Ville, who are both seemingly lifeless on the arena floor! The referee looks like he doesn't know what to do, and checks on both men along with the medics! The crowd is going wild!


One medic is shining a flashlight into Bourbon's eyes, who seems responsive! Another medic is checking with D'Ville, who has raised a hand into the air with a thumbs up! The medics slowly help Bourbon to his feet, and D'Ville gets to his just as slowly, then charges and pounces on Robbie! D'Ville is on top of Bourbon, raining blows on him! Bourbon rolls D'Ville over, and starts throwing forearms into D'Ville's forehead! The medics and referee break both men up!


Bourbon backs away and picks up a steel chair still sitting on the floor, and walks around to the opposite side of the ring! He climbs the steps and enters, holding the chair up high, the blood from his nose caked all over his mug and dripping down onto his chest and singlet. D'Ville has picked up a chair and enters the ring from the opposite side! Bourbon appeals to the crowd, and doesn't notice D'Ville entering! Bourbon turns and sees Doc! Doc charges Robbie, and Robbie charges Doc! Both men deliver huge chair shots to each other simultaneously, and both men drop to the mat like a ton of bricks! The referee begins his ten count!










Robbie and Doc both spring to life at the last second!

The twp men waste little time finding each other and begin trading blows in the center of the ring. Big clubbing shots by Bourbon drop Doc to a knee. Robbie calls for the Robbiebomb and lifts D’Ville high into the air, but DOC FIGHTS BACK WITH A HEAVY HANDED PUNCH TO THE HEAD!

”Doc’s been engaged Luca!”

Robbie stumbles back as Doc fires off with another and another! Robbie loses his grip on Doc as he falls back into the corner ropes. Bourbon charges out of the corner and the two men meet once more trading some big right hands! Neither man is willing to back down! Bourbon's size and strength prove too much for D'Ville as he gains the upper hand. Doc is stunned! Robbie hits the ropes and rushes in looking to turn Doc inside out with a massive clothesline! Doc ducks it and latches on to Robbie from behind!


Bourbon tries to shake Doc, but he’s got it locked in tight. In a last ditch effort to break to hold Bourbon falls hard to his back, crushing D’Ville in the process, but Doc’s still got the 302 locked in! The referee slides in to look for the submission, but Bourbon refuses to submit!

”Robbie Bourbon is as tough as they come!”

”Toughness can only get you so far Pip!”

The ref pulls Bourbons arm up and releases it only to watch it fall limp to the mat.


He repeats the action to the same result.


”Does Robbie Bourbon have any fight left?”

Again he releases the arm of Robbie Bourbon.


Sure enough Robbie digs deep and holds his arm high into the air as the people begin chanting his name.


”Listen to this crowd get behind Robbie Bourbon!”


”the man of the people Pip!”


Robbie draws energy from their support as he fights to get back to his feet. Doc can’t believe it, the look of shock on his face says it all just before Robbie flips him off of his back!

”Doc crashes hard to the canvas, but Robbie Bourbon is looking a little worse for wear as well!

Doc looks out of it, as he tries getting back up to his feet. Robbie however, looks ready to kill as Doc struggles to reach a vertical base. Robbie rushes towards him and lands a huge clothesline! Bourbon stomps around D’Ville, readying to pounce on his prey as Doc refuses to stay down. Bourbon lets out a roar and hoist Doc into the air before bringing him down hard with a sit-out Robbiebomb! Robbie quickly crawls in for the cover.





Robbie looks to the official in shock, not knowing how he’s going to keep Doc down for the count. Robbie jumps to his feet and sets Doc up for a second Robbiebomb. He lifts him into the air, but Doc locks his arm around Robbies head as he slips out and somehow reverses into…


That last move seemed to take everything out of Doc, he struggles to crawl his way to the pin. Doc manages to barely get his arm over Robbie before passing out. The ref drops for the count.




”What a match folks! Two of the very best leave it all in the ring! Neither one willing to go down so long as there was an ounce of fight in their bodies!”

”D’Ville just won, but he doesn’t even know it because he’s out cold! How often do you see that in the XWF?

”What we witnessed tonight was a once in a lifetime match, and we gave it away on free TV!”

The ref attends to Doc and Bourbon as EMTs rush to the ring to check out both men.

Winner - Doctor Luis D’Ville!

The view switches backstage where we find the newest member of management, Arnold "Chubby" Fletcher sitting behind a makeshift folding table desk.

"Good evening, as you all know earlier tonight Robert Main and Azrael Erebus were involved in a backstage altercation that left tonight's main event in question. I'm sad to inform you all that both men were taken to a local medical facility, and as a result the Hart Title will not be defended tonight. However, this match will be rescheduled for the July 4th edition of Warfare and since these two decided to spoil tonight's show with their inability to control themselves, it will now be contested under "Falls Count Anywhere" rules, where any and all weapons can be used and pin falls can take place anywhere in the building.

Peter Gilmour & Chris Chaos ©
- vs -
Dem Niggaz
(Micheal Graves & Cadryn Tiberius)

The Tag Team Titles are on the line in this epic match between the defending champions and the returning, reunited team of Graves and Tiberius! We will see how each team can coordinate in a VIRGINIA MICROBURST MATCH!!! (Tornado rules where all competitors are legal at all times!!) FIRST PINFALL WINS!!

The following match is set for one fall and is for the XWF Tag Team Titles!

Here we go! All the hostility, all the build up, this has been months in the making! All hell might break loose here!

Well, its gonna depend on how involved Gimlour is, because...then...well....something might break loose!

Introducing first, from Morgantown, West Virginia, Cadryn Tiberius!

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.

Someone just got a souviner!

Yeah, head lice!

And his partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, Micheal Graves!

A thick fog rolls onto the entrance ramp as the opening riff of Unholy blares throughout the arena. Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the stage and in the flash Micheal Graves appears seemingly out of thin air. Graves walks down the the ring to a mixed reaction. At the bottom of the ramp he takes a running start and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Graves stands up and raises his arms out to his sides like a cross. He slowly lifts his head up, looking to the sky as the lights fade in.

This dude is a true enigma. Never know what you're gonna get with him! It would be nice to see Gravy holding gold again though!

If you say so.

And they're opponents......First, he is one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions and a Member of EMPIRE..........Peter Gilmour!

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria as they wait his next victim. Maria rolls out of the ring and goes to sit down by Tigs.

And introducing.....he is the regining Television Champion, one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions.....hailing from Clearwater Beach, Florida.........CHRIS CHAOS!

The words "FOLLOW ME" show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up.

[Image: cluX3ae.jpg]

Chaos jumps down from the rope and unstrappes his belt. He is staring daggers at Graves, and Gravy is staring back at him.

Can you feel the tension here! My god you could cut it with a knife! These two want to rip each other apart!

Good, lets hope they both need some time off!


Gilmour and Chaos and conversing in the corner. Cadryn is already jumping around, loosening up. Graves is still staring a hole through Chaos.

Chaos and Gilmour both explode towards the corner with Graves and Cadryn. Gilmour hits Cad, flinging him into the corner and Chaos gets a cheap shot in on Graves, knocking him off the apron. Graves gets up to get back in the ring and the ref stops him. Chaos points at Graves as the ref then backs him away.

Early mind games from Chaos here.

Meawhile in the corner, Gilmour is hammering away at Cadryn. He grabs him by the arm and whips him into the far corner. Gilly runs for a splash, but the quicker Cadryn moves. Gilly crashes and burns and Gilly fires off a series of quick strike punches to the big man. Gilly is wobbling. Cadryn comes off the ropes with a drop kick that takes Gilmour off his feet. Chaos rolls his eyes.

Cadryn says something to Chaos before lifting Gilmour up by his head. He points again, talking some trash, before hitting a DDT on Gilly.

Cadryn hooks the leg.



Gilmour gets a shoulder up.

He is going to need more than that to keep the bigger man down

Yeah, Gilmour could eat Cadryn....cad needs to basically incapacitate him. Can I add that to my early Christmas list?

Cadryn bounces off the rope and goes for a leg drop but Gilly moves and Cadryn gets an ass full of canvas. Chaos reaches an arm out, but Gilly doesn't appear to notice the tag attempt. He pulls himself up with the ropes. Cadryn is getting to his feet also. Gilly charges, Cadryn ducks, slips behind and goes to lift Gilmour into a suplex but the bigger than reverses and locks Cad in a suplex position, tossing him behind him with relative ease. Gilly smiles, blowing a kiss to Maria. She gives him the metal sign with her fingers.

That looked oddly like the shocker

Is your mind always in the gutter?

Gilly goes over to pick up Cad, but the saavy veteran chops the knee, taking out Gilly's verticle base. Gilmour goes to one knee, and Cadryn hammers two shots to the face before running up the ropes and flipping......


Gilmour is flat on his back. Cadryn sees the opportunity and comes off the ropes again but gets clubbed in the back by Chaos. The ref turns towards Chaos as Graves gets into the ring and yells at Chaos, pointing. The TV Champ throws his arms up like "it wasn't me" and the ref doesn't see Gilly's rake to Cadryn's eyes as he goes to get him up. Gilly then whips Cadryn into the Empire corner. Cadryn is holding his eye as Gilly gets loaded up to charge.

Chaos locks up Cadryn's arms, exposing his mid section as Gilly runs with a huge knee to the gut. He shoulder blocks Cadryn 4-5 times in the mid section then tags in Chaos.

Chaos steps into the ring, and as Gilly holds Cadryn Chaos chops him a few times.

Teamwork here early on from Gilly and Chaos. They are moving like a well oiled machine.

You think Taco Bell's still open?

Chaos goes to whip Cadryn into the far corner but pulls him back at the last second, driving his knee into Cadryn's mid section. Chaos grins as he lifts Cadryn up for a scoop slam and plants him on his back in the center of the ring. He points at Graves, who is staring a hole through Chaos still. Chaos turns his head and tags Peter, who is back on the apron. Peter gets onto the middle rope and jumps down, driving his knee into the face of Cadryn and holding his arms down for a pin.



Cadryn gets a shoulder up.

Peter picks him up and grabs him by the head, yelling something, and Cadryn comes out of nowhere with a headbutt which knocks Gilly back. Cadryn stumbles over and tags the out stretched hand of Graves, and the veteran steps into the ring.

Peter is coming to his wits after the head butt and sees Gravy. Graves shakes his head, pointing to Chaos.

Graves wants Chaos. Oh, this is about to be a war!

No, its a match, drama queen. Don't exaggerate

Peter stares at Graves for a minute then steps back to tag Chaos. He slaps Chris's chest and steps out of the ring. Chaos looks at him with an angered look, but then back at Graves. Chaos steps through the ropes as the crowd cheers.

Here we go!

The two men circle, feeling each other out. The already ultra-responsive crowd roars as the two tie up in the middle of the ring. They break off and fire punches back and forth.

Punch from Chaos

Punch from Graves

Punch from Chaos

Punch from Graves

Graves tries another punch attempt, Chaos ducks it. He lunges, but Graves grabs him by the hair and bounces his head off the turnbuckle. Chaos bounces back, Graves goes for a clothesline but Chaos ducks. Chaos goes for a super kick, but Graves ducks it and uppercuts Chaos. He stumbles back and falls into the corner, looking up at Graves who is still staring a hole through him.


Chaos uses the ropes to pull himself up. He is slow, cautious almost, in getting to his feet. He looks around for a moment and realizes he is in the far corner, away from both Cadryn and his partner. Graves takes a step towards Chaos, but the champ rolls out of the ring from under the ropes. The crowd boos.

Where does he think he's going?

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

Graves rolls under the ring ropes to follow him. Chaos walks around the outside of the ring, by the announce table. Graves catches up to him and slams his head off the table. The ref begins to count.



Graves grabs Chaos by the hair and Chaos chops him, backing him off for a moment before driving his shoulder into the abdomen and driving Graves back first into the apron. He yells out and crumbles down, holding his back.

Just then, the crowd roars as Cadryn is seen on the top rope. Chaos turns and Cadryn leaps off, hitting a missle dropkick sending Chaos tumbling over whats left of the announce table. He comes to a rest right next to Maria.

Peter is on the outside now and is tuning up Graves but Cadryn gets to his feet and grabs Peter off. The two of them whip Gilmour back first into the ring steps.

The count is at 6.

Graves rolls into the ring as the legal man to reset the count.

We told you all hell was gonna break loose with these two teams, and my god is it ever!

Chaos is beginning to stir as Graves picks him up by the hair.

Cadryn runs and drives a knee into Gilly's face, slamming his head back against the steps.

Graves shoves Chaos out to the mat area. Cadryn charges.

Chaos gets a boot up and Cadryn spins off, and goes down. Graves punches Chaos twice in the head and grabs his hair, rolling him into the ring. Gravy is going up top!

Chaos gets to his feet. Diving Cross Body from Graves.

He is on top of Chaos, but the two roll and pop to their feet. Chaos, with momentum from Graves body, bounces off the ropes and comes off.


Chaos hit a spear!

My god he damn near broke Micheal Graves in half there!

Chaos is woozy, though, and stumbles for a moment before falling into a cover.




Chaos slaps the mat.

Cadryn is back on the apron, reaching for a tag. Graves is still down, but sitrring. Peter is wobbly but approaching their corner.

Chaos waits for Gilly to get on the apron and tags him. He comes in, and picks up Graves by the head. A few hard shots, Gilly hits an atomic drop on Graves. He walks over and punches Cad, who stumbles off the apron and into the barricade. Gilmour throws his arms up and yells like a bear!

Just then Gravy gets to his feet, and rolls up Gilmour.



Gilmour powers out. Chaos steps onto the ring and hits a neck breaker on Graves.

He goes for the pin.


You give him far too much credit.



Graves kicks out.

Cadryn is back on the apron.


Cadryn bounces off the ropes in a burst of speed and hits a superkick.


Its over!!!!!!!!

Cadryn covers Gilly.



Chaos, out of nowhere breaks up the pin!

He grabs Cad and hoists him on his shoulders. Cadryn wiggles out. Just then Graves comes out of nowhere!



Graves just tried to take Chaos out with his own move and it backfired!

Both men come off the ropes.


All four men are down. The ref looks around for a second, then has no choice but to count. Gilly is the first one up, and Graves is picking himself up with the ropes. Gilly runs and clotheslines Graves over the ropes. Chaos is up. They both look at Cadryn, who is stirring.

Oh no. Bad intentions here!

Gilly looks hungry!

Chaos directs, and Gilmour picks up Cadryn. He puts Tiberius on his shoulder. Chaos bends down in the corner. Peter tosses Cadryn in the air and on the way down, Chaos spears him out of mid air.

My god!

Chaos grins and covers.




Gilmour grabs Graves, but Graves ducks under. He lifts Gilmour up and drops him neck and torso first over the top rope. When Gilmour stumbles back, Graves hits a DDT.

Chaos is outside the ring now, and is pounding Cadryn who is laying on top of what is left of the announce table.

Graves wastes no time, he grabs Gilmour by the head and places said head between Graves thighs as he grabs hold of Gilmour's ample waist. Graves channels all of his strength and puts Peter down with Grave Consequences(Razor's Edge).

Both men are down by Graves crawls over to Peter and drapes his left arm across Peter's chest.


Chaos sees the pin and breaks off his attack on Cadryn and heads towards the ring....


Not this time...

Cad grabs hold of the Television Champion's leg...


And they both disappear...


WINNERS AND NEW XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS - Micheal Graves and Cadryn Tiberius


Cadryn returns to the ring and celebrates with his partner while Peter's partner is MIA as Warfare goes off the air.

Thank You To:

Chris Chaos
Jefferson Jackson
Arnold Fletcher
Robbie Bourbon
The Engineer
John Black
Finn Kuhn
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"Like any other outcome was possible."


"If I could take this belt from Azrael fucking Erebus, what chance did poor Jessalyn have?"

"Perhaps, we should extend the competition for the Bombshell title, to another male on the roster?"

"Chris Chaos, you're pretty like a lady, would you like a shot at the Bombshell title?"

(OOC - The show was amazing. Kudos to all involved. Jessalyn Hart, your material was great and I thoroughly enjoyed, facing you.)

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the empire are invoking our rematch clause for the ppv!

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(06-28-2018 01:44 PM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said:  the empire are invoking our rematch clause for the ppv!

"Oh wow... the empire strikes back."

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Warfare cuts to the parking lot where Chaos appears. He looks befuddled, not quite sure what happened. Just then, a big screen monitor outside the arena turns on. Gilmour is in the ring, and Graves has the cover.

Chaos puts his hands on his head, running them through his hair in disbelief.




Graves and Cadryn celebrate in the middle of the ring as Chaos's face turns red. He rips open the door to the arena and Jenny and Maria both rush out. Jenny grabs him around the waist. She is having a hard time holding him.


Jenny puts a finger to his lips.

Babe, relax. You guys will get a rematch. You will win the belts back. Yes, it was cheap, but you didn't lose. Peter took the fall and there was nothing you could do. Cadryn pulled a fast one on you."

Chaos shoves past Jenny, but she grabs his arm.

I brought this........

She hands him the TV title belt and he throws it over his shoulder.

Peter already said he is invoking the rematch clause for the Pay Per will get your shot back.

Chaos looks at her like she is the most disgusting thing he has ever seen.

Great, so I am going to be double booked because that fat fuck can't keep his mouth shut. It is HIS FAULT we lost. I am not even sure I want a rematch........."

The three of them walk out to the car which the Richmond valet has brought up.

Peter is going to pay for this.........and he is going to make it up to me. He is going to come up with a solution to this little problem..........until then........I'm taking collateral."

Jenny looks at him.


He grabs Maria Brink by the hair, eliciting a yell from her. He opens the back door and throws her inside.

Get in.

Jenny looks at Chris for a moment, her eyes dark to the back seat, then back to the front. She slowly gets in and he jumps in the driver seat. The car speeds off as Warfare cuts to black.

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Wow Chris are you capable of working well with anyone? You should really try to be more of a people person. Like me.

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06-28-2018 03:04 PM

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Peter Fn Gilmour (06-29-2018)
Tommy Wish Offline
The Forgotten Guy

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06-28-2018 03:05 PM


A Questionable Thug
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06-28-2018 05:46 PM

Ghost Tank smirks as he walks around backstage after the destruction he wrought.

Rain deserved everything he got. He deserved more. But, for this night? It was enough. More pain will come. More destruction.

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Peter Fn Gilmour Offline
the man with the SUPER DICK

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Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

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06-29-2018 08:57 AM

Don't worry Chris.. I'll make it up to you.. the empire will still have gold and at the ppv I will destroy caddy. I got some tricks of my own.

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