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Wednesday Warfare 6/20
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06-20-2018 09:49 PM



Johnny Sinclair
- vs -

Peter "F'n" Gilmour
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
Razor Wire Death Match!

Jackie Peppers
- vs -
"Bad Ass" Scott St. Pierre

Nathan Kennedy
- vs -
Joachim Bright

Doctor Louis D'Ville
- vs -
Azrael Erebus
X-Treme Rules Match!

(Scully and Finn Kuhn)
- vs -
Dem Niggaz
(Samuel Madison w/ Surpise Nigga)
Winners receive a Tag Team Title opportunity on the next Warfare!


- vs -
Jenny Myst
- vs -
Jessalyn Hart
- vs -
Quadruple Threat!

The lights come on in the TD Garden as the crowd is illuminated with the strobes. They are going crazy. Many hold signs that say "PEST FOR PRESIDENT", "I'M ONLY HERE FOR JENNY'S TITS", "GILMOUR ISN'T FAT, HE'S PLEASENTLY PLUMP", and "VINNIE IS MY LOVECHILD".

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Boston, the birthplace of America and the most patriotic city in the nation! We are live, Pip and Luca here and we are ready for a wild ride!

Oh yeah! The 'Merica tour continues, as we honor the country known for its corrupt government, racial tensions and school shootings!

Do you like anything?

Jay and Silent Bob wasn't bad.


Here we go! Starting off with a bang!

Taylor Mayde walks down the ramp, smiling and waving to the crowd. Wearing a blue business suit, she makes her way to the steps, up the steps, and into the ring.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Boston, put hands together for the XWF's Director of Drug Testing and Analysis, she is the acting General Manager for the evening................Taylor Mayde!

Taylor smiles and takes the mic from Tigs.

Mayde: XWF Nation! It feels so good to be back home! As many of you know I am from Cambridge, Massachusetts, right up the road!

The crowd cheers at this.

Mayde: I graduated from MIT and have spent nearly my entire life in this great city and this great state! That being said it is an honor for me to be the one to come out here and announce the Superstar o the Month for the Month of May............."

The crowd cheers at this too.

Mayde: The Superstar of the Month for May is............Pestalance!

Congrats to Pest! He deserves it!

Affirmative action is a hell of a thing!

Johnny Sinclair
- vs -

Johnny Sinclair is already in the ring awaiting his opponent.

The arena goes completely black for a moment, then the lights start to pulsate as the music starts to blare through the PA system.

As soon as the pyro goes off the lights turn on, the people in the arena turn silent, the people are at awe and shock at how massive he is.

"Here he is... It's Dredzin."

"Luca, the man who is 7ft 2 and 335ibs..."

He starts walking down the ramp, he yells out... "IT'S GO TIME!" Then he stops at the end of the ramp to take a deep breath. He approaches the ring, then he grabs the rope ring rope gets onto the ring aparon goes over the top rope then walks towards the middle of the ring. He raises his left hand as the pyro goes off.

Dredzin crunches his knuckles and stares daggers at Johnny Sinclair.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The bell rings and Johnny Sinclair immediately charges at Dredzin but runs into a huge Big Boot to the face. Sinclair goes down on his back, holding his nose.

"Johnnys nose is busted open, Pip."

"That was one huge BIG BOOT!"

Dredzin slaps himself in the face and licks his lips. He looks motivated. Sinclair gets on to his feet to receive a massive clothesline from Dredzin, turning Sinclair inside out. Dredzin lifts Johnny Sinclair up and grabs him by the throat...


Dredzin hits a hard chokeslam to Johnny Sinclair but immediately shakes his head, he isn't finished and Sinclair is in for more trouble from Dred. Dredzin mounts over Sinclair and begins laying punch after punch, he must nail several punches before he decides to get on his feet. Dredzin taunts the fans who are surprised at Dredzins dominance. Dredzin once again lifts up Johnny Sinclair who is lifeless.

Russian Roulette! Dredzin with the pump handle fronts slam. Dredzin signals it's game over for Johnny Sinclair. Dredzin places Johnnys head between his legs.

"Here we go, Pip!"

Dred lifts up Sinclair and....

"D.T.D. The jack knife power bomb."

Dredzin places his BIG foot on the chest of Sinclair.




"Its over!"

"What a one sided contest, that's for sure. Johnny Sinclair is a broken man."

Winner: Dredzin

Dredzin raises his arms in victory!

Peter "F'n" Gilmour
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
Razor Wire Death Match!

Ladies and Gentlemen our next match is a Razor Wire Death Match! Introducing first he is one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions fighting out of Los Angeles, California weighing in at 260lbs! Peter “F’nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” Gilmourrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Look at Peter Gilmour! He’s got a fire in his eyes like we haven’t seen in a number of years!

This is his thing! This match is where Gilmour thrives! Let’s see if he can do so here tonight!

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. Peter tells Maria to stay on the outside sliding underneath the razor wire bottom rope Peter starts to get on the turnbuckle but see’s each corner is filled with razor wire he forgoes and throws up an "X" sign in the middle of the ring as pyro goes off above him. Gilmour eyes the entrance ramp awaiting BWP

His opponent wrestling out of Lake Station, Michigan weighing in at 224 lbs! Bearded WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR Piggggggggggggggggg

Ladies and Gentleman take off those hats place your hand over that heart here comes BWP!

This guy might just be the most patriotic fucker on Earth!

The arena is moderately quiet when suddenly birds chirping the Star-Spangled Banner begin to pierce the ears of everyone in attendance from the rafters above. This goes on for about fifteen to twenty seconds, then a moment of silence...




A crashing commotion startles some of the fans before the instrumentals to "B.M.F" by Upon a Burning Body erupts from the arena's surround sound system. Simultaneously Red, White, and Blue flames erupt down and then back up the rampway. The flames die down and "The Wild" Motherfucker, Bearded War Pig stands proud and invincible. His Boomstick resting on the right shoulder strap of his flack jacket that's covering his bare chest. Repetitively his weight shifts to the left and right his balls swing freely under his American Flag patterned silkies. Pig's thousand-yard stare becomes a fierce warrior like grin as he points the barbwire buttstock end of his Boomstick toward the ring. Exploding like a well-stacked IED, BWP begins bouncing down the rampway with a shit-eating grin to the beat of his theme music. Sliding into the ring under the razor wire ropes! Before BWP can get to his feet Gilmour starts stomping away!

Gilmour with a cheap attack before BWP could even get into the ring!

Smart move! Pig has no one to blame but himself! He should have seen this coming!




Gilmour waste no time continuously stomping BWP into the canvas, Gilmour stomps BWP once more before backing away to the middle of the ring arrogantly brushing off each shoulder! Gilmour plays to the crowd for a few moments taking the time to flip a few people in the front row off while blowing a kiss to Maria! Gilmour then turns his attention to BWP noticing he is starting to move, BWP slowly back to his feet charging Gilmour with a full head of steam. Gilmour quickly side steps BWP hitting a perfectly timed side Russian leg sweep, Gilmour bounces up from the mat quickly leg dropping BWP. Gilmour pulls BWP up looking over his shoulder at the razor wire ropes, Gilmour grins Irish whipping BWP!

Gilmour is starting this match on fire and now it looks like he has bad intentions for PIG!

Someone is going to end up in that razor wire, it’s the name of the game! With these two, it’s just a matter of time!


BWP blocks it!

BWP is trying to reverse it!

BWP tries to reverse the Irish whip and tries whipping Gilmour into the razor wire but, Gilmour blocks leaning back in a deep squatted position! Both men stand in the middle of the ring staring at one another for a moment releasing one another! Gilmour slaps BWP in the face pointing and laughing! BWP slowly looks back towards Gilmour kicking Gilmour in the gut crumpling him over. BWP quickly hits a DDT. Gilmour’s head bounces off the canvas hard, BWP waste no time in mounting the downed Gilmour. BWP starts raining down heavy blows to Gilmour’s head and face, Gilmour covers up the best he can but still gets his nose busted in the process. BWP pulls Gilmour up from the mat by his hair and continues his assault with a Muay Thai kick right above Gilmour’s right knee. Gilmour stumbles back towards the razor wire as BWP hits another kick in the same spot dropping Gilmour to one knee! BWP rushes Gilmour!

This is a dangerous position for both men, Gilmour is about an inch away from that razor wire!

BWP has the momentum now and if he hits whatever he is thinking here Gilmour is going into that razor wire! Someone is going in right now!


Can you believe that GILMOUR CUTTER FROM NO WHERE!

He’s done it before!

Gilmour lays there for a few moments wiping the blood away from his nose and begins screaming at Maria! “GET A CHAIR”! Maria rushes over to the bell keeper knocking him out of his seat, she quickly folds up the steel chair sliding it under the razor wire to Gilmour! Gilmour smiles wiping the blood from his nose across his chest then holds the chair up for the crowd to see, Gilmour pats the chair a few times seeing BWP out of the corner of his eyes he sees BWP rushing in, Gilmour takes a mighty swing BWP ducks under stopping himself just short of razor wire! BWP slowly turns around and is met with a thunderous chair shot to the head. Blood immediately begins to pour from BWP forehead, but he doesn’t go down! A shocked looks falls over Gilmour’s face as BWP screams “COME ON”! Gilmour nods taking another swing hitting BWP in the head sending him down to one knee! BWP looks through his crimson mask laughing getting up to his feet again. Gilmour tosses BWP the chair, as BWP catches the chair Gilmour super kicks it into BWP’s face sending him into the razor wire where he becomes entangled. BWP screams out in pain as blood begins to flow from his back and arms!

I can’t watch!

I need some popcorn look at all this blood! It’s like watching a grindhouse movie without the tits!

Gilmour rushes to the other side of the ring shrugging his shoulders, Gilmour points towards BWP still stuck in the razor wire screaming out in agony.

What’s he planning?

BWP’s demise

Gilmour rushes in going for a flying yakuza kick. BWP in a last-ditch effort rips himself from the razor wire moving out of the way at the last second, leaving chunks of his flesh still attached! Gilmour flies into the razor wire with such force, he rips all three ropes from each side of the ring entangling himself crashing to the floor on the outside of the ring. Gilmour lays on the concrete now bleeding everywhere. Inside the ring BWP starts to pull himself across the ring leaving a blood trail behind him. BWP finally gets to his feet leering around the ring for a few moments before walking over to the turn buckle BWP notices the ply wood with stapled razor wire isn’t secured to the ring, he turns it around facing away from himself and takes off running towards Gilmour on the outside, BWP leaps from the ring with the ply wood and razor wire underneath him belly splashing the ply wood filled with razor wire on top of Gilmour! As BWP lands on Gilmour the ply wood breaks into a million pieces both men are laying on the outside of the ring tangled in razor wire lifeless!

Jesus H Christ! These two are going to kill one another!

I love it! They wanted a death match, well here it is! I hope the red cross is on speed dial!

BWP is the first up to his feet he walks away from Gilmour who still isn’t moving and begins to try and untangle himself from the razor wire. BWP leans against the barrier on the outside grunting in pain, BWP then wraps his entire arm and fist with razor wire waiting on Gilmour to get up! Maria stands off in the distance watching the carnage unfold begging BWP to stop. Gilmour starts to move as BWP readies himself. Gilmour starts crawling underneath the ring, Gilmour gets about halfway underneath the ring when BWP grabs his foot trying to pull Gilmour out from underneath he ring. BWP loses his grip because of all of the blood stumbling back, BWP again grabs Gilmour’s feet pulling Gilmour out from underneath he ring. Gilmour cracks BWP in the head with a fire extinguisher, BWP stumbles back into the barricade. Gilmour desperately rips the razor wire from his body trying to free himself. Finally, he gets all the razor wire off his body looking up seeing BWP in his face. BWP goes for a close line with the arm he wrapped in razor wire! Gilmour ducks at the last second, BWP crashes into the ring. Gilmour digs a few deep shots into BWP’S lower back before sending BWP into the ring steps!


Did you just see the force of that? BWP might be broken in half!

It’s a blood bath and I love it! Is that wrong?

Gilmour lays on the ring apron in a pool of his own blood collapsing to the floor, he begins looking underneath the ring. Gilmour pulls a table from underneath the ring followed by a large black bag Maria rushes over to help Gilmour to his feet, they both slide the table into the ring as Gilmour tosses the large black bag into the ring!

What on Earth could he be planning now?

Something amazing!

Gilmour gets back into the ring with Maria setting the table up in the middle of the ring Gilmour instructs Maria to help him in the corner where there is another sheet of ply wood and razor wire! The two place the sheet on top of the table when Maria screams! “PETER I’M STUCK” Gilmour tries getting Maria untangled. Gilmour rips Maria’s dress turning around!

Oh no!

Oh yes!

Gilmour turns around seeing BWP in midflight from a ladder he had set up on the outside of the ring during all the commotion! Gilmour tries getting his hands up only to block part of the flying for arm shot delivered by BWP!

He just hit Gilmour with that arm wrapped in razor wire! My God!

Gilmour falls to his knees as BWP hits Gilmour in the face with the hand wrapped in razor wire repeatedly until Gilmour drops like a sack of potatoes! BWP looks around the ring for a brief second seeing the black bag! BWP opens the bag before grinning, he slowly reaches into the bag dropping a hand full of thumb tacks onto the mat!

Thumb tacks? What else do they need?


BWP takes the thumb tacks dumping them on top of the ply wood and razor wire that is sitting on top of the table. Out of desperation Gilmour hits a low blow on BWP dropping him to one knee! Gilmour rolls out side of the ring folding up the ladder BWP set up tossing it into the ring. Gilmour picks the ladder up driving it into BWP stomach and then his head. Gilmour shouts “STAY DOWN”! Gilmour sets the ladder up walking back over to BWP pulling him up by his tattered shirt. Gilmour punches BWP a few times laying him down on the table covered in razor wire and thumb tacks. Gilmour gives BWP the “suck it” sign and starts his way up the ladder. Gilmour gets to the very top run and slips from all the blood. Just then BWP rolls off the table and climbs up the other side of the ladder. Both men get to the top and begin hammering away at one another! The exchange blows!

Peter gets the upper hand and locks in the neck of BWP.



OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are both dead!

Neither man moves for some time. Finally, Peter begins to stir, and musters up enough energy to throw a bloody arm over War Pig.

The cover.




My god, Peter did it!

Here is your winner.......Peter Gilmour!

Winner: Peter Gilmour

Somebody get some medical attention out here for both of these men! They could be seriously hurt!

I think War Pig is dead!

XWF goes to commercials as the medical team rushes to the ring.

Jackie Peppers
- vs -
"Bad Ass" Scott St. Pierre

This next match is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Hartlepool, England.......Scott St. Pierre!

Scott walks to the ring.

This is going to be an entertaining match up. Maybe a little sanity in between the craziness we have seen tonight!

Doubt it on both accounts.

And his opponents, from Springfield, Missouri........Jackie Peppers! The opening drum beat of Arrows in the Dark erupts throughout the arena as spews of flames shoot from the sides of the ramp. As the flames subside Jackie Peppers steps out through the entrance way and heads towards the ring, his gaze set on it. Jackie climbs onto the apron and onto the turnbuckle, raising his fist in the air and grinning, showing his deep red mouthguard.


The bell rings and the two circle. The tie up and Peppers quickly gets the upper hand. He whips Pierre into the corner and runs at him with an elbow. Ramming his shoulder into the mid section of Pierre several times, he whips him into the other corner.

Peppers runs back at him again and Pierre gets a foot up. Peppers catches it. Using the leverage to get in position, St. Pierre hits an Inziguri which cracks Peppers in the side of the head. Sliding into a small package pin, he plants the shoulders.



Peppers pops out.

St. Pierre trying to steal one there! He is gonna need to do more than that to get one over a very saavy Jackie Peppers!

Can this match be over already?

St. Pierre goes over towards Peppers and Peppers snaps up with a clothesline out of nowhere. Using his superior agility, he his Decapitator!

THAT WAS QUICK! Looks like you're gonna get your wish, Luca!

Peppers hooks leg.




Here is your winner, Jackie Peppers!

Winner: Jackie Peppers

We cut backstage and see the offices of Vinnie Lane. Vinnie is simply sitting at his desk, working on a laptop. The door opens...

Hey, what's this horseshit!

Robbie Bourbon bellows into the room as he tromps in. The human herd of buffalo that he is, he knocks over a ficus then quickly catches it before turning and giving Vinnie a sheepish grin. Vinnie rolls his eyes.

Uh, sorry about that.

Robbie walks to the front of Vinnie's desk. Vinnie looks up at Robbie.

Vinnie, what the hell gives. You know, I know, the people know that I'm built for one thing and one thing alone, and that's giving it my all at giving someone hell in the damned ring. Now I know, I know that last Warfare I was a bit out of shape.

It's been a while since I was in the ring, and I have been smoking a ton of pot, but I need to make sure the crops come out just perfect. It's not easy being a mass producer of a brand newly legal cash crop.

Vinnie opens his mouth to speak, but before he can get a word in edgewise, Robbie points skyward and snaps his fingers.

You know what, I get it. I have a lot to prove to you before you start giving me anything. I don't want any hand outs, no special treatment, just the opportunity to come to Warfare and wreck. So, to prove myself...

Cyberjaw, the man with the cybernetic jaw, and Diamondback, the man who can blend into any crowd, enter the office pushing a cart. On it is a rolling grill with about five dozen hot dogs, a few bags of hot dog buns, bottles of ketchup (or catsup to weirdos) and mustard and a little bin of onions. Robbie pulls some tongs off of the cart as Vinnie rests his chin on his palm with a simple smile on his face.

I'm going to sell all these hot dogs to the people, to prove I belong. Now, just watch!

Robbie whips out his phone and dials. He and his Bourbon Men stroll out of Vinnie's office as a montage happens.

We see Robbie with his phone to his head, speaking into it. The screen splits. We see Woody Harrelson, movie star! He nods his head yes and looks pleased. We then see Willie Nelson, legendary musician! He's nodding and looking happy. We then see Seth Rogan, who is also a movie star! Then James Franco! Finally, we see the legendary comedy duo that is Cheech and Chong! Shortly after, we see all of these actors congregated in the parking lot outside of the TD Garden!

Gentlemen! As surefire clients and lovers of BourbonCo. Natural, I am glad you could make it here tonight! Now, since recreational use of marijuana is completely legal here in the great state of Massachussetts, I will be providing samples of my newest strand, Robbiechronic, along with the purchase of two hot dogs!

A fervor erupts as these famous stoners all buy out Robbie's hot dogs in seconds flat. Robbie grins smugly and nods in approval along with Cyberjaw and Diamondback. The music dies down and we see Robbie walking back into Vinnie's office, a wad of cash in hand.

There we go, Vinnie. I sold all those hot dogs, and...

Vinnie, rightly disturbed for the second time, his phone to his head, shoots a glare at the overpleased Bourbon.

Look, I'll call you back.

Vinnie puts his phone down.

Look, Robbie, the only reason you didn't have a match is because you didn't sign up. Also, we don't make any money off of concessions and the arena is pissed you undercut them, they're fining us.

Robbie's smile fades as his eyes maintain the same simple, yet now dulled sparkle.


Vinnie reaches out and opens his palm. Robbie sighs as he plops the cash into his hand to pay the fines the arena has levied against the XWF.

I think I've been smoking too much pot.

Robbie reaches into the breast pocket of his very grown up looking button down and pulls out a rolled marijuana cigarette. He puts it in his mouth.

Do you mind not doing that in here?


Vinnie rolls his eyes. He stands up, collects his laptop, and slides his phone into his pocket.

Hey, it's legal, you know.

Robbie lights his joint as Vinnie leaves, annoyed he couldn't do his work in peace. Robbie sits on Vinnie's desk and puffs his doobie. He pulls it from his mouth, looks at it intently, and exhales slowly. He then looks at the screen and winks.

What’s this! Robert Main is not scheduled here tonight!

Well he’s here!

Robert "The Omega" Main slowly rises from the depths of the stage, his back turned to the ring as he rolls his shoulders. He turns as the music begins to rise, and after the lyrics "I make them for you" hit the speakers, just as the sting hits, he raises his arms to the sky, turning around slowly! Revealing he has a crutch, Robert hobbles forward pulling a microphone from his black leather jacket pocket

Cut the music!

Robert waits for a moment

Let’s cut to the chase here huh! PESTALANCE! You had a shot! You had the opportunity of a life time, to do something no other man or woman could accomplish! You could have put me on the shelf! You could have taken the Hart Championship!

Robert unzips his leather jacket revealing the Championship

You had me dead to rights, on one leg! Yet you still could not get the job done! I’ve taken your best shot! Yet here I stand, on a crutch and banged up! Here’s the reality check bub! I’m still champion! Now I want to return the favor! Our next pay per view! Main –- vs -- PESTALANCE II! This time around were upping the ante! I want an IRON MAN MATCH! One hour! Whoever has the most pin falls or submissions at the end walks away with The Hart Championship and ever bragging right that comes with it!

Robert rips the Championship from his waist tossing it over his shoulder

Oh I almost forgot! You beat me, you get the Hart Championship and I cannot compete for the Hart Championship for six months! I beat you, and I will beat you! I get your shot at Engy for the Universal Championship that’s if you’ve got the stones! You want this belt come and get it!


Big news there from Main. But who is gonna answer?!

Nathan Kennedy
- vs -
Joachim Bright

Warfare comes back from commercial with Tig O’Bitties standing by!

The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Introducing first, from Edinburgh Scotland, The Scottish Spitfire… NATHAN KENNEDYYYY!

"Calm Before the Storm" echoes through the halls of the arena, the fans slowly coming to life, giving their own reception- whether cheers or boos- as Nathan Kennedy walks through the curtains. The Scottish Spitfire scans through the crowd for a hot second, taking in all the faces that have their attention placed firmly on Nathan. After a brief moment, Edward Osborne walks through the curtain, tapping Nathan on his shoulder and pointing his attention towards the ring. Nathan relaxes his muscles, shaking his arms as he starts sauntering to the ring, Osborne following behind. Nathan gives some high-fives to a couple of fans who have their eager arms outstretched, but for the most part, Nathan's gaze is expressed solely to the ring as he slides underneath the ropes, cracking his neck and peering back towards the top of the ramp. Osborne moves to Nathan's corner, shedding his coat and placing it aside as he looks ready to lead Nathan to victory.

And his opponent, residing from “No PLace In Particular”... JOACHIM BRIIIIIIIGHT!!!

As the opening instrumental to "Words as Weapons" by Seether kicks in, Joachim appears at the top of the ramp. His entrance has little in the way of frills, but he'll clap hands with people who reach out to him. He'll climb up the ring steps and vault over the top rope, rolling to his feet and backing into a corner where he sits on the top turnbuckle while waiting for the match to start.


Bright and Kennedy circle each other, both men locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Joachim throws an elbow, knocking Kennedy back. Bright grabs him, pulling him into a side headlock. Kennedy pushes Bright to the ropes, and sends him running. Bright rebounds, knocking Kennedy down with a Shoulder Tackle! Kennedy tries getting back up, but he’s knocked down again. Bright whips him into the corner. Bright charges in, as Kennedy connects with an elbow! Bright stagges back as Kennedy rushes in, connecting with a Superman Punch that takes Bright down to the mat! Kennedy quickly slides in for the pin attempt!




Bright pops a shoulder up just in the nick of time, breaking the officials count. Kennedy quickly transitions from the pin to a mount and begins laying into Bright with some heavy hands. Kennedy to his feet, he postures to the crowd before turning his attention back to Bright. He grabs a dazed Bright by the hair and guides him back to his feet. Once up, Kennedy whips him into the ropes. On the rebound he charges in with a clothesline, but Bright ducks it and rebounds off of the ropes behind him. Kennedy turns around trying to keep up, but Bright leaps into the air and blindsides him with double knees to the face! Bright is quick to return to his feet, looking to capitalize on the last exchange.

Brutal knees from Joachim Bright!p/white]

He isn’t done yet Pip!

Bright brutalizes Kennedy with shots to his ribs, as he tries to pick him up for a Scoop Slam. Kennedy uses his leverage to keep him on the mat, catching Bright with an Elbow to the back of his neck. Bright stumbles backwards, Kennedy grabs him and whips him into the corner. Kennedy charges in, but Bright catches him with a boot to the face! Bright charges in and clobbers Kennedy with a huge clothesline! Kennedy falls to the mat, and rolls to the outside to collect himself. Bright looks on, ready to continue this match on the outside of the ring. Both men meet on the outside, and Kennedy levels Bright with a European Uppercut!

[white]Nathan Kennedy lured him right into that shot!

That’s where the difference in experience comes into play Pip!

Bright stumbles backwards, and Kennedy takes him down with a Superkick on the outside. The official calls for both men to get back into the ring. Kennedy rolls into the ring and postures to the crowd once again as they shower him with boos.




Bright begins pulling himself up with the aid of the steps.



Bright nearly to his feet. Kennedy see’s this and immediately rolls back out to continue his assault. The crowd cheers, as Bright catches Kennedy with a knee lift to his stomach. Bright backs up, waiting for Kennedy to get back to his feet. He does, and Bright charges towards him! The crowd’s cheers quickly turn into shock and concern as Kennedy tosses Bright into the announcers desk! Bright lands hard, but doesn’t break the table.

Oh my God!

How’d that not break!?!

Kennedy climbs back into the ring. The official finally begins his count, as Bright lays motionless behind the desk.









Bright pops up from behind the announce desk. He quickly slides over it and rushes towards the ring!


Bright slides in just in the nick of time! Kennedy rushes in and ambushes him with a series of stomps before he can get to his feet. Kennedy hits the ropes. On the rebound he is shocked as Bright pops up to his feet just in time to deliver a wicked spinebuster! Kennedy is dazed, but struggles to get up quickly. Bright rebounds off of the ropes and connects with Shining Wizard followed by a pin attempt!




Bright quickly gets back up to his feet and pulls Kennedy backup to a standing position as well, folding him over, Bright double underhooks the arms and goes to lift him up into the air. Kennedy is able to counter this by dropping to a knee and sandbagging him. Bright lets go of the double underhook and instead opts for a quick kick right into the gut of Kennedy in response, Bright again goes for the double underhook, but this time Kennedy drops Bright back first onto the ring with a double leg takedown! Kennedy leaps over the top of Bright holding onto his legs in a pinning position… the referee dives in as Kennedy tries to get in a fast one…



Letting Kennedy work his way back up to his feet, a smirk forms on his face as Kennedy wobbles and walks forward in a daze, clearly having trouble getting his bearings under him. Giving him a few steps to get closer.

Joachim Bright smells the blood in the water!

Bright whips Kennedy into the turnbuckle where he hits hard and slinks into the corner. Bright rushes into the adjacent corner and perches himself up top, waiting for Kennedy to show signs of life.

Looks like Joachim is about to walk the Razor's Edge!

Kennedy tries to shake the cobwebs as he pulls himself out of the corner, unaware of Bright’s position in the ring. Bright quickly walks the top rope as the crowd oohs and awes. Kennedy, noticing the fans reaction, looks up just in time to see Bright propel himself into a Dragonrana pin!





Joachim Bright is quite remarkable, as he has shown tonight with his victory over Nathan Kennedy!

Here is your winner...............Joachim Brighttttt!

Winner: Joachim Bright!

As the camera pans through to the back, we see Jenny warming up for her match, getting loose as she prepares to try to become X-Treme Champion. She is laying on her stomach, getting a massage from the company appointed masseuse.

[Image: RNQ09Ja.gif]

The masseuse stops, however, when Chris Chaos walks onto the screen. He has a white CHAOTIC DESIRES tee on, and each of his belts over each shoulder. His hair worn down, sunglasses perched atop his head, and a pair of jeans and sneakers on, he looks down at Jenny and grins.

Noticing him there, she pops out one headphone.

"Can I help you?"

Chris smirks, the belt over his shoulder.

"What kinda way is that to talk to your boyfriend, and a double champion. I'm not allowed to come see you in the back?"

Jenny rolls over onto her butt and sits up.

There is obvious tension here between these two after weeks of build up.

"I just wanted to come wish you luck out there in your first title match since....well.......losing yours."

Jenny bites her lip, she is obvious perturbed by this.

"Thanks.......Chris. How are those belts I basically won for you treating you?"

Chris laughs.

"Jen....look. Just because we have never been champions at the same time doesn't mean we have to stay that way. Sure, you've failed to get the job done in the past but today is a whole new leaf, a whole new got this!"

Jenny gets up off the table, she is face to face--well, face to chest anyway---with Chris.

"I never needed your help and I don't need your help tonight. Stay in the back. I am going to do this myself. It is time for Jenny Myst to stop being the facilitator of success and start being the successful one."

Chris smiled again.

"How cute. Well, go get 'em killer! Go get em......"

Jenny snarles.

"If I win this owe me.......whatever I want........I don't care how tired your tongue gets. I'll see you back at the hotel."

Chris laughs again as she walks away.

"Little firecracker" he says to himself, "extreme."

Doctor Louis D'Ville
- vs -
Azrael Erebus
X-Treme Rules Match!

Those two have a weird relationship.

That isn't news, Pip.

Just then, the arena goes dark as the camera pans back to the ring.


OH YEAH! This one is gonna be good!

This match is an X-Treme Rules match, set for one fall. Introducing first, from the swamps of Sulphur, Louisiana, Doctor Louis D'Ville!

The lights go out in the arena followed by an eerie red glow. Smoke rises from the entrance way and the Doctor emerges from it. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks out among the crowd, then slowly begins walking towards the ring. The Doctor climbs the ring steps and into the ring, he stands on the second turnbuckle and holds his arms into the air as the lights flash back on.

I would be lying if I said this guy didn't creep the hell outta me!

It's the Doctor! He is a Legend, Pip! I know you are new here but show some damn respect! This man is a former King, and easily the most volitle man on this roster! He just may have to treat you one day!

The arena then becomes encased in a purplish hue.

Speaking of creepy!

And his opponent, from Moonspire on the planet Ozuul, Azrael Erbus!

The purplish smoke is on the rampway but there is no sign of Erbus anywhere.

The crowd is getting restless.

The alien getting cold feet here?

That isn't Azrael's style.

The music stops, then hits again. Doc puts his hands on his hips with an eye roll.

Once again........his opponent, from Moonspire on the planet Ozuul, Azrael Erbus!

The arena is darker this time. There is a weird smell. Just then, the lights come shooting on and Azrael is in the ring behind the Doctor. The crowd pops.

My god! He just appeared out of nowhere!

So we have confirmed its a he?

He clubs Doc in the back of the next with what looks like a chain wrapped around his fist. The doctor falls forward, his torso over the top rope.


Erbus is the aggresor early, clubbing the back and the back of the neck of doctor with the chain wrapped hand. He has a fire in his eyes.

He spins Doc around and hits a big leg sweep.

Erbus is the aggressor early here. I think he took Doc by surprise and I am not sure if even the Doctor can recoop from this!

Again, newbie, the Doctor INVENTED mind games. He'll be fine.

Erbus fires down a few more shots before lifting D'Ville up by the head. He throws him into the corner.

Running to attack, Doc gets a knee up last minute. He rams it into the midsection of Erbus. A few shots to the head and Doc reverses position. He slams Erbus's head off the turnbuckle a few times.

You really need to start listening to me.


Doc grabs Azrael around the waist and throws him back into the middle of the ring with a suplex. He puts a hand to the back of his head and neck with a wince, then walks over to Erbus. He bends down to pick him up and Erbus fires a shot to the face, stumbling Doc back. Flipping up to his feet, he goes for a clothesline, but Doc ducks, chopping the knee. When Erbus goes to one knee, he elbows him in the back of the head.

I'll tell you what, Doc's style isn't pretty but boy is it brutal!

Doc turns towards Erbus, who is using the ropes to lift himself up. He kicks Erbus in the back of the head. The head/neck and upper torso of Erbus is between the bottom and middle rope. Doc slides out of the ring and upper cuts Erbus. Spit flies.

Pulling him out of the ring, he stands him up. Slapping him in the face, Doc goes to whip him into the steps but Erbus holds. Doc goes to whip him again, but Erbus blocks it. He reverses position and lifts Doc up, dropping him back first into the apron before tossing him head first into the ring post.

Desperation move there by Erbus. He just bought himself some time!

Doc excels outside the ring. He loves violence. Erbus is in unfamiliar territory right now!

Erbus picks up Doc, slamming his head once off the barricade before whipping him into the steps. Doc, however, catches himself before he hits them. Erbus flies towards him but Doc ducks, executing a drop toe hold and slamming Azrael's face off the steps. He steps back, holding his face, as Doc DDT's him onto the mat on the outside.

I didn't get a chance to really see it there, but I think Erbus is leaking! I think I saw blood!


Doc goes for the cover on the outside, but Erbus gets a shoulder up before the ref even gets out there for the count. Doc picks Erbus up and lifts him high, dropping him tailbone first onto the apron. Erbus winces, holding his lower back as he begins to walk up the ramp. Doc is in pursuit. He fires a few shots off, but they don't take Az down. They get up near the entrance and Erbus snaps to life, ducking under a punch and grabbing Doc around the head and shoulders, tossing him head first into the entrance way scaffolding. There are a few sparks as the lights in the display flicker. The crowd reacts with a "OOOOOH".

Doc isn't out though, and is crawling on the steel. Erbus runs up and kicks him in the side. He yells something at the crowd before picking Doc up again. He looks like he is about to toss the Doctor off the stage, when the saavy vet gets a thumb to the eye and shoves Erbus back.

Doc then knees Erbus in the gut and lifts him up into a fallaway slam on the steel! It echos throughout the arena and both men are down for a bit. Doc rolls over into a crawl. Erbus does as well. Doc begins to crawl towards the ring. Erbus gets to his feet, though wobbly. He wobbles after Doc. Doc gets to his feet and Erbus grabs him, throwing him head first under the ropes and into the ring. Doc rolls out the other side. Erbus is in the ring. Then he rolls out. The time it took to get over there Doc recovers and uppercuts Erbus as soon as he exits the ring. Grabbing the ring bell hammer, he puts it right between Azrael's eyes.

If he wasn't bleeding before, he sure as hell is now!

Doc's brutality has no end!

He fires a few shots onto the body of Erbus, and then takes the top covering off the announce table.

Erbus is using the apron to get to his feet, refusing to quit.

Doc rips all the monitors out and grabs Erbus. He goes for a suplex back into the table but Azrael reverses. He shoves Doc towards the table and the Doctor puts his arms down to catch himself. He is trying to bounce Docs head off the table, but the Doctor isn't budging. He throws him back into apron, back first. Grabbing the chair out from under Tigs, he folds it and goes to take Doc's head off! Doc moves and the chair bends around the ring post with a sickening thud. Doc lifts Erbus and hits a spinebuster through the announce table!

It crashes to the floor as Doc falls on top.





Neither one of these two showing any quit! Both are in bad shape here!

Every match should be like this! This is what sells tickets!

Doc stumbles over to the ring and goes under it. He pulls out a baseball bat.

Big Papi is back! He's about to knock Erbus out of the park here!

Erbus is still down however and Doc knows he needs to stay on the offense. He raises the bat over his head but Erbus kicks the knee, causing Doc to drop the bat. Erbus kicks the leg again and Doc drops to one knee. Grabbing a headset from off the ground, he smacks Doc in the face, buying some time. Erbus crawls out of the wreckage, Doc is woozy but goes after Erbus. He ducks a punch and grabs Doc by the throat.


Doc holds his back, wincing.

There is gonna be nothing left of these two by the time this match is over!

Picking Doc up, both men wobbly, he stands up on the steps.

Darkest Light ONTO THE STEPS!

My god............

Erbus falls into the cover.




The crowd roars.

Erbus slaps the mat, wondering what it is going to take to put the Doctor away.

Erbus sees the bat and stumbles over to grab it. He wobbles back towards the Doctor after grabbing it. Doc is down.

He swings the bat, Doc ducks, elbowing the knee. Az drops the bat. Doc grabs it and quickly locks in the 302!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kata-ha-jime!

The bat is against Az's throat. He begins to spit blood as Doc pulls back hard! Az is out!

The ref calls for the bell!

This one is mercifully over!

And your winner, by referee's decision, Doctor D'Ville

Winner: Doctor Louis D'Ville

(Scully and Finn Kuhn)
- vs -
Dem Niggaz
(Samuel Madison w/ Surpise Nigga)
Winners receive a Tag Team Title opportunity on the next Warfare!

Okay fans, this next match will determine the new number one contenders to the XWF Tag Team Championships held by Chris Chaos and Peter Gilmour!

I gotta tell ya, PIp, it don't matter who walks out of Warfare with this win... Pete has had the straps before, he knows what he's doing and will defend them against anyone!

Mr. Gilmour is fresh off of a victory tonight against Bearded War Pig in a Razor-Wire Death Match! Victory or not, we'll see what kind of condition Peter is in the next time we see him.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is to determine the number one contenders to the XWF Tag Team Championship!

Suddenly the arena lights go red and "Angels Fall" by Breaking Benjamin blares out of the P.A System and Scully walks out from the back and stands at the top of the ramp. He looks behind him as his music cuts off and his partner's begins.

Finn Kuhn steps out from the back and stands next to his partner, Scully.

Introducing first! The Team of Paragon.... Scully and Finn Kuhn!!

Together, Paragon walks down to the ring to await their oppposition.

Now, here's an interesting situation. Paragon was originally scheduled to face Dem Niggas, well, sort of.

One HALF of Dem Niggas, Pip. Louis Maxwell is off to bigger and brighter things these days!

And apparently Sam Madison was Micheal Graves all along.

What can I say? If you weren't aware of it, Graves and Cadryn are a little off in their heads. I mean, it's common knowledge.

Cadryn makes his way out from backstage and right behind him comes Michael Graves.

And their opponents.... "The Dark Warrior" Micheal Graves and "The Essence of Excellence" Cadryn Tiberius!

The two men waste no time and head straight for the ring. They slide under the bottom rope and in as Scully and Finn give them room by exiting on the opposite side. Graves and Tiberius take a few paces around the ring before taking their corner. The official, Mika Hunt, rallies Scully and Finn back into the ring and the match is about to begin.

It appears Scully and Micheal Graves will be starting this match for their teams.

The bell rings and the two meet in the center of the ring.

Eh, go figure, Scully's talking shit.

I believe he has a right!

Puh-lease. You win the Uni once in your life and you think you can talk shit to anybody!

Scully and Graves tie-up and the Scull-Meister immediately pulls Graves into a headlock. With a smirk, he grinds Graves's head, but the Dark Warrior fights back and pushes Scully into the ropes and throws him off of him. Scully bounces off and is sent to the other side. He ducks a clothesline from Graves! Scully stops and pops Graves on the chin with a quick super kick! Graves falls to his back and Scully struts around the ring before grabbing Graves by the head and picking him back up to his feet.

Graves fights back immediately with punches to the gut. Scully absorbs the blows and buries a knee in Graves's midsection. He tucks Graves's head and hits a DDT! Scully, again, cockily jumps back to his feet and reaches for his corner. Finn accepts the tag and enters the ring.

Scully drops a quick elbow on the chest of a down Micheal Graves before being ushered out of the ring by the official. FInn goes right after Graves and pulls him to his feet. He wastes no time and props Graves up to knock him back down again with a dropkick! The impact sends him through the ropes and to the outside!

The Dark Warrior is having a tough time getting things going here. This team of Scully and Finn Kuhn have managed to keep the upper-hand in the early-goings of this match-up.

Finn tries exiting the ring, but he is still being scolded by Mika for kicking Graves out of the ring. Scully drops down off the apron and begins laying a few boots to him while the official is distracted. Cadryn sees this going on, and enters the ring to either try and stop it or get Mika to see what's happening. Instead, Mika goes around Finn and forces Cadryn back into his corner and out. Scully picks up Graves after a few more kicks and tosses him back into the ring to his partner.

Look at the team work by Paragon, Pip. I hope Peter's watching this.

I'm sure both Tag Team Champions are tuned into this match, Luca. In one week, they will be defending their titles against the winners here tonight!

Yeah, I think I made it clear already that I am super-stoked for that.

I remember.

Finn grabs Graves and lifts him up. Graves staggers a bit as he's lifted, Finn spins him around and throws him across the ring with a release German suplex! Graves buckles backwards and rolls across the ring! Finn follows quickly behind him and goes for a quick cover! The official slides into place!



Graves kicks out!

Finn pulls Graves up by the hair and drags him across the ring towards his corner. Graves reaches and grabs after Finn's feet, but can't stop him. Finn reaches for a tag and Scully hops over the top rope and together they lift Graves up and hit a double vertical suplex! Finn exits the ring, Cadryn continues to rally in the corner in an attempt to motivate his partner. Scully has Graves and throws him into the corner beside his own. He lands one kick after another into Graves's gut and Irish whips Graves out and to the opposite turnbuckle. Graves slams into it with his back! Scully rushes the corner looking for a splash, but Graves rolls out of the way just in time! Scully nearly falls out of the ring from overshooting the corner, but catches himself. Graves follows up quickly, he lifts Scully up from the back and drops him on his back with a belly-to-back suplex! Scully holds the back of his head in pain and tries rolling away towards his corner. Graves, with the little energy he has, begins to crawl towards his own corner, reaching for his partner for a tag. Cadryn stretches out from the corner, reaching for the tag.

Both men are down! Who will be the first to make it to their corner? The Dark Warrior is in very much need of a tag here, fans!

Right? Paragon's had this match in the bag so far.

Graves gets closer and closer, but not before Finn manages to reach Scully from the apron and get the tag! Finn climbs in the ring just as Graves takes a leap and smacks Cadryn's hand FINALLY for the tag! Cadryn hopes over the top rope and catches Finn in the center of the ring with a punching combination. A couple jabs, an uppercut, followed-up with a hard, straight left! Finn is sent straight to his back after that one! Scully has pulled himself up using the ropes and rushed after Cadryn! Scully flies across the ring and misses a spinning-heel kick! He rolls through to his feet, Cadryn charges him and lands a drop kick straight to his chest! Scully goes down and Cadryn takes a lap around the ring before finding him again and picking him up to his feet!

Cadryn is rallying!

Cadryn snaps Scully down quickly with a swinging neckbreaker and Scully's skull bounces off the mat! Cadryn stretches over and covers Scully!



Kickout Scully!

Look at Gravesin the corner, Pip! He's ready for some more action!

Graves reaches for redemption as Cadryn pulls Scully to his feet! Scully gets pushed to the corner and Cadryn completes the tag to Graves! Cadryn and Graves take turns delivering boots to Scully! Finn nearly trips through the ropes trying to get through, he gets through Mika and attacks Cadryn! Graves continues to pummel Scully.

Finn and Cadryn are fighting on one side of the ring and Graves is kicking Scully on the other. The official goes between both fights trying to gain control, but cannot.

Finally, she gets between Cadryn and Finn, Finn backs away but out of nowhere Graves hopped up on the top rope and hit a missile dropkick!!!! He bounces back into his corner and crawls out onto the apron!

Graves grabs Scully and gut wrenches him up in the air like a powerbomb!

Oh shit! Could this be Grave Consequences?!

Cadryn flies in and catches the powerbomb at the end with a neckbreaker!

Oh no!

Oh shit!

Graves keeps Scully in his grips and folds him up for the pin!!!



Kickout by Scully!!

The official is becoming impatient again with the teams and gets rigtht back in Cadryn's face! Graves picks up Scully and it loos like he's setting him up for Grave Consequences! While Mika is still pushing Cadryn out of th ring, Graves picks up Scully, but Finn runs into the ring and stops the move by kicking Graves in the stomach!

Graves drops Scully to the ground and Finn grabs him and drags him to his own corner! He hops outside the ring and tags himself in! Finn rushes in! He ducks a clothesline from Graves and bounces off the ropes! When he comes back he hits a cross-body splash on Graves! Finn keeps moving and hopes up to the middle rope facing the corner! He goes to jump off but Cadryn grabs him around his legs keeping him there! Finn struggles to get away, but cannot! Graves gets behind Finn and grabs him by his arms!

Ohhhh shit! Graves is about to hit Grave Consequences! This could be it!

Finn looks in trouble here!

Graves throws Finn from his back and he lands hard on the mat!! Scully is up, he rushes the ring, but Cadryn meets him halfway and keeps him back! Graves with the cover!!!!




Micheal Graves and Cadryn Tiberius are going to Warfare next week and fighting Peter Gilmour and Chris Chaos for the XWF Tag Team Titles! What an opportunity these two returning superstars will have!

I told you, Pipper. Peter's ready for anything, fool.

Winners - Micheal Graves and Cadryn Tiberius

Steve Sayors comes on the screen, a mic in his hand.

Sayors: I am here with one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions, Chris Chaos. Chris, you just learned your fate for next week and who you are going to be defending those belts against! Can I get your thoughts?!

Chaos grins, rubbing his goatee.

Chaos: doesn't matter who we face. I mean, sure, it would have been desirable to go against the helmet-wearing bed wetter and Kaiser-for-Halloween, but that isn't the way the cookie crumbled. It crumbled so much better. Dem Niggaz--yeah I said it--with a new look and a special boost. A surprise. I love surprises. Well, now the jig is up, the surprise is over, and I know exactly whose head I have to remove from their body next week. Steve....Gilmour and I are on a roll and we have NO plans on letting these two failed acts at the Apollo disgrace the belts we have worked so hard to win, and to keep.

Sayors: So you aren't intimidated by this new challenge?

Chaos: Steve, you know me. Since when have I ever looked at a challenge and backed down from it? I just hope Peter is on his A-Game, he is gonna need to be. He's a little banged up from earlier, but he got the job done. That is what we do. Until someone dethrones us it is Long........Live.....Empire.

He pats Steve on the shoulder and walks away as the camera cuts back to the arena.


- vs -
Jenny Myst
- vs -
Jessalyn Hart
- vs -
Quadruple Threat!

"Here comes the Rain again", by Skylar Grey hits and the colors of the arena begin to flash quickly and vibrantly, akin to a trance club. Rain walks out through the curtains, the xTron displaying -- '#iAm'


Here we go! The main event!


This match is a Quadruple Threat, set for one fall, and is for the XWF X-Treme Championship! Introducing first, from The Middle of Nowhere..............RAAAINNNNN

Pyro of every color pours down upon the stage, as Rain saunters out.. He wears a t-shirt reading-- '#BELiEVE' on the front // 'or be left behind' on the back. The fans offer up a split reaction, some calling for his head (familiar territory, to say the least). However, some cheer on 'The Storm' as he sprints down the ramp, slides under the bottom and hops on the middle rope, raising the horns. The cheers and jeers of the fans reverberate throughout the building, as Rain prepares for war.

This thing is a real freak. I don't even know what to make of this Looney Toon!

He's, I'm going with he--he's just different! You have to accept that nowadays!

I do not!

I'm different, and you accept me!

No, you're little. That's funny.

She stands to wait for the music to start.ON the second drop Pyro goes off and she screams to the crowd.She walks down to the ring and climbs the ropes and yells your END IS NIGH! while pointing at her opponent.(if she is the second out otherwise the just screams it at the crowd.

Introducing next, she is one of the challengers, from Cincinnati, Ohio.....Jessalyn Hart!

Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, Around the 20 second mark.

Introducing next, from Las Vegas Nevada......she is The Personification of Perfection.........Jenny Myst!

She is usually taunting the fans or pretending to give high fives and the pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll. When she gets to the ring, she looks ready and focused.

[Image: mKgZjpL.gif]

And finally....he is the XWF X-Treme Champion...........Puddles!

Weird dude.

He's a clown, duh!

He rides a tricycle slowly to the ring, his title around his waist.


He doesn't get far as Jenny runs and baseball slides under the ring, kicking Puddles in the face and knocking him off the trike. The belt goes flying as she is now out of the ring.

In the ring, Jessalyn and Rain begin to trade shots.

All hell has broken loose here!

Did you expect any less?!

Jenny takes Puddles by the head and throws him back first into the steel steps on the outside.

Jessalyn has Rain in the corner and is hammering away when Jenny slides into the ring and grabs her by the hair. With a big grin she yells something at her then kicks her in the gut, going for a DDT. Jessalyn, however, is saavy to this and counters, lifting Jenny over her head for a scoop slam. Rain comes flying out of the corner with a clotheslines just as Puddles is using the apron to get to his feet on the outside. Jenny pops up quick but Rain kicks her in the face as it ties up with Jessalyn. Jessalyn, being stronger, gets the upper hand. She picks up rain and tosses it into the corner. Puddles is in the ring now, but Jenny is back up. She clotheslines Puddles, then takes the back of the knee out of Jessalyn.

That's what Jessalyn gets for turning her back to Myst!

Myst has to be the center of attentition at all times!

Jenny stomps a few more times on the leg of Hart, then bounces off the ropes and takes Puddles out with another clothesline.

Rain comes out of the corner and Jenny executes an arm drag, putting her knee in the back of Rain and locking in a sleeper.

Myst is on fire here!

She pulls back on the sleeper but Rain is fighting it.


Jenny very vocal here, can only imagine what shes like in bed.

Whoa! Get your mind out of the gutter Pip! That's disgusting!

Sorry, probably wasn't appropriate for TV

No, its Jenny, thats disgusting!

Jessalyn is back in the ring and knees Jenny in the back of the head, breaking the hold. She whips Jenny around, and plants her in the center of the ring with a DDT.

Jessalyn looks at the downed Myst, then kicks Rain who rolls under the rope and out of the ring. Looking back at Jenny, she has a wicked smile on her face. Jenny is getting to her knees, Jessalyn comes off the ropes.


Myst is down!

Jessalyn hooks the leg.

Hart trying to steal one here!



Myst gets a shoulder up!

Hart wipes her mouth and with a crazed look in her eyes, drops a knee down on the midsection of Myst.

Picking Jenny up by the hair, she yells "NIGH!" at her. Picking her up she goes for the Go To Sleep, a move she calls End Is Nigh! Just as she is getting ready to drop Jenny Rain runs in and hits a standing drop kick. Myst falls on top of Jessalyn, the ref slides down.



Rain pulls Jenny off Hart by the hair and whips her into the corner. Puddles is now in the ring. Hart is using the ropes to get to her knees, Puddles grabs her around the waist as Rain goes to work on Jenny in the corner with a series of chops and punches. Puddles pulls Jessalyn up, and she swings, he ducks, and she goes for a kick. He catches her foot and gives her the finger wave. Jessalyn, however, uses her agility.


Puddles stumbles over the ropes. Jessalyn charges the corner and goes to splash the who in the corner. Rain moves and she splashes Jenny, who stumbles out to the middle. Jessalyn kicks Rain in the face then comes off the ropes then grabs Jenny around the waist....going for a suplex. Jenny wiggles out, and slides behind Jessalyn. She throws Jessalyn behind her, but Hart lands on her feet. Jenny doesn't see this. She smirks and throws her arms up. She turns around to a standing Jessalyn, who kicks her in the face. Jenny stumbles back and Jessalyn clotheslines her over the ropes. Jessalyn throws her arms up in the center of the ring as a frustrated Jenny slaps the barricade on the outside.

Puddles is back in the ring now, as is Rain, and they circles Jessalyn, who gets into a fighting stance.

That is the thing about these four person matches. You focus too much on one, and the hyena's pick their spots! Jessalyn is in murky waters here.

Jessalyn does her best to fight them both off as Jenny goes under the ring. She begins to pull various objects out from under the ring. One of them being her 12/7 briefcase!

Hey! Jenny has Gilly's lunchbox! No wonder he was so hangry earlier!

Jenny tosses a chair into the ring. She slides in, holding the briefcase. Rain and Puddles are double teaming Jessalyn in the corner. Jenny smacks Puddles in the back of the head. He stumbles out to the middle and she cracks him over the head again. Puddles is down. Rain and Jessalyn trade blows in the corner. Jenny takes the briefcase and whacks Rain, then whacks Jessalyn. She drops it in the center of the ring and yells, throwing up her hands. Rain goes down to one knee, reaching for the chair but Jenny kicks it out of the reach of the genderfluid one and brings the briefcase down over the back of the head.

She goes back to the corner and begins to go to work on Jessalyn. Sitting her up on the top rope, Jenny straddles the second rope. She begins to fire punches to Jessalyn but the weary challenger begins to fire some back The ropes begin to wobble as the two battle on the ropes. Jessalyn gets the upper hand and is able to get Jenny in DDT position, using fancy footwork to finangle the ropes.


The crowd begins to go wild but Jenny fires a few body shots to Jessalyn. She slips and breaks the hold. Jenny punches her twice and reverses position.

The two of them are on the top rope here. Dire straights for whoever falls off!

Can I hope both do?! Puddles for the win!

Just then, Jenny reaches into her bra. She pulls out a little cannister.

We've seen this before!

She is getting ready to spray Jessalyn when Rain comes with the chair and cracks Jenny in the back. She falls off the ropes and flat on her back.

My god! That impact! Jenny could have spinal fractures!

Rain bends the chair over Jessalyns head as well. She crumbles on the top rope. Rain puts her on its shoulders, ready to powerbomb her off the top rope!

Puddles runs and grabs both, using a weird feat of clown strength to lift them both!

Jenny is crawling now, holding her back. She grabs the cannister, bringing it in close to her body. Puddles can't hold them both and drops the two, Jessalyn and Rain landing on their feet. They both take an arm and flip Puddles back first into the corner. He lands upside down, in the tree of woe position!

Jenny then explodes, spraying both in the face with the mace. As Jessalyn screams and covers her eyes, Jenny hits her running GOLDDIGGER bulldog on Rain. She clotheslines Jessalyn over the ropes. Then, taking the chair, she looks at it with a grin.

Evil inentions here from Myst!

She is an evil woman. We knew this Pip!

She ran and put the chair in front of her, drop kicking it into his face. He cumbles.

Myst could have just killed Puddles there!

I don't think she cares Pip!

Jenny pulls Puddles out to the center of the ring. She yells at Jessalyn "STAY OUT THERE!"


She looks the leg.




Jenny did it! Jenny Myst survived!


Jenny rolls over, holding her tender back as the crowd has mixed reviews.

Winner and NEW XWF X-Treme Champion, Jenny Myst


Jenny snatches the belt from the ref, and holds it up, wincing.

Jessalyn slides into the ring and Jenny rolls out, pointing and trash talking. She backs up the ramp, holding her back as Chris Chaos and Peter Gilmour come out onto the ramp. Gilmour has bandages on his head and body from his brutal match earlier in the night.

They each have their belts, and are clapping for Jenny. She backs up and stands in the middle of the two. All three hold their titles up.

The landscape of the XWF is changing! EMPIRE is now the top dogs! But that also means they are public enemy number one!

These three are the last three I want to end a show with!

Be that as it may, Jenny Myst survived. We have a new X-Treme Champion! Empire has swept the night! We may have a new super stable here in XWF! Tag Belts defended next week! TV Title on Savage! 24/7 rules on Jenny! My god! What a show! What a month! What a company!

Warfare goes off the air as all three EMPIRE members hold their belts up on the rampway.

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06-20-2018 10:57 PM

Told ya'll, man...

Ain't no stopping me.

Especially ain't no stoppin' me when Gravy on my side.

Ya'll ain't ready.

Gilly, Chaos...

We're comin', boys.

And I blow a load like a shotgun..

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06-21-2018 02:44 AM

Purple= smoke fills the ring as thunder cracks and whips all them lives that matter. Mr. Tidbits sits playing a skeletal piece with BWP's rib cage.

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DOCK (06-21-2018)
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06-21-2018 02:55 AM

OCC - Holy shit! That was fucking amazing! I seriously loved that match <3
Congrats, Doctor. You did an awesome job, truly your work was masterful and it was an honor facing you. Till we meet again. Hopefully sooner rather than later or at the very least, before another four years pass, lol.

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06-21-2018 08:35 AM

(06-20-2018 10:57 PM)The Essence Of Excellence - CT Said:  Told ya'll, man...

Ain't no stopping me.

Especially ain't no stoppin' me when Gravy on my side.

Ya'll ain't ready.

Gilly, Chaos...

We're comin', boys.

And I blow a load like a shotgun..

Get ready to lose

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06-21-2018 08:37 AM

(06-21-2018 02:55 AM)Azrael Erebus Said:  OCC - Holy shit! That was fucking amazing! I seriously loved that match <3
Congrats, Doctor. You did an awesome job, truly your work was masterful and it was an honor facing you. Till we meet again. Hopefully sooner rather than later or at the very least, before another four years pass, lol.

Doc can tell you I was pretty stoked for this combo. Wanted it since 2014! Didn't disappoint.

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The Essence Of Excellence

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(cheered; very rarely plays dirty but isn't lame either; many likable qualities)

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06-21-2018 08:55 AM

Replay:Get ready to lose

Aw, pumpkin..

You're giving me a serious case of Deja Vu here.

I'm fairly certain that's what you said last time I beat the brakes off that ass and took your title.

I'm fairly certain that's what most people say before I beat the brakes off their ass.

At least Chaos actually has a win over me. Albeit, my partner now cost me my victory then, but that's fine.

Get ready baby, nothing gets me harder than a fat Peter.

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The Essence Of Excellence -The Reverend - The Messiah - 1/2 Of Dem' Niggaz - The Reflection Of Pinfection - Jester™

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the man with the SUPER DICK

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06-21-2018 03:19 PM

when me and chris take u and gravy out.. dont cry

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06-26-2018 02:45 PM

Rain: Welp... I held the belt for a week. Totez not what I waz hoping 4, but I'll take it!

Snow: Now yer gonna fight Ghost Tank. Ya need a win. Else ya might get the shaft!!

Rain: And tha't's a bad thing? ...... XD

Snow: Aw, shaddap!! ^__^ You know what "shaft" I mean. Focus on this match, make it a win, and get yer career back on track. I believe in ya, big bro.

Rain: Thank you, Sarah. I've got a PERF idea! You and I, The Perfect Storm, vs the tag champs!

Snow: I like the sound of that!!! Let's track them mudda fukkaz down and see if they got the gutz!


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