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Wednesday Warfare 1/31
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(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty)

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02-01-2018 12:48 PM



- vs -
Bozo the Darkness
Winner receives a full-time XWF Contract... loser is FIRED ON THE SPOT!

- vs -
John Holliday
- vs -
Three-Way Dance! One fall to a finish!

Finn Kuhn
- vs -
Chris Chaos

Peter F'n Gilmour
- vs -
Danny Imperial

Kitt Kennedy
- vs -
Samuel Madison
Tables Match!

Winner must put his opponent THROUGH a ringside table!

Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Jim Caedus


The Engineer
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
X-Treme Rules!

Cold open.

The camera focuses on XWF owner and handsome motherfucker, one "King" Vincent Lane. He sits tapping a pen on a pan that rests in front of him on his large mahogany desk, generally looking nervous and flustered.

"Good evening, XWF fans."

The camera tightens in on Lane's face as he speaks.

"As many of you may have seen a while back on social media, there was a brief exchange between yours truly and XWF legend and former Universal Champion, James Raven."

The scene cuts away to footage of Raven and Lane in the ring together at High Stakes 2016. First showing Raven doing the lion's share of work in the six-man tag against the Kings, then of Lane cockily tagging himself in and promptly eating a pin from Theo Pryce. After wards, there is a screenshot from Twitter.

"Now... I hastily accepted this challenge because underneath this dashing businessman's exterior beats the heart of a competitor. I am damn proud of my career and the way that XWF has grown since I stepped foot through that door in 2014. I'm not one to walk away when someone challenges me to a fight, dude. But..."

Lane absently reaches behind his head and rubs at the nape of his neck.

"I'm retired for a reason. I'm injured. When I lost the Universal Title to... ugh... to Scully in 2016, I suffered a life threatening, career ending injury to my neck. And every time I step inside that ring I'm putting my life on the line. Now... I made a deal with Raven and I'm not saying I'm pulling out, but considering what I'm risking by even considering taking on a match of that caliber in the physical condition that I'm in... I feel that it's fair to expect James to EARN a shot against me first."

Lane smiles.

"So what I'm going to do, dude, is tonight I'm going to announce a preliminary opponent for James Raven. He showed the world on Savage that he can still compete with the top talent that XWF has to offer when he beat the same man that took the prestigious Universal Title from me... but now I need him to prove he can go with the ABSOLUTE BEST. Because... let's face it... if he and I square off at Turning Point, then that's exactly what he'll have to do."

Lane grins even wider, nodding his head with a little flavor of confidence.

"Therefore, in two weeks at the final Warfare before XWF Turning Point, James Raven will face one HELL of an opponent. Stay tuned!"

Lane continues to smile into the camera as the scene fades out and then reopens on the arena floor.

- vs -
Bozo the Darkness
Winner receives a full-time XWF Contract... loser is FIRED ON THE SPOT!

The fireworks soar and the pyros explode as XWF Wednesday Night Warfare is now underway!

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to WEDNESDAY NIGHT WARFARE! I’m Pip Collins and with me, as always, is the one, the only, former XWF superstar, himself, Luca Arzegotti!

Amazing introduction, Pip! Thank-you. Tonight, we begin the XWF Universal Championship Tournament. Four matches to decide four men to meet to decide two men to fight for the Universal Title!

Thanks for breaking it down for us, Luca. Fans, already in the ring we have PsyDruid and Bozo the Darkness battling it out trying to earn themselves an XWF contract! We-----

The crowd cheers and turns their attention to the entrance way as the Wednesday Warfare General Manager has apparently returned! The two men in the ring continue to wrestle, but the fans pay no attention as Jefferson Jackson walks out onto the stage! He’s all smiles as he thanks nearly every single person on his way to the ring for buying a ticket. He makes his way around the ring to the time keeper’s table and requests a microphone.

Okay, boys! Okay! Chill!

JJ gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. The two wrestlers in the ring stop and look down at their boss.

Thans for coming out and all, but we’re on TV-time now, so…. Beat it. I’m not paying you to be out here when the cameras are on.

The crowd boos loudly at JJ’s remarks to the talent in the ring. He being the boss, though, they follow his orders and leave the ring.

Well, I guess this match is over.

Wow, does it feel great to be back!

JJ puffs out his chest and smiles out to the crowd.

It’s been awhile since I’ve smelled the air within an XWF show… Know what I mean? The smell of the mat. The smell of the tension in the air… Oh yeah. I can smell that. The smell of the excitement just exploding out of each and every one of you here tonight!

JJ manages a mixed reaction that time.

The big question is, where the hell have you been JJ? Well, let me tell you, it’s JEFFESON JACKSON that you have to thank to be watching this show here, right now, tonight, where we are. Seriously. I’ve been around the world, people! I’ve been working deals to make XWF not only the place where the action never stops in North America, but all over the world! We’ve dominated the United States! We’ve blasted through Canada! We’ve skated through Mexico, jogged through Eurpope! We’ve been to Asia and Australia!

Now! Here we are in AFRICA BABAY!

Cheap pop.

That’s right…. YOU ARE WELCOME. If it wasn’t for the hard work, the dedication, the diligent effort that I put into this organization….. You’d have NEVER had the please to see Peter Gilmour in person. You’d have never had the chance to smell Barney Green’s breath. You would have never had the chance to witness the action that never stops live in front of your faces. So again….




The ring is showered with boo’s as JJ’s music starts up again and he makes his way from the ring and to the back.

But, of course, there's no need to thank me, after all I am just doing my job!

I know I’m kinda new here, Luca, but I can already tell Mr. Jackson has a knack for making friends.

No, he’s a dick.

- vs -
John Holliday
- vs -
Three-Way Dance! One fall to a finish!

This should be an interesting match here! The XWF Television Champion John Holliday appears on Wednesday Warfare to take on the giant, Drezdin, and Mezian!

Introducing first! From Las Vegas! Drezdin!

And his opponent! From Cincinnati, Ohio! Mezian!

And their opponents! The XWF Television Champion!!! John Holliday!!




Mezian and John Holliday look at each other and look over to Drezdin and start attacking the big man simultaneously. With punches, elbows, forearms, and kicks they work Drezdin down, but he fights back and sends them both in separate directions when he throws his arms out.

Drezdin showing his strength here, folks.

Strength? The guy’s ten feet tall, Pip.

Well, right, he’s pretty strong then, right?

Probably. I just hate when we unnecessarily state the obvious, I guess.

I see.

Drezdin stood his ground, but that didn’t stop Mezian and Holliday from trying again. They both attack Drezdin at the same time again, but Drezdin manages to fight them both off with a couple overhead fists to plant them back into the mat.

Drezdin goes after Mezian. He pulls him to his feet and pushes him into the corner. He reaches back and viciously slaps the chest of Mezian.



THREE slaps, and with each impact Mezian’s legs fly into the air. Holliday rushes across the ring and clips behind the knee on Drezdin and brings the big man down to a knee. Holliday grabs Drezdin from that position and DDTs him to the mat! Holliday goes for a quick pin, but before the official can count Mezian breaks it up.

Mezian beats on John Holliday a bit, but keeps a close eye on Drezdin who is gathering his bearings in an opposite corner. As Drezdin reaches his feet, Mezian lays one more boot into Holliday before rushing across the ring and hitting Drezdin with a running dropkick! Drezdin bounces off the turnbuckle and stumbles into the middle of the ring where Holliday has quickly recovered and reached his feet. He delivers his own dropkick to Drezdin! Drezdin bounces back towards the corner where Mezian is…. Mezian climbs to the middle turnbuckle and jumps off hitting an axehandle in Drezdin’s face! Drezdin staggers again!

The big man won’t go down!

Mezian and the Television Champion, John Holliday, have momentarily joined forces to take Drezdin out of this match-up!

Both of them have to watch though! It’s one fall, Pip!

As Drezdin bounces off the axehandle, he falls into Holliday’s arms who sets him up for a vertical suplex! Mezian joins him on the other side and they both lift Drezin into the air!

Drezdin fights back, however! He pulls his weight and lands back to his feet and lifts both Mezian and John Holliday in a double vertical suplex! All three men crash to their backs!

Big move by big Drezdin, Luca!

It’s obvious that Mezian and Holliday are looking to take the big guy out of the match and focus on each other, but Drezdin is NOT going to make it easy.

Drezdin slowly crawls to his hands and knees and to the corner while Holliday and Mezian do the same. Holliday reaches his feet first and attacks Mezian in the corner.

Change of plan, I guess?

Like you said, Luca, it’s one fall. Every man has to be accounted for here.

Holliday lays it down in the corner with a fury of fists on Mezian. Drezdin is to his feet now and lunges across the ring to the opposite corner! Holliday moves out of the way and Mezian gets squashed by the freight train that was Drezdin!

Mezian melts out of the corner and to the mat then slowly rolls out of the ring. Drezdin eyes up the Television Champion, John Holliday, then. He marches over to John Holliday who comes straight at him! Holliday tries to brawl Drezdin back, but the force of Drezdin is still too much and with a quick shove and boot to the face Holliday is on his back. Drezdin holds his arms in the air for an amazing ovation from the African crowd.

The power of Drezdin just appears to be too much for Mezian and John Holliday, Luca.

These guys just need to focus harder, Pip. Drezdin is definitely beatable; I’ve seen it done!

Mezian has crawled back in the ring now and attacks Drezdin from behind! Drezdin takes the blows then turns around and gives Mezian a couple hits of his own! Mezian staggers back, but then Holliday gets to his feet and comes back into the mix! He hammers Drezdin with fists and Mezian attacks his front! They pull the big man back and sling him with an Irish whip across the ring. Drezdin hits the ropes and immediately gets clotheslined over the top rope to the outside by both Mezian and John Holliday!

You know, you wouldn’t think the big guy would come into a match with the disadvantage, Pip.

What are you trying to say, Luca?

I’m saying that Mezian and John Holliday have been in cahoots the entire time trying to get Drezdin out of this match.

Are you saying that if Drezdin was smaller that he wouldn’t be taken as seriously?

Man, don’t start that “Munchkin No-Limit” bullshit, Pips.

Mezian and Holliday rest for a moment before splitting the ring in half and focusing on each other. Drezdin is out cold on the outside and Holliday and Mezian seem to have gotten what they’ve wanted.

The two meet in the center of the ring and exchange blows! Holliday Irish whips Mezian across the ring and meets him back in the center with a knee to the face! He covers Mezian!



Mezian kicks out!

Now that these two have managed to get the over seven foot Drezdin out of the match for a bit, these two can battle it out!

Drezdin won’t be down for long though, Pip! I respect the strategy, but that’s going to be a mean giant when he wakes up!

Holliday drags Mezian to his feet, but Mezian kicks Holliday and throws him over his shoulder with a fisherman suplex! Drezdin begins stirring on the outside and working his way back in the ring. Mezian slowly crawls over to Holliday, but the Television Champion is already grabbing the ropes and pulling himself back to his feet. Drezdin has lifted himself up on the apron and steps over the top rope into the ring. Mezian rushes across the ring to meet him and lands an attack, but Drezdin fights him off and grabs him by the throat! He lifts Mezian up in the air and over the top rope! He turns to face John Holliday, but Holliday was waiting for him too and hits the CATCLYSMIC KICK!!!!!! Drezdin is down!!!




Winner – John Holliday

The Office of XWF Owner - Vincent Lane

The scene cuts to Vincent Lanes office. Lane is seen sitting behind a desk on the phone looking visibly frustrated.

”What do you mean you can't find him!?!”

Vinnie messages his forehead with his thumb and index finger as the voice on the other end of the line responds.

”I don't care if he's missing! He's still an employee of the XWF, and if I want Doc to face Raven next week, then you'd better damn we'll find him and get him here!”

Vinnie slams the receiver down and lets out a deep breathes sigh. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, but before Vincent can respond Micheal Graves let's himself in.

”What do YOU want?”

Graves stands in the doorway, seemly afraid to fully enter the office of the visibly irritated Vincent Lane.

”Well, um… boss, I was hoping to talk to you about getting a match next week.

”A match? I thought you were on another hiatus. You do realize that the pay per view isn't until March, right?”

”I don't only work pay per views…”

Vince raises his eyebrows, and smirks.

”Are you kidding me? When's the last time you worked a Warfare match?”

Graves hesitates as his eyes shift around the room. He realizes that Vinnie has a point.

”Listen dude, I've got a lot of crap on my plate right now. So if you want a match next week just do like everyone else and let the agents know.”

”Well that's the thing, I don't just want any old match.”

Vincent rolls his eyes.

”Of course you don't…”

”Earlier tonight you said that if Raven wanted a match with you at the pay per view…”

”That he'd have to defeat an opponent of my choosing at next week's Warfare, yeah dude, I remember. So what, you want to be that opponent?”

Graves takes a step into the office, standing straight and looking determined.

”Yes, I do!”

Vinnie shakes his head in disbelief.

”Micheal, with all due respect, why would I pick you over someone like Doc or Caedus? When is the last time you even won a match worth mentioning? I want Raven to actually be challenged. I want him to be forced to earn a shot at me. If I wanted to just hand him a free pass to a Vinnie Lane bout, I’d book him against you, because frankly dude, and I know this is going to be hard to hear, but you aren't anywhere near Ravens league.”

Some of the confidence is Graves stance is lost as his hunches over slightly. Momentarily defeated by Lane’s assessment of his talents, Graves takes a moment to muster a response.

”Listen man, I know that I've failed to turn heads here in the XWF this time around. One crazy gimmick to the next, and I'm just barely able to keep my career afloat. I've tried everything to get ahead in this company. Everything to keep some semblance of relevance, but the fact is, I know that I'm never going to get anywhere near the top of the card again. I'm outclassed just about every time that I step into the ring. Maybe it's because I'm older and just can't go like I used to. Maybe I've lost my drive to compete and just don't have the desire to do what it takes to be a winner… Hell, maybe I was never that good to begin with…”

Graves pauses as he briefly contemplates his next words.

”Whatever the case maybe, I know my lot in life now. I know that there is no point in reaching for the stars when your feet are cemented to the earth, but this isn't about furthering my career or working my way towards the Universal title. This is about something much deeper.”


“Raven us one of the few men remaining from my era, and obviously the most successful. He's also a guy that despite revolving around each other for so long, I've never faced. I can't promise you that I can beat him, but I can promise that I'll give it everything that I've got and then some! I may not be as good as I once was in that ring anymore, but if you give me this opportunity, I'll be for one night, better than I ever was!”

There is an awkward silence as Vinnie stares through Graves contemplating his words. Finally the silence is broken by Lane when he asks;

”Did you just paraphrase a Toby Keith song?”

Graves seems at first shocked, then ashamed by the accusation.

”I didn't think that you listened to country…”

”Listen dude, I'll consider it, alright? That's the best I can offer you right now.”

”Hey I get it, you want to keep the announcement a surprise. Listen, you won't regret it, I promise!”

”I said I'd consider it, anyway, I need to make a call, so if you don't mind…”

”Oh yeah, sure! Not a problem!”

Graves nervously grabs the door and pulls it too as he steps out.

Finn Kuhn
- vs -
Chris Chaos

Here we go! This one is as personal as they come! These two don't like each other in the least!

Real World vs. Road Rules!

Tig O' Bitties: This is the first match in the Universal Title Tournament Quarterfinals and is set for one fall. Introducing first, from New York City by way of Germany, the Kaiser, Finn Kuhn!

As the heavy riffs of No Resolve echo their way through the arena, the fans begin to litter the stage and arena with boos as they know who's coming out. As the main riff starts to play, Finn Kühn makes his way out from the back in a long, black jacket, and his head bowed and in a hood, walking slowly towards the ring, allowing all the noise from the fans to go in one ear, and out the other.

As the lyrics began playing, Finn removes his hood, looking ready, determined, and walks to the ring with purpose. Once in the ring, he poses on the turnbuckles as fans continue to boo the Kaiser. After a few seconds, he hops down, and waits for the match to begin.

I think Finn has a legit shot here. He is a confident kid.

I think you're on some sort of drug, and I am telling Taylor.

The lights go low and smoke billows at the entrance.

[pink[And his opponent, from Clearwater Beach, Florida, being accompanied by the XWF Bombshell Champion, Jenny Myst.........Chris Chaooossss! [/pink]

The words "FOLLOW ME" show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd. Jenny walks out of the smoke behind him, her belt around her waist. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up. She walks around to the outside, laying her belt on the announce table as she leans on the apron.

Chris and Finn stare at each other with venom as the bell rings. They are literally staring holes in each other. Jenny is on the outside flipping her hair and talking trash to a fan in the front row.

You can feel the tension here! You can cut it with a knife! Myst and Chaos have been screwing Finn over for the better part of 3 months, for no apparent reason! These two want to rip each other apart!

Jenny and Chris both explained why they did it, it was strictly business and a test for Finn! Get with the program!


Finn took their side on Savage! Why do you think he did that?!

It was a moral character thing, not a personal endearment move! Finn did the right thing, that is all!

Well now he is going to have to do the fight thing!

Chris charges but Finn is ready, and he braces. Chaos backs him into the corner, rights, lefts, rights, but Finn battles back. Finn chops his way out of the corner and reverses, putting Chaos back into it. More chops but Chaos fights out of it. Finn gets the upper hand and sits Chaos on the second rope, and sets him up for a suplex but Chris challenges it with body shots. He is able to get Finn to back down, and his feet back on the ground.

Going to whip Chaos into the corner, the veteran reverses and whips Finn into the corner. He runs for a splash but Finn gets a foot up to block it. Chaos stumbles back into the center of the ring, and Finn explodes out for a clothesline, but Chaos ducks it and flips Finn over his back, but Finn lands on his back and as Chris turns Finn hits him with a standing drop kick. Chaos backpeddles into the corner.

Finn is hanging with the hall of famer here!

Damnit, my netflix trial has expired!

Jenny is focused now, slapping the matt. Finn goes for a boot but Chaos catches his foot. He shakes his head at Finn, who goes for the enziguri, but Chaos ducks and shoves Finn down. Jenny is clapping on the outside as Chris gives Finn the "come on" hand signs.

Finn gets up and goes at Chaos, who ducks a clothesline and flips Finn over his shoulder. Finn again lands on his feet, but this time comes up empty on the standing drop kick--instead Chris lays him out with a clothesline.

Fast learner! Chaos knew what was coming there!

He picked Finn up by the head and went for a DDT, Jenny is yelling to do it. He jumps and lays out Finn with a flatliner DDT!

Hooks the leg.



Finn kicks out.

Chris grins. Jenny slaps the apron.

Chris picks Finn back up Finn is still swinging. He throws Finn towards the ropes and the saavy rookie catches himself on the ropes, propelling over it and onto the apron. Chris goes for a spear, but Finn moves and Chris gets hung up on the ropes. Bringing an elbow down on the back on the head Finn climbs the top rope.

What does he have in mind here?!

Off with his head!

My god.

Finn jumps, bringing a leg across the upper back and shoulders, flipping Chris to the outside mat below. Finn is now grinning, and wincing, and jumps down to follow Chris. He grabs Chris by the hair and runs him head first into the steel steps. Chris bounces off and goes flying. Finn is firmly in control now.

He picks Chaos up and throws him into the ring post. He bounces off. The ref is mid way through his count. Jenny comes over and steps up to Finn, threatening to slap him. He yells at her to do it! She is red faced. The ref is at 8. He rolls back into the ring, and she rolls Chris into the ring.

Its not smart to anger the Queen!

Shut up.

Finn is stomping on Chris who is using the ropes to pull himself up. Finn is hammering down on Chris, who gets to his feet, and Finn whips him into the ropes, he goes for a big boot but Chaos dives at the knee that is connected to the grounded leg. Finn crumbles, holding his leg.

Man, Chaos with a modified spear to the leg of Finn. The Kaiser is in some pain here!

Survival of the fittest! I love Jenny's outfit, by the way!

Chaos sees this, and immediately grabs the leg of Finn, locking in a figure 4 type of lock. He pulls, applying pressure. Finn yells out, reaching for the ropes. Chris tightens the pressure. The crowd is locked in, waiting to see if Finn is going to tap. He reaches his hand out, and grimaces as he is close to bringing it down.

Just then he rolls and reverses, putting the converse pressure on the legs of Chaos. Chris now grimaces and arches up.

Desperation move there from Finn!

Sloppy execution by Chaos! Should have been a tap out and in the locker room already.

Chris, however, is able to get to the ropes. Finn is forced to break to hold, but gets to his feet gingerly. He is using the ropes for balance as well. Both men get up and just as they do, Jenny gets up on the apron.

Ugh. Not this again!

The ref goes to turn around to tell her to get off and Chaos explodes out of the corner with a spear!


Kuhn does a full 180 flip in the air. Crash landing.

Jenny smiles and jumps down.

The ref turns and Chaos has the leg hooked.




I don't believe it! That move has put a lot bigger men out! Finn is showing amazing resilience here! The heart if a champion!

Everyone gets lucky once and a while!

Chris is frustrated now, and picks up Finn. A few shots to the face and he gets him in position for another big DDT. Just as he goes to execute it, Finn shoves him off. Chaos goes chest first into the ropes, he catches himself on the ropes. When he turns around Finn comes out of nowhere with a clothesline over the ropes! Chaos tumbles to the mat below, near the rampway. He then goes to one knee, wincing.

Finn, however, gets a second win. Jenny is checking on Chris on the outside and Finn uses the ropes to propel himself over the top and onto both of them.

Finn yells out and pumps a fist. He picks up Chris by the hair but the veteran pokes the eye and slams Finns head off the apron below rolling into the ring. Finn catches his bearings and rolls into the ring. Chris goes for a spear again but Finn kicks him in the face. Chaos stands up and Finn comes off the ropes and Chris kicks his leg again. Finn goes back down.

What an intense, physical contest we have here! Neither one can get the upper hand!

Finn is having a career match. He can't keep this up.

Chaos picks up Finn, but Finn knees him in the gut, then elbows him in the back of the head, then knees him in the face. Finn grabs Chris by the shoulders and hits a bridge suplex.



Chris kicks out.

Universal Title shot potentially on the line here, and these two are putting on a hell of a match!

Finn is limping noticeably now. Chris is on his knees. Finn grabs Chris by the hair and Chaos punches the side of that knee and Finn goes down again. Chaos quickly gets up, bouncing off the ropes and landing a leg drop on that injured leg.

Chris is over it, and goes to the corner, kneeling down. He runs his hands through his hair with a crazed look. He is going to put Finn away with another big spear.

Even if Finn survives this match, how will that leg be for next week?!

He won't survive, Chaos is delivering the death blow right here!

As soon as Finn is up Chaos charges for a spear but Finn catches Chaos..............................REVERSES THE SPEAR INTO A ROLL UP!






Chaos kicks out but a second too late.

My god! Finn did it! Finn Kuhn upset Chris Chaos!

Jenny has her hands on her head in shock! Chaos puts his hands on his! He can't believe it!

Here is your winner, and advancing in the Universal Title tournament, Finn Kuhn!

Winner and advancing in the XWF Universal Title Tournament - Finn Kuhn

I don't believe it! Finn Kuhn just pulled one over on Chris Chaos!

He had the tights! That is cheating!

Either way! Finn is moving on and Chris Chaos will have to wait a little while longer to have a shot at the belt he wants back so bad!

Chris has his hands on his hips as Tigs raises Finn's hand. After she lets go Chris walks over to him. He extends a hand to Finn.

What is this?! A show of class from Chaos?!

I never thought I'd see the day!

Finn looks at Chaos and then turns away, rolling out of the ring.

OOOHHH from the crowd.

As Warfare cuts to commercial, Chaos is grinning a big grin. Jenny is pointing while bending over the ropes and yelling at Finn about getting lucky.

Chaos is smiling! Why the hell?!

There is a lot more to this, I guarantee you!

Peter F'n Gilmour
- vs -
Danny Imperial

Here we go! Another Universal Title semi-finals qualifying match!

Oh boy!

Tig O Bitties: This match is set for one fall and is part of the Universal Championship Tournament! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, Peter Gilmour!

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria as they wait his next victim.

Tig O' Bitties: And his opponent, from New York City, Danny Imperial!

"Hail To The King" Blares through the speakers as laser multi-colored lights move haphazardly through the stadium. As the heavy guitar drops, two opposite flares shoot out from the base of the entrance. A crazed, grinning Danny Imperial walks out from behind the curtain. He runs a hand across his face, pulling back his hair.

He strolls down the ramp towards the ring, smugly glancing from side to side, giving Betsys in the crowd a wink as he passes them. He slides smoothly into the ring, crawling up to the announce, Tig O' Bitties. Climbing up one of the turnbuckles. He sticks both hands into the air and licks his lips in anticipation.

He leaps off the turnbuckle, walking to the center of the ring as a blue light shines on him. He simulates a crown on his head, lifting the imaginary crown and placing it at the center of the ring.




The bell rings as Gilly throws up a big middle finger to Imperial. Danny doesn't seem thrilled, and begins to circle. Gilly throws his fists up, ready for an intense fight. Imperial lunges a few times, backing Gilly off, but appears to be bluffing as he pulls back every time.

These two are like prize fighters, trying to read each other early on!

Which one is the prize?

Finally the two lock up. Gilly shoves Danny off him, and goes for a clothesline, but Imperial ducks, grabbing Gilly around the waist and throwing him back for a belly-to-back. Gilmour sits up, looking at Imperial who has a devilish look in his eye. Gilmour gets back up and they lock up again. This time Danny ushes the momentum to push Gilly back into the corner.




He whips Gilly into the other corner and runs for a splash, but Gilly moves at the last second, but Imperial notices and stops short, delivering a helluva back kick and connecting with Gilly's chin.

My god what a kick! Imperial is locked in right now!

He is facing Gilmour, lets be serious here.

Imperial goes for the cover but Gilly rolls away from it before the leg can be hooked. Danny stomps on him once then picks him up by the head. Gilly, in an act of desperation, hits a brainbuster to the knee to knock Danny back and buy himself some time. Imperial wastes no time, however, and goes back after Gilly with rights and lefts. Gilly gets a few shots in of his own as he gets to his feet. The two slug it out in the center of the ring before Imperial ducks a shot, grabs Gilly and lifts him to go for a slam but Gilmour slides behind over the shoulder, clubs Imperial in the back of the head and when he turns around drops to a knee for the uppercut. Imperial stumbles back and Gilly kicks him in the gut.


Gilly hooks the leg.



Imperial kicks out at 2.

Gonna take a lot more than that to keep Imperial down!

Gilmour grabs him by the head and goes to pick him up but Imperial is unloading body shots, not making it easy. Gilly backs him into the corner, sitting Imperial on the second rope. They are still swinging on each other as Gilly begins to climb to the top.

Uh oh! That is two big men up there! This could be bad!

Can it be over already?

Gilly locks the arms. He is going to go for a suplex. He punches Imperial twice more and goes for the back body drop off the top----




He has the hips still locked.

Shoulders are down.




But instead of showing frustration, Imperial smiles, licking his lips.

What a vicious match this is, and Imperial seems to be enjoying himself!

It's always fun to beat on Gilly.

Imperial picks up Gilly by the head and sits him up in a sitting position before kicking him in the face with a giant thud and an OOOHHH from the crowd.

Imperial smiles again, and begins talking to himself.

This guy is a lunatic.

He's entertaining! Get with the times!

He lifts Gilmour, who is basically out, back into the sitting position. Danny throws an arm up, signaling the killing blow on its way, but when he goes for another big kick Gilmour falls back. Imperial grins. He picks up Gilly's foot and speads his legs, stomping down on his lower stomach. He then takes Gill's leg and slams it down on the mat.

Trying to take the big man's center of gravity away, smart strategy.

Gilmour and gravity know each other quite well.

Gilmour is reaching for the ropes, trying to pull himself up. Imperial stomps on the back of his leg again, casuing him to grimace. Danny seems to be toying with Gilmour now. He stomps on the other leg. But just then, he begins talking to himself again and punching himself in the face. He turns away from Gilly, and when he seems to refocus he turns back and Gilmour goes for the Gilmour cutter!!!!!!!!!!

But Imperial shoves him off and bounces him off the ropes! LOU THEZ PRESS! Imperial is raining shots down and Gilly is returning the fire when suddenly the lights go off.

What the hell?!

FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES comes up on the X-Tron.


Just then the music of Weird Al could be heard.


HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!

P.T. Fatback Filmour steps out from behind the curtain wearing a 6x Five Guys Tee Shirt with BBQ sauce stains on it.

Fatback marches down the ramp, almost as if in slow motion, stopping to take a breather about halfway down. Gilmour looks up from pummeling Gilly and sees this. He gets off Gilmour, and stands up. When Fatback finally makes it up the steps and onto the apron, the ref is now yelling at the big man to get down.

What Imperial doesn't see is Gilly crawling up behind him.


He got all up in there!

He should be disqualified! That was a cheap shot!

The ref didn't see it!

Gilmour gets up as Danny holds his junk, stumbling backwards.









Wait a minute!!

The referee starts waving it off as Imperial managed to stretch his leg out and cross the bottom rope!

Imperial had his foot on the rope!

Gilly is fuckin' livid, man.

Luca didn't lie. Gilly was up in the referees face like you wouldn't believe. The ref didn't back down as he was just following the rules. Imperial begins to stir behind Gilly and manages to find the energy to get to his feet. Gilly notices him and tries swinging in for another GIlly Cutter.... But Imperial catches him! He flips Gilly around and lands Imperial Insanity!!!!!

Woah!! Out of nowhere!!!

He pins Peter!!!




Winner and advancing in the XWF Universal Title Tournament - Danny Imperial


The camera cuts backstage where we find Dem Niggaz chillin’ in the locker room. Sammy looks a little nervous as he reaches over and pokes Louis on the shoulder. Louis jumps with a combination of shock and annoyance.

”Nigga! What I been done told yo ass bout touchin’ me?”

Sammy seems to be in a devilish mood tonight. Just because it annoys Louis, Sammy reaches over and pokes him again.

”Man I ain't even playin’! Yo ass best not touch me again, you know I ain't down with that shit!”

Sammy puffs out a sigh as he crosses his arms and pouts.

”This is fucking bullshit! First you refuse to tell me whatever Huey's big plan is, an’ now you're acting extra as fuck just cause I touched you!”

”First of all nigga, I ain't even know the plan. Huey just say he got it covered and for you not to worry. Secondly, don't touch my ass and I won't be acting any kinda way!”

”I just don't understand why he can't share the plan with us.”

”Listen fool, that nigga popped a cap in Hubert's ass without even blinking! If you wanna get up in his grill over some bullshit, that's on you. My ass? I'm just going wit the flow nigga!”

”Maaaan… I don't like this at all…”

”Nigga you just scared you gonna get yo dumpy ass kicked out there. Don't worry bout it, we got you cuz!”

”Alright Louis… I don't know if I trust Huey, but so long as you promise you got my back, I'll chill…”[doc]

”Yeah nigga, don't worry bout shit. You good!”

[Doc]”Alright… I think I'm going to head to catering. You want anything?”

”Nigga, we just ate before we got here!”


Sammy storms out of the room in a huff. No sooner than he leaves Louis yells back.


”Samuel Madison doesn't seem ready for tonight's matchup at all.”

”Yeah, it's okay though. Huey D. Louie has a secret weapon!”

”And it's such a secret that neither of Dem Niggaz have been let in on it.”

Kitt Kennedy
- vs -
Samuel Madison
Tables Match!

Winner must put his opponent THROUGH a ringside table!

”The following contest is a tables match! The first person to put their opponent through a table will be declared the winner! Introducing first, from Bedside Brooklyn, one half of Dem Niggaz, SAAAAAAAMUEL MAAAAAAAAADISON!!!

Sammy emerges from the back lacking anything resembling confidence. Sammy walks down the ramp slowly in an almost fetal like position complete with a nervous tremble. As Sammy reaches the bottom.of the ramp, the fans decide not to boo, but instead point and laugh at his misfortune, knowing that the little miscreant is about to get what he deserves. Sammy rolls into the ring and immediately drops to his knees in the corner as he begins praying.

”Sam Madison looks to have bitten off more than he can chew tonight Luca.”

”What happened to that secret weapon he was blabbering about?”

”And his opponent, currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri, KIIIIITT KEEEEENNEEEEEDDY!!!”

The arena goes black as "Last In Line" hits the P.A. system and bright spotlights begin to flash on and off randomly through out the arena, lighting up bits of the stage for a brief second as they flash. Slowly through rising through the stage appears a silhouette of a man with his arms stretched out straight and as he has completely risen through the stage you can see that his back is to the ring and he remains motionless. As the lyrics begin the figure whips around and the spotlights stop on the man to reveal Kitt Kennedy standing at the top of the ramp in a long black leather trench coat, top hat and plague mask. Kitt slowly makes his way down the aisleway, sliding into the ring, the spotlight cuts off of him and four new spotlights flash on, one on each side of the ring. As the lyrics "We'll know for the first time...." hit, the four spot lights begin to circle around the ring, slowly becoming faster and they make their way to the center of the ring. As the lyrics "We're the last in line!" blasts over the P.A. the spot lights merge into one light it focused on Kennedy who is standing in the middle of the ring, now with the hat and mask removed, his head back and arms raised, soaking in the reaction from the crowd

”Samuel Madison looks like he's about to crap his tights!”

”Are you sure he hasn't already?”

”No, His ass always looks that dumpy!”


Kitt Kennedy walks towards the center of the ring with a devilish smile. Sammy hangs back in the corner and looks around nervously. Kennedy motions for Sammy to bring it, but Sammy refuses. Kennedy looks to the crowd as he points and laughs at Sammy.

”Sammy looks to be getting fired up!”

Sure enough, Sammy can't stand that the crowd is laughing at him. He kicks his foot like bull getting ready to charge, lowers his head and rushes in!


”Kennedy just about took his head off with that kick!”

”If only he'd done us the favor!”

Kennedy quickly drops and rolls out of the ring. He grabs a table from ringside and slides it into the ring, following in behind it. Kennedy quickly works to lean the table into the corner.

”Wait, what's that!?!”

”Is that marching band music?”

[Image: JSzbxiT.jpg]

”Wait a minute! Huey D. Louie is leading a marching band down to ringside!!!”

”What in the actual Fu** is going on!?!”

Huey leads the charge as him and the Illuminiggy March down to the ring playing a cover of Eminem's “Not Afraid”.

”It seems that Huey is trying to offer some motivation for his client to get up and keep fighting!”

”He needs to wake him up first!”

Kitt Kennedy leans over the ropes and yells at Huey asking what the fuck he’s doing. Huey ignores him as he and the band keep playing as the march around the ring. Kennedy turns his attention back to Sammy who's still out like a light. Kennedy stomps over and grabs a handful of hair as he begins pulling the little guy up to his feet. On the outside Huey pulls a bull horn up to his mouth and screams;


As he points his flute towards the ring. Suddenly the Illuminiggy all drop their instruments and rush the ring. Kennedy drops Sammy and tries to fight them off, but the numbers game proves to be too much and he ends up getting stomped into oblivion!

”Is this the secret weapon that Sammy referenced earlier?”

”You're a real sharp one Johnson…”

The mob of black dudes scoop Kennedy up and carry him towards the table. Once they make it to the corner they sling him into the table, breaking it and thus winning the march for Sammy!

Winner - Samuel Madison!

The Illuminiggy peel the still unconscious Sammy off of the mat and carry him out of the ring like a fallen hero as Huey leads them back up the ramp!

”Well, that was different…

”All in all not a bad plan though, gotta admit.”


The camera cuts backstage where we find Micheal Graves and Cadryn Tiberius standing in a random hallway in the middle of an ongoing conversation.

”...then Taylor Mayde came out and just called the match off. Can you believe that?”

”Yeah, that’s odd, but hey, a draw’s better than a loss, right?”

”DUDE, WAT!?! I had Neville just where I wanted him!”

Suddenly a voice echos from off camera, interrupting the two men.

”Hey Graves!”

Graves turns around as James Raven walks into view.

”Jimmy Pigeon!”

Raven ignores Cadryn as he steps nose to nose with Graves.

”I heard that you’re looking to face me at the next Warfare.”

Graves nods his head.

”That’s right.”

”Listen Graves, I don’t know what you’re game is, but you need to understand this. Getting Lane in the ring at Turning Point is all that matters to me, and it doesn’t matter who he puts in my way, I’m running through them. So if it it does turn out to be you, prepare to have a very bad night.”

Graves throws his hands up defensively as he takes a step back.

”Whoa man, calm down… I’m not trying to get in the middle your business with Vinnie, nor am I holding any sort of grudge or anything…. Listen man, I have nothing but respect for you. You’re one of the few guys from back in the day that’s still out there giving it his all, and out of everyone that is around from back the,. You’re undoubtedly the most successful. So when I realized that throughout all these years of our careers running parallel, we’d never actually stepped into the ring together… Well I think that’s a disservice to the fans, don’t you?”

”If you wanted to step into the ring with the G.O.A.T. All you have to do is ask. If you didn’t already know, I’m sorta doing this little thing that I like to call my “Legend vs. Legends Tour”, and if number 36 on the XWF Top 50 ask for a match, then he gets a match.”

”I appreciate that, really, and to be honest, I don’t think I’m even in the running to face you on the next Warfare anyway. I know that Lane doesn’t think too highly of me. As far as he’s concerned, I’m just another broken down veteran who’s sticking around past my expiration, but if you’re serious about us facing off in the ring, maybe we can set something up after Turning Point?”

Raven nods.

”Fine by me, I’ll have my people call your people and set up a date.”

Cadryn’s eyes grow large in excitement.


”On second thought, I’ll get ahold of you directly.”

Graves extends his hand, Raven accepts. The two shake before Raven turns to leave as the scene fades to black.

Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Jim Caedus

Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a Quarterfinals Match in the Tournament for the XWF Universal Championship!

A series of fireworks fire off on the stage and the arena goes dark the following sentence is heard over the PA.

"It was at this moment he knew...

...he fucked up."

Introducing first! From Washington, D.C.! Robbie Bourbon!!!!!

The opening chords to Nobody Speak permeate throughout the air as Robbie's music starts to play throughout the arena. Across the X-Tron, we see the exact same thing as what is traditionally used as Robbie Bourbon's banner on the XWF website as Robbie steps out. He raises his arms to 45 degree angles while the X-Tron shows clips of Robbie standing on top of the Elimination Chamber followed by the massive dive through the top onto Trax, Robbie forcing Vinnie Lane to sign his contract mid-match, Robbie Bourbon scoring a pinfall against Chris Chaos, and Robbie delivering the final blow to Barney Green's career by way of Robbiebomb onto the hood of the car. Robbie Bourbon pinning James Raven and hoisting the XWF Universal Championship belt high with both hands. Robbie starts to calmly walk down to the ring, taking his time to get there. He climbs the ring steps, stands on the apron, and turns his back to the ring, and raises his arms at 45 degree angles while jawing to the crowd, which is singing along to Nobody Speak. Robbie then enters the ring and points at the referee, jawing at him. He then spins, hops on the second turnbuckle, and raises his arms at 45 degree angles again.

Here’s a contest between two former Universal Champions.

We’ve had a few of those tonight, Pipper.

This should be great, Luca. Robbie Bourbon has to feel robbed after being stripped of the championship by Vincent Lane.

And his opponent! From Long Beach, California! He is one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions and a holder of a Money in the Bank Briefcase! He is.... Jim Caedus!!!!

The now familiar opening notes to "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold begin to blast from the PA moments before the ring announcer plugs. The fans erupt. As the spiel is unloaded the lights cut, plunging the arena in darkness before silver strobes begin to flash and silver spotlights begin to continuously wave from along the length of the entrance walkway to the crowd and back.

Obviously practiced and well-timed, the moment the announcer finishes, "ready, steady, g-g-go!" is let fly by the song's vocalist and silver pyro erupts from the egress. Before the cloud of smoke dissipates, the 1/2 XWF Tag Team Champion and Mr. 24/7 Jim Caedus steps out as the house lights come up, Tag strap over his left shoulder, 24/7 briefcase in his right hand.

His hair hangs freely, emotion absent in his eyes. He glances around at the majority population of fans who now know exactly who he is. The small pockets of his smarks seem less enthused to be a part of the crowd but remain cheering nonetheless.

As the music continues he turns his attention to the ring and it's inhabitant(s) then starts an unconcerned slow walk, carefully gathering his long blonde hair into a secured samurai-style bun along the way. At ringside he heads immediately to the timekeeper table and hands off both his strap and case then removes his Dickies jacket walking to the ring, folding it carefully beside his corner's steps, ascending to the apron and stepping through the ropes into battle after nearly 2 minutes have elapsed.

And Jim Caedus, a tag team champion and a briefcase holder.

If anyone has an advantage in this tourney, Pip, it’s Jim Caedus. That briefcase is basically a second chance if he decides to use it that way.

The bell rings and Jim Caedus does not hesitate to rush over to his opponent. He drop kicks Robbie Bourbon in the chest sending the big man back into the turnbuckle. Jim rushes in, jumps to the middle rope, and begins landing right hands to the forehead of Bourbon.

Jim Caedus starting out pretty hot in this match-up! It’s definitely going to come down who wants this more, Luca!

Well, no shit, Pip!

The crowd counts as Jim lands his punches, but doesn’t land too many before Bourbon strikes back with fists into Caedus’s midsection! With a solid shove, Bourbon pushes Caedus from the middle turnbuckle and sends him flying across the ring. Jim rolls backwards, straight up to his feet, and rushes back across the ring towards Bourbon! Robbie was waiting for him this time and smacks Caedus across the chest with thick clothesline!

And down he goes! That should slow him down.

That’s the strategy that Robbie Bourbon has to have here. Keep Jim Caedus grounded, otherwise he’s going to be chasing all the way.

Bourbon grabs Caedus by the hair and lifts him to his feet. He lifts him up in the air and slams him back down on his back! Bourbon takes a couple steps back, bounces off the ropes, and drops a big elbow onto the chest of Jim Caedus! Robbie reaches over and pulls the leg for an early cover!

Robbie Bourbon going for a quick win!



Caedus kicks out and rolls towards the ropes. Bourbon reaches his feet and follows him to the side of the ring. As Caedus starts pulling himself up, Bourbon lands another elbow on the back of his head! Bourbon then grabs Caedus by the back of the head and throws him over the top rope! Jim lands on the apron and falls down to the floor. The referee gets in Bourbon’s face a bit and backs him up to the center of the ring.

Jim’s lost a little momentum, I think.

I wouldn’t count him out though, Luca. It’s still early.

Robbie Bourbon has that title fresh on his mind, Pip. The taste of being champ is still lingering on his taste buds. Along with all the greasy, nasty shit he’s devoured in the last couple of hours.

Well, that was mildly inappropriate.

The referee begins to count out Caedus who manages to pull himself to the apron.





Jim rolls into the ring and is met with a couple stomps from Robbie Bourbon. He reaches down and pulls Jim up and sets him up for a ROBBIEBOMB!!

Uh oh! Robbie Bourbon could be looking to end it here!

Here comes a Robbiebomb!!!

Bourbon lifts Caedus up, but gets a barrage of fists to the face! Robbie falls to his back with Caedus riding on his shoulders who continues to nail Bourbon in the face with fists! Caedus rushes to the ropes, Bourbon rolls to his stomach and starts to get up. As Caedus comes back his gets Bourbon in the side of the head with a falling drop kick! He takes it like a champ and barely budges! He looks back and Jim and shakes his head! Caedus scowls and quickly runs back to the ropes and delivers another one even harder! Bourbon doesn’t take this one was well and gets knocked to his back! Jim bounces from the ropes again and delivers a running senton across the big belly of Robbie Bourbon! He spins back around and covers!



Bourbon powers out of the pin and pushes Caedus from on top of him. Robbie rolls away as Jim climbs to his feet and calculates his next move.

This match has been back and forth so far, fans. It could go either way at this point as both competitors have had a strong showing.

It’s the Universal Title, Pip. You’d have to be some kind of idiot not to bring your best here.

Caedus approaches Bourbon as he reaches his feet and grabs him from behind. Suddenly, the crowd starts to react and direct their attention to the entrance.

What do we have here?

No way.

Caedus struggles, but manages to wrap his arms around the wide circumference of Robbie Bourbon and lock his hands.

In the meantime, the holder of the other half of the XWF Tag Team Championship, the Engineer, has started to make his way down the ramp towards ringside!

It looks like we have some company, too!

Engy pulls up a chair and watches the match from ringside.

Caedus lifts up looking for a German suplex, but Bourbon pushes down on the wrists and pulls his weight. Caedus only manages to lift Bourbon a couple of inches and pays for it when Robbie reaches back and smacks him with an elbow! Robbie turns around and attempts a clothesline, Jim ducks and spins around…..


Ouch! Did you hear that?!

Pip refers to the smack that echoed throughout the arena when the vicious punch landed on Robbie’s face.

How is Bourbon still standing?

Bourbon IS standing, but barely. He sways back and forth, but remains on his feet. Caedus scowls again and backs up a few steps and goes for WREXUS PLEXUS!!!! Robbie shifts to the side and dodges the kick! He grabs Caedus by the throat!!!


Wow! Caedus just shattered into a thousand pieces!!

You better pin him Rob!!

Bourbon picks himself up and looks down at the thousand pieces of Jim Caedus. He takes his thumb and runs it across his throat signaling the end! He reaches down and picks up Caedus and sets him up for another Robbiebomb! He lifts up Jim, but Jim rolls over Bourbon’s shoulders and lands on his feet behind him! He flips backwards and kicks Bourbon in the face in a move of desperation! Bourbon takes a couple of steps and lands flat on his face in the middle of the ring while Caedus takes a minute to pull the rest of him back together following the E.M.C.

The crowd begins to rally as the referee begins to count both men down.






Bourbon is the first to begin stirring, then Caedus. Slowly, but surely, both men take their places leaning in their own corners. They stare each other down from across the ring before beginning a circle around the center.

Bourbon moves in for the tie-up as Caedus kicks him in the midsection. Caedus then starts landing side kicks to the tree branch legs of Robbie Bourbon. Caedus tries finishing him off with a spinning high kick, but his leg is caught across the chest by Bourbon. He lifts Caedus’s leg up high, but Caedus counters back doing a standing backflip! He spins around again and lands the kick across Robbie’s throat! Bourbon falls backwards into the ropes and bounces off….. WREXUS PLEXUS!!!!!!!!

Caedus drives into Bourbon’s chest with the Yakuza kick sending Bourbon straight to his back! Caedus with the cover!!!


This could be it!!


Robbie Bourbon kicks out at the last possible second!! Caedus looks frustrated, but shakes it off and gets back to his feet. He stands and is waiting for Bourbon to get back to his feet.

Not sure if this is a smart move here. Jim Caedus is allowing Robbie Bourbon to take time and recover from that Wrexus Plexus. He needs to keep to work if he wants to walk out of here the one advancing to the semi finals.

Bourbon manages to reach his hands and knees. He looks up at Caedus, who stares down at Robbie before stepping forward and cracking Bourbon in the side of the head with another WREXUS PLEXUS!!!!! Robbie rolls away and into the corner where his head rests against the bottom turnbuckle……. ANOTHER WREXUS PLEXUS TO THE FACE!!!!! Caedus screams like a Viking and grabs Bourbon’s foot to drag him out to the center of the ring….. He covers him!!!!




Caedus has done it! He’s heading to the semi-finals!!

THREE Wrexus Plexus’s, Pip. Bourbon has to be seeing quadruple right now…..

Winner and advancing in the XWF Universal Title Tournament – Jim Caedus

In the aftermath of the match, the Engineer is standing outside of the ring with deep scowl on his face towards Robbie Bourbon before he makes his way backstage while his tag team partner celebrates in the ring.


The Engineer
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
X-Treme Rules!

Whoa! I've just gotten word that Bearded War Pig has attacked The Engineer backstage! Can I get confirmation on that? Yes? Yes! This Xtreme Championship and Universal Tite Tournament qualifier is underway!

Oh thank God we don't have to sit through all those entrances. Especially Engy's, it freaks me the fuck out.

It's Xtreme rules folks, anything goes!

The shot quickly travels backstage into one of the back corridors underneath the stands where Bearded War Pig is stalking the Xtreme champion like a predator. In his hands is that barbed wire buttstock he has christened Lil Engy. The Engineer is crawling away, scooting backwards on his haunches with blood dripping freely from his scalp.

So, is it too late to talk about this?

Too late to talk about your attempted hostile takeover? Yeah, it's a little late.

BWP takes a big swing at Engy with, uh, Lil' Engy. The Engineer rolls out of the way and unsteadily gets to his feet. BWP takes another mighty swing, but Engy barely gets out of the way as plaster falls from the new hole in the wall. The Engineer skitters down the hall and BWP gives chase.

Sincerely hoping they don't do much damage to The Stade here tonight. It could cause an international incident.

You think it would be the first time....?

The Engineer rounds a corner, picking up a garbage can and hurling at War Pig. Pig bats it out of the air with Lil' Engy, sending trash skittering everywhere.

So how much did it really take for you to sell us out?

I never sold you out! You guys started dropping the ball!

Clearly, BWP doesn't like this answer, as he rushes Engy with the weapon. Engy dodges his assault and dropkicks him in the back, sending him teetering to the floor. He picks up the weapon as he gets up, but Engy is on him too fast, locking his weapon holding arm ad heabutting BWP in the face. Pig reels from the blow, but soon takes a dazed swing at the champ, clipping him on the arm with those barbed prongs. The weapon actually imbeds in the Engineer's arm, causing him to cry out angrily. Engy kicks BWP away and takes hold of the weapon, ripping it out of his arm. He tosses it aside.

That thing hurts like a bitch.

BWP responds by rushing Engy again and spearing him through a nearby door. Both men spill out into the street, with the ref following through the door. Outside, under the night sky is an array of foreign model cars parked along the curb. BWP forces the Engineer to his feet and tosses him headfirst into a car door. Engy goes down ad BWP covers him.



Engy's used to head trauma, I'm sure it doesn't even much phase him anymore.

BWP picks Engy up again and hefts him up into a vertical suplex, dropping him down on the hood of the same car. The hood dents under the strain and BWP mounts the car, getting on the roof. He drops a big elbow down on Engy, causing them both to slide off the car!

Pig mounts The Engineer, landing a few closed fist blows before Engy rolls him over and mounts him, leaning over to bite his forehead! Suddenly, the street his illuminated by headlights! The ref calls out t the oncoming car to stop and it does just in time!

Jesus, we almost just had two traffic fatalities here!

The driver gets out of the car, looking confused and annoyed, but as soon as he sees the two men brawling he gets back in fearfully and drives around them. Engy and BWP are both on their feet now, trading blows. Engy performs a double leg takedown on Pig, gefting him up and down into a sloppy spinebuster. Engy the stomps the life out of Pig for a few moments before going to a pickup truck that appears to be full of tools. Engy grabs a sledgehammer out the back of the truck and advances on his opponent. Engy waits for Pig to stagger up before drilling him in the forehead with the hammer! Pig goes down fast and Engy tosses the hammer aside and covers him!




The War Pig is busted open!

And here I thought he bled red, white and blue. I guess one outta three ain't bad.

Pig shoves Engy off him angrily. Engy goes for the hammer again but Pig tackles him down from a kneeling position, clambering over his former ally to get at the hammer himself. Engy takes hold of Pig's ankle and starts biting it! Pig cries out in pain, kicking at Engy's face until he lets go!

He's got the hammer!

War Pig triumphantly takes the weapon in hand. As Engy gets up he cracks it into the champ's chest! The Engineer's breath leaves him in a whoosh. Pig then takes hold of the hammer like an axe prepping to split wood, and raises it above his head, but Engy kicks him low in the guts, stopping the deadly attack. Engy then uppercuts Pig, rocking him and causing him to let go of the weapon. Pig drifts across the street, where more cars are parked. He flops against a small box like car and Engy gets on him, laying into him with some fists before picking his head up and bashing it against the roof of the car once...twice....three times! Engy covers when Pig hits the ground!




Engy looks surprised, and maybe a little pissed off.

Engy grabs a hold of Pig's might beard, dragging him up by it. Pig reaches up and stabs a thumb into Engy's eye. Engy responds by spitting black ichor in Pig's face! The two men part, having blinded each other! The ref considers them both as another car comes down the street. The ref waves it away but Engy walks towards it! He opens the driver's side door!

What is this lunatic doing?!

Engy throws the driver out of the car! The ref looks on in shock, urging Engy to stop!

Oh come on, he can't be serious?!

Engy throws the car in reverse, turning the headlights towards Pig and drawing a bead on him! The champ then guns it towards Pig!



Thank God for African safety regs, I guess.

Pig takes a moment to realize what just happens, and suddenly looks enraged when it dawns on him that Engy just tried to hit him with a fucking car! Pig stalks over to the car, tossing open the door and pulling Engy out! Engy, despite his face now being a crimson mask, is SMILING! This just seems to enrage BWP even more! He headbutts Engy and then starts punching at him wildly, losing all sense of finesse! He finishes off the attack by going to DDT Engy into the concrete, but Engy reverses it, chaining into a rear waist lock and dumping Pig on the back of his head right in the street!

God, where does he get it from!

Say what you will about him, but this creepy bastard has been Xtreme champion for five months for a reason!

Engy slumps against the car he just collided with, feeling the accumulated pain of this brutal street fight. But he soon finds it in himself to advance on Pig. Pig is on his hands and knees now and Engy boots him savagely in the ribs, causing him to roll over into the middle of the street. Engy grabs Pig, hoists him up, locks in a double arm bar, and just unleashes on him with a series of trapping headbutts! The fans in the arena count along with the brutality.







Ah Ah Ah!

Pig collapses, barely conscious now. Engy himself drops down to one knee. Finally, he spits some blood out of his mouth, a manic look in his eyes as he scoops Pig up and slams him down into the street again, right in front of yet another parked car. Engy tries the door to this car and finds it unlocked. He grabs Pig by the shirt and pulls him up into the doorway of the vehicle. He drops Pig's head into the corner.

Oh no....

Engy grabs hold of the door, measuring his opponent.

Oh no, stop....stop this!


Hey, remember that scene from Daredevil where the Kingpin goes apeshit....?

Oh please stop! UGH!

Engy grabs the door and he slams Pig's head in the doorway again!



The ref looks torn!

Jesus, stop this!!

ENGY SLAMS THE DOOR ON PIG'S HEAD AGAIN! Pig is no longer even moving, he's dead weight!


Finally the ref steps in, he makes the universal signal for “this match is over” and he goes to raise The Engineer's hand!


Winner and STILL XWF Xtreme Champion and advancing in the XWF Universal Championship Tournament - The Engineer

But Engy pulls away from the ref! He grabs the door again, like he's going to deal another crushing blow to his former brother in arms. He pulls the door waaaaaaaaaay back!

And then lets go, relinquishing the killing blow. Engy spits some more blood out of his mouth, smirking at BWP as he walks away from this scene of pure carnage.

What an absolute mess. I think it's safe to say that Engy has just tendered his resignation with The Motherfuckers.

Is Apex getting another member? It might make it easier for Engy to rub Caedus' balls that way.

I don't know, Luca, but I DO know it's been an incredible night...

Fo sho, Pip.

As the production comes back from a commercial. XWF Owner, Vincent Lane is standing in the center of the ring with a microphone.

Welcome back, fans! It's been an extraordinary show tonight! We're about to close up, but it looks like we've been joined by XWF Owner, Vincent Lane... Let's see whats on his mind!

”So James Raven, why don’t you go ahead and come on out here before I announce who you will be facing next Warfare!”

The entire arena slowly fades to black as the audience excitedly awaits the entrance of "The Peoples GOAT". The drum beat and guitar solo start and a series of white and blue spotlights come up and pan the crowd. Mike Shinoda's voice is heard on the speakers singing.

“Now here we go for the hundredth time, hand grenade pins in every line, throw ‘em up and let something shine, going out of my fucking mind… filthy mouth, no excuse, find a new place to hang this noose, string me up from atop these roofs, high and tight so I wont get loose.”

By now the fans are going wild and cheering as the spotlights slowly make their way to the top of the entrance ramp where a dim fog begins to form.

“Truth is you can stop and stare, rub myself out and no one cares, dug the trench out and lay down there with a shovel up, out of reach somewhere… yeah, someone pouring in, make it a dirt glass floor again, say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus in.”

The spotlights come together as one, and the fog fills the top of the ramp until the downbeat hits and a major blue and silver pyrotechnic display goes off and the rest of the arena lights turn up to full. When the smoke clears James Raven is seen on top of the ramp, his hands thrown up over his head and a huge smile on his face.

“I BLEED IT OUT!!! Diggin’ deeper just to throw it away, I BLEED IT OUT!!!”

James makes his way out from the back to a huge pop from the crowd. He stops at the top of the ramp as the music fades out, the fans begin chanting his name.


James soaks in the reaction.


Vincent Lane begins pacing in the ring, looking visibly upset at the reaction that Raven is receiving.


Okay, that’s enough...



The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos.

”Raven, like I said earlier, if you want to face me at Turning Point, then you’re going to have to prove that you’re worth my time!”

The crowd erupts into loud booing once again.

”James Raven is a bonafide legend in the XWF. He doesn’t have anything left to prove to anyone!”

”The problem is, what could you really do to convince me that you are worth my time?”

Raven seems unimpressed with all of Vinnies talking. He rolls his eyes and mimics a running mouth with his hand.

”Lane’s just scared of Raven! That’s what this all boils down to Luca!”

”Real funny dude! Real funny! Lets see how funny you think this is! Let me introduce your opponent for Warfare next week… the one… the only... ”

The lights go out in the arena followed by an eerie red glow. Smoke rises from the entrance way. Raven turns to face the entrance, ready for a fight. Raven waitsa moment, but when Doc doesn’t walk out, he begins looking around and back to Vinnie. The lights come back up as the music fades and Raven is left looking foolish.

”DUDE! Why are you on edge? I never said that your opponent was here!”

Raven, now looking frustrated, walks to the edge of the stage and calls for a microphone.

”You want to play games Lane? That’s cool. Play your games. I’m going to lay your good doctor down next week, just like I did at High Stakes II, and then you’ll be all out of excus…”



The crowd is stunned at first, but quickly begin booing as the realize that Micheal Graves just
ran out of the back, chair in hand, and laid out James Raven with a shot to the back of the head! Raven struggles to get up to all fours as Graves stands over him looking on in disgust.

”Micheal Graves told James Raven earlier tonight that he wanted to have a match with him because he respected Raven!”

”Once a lying snake in the grass, always a lying snake in the grass Johnson!”

Graves looks to Vinnie Lane in the ring. Vince is smiling ear to ear as he nods to Graves. Graves lifts the chair high above his head and brings it crashing down across the shoulder blades of Raven.


Raven drops to the floor as Graves sizes him up for more shots from the steel chair.



Graves tosses the chair to the side before grabbing James Raven by the hair and pulling him up to his knees.

”Raven is barely conscious! When is enough enough?”

Graves points to Vincent Lane and clearly mouths the words, “this one’s for you”. He then lifts Raven up and over his shoulders in the crucifix position before charging to the side of the stage and throwing Raven off of the stage and through a table with “Grave Consequences” (Razor's Edge) Raven crashes through the table and lays there in a broken mess as XWF officials rush to his aid.

”I may have lead you on a bit earlier James. As much as I would love to see you in the ring with Doctor Louis D’Ville, I’m having a hard time finding him at the moment, but after what I just saw, I think that I like the idea of James Raven vs Micheal Graves on the next edition of Warfare, and to keep things interesting, how about we hold this contest under Xtreme Rules?”

Graves stands at the top of the stage nodding his head in approval. Graves peers down at Raven’s broken body from atop the stage as an evil smile begins to form on his face.

Graves is looking to prove something here, I think.

I wouldn't doubt it, Luca! The man went to Vincent Lane, himself, to get this match!

I'll say it again, what an awesome night.

I couldn't agree more, Luca! Four men have advanced in the tournament tonight; Finn Kuhn, Jim Caedus, Danny imperial, and the Engineer. Four men left, one man will claim the XWF Universal Championship.

Yep, next time we should know who should be advancing to the finals! Along with that, Graves will be challenging James Raven!

And I'm sure we'll learn more about what is going on with the Engineer... Tune in next time folks! What a night!!!

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02-01-2018 01:31 PM

again i get screwed. how the fuck does danny win with 1 rp? i dont get this at all! Am I ever going to get a fuckin win here? I won the match, fuck the ref saying danny's foot was on the ropes. the ref decision is final and I should be going to the semi finals. but i see how it is.. i guess next week I'm going to start a riot and nobody is safe.. NOBODY!

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"If this match against Chris Chaos isn't proof enough that the Kaiser isn't meant to be taken seriously now, you're either blind or a fool."

"Whether I face Caedus, Imperial or the Engineer, all shall eventually bow to the Kaiser."

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"Great show.. Although it wasn't amazing was it? Cuz I wasn't on it! Fuck James Raven with Vinnies pecker and fuck you all with Gilmours little fat todger!

Da End, Scully Has Spoken!"

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02-01-2018 05:28 PM

(02-01-2018 04:15 PM)Scully Said:  "Great show.. Although it wasn't amazing was it? Cuz I wasn't on it! Fuck James Raven with Vinnies pecker and fuck you all with Gilmours little fat todger!

Da End, Scully Has Spoken!"

"Ask if anyone cares, Scullmonger. But just know, that when you hear the wind go and brush your ear, you'll realize that it won't carry words of encouragement. You'll hear nothing."

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02-01-2018 05:39 PM

Post show

Steve Sayors is seen jogging down a corridor backstage behind Micheal Graves who seems to not be wasting anytime getting out of the arena.

"Micheal, can I get a word real quick?"


Micheal continues to walk hurriedly down the hall as Steve Sayors hangs back looking into the camera like a moron.
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02-01-2018 06:48 PM

(02-01-2018 02:12 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  "If this match against Chris Chaos isn't proof enough that the Kaiser isn't meant to be taken seriously now, you're either blind or a fool."

"Whether I face Caedus, Imperial or the Engineer, all shall eventually bow to the Kaiser."

You're gonna lose kid, but at least go down swingin'.

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02-01-2018 07:09 PM

(02-01-2018 06:48 PM)Maddy and Engy Said:  
(02-01-2018 02:12 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  "If this match against Chris Chaos isn't proof enough that the Kaiser isn't meant to be taken seriously now, you're either blind or a fool."

"Whether I face Caedus, Imperial or the Engineer, all shall eventually bow to the Kaiser."

You're gonna lose kid, but at least go down swingin'.

"Funny, I seem to remember a certain Robert Main saying something along those lines when I was about to go up against Chris Chaos. And look what happened there?"

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02-01-2018 07:18 PM

(02-01-2018 07:09 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  
(02-01-2018 06:48 PM)Maddy and Engy Said:  
(02-01-2018 02:12 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  "If this match against Chris Chaos isn't proof enough that the Kaiser isn't meant to be taken seriously now, you're either blind or a fool."

"Whether I face Caedus, Imperial or the Engineer, all shall eventually bow to the Kaiser."

You're gonna lose kid, but at least go down swingin'.

"Funny, I seem to remember a certain Robert Main saying something along those lines when I was about to go up against Chris Chaos. And look what happened there?"

Take it from someone who's faced both of them. There are multiple worlds of difference between a Chris Chaos and a Jim Caedus.

Jim's the scariest motherfucker in the XWF. That includes me. The only thing that keeps him from owning the whole show is a sense of decency.

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(02-01-2018 07:09 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  
(02-01-2018 06:48 PM)Maddy and Engy Said:  
(02-01-2018 02:12 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  "If this match against Chris Chaos isn't proof enough that the Kaiser isn't meant to be taken seriously now, you're either blind or a fool."

"Whether I face Caedus, Imperial or the Engineer, all shall eventually bow to the Kaiser."

You're gonna lose kid, but at least go down swingin'.

"Funny, I seem to remember a certain Robert Main saying something along those lines when I was about to go up against Chris Chaos. And look what happened there?"

Kid you pulled one over!

Robert golf claps

The road ends here! I guarantee it! Engy, would take you to the wood shed. Jim will break you down into nothing! I just hope there are enough small scraps left for me to finish you off for good!

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(02-01-2018 05:28 PM)Phantom Panzer Said:  
(02-01-2018 04:15 PM)Scully Said:  "Great show.. Although it wasn't amazing was it? Cuz I wasn't on it! Fuck James Raven with Vinnies pecker and fuck you all with Gilmours little fat todger!

Da End, Scully Has Spoken!"

"Ask if anyone cares, Scullmonger. But just know, that when you hear the wind go and brush your ear, you'll realize that it won't carry words of encouragement. You'll hear nothing."

"I never asked if anyone cares, neither do I care if they do. You obviously care though as you contradicted yourself by replying to me. Dumb, dumb.
Shut ya fuckin' noise down. You're all mouth but when it comes down to it, you get beaten every time, fucko. I kicked ya ass and I didn't even try. Hahaha"

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