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Wednesday Night Warfare! 10/25/17
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10-26-2017 09:42 AM

[Image: L06Pst3.png]



Grande Ricardo
- vs -
Jamie Shapiro

Danny Imperial
- vs -
X-Treme Rules!

Mercy & The Engineer
- vs -
Trevor Brooks & Bentley Starr

Dem Niggaz
(Samuel Madison & The Other One)
- vs -
Da Qlub
(Luca Arzegotti & Equinox)

Robert Main
- vs -
Peter Gilmour
Lion's Den Match!

Jim Caedus
- vs -
Ally Worsted

Hart Championship Match*
Finn Kuhn
- vs -
Cadryn Tiberius

Chris Chaos
- vs -
"The Radical" Gabe Reno
2 out of 3 Falls!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of Wednesday Night Warfare! I’m Old Man Johnson alongside Luca Arzegotti!

That’s right Johnny! Tonight we have Jim Caedus, Chris Chaos, Cadryn Tiberius, I mean, it’s gonna be lit!

I agree it should be a great show, Luca!

"Oink, Oink Mothaaa Fuckerrrs!"

Bearded War Pigs voice echoes throughout the stadium after blasting out the speakers. Bearded War Pig steps out onto the ramp as "Monster" by Stemm begins to play as the lights fade to black. Red, white, and blue pyros, fireworks, and strobe lights illuminate the filled DASARATH RANGASALA STADIUM; Bearded War Pig begins head banging to the beat. Not the loudest pop from the fans as BWP struts down the ramp way toward the ring. The weak recognition doesn't faze BWP, being in Kathmandu, Nepal and all.

Climbing into the ring with a smile peeking through his grizzly beard, Bearded War Pig spins admiring all eyes on him before he stops dead center in the ring. He begins to execute his signature modified "Suck It!" motion with his hips, arms, pelvis, and hands. Much like Degeneration X except BWP throws shaking “shaka" hand signals while thrusting his pelvis into his crossed arms. With every impact, red, white, and blue pyros erupt from the four turnbuckles.

The crowd is now a little rowdier and more the chaotic environment, the motherfucker; Bearded War Pig feeds off from. His head begins to shake slowly to the now dying beat of his theme music. Followed by his closed fist pounding his black and forest green flannel covered chest. The music completely fades now all that BWP head bangs to are the screams of the fans pouring their emotions into the show the XWF Universe knows as Warfare! XWF's very own Devil Dog abruptly comes to a halt before grinning like the madman he is. One of the ring hands then tosses a microphone from ringside into the ring. Bearded War Pig snatches the microphone out of thin air like an Owl swooping down on a field mouse. With his free hand, BWP strokes his beard a few times before raising the microphone to his wet and luscious lips.

"Damn it feels fuckin great to be back in an XWF ring! No, not as good as it would if I had the privilege to fist fuck someone's asshole here in this very ring! For you shit heads that don't know, I mean fuck someone's day up. I know it is kind of disappointing, but at least we are closer and closer to my returning match. You fuckin heard it right, B! W! Fuckin! P! Will return to the action at the beginning of November! For those who are unaware, I politely requested that JT Motherfuckin Washington makes it a special one for all the real hardcore Motherfuckers out there in the XWF Universe.”

Bearded War Pig lowers the microphone a little as the fans begin to roar in excitement at the announcement of BWP requesting it be a special stipulation for his return match. Spinning in three complete circles soaking in the positive reactions from the majority of the fans. He suddenly stops on a dime and licks his upper lip before raising his free fist into the air, before he can even extend his thumb and pinky the fans erupt in adrenaline filled cadence.

"Bearded War Pig! Bearded War Pig! Bearded War Pig!"

Bearded War Pig smiles even larger before raising his microphone to his beard.

"Fuck me sideways, you Motherfuckers really know how to get a fellah hard as Chevy steel! I don't know why the hell I ever left, well actually I do and before I continue on with anything else. I just want to nut up and apologize to all the XWF fans for the Houdini act I pulled. Just know it was nothing to do with the XWF, it was all personal fucking shit. Honestly, I was just being a pussy and allowed my emotions to conquer my mind. Let's just chalk my leave of absence up to some PTSD from the war. That doesn't fuckin matter though, I am back and my head is cleared and I'm feeling good!

Why the fuck shouldn't I? My brother from another mother Robbie Bourbon held down the Motherfuckin camp! Fuck yea! He recruited and formed strong alliances while I was away. Truly Robbie made me fuckin proud, proud to be an American, proud to be back, and most of all PROUD to be a Motherfucker! Robbie, brother, if you are listening or watching, know I'm honored to be your brother in arms on the XWF battlefield! I'm honored to belong to what you have evolved the Motherfuckers into. Jim Caedus former Universal Champion and one of the fastest risen stars to ever grace any fucking ring. Mad Respect brother! But wait there is more! Motherfuckin Engy XWF's X-Treme Champion and one badass wild motherfucker, one from my own loin! Mad Respect Brother! XWF I hope you're all well endowed for some absolute fuckery!

Oink, Oink Motherfuckers!"

Bearded War Pig drops the microphone and executes one more BWP style "suck it" motion to all the Motherfuckin fans as "Monster" By Stemm begins to ignite the audience into a rowdy fire. Bearded War Pig exits the ring and begins walking up the rampway with one fist waving the "shaka" hand symbol.

Always interesting to hear from BWP, Luca.

That it is. Well, here we go with our first Warfare match nobody cares about. Shouldn't they save these for Saturdays?

Come on now, Luca. These guys are just as important as all the others.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Tig O' Bitties: This match is set for one fall. Introducing first, at 6 feet tall and 175 pounds, he was the battle royal winner at Leap of Faith..... Grande Ricardo

As My Dragon Pal and me plays, an Timothy Omundson's sweet voice drifts through the arena, Grande Ricardo walks down to the ring, calmly, and slides under the ropes. He leans in the corner and waits patiently.

So, do you want anything from the machine? I think I am gonna hit the concession stand for this one.

Oh, stop it.........but, I guess.....a diet coke?

Smells like a Freak show booms over the PA as Jamie Shapiro casually and flamboyantly heads to the ring, bouncing around and slapping five to the fans. He slides under the ropes and throws his arms up.

Tig O' Bitties: And his opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jamie Shapiro!

The Bell rings.

As the bell rings, Jamie Shapiro looks awkwardly over at Grande Ricardo, who seems stone cold silent, not moving. Shapiro walks over to Ricardo hesitantly as Ricardo is still silent. Mike is in the corner cheering for Ricardo, who continues to menacingly glance at Shapiro.

Suddenly, as Shapiro gets over to Ricardo-- SMACK! Shapiro gets cocky and hits Ricardo with a slap! He laughs as Ricardo's head moves from the slap, however he goes silent as Ricardo slowly turns back to him with the same unwavering expression.

Then, suddenly, Ricardo goes OFF! He begins to lay into Shapiro with multiple blows! Upstairs, downstairs, liver shots! Shapiro is forced to cover up as Ricardo backs him into the corner and continues to lay into him with shots. The referee is trying to get involved and pull Ricardo off of Shapiro, however as Ricardo addresses the referee, Shapiro attacks from behind with a clothesline to the back! Ricardo gets dropped as Shapiro continues the assault with multiple kicks to the back, Ricardo almost convulsing under the sudden onslaught. The ref begins to mouth off to Shapiro as well, who is equally mouthy with the referee. Shapiro then picks up Ricardo and almost immediately again lays him out with a sidekick to the head! Ricardo looks to be out as Shapiro goes for the cover!



Kick-out! Shapiro looks to the ref and tries to make sure that was, in fact, 2 as he tries to wrap things up early. Grimacing, he picks up Ricardo, but Ricardo gets a burst of life, nailing Shapiro in the head once more with a massive punch! Shapiro looks dazed as Ricardo kicks him in the gut and continues to pelt Shapiro with strikes. Shapiro gets up on the ropes and tries to cover up again, only to get Irish Whipped-- reversed! Shapiro sends Ricardo into the ropes-- I DO COCAINE BY RICARDO! Shapiro gets laid out! Ricardo looks to Mike who hisses at him in support! The cover!



Kick-out! Shapiro barely manages to get the shoulder up! Ricardo is in disbelief as he begins to crawl to Mike for help on what to do! Mike is trying to hiss advice into Ricardo's ear when suddenly--

MONEY SHOT TO RICARDO! Ricardo is clutching his Grande's as he falls to the ground, cradling them as gently as he can! The crowd boos and the referee warns Shapiro not to try to do anything more, but at this point the winded Shapiro flips off both the fans and the ref. Shapiro turns to the corner, and begins making provocative poses in the corner! Ricardo is still out as the ladies in the crowd begin to swoon! The ref admonishes Shapiro, who continues to pose. Mike whispers something in Ricardo's ear, who begins to stand up.

Shapiro rushes towards Ricardo, looking for Shapiro's Cadence-- NO!

RICARDO POPS SHAPIRO UP INTO THE AIR AND HITS THE BRAHMIN BULL! The fans are in disbelief with their mouths wide open! Ricardo slumps over Shapiro's lifeless body as the ref swoops in for the pin!




He did it! Ricardo did it again!


There was sarcasm in Luca's voice.

Tig O' Bitties: The winner of this match, by pinfall, Grande Ricardo!

Winner: Grande Ricardo

This one is sure to be a barn burner, because up next we've got Xtreme rules with the red hot Danny Imperial versus the strange and elusive Kropotkin.

Turns out this whole time Kropotkin was a chick. Or just recently became a chick. I don't know. I need a drink.

Careful with the sauce, they're drug testing now ya know.

The following match is scheduled for one fall and it will be contested under Xtreme rules! Introducing first, she hails from parts unknown and weighs 103.4 kg.....KROPOTKIN!

The lights dim and Kropotkin makes her way out onto the ramp, but no sooner does she get halfway down when Dammy Imperial makes a beeline for her with a chair!

Heads up!

Danny connects hard with Kropotkin's back, sending her tumbling the rest of the way down the ramp.

I bet she felt that one right in the Proletariats.

It's Xtreme rules and, well, this match is underway!

The bell rings hastily as an absolutely rabid Danny Imperial lifts the chair up and brings it down hard on Kropotkin again! She pulls herself up and starts to crawl away and Danny gives chase. Kropotkin manages to kick Danny in the knee which gives her just enough time to get vertical. Danny again roars at her with the chair, but he swings and misses, hitting the ring post instead. This causes Danny to drop the chair. Kropotkin responds by drop kicking Danny down to catch a breather.

But Danny doesn't stay down for long, picking himself back up he reaches for the chair again and throws it at the masked fighter. She dodges it but it provides just enough distraction for Danny to launch his own dropkick. Danny then picks Kropotkin up and whips her over the crowd control barricade!

We are officially in no man's land!

Fans scatter out of the front row, abandoning their seats. Kroptkin gets up and grabs her own chair, which she uses to deck Danny as he climbs over the barricade. Danny falls over onto the crowd side, and scrambles to his feet. Kropotkin swings again but misses and Danny punches her in the face, once, twice, three times, sending her to the floor. Danny then grabs a drink from a fan, waits for her to rise and splashes her in the face with it!

Was that Faygo? Who let Panzer work concessions?

Kropotkin grabs her now sodden mask and tries to wipe the soda out of her eyes, but Danny capitalizes with a spear to Kropotkin into a series of chairs! The fans have to scatter back further to avoid the chaos, but they cheer it on!

Danny then picks Kropotkin up and grabs her by the head, looking to DDT her onto the floor, but Kropotkin somehow fights out and reverses with a chop to Danny's chest, followed by another, and then a quick spinning heel kick that floors him. Kroptkin splashes onto him for the cover!



Danny was competing for a 24/7 briefcase at Leap of Faith, it's gonna take more than that!

Danny pushes Kroptkin off, but Kroptkin stays on him, pulling him up by his hair and whipping him into the crowd control barricade. Kropotkin then grabs Danny by his beard and pulls him into a straight headbutt!

Tough broad.

Danny seems stunned for a moment, but then he grins evilly and pulls Kroptkin into a headbutt of his own, which he then follows up by lifting her up and dropping her ribs first onto the crowd control barricade! Danny then hops up onto the barricade, balancing precariously on it and beckoning Kropotkin to right herself! When she does, Danny runs along the barricade and nails her with a headscissor takedown!

Very impressive!

Danny jumps on her for the roll-up!


2....Kropotkin kicks out!

Danny catches both legs and goes for another pin!



3....NO! Kroptkin barely kicks out! And this time she follows it up with a thumb gouge to Danny's eye to get him to back off.

Both competitors slowly make their way to their feet. Kroptkin picks up a chair and just CROWNS Danny with it, causing it to fold onto his head and neck and stay there! Kropotkin then grabs another chair and smacks it into the chair that's still around Danny's neck! Danny goes down and Kroptkin covers.



Imperial shoves Kroptkin away and pulls the chair from around his neck, but he looks seriously dazed. He staggers up and leans on the barricade, but Kropotkin runs at him and clotheslines them both over and onto the mat. Kroptkin recovers first and picks Danny up, irish whipping him into the ring steps. He stumbles and slams into them shoulder first, letting out a cry of pain!

It looks like Danny cut his shoulder open, I'm seeing blood.

Indeed, a thin trickle of blood escapes a wound on Danny Imperial's shoulder. Kroptkin stays on the offensive, picking up Danny by his hair and dropping his head down into the ring steps. Kroptkin then rolls Danny into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle!

Kropotkin looking for a moonsault here!

The masked fighter takes flight, BUT CRASHES AND BURNS! Danny rolls out of the way, smeraing blood on the canvas. Both competitors are down! The ref starts to count them out...




Imperial starts to stir,and the count is ended. He drapes an arm over Kropotkin.



3...NO! Kropotkin kicks out again!

Danny Imperial uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, while Kroptkin does the same in a neutral corner. But they may have been a made idea, as Danny very suddenly charges at her, splashing her big time against the turnbuckle! Danny then hefts her over with a snapdragon suplex into the center of the ring. He holds on and picks her up, deadlifting her up for his patented running muclebuster the Kingdom Come!

What a feat of strength!

He hits a big time KINGDOM COME! Danny covers!



3.....STILL NO! Imperial is shocked to see Kropotkin kick out!

Looking frustrated now, Danny scoops Kropotkin up onto his shoulder for what looks to be a power slam, but Kropotkin slinks out behind him and goes for a surprise roll-up!



Kropotkin is ready when Danny gets to his feet, and she hurricanrana's him into a pin!




An unbelievable series of near falls, I have to think that whoever falters first is gonna be taking the fall!

Both of them, seemingly renewed by the frenetic pace of the covers, get to their feet at about the same time! Danny goes for a clothesline but Kroptkin ducks and hits the ropes. She splashes Danny on the rebound, but Danny catches her in mid-air and dumps her down into a backbreaker across his knee! But he's not done! He holds onto her and goes to lock in the Crown of Thorns, but Kroptkin squeaks out before he can get it locked in!

One of her personalities had that scouted!

She drops to her knees and attempts to uppercut Imperial, but he sidesteps and lands a kick directly to the side of Kropotkin’s head!

Imperial quickly slides in behind her!






Welcome back! Bentley and Brooks are already in the ring, and here comes their opponents!

Tig O’ Bitties
Introducing first, weighing in at 187lbs, hailing from who knows where, accompanied by her partner ENGY, MERCY!

The words "They only want you when you're 17, when you're 21 you're no fun...." appear in dark red letters on the 'tron before cutting into Seventeen by Ladytron. The Tron comes alive with graphic shots of plastic surgery interspersed with shots of blood dripping on a bright white surface. Mercy appears at the top of the ramp accompanied by her partner, Engy, they begin walking slowly and with a purpose towards the ring, where they slide under the bottom rope together.

The bell sounds and away we go!

Trevor Brooks decides to step in first. He seems confident, bouncing around. The Engineer smiles. He reaches back and tags in Mercy. Mercy cracks her knuckles and steps through the ropes.

Brooks sees the massive woman step through the ropes, and he swallows his fear. He charges her as the bell rings and the two of them lock up.

Mercy quickly gets the upper hand, tossing him into the corner and laughing with the ease of it. She runs and knees him in the mid section. He bends over and she takes him back by the head and forces him back, connecting with a big chop to the chest and and an arm drag to drop him on his back.

In the wise words of Deuce Bigalow, 'That's a huge bitch!'

This is a scary woman.....and I wouldn't be surprised if he won't see the Engineer at all here. Just let Mercy make her statement.

Mercy picks him up and then drops him quickly with a scoop slam. Turning around she stares at the young rookie Bentley.......the blonde jumps off the apron and onto the mat. Mercy shakes her head and smiles. She stomps on Brooks twice before liftin him up into a pump handle slam. He points to the Engineer, who is looking on intensely. She does the throat slash motion, but just as she goes to lift Brooks up he gets two feet into her chest and knocks her back, then rolls under the ropes.

Smart move there....Brooks bought himself some time. Lets see if Mercy follows him.

The way he was getting ragdolled, he would be better off with a countout here, Old Man!

Brooks shakes off the cobwebs a bit as Brooks and Bentley huddle on the outside as the ref begins to count. The ref gets to a six count as they break the huddle.

Mercy just stands in the ring, watching them, expressionless.

Finally Brooks slides back in and Bentley goes to the apron. Immediately, Mercy begins to stomp on Brooks but he is able to pull himself up with the ropes. He bravly fires shots back, and actually manages to back to big bitch up. Mercy is clearly annoyed by this new burst of offense and grabs him by the sides of the head, squeezing and lifting him off his feet.

What raw strength!

I bet she likes it rough!

She then tosses him into the ropes. She bounces off on her end but Bentley elbows here in the back of the head. Mercy turns around. Bentley looks like she is about to shit her pants as Mercy grabs her by the hair and flips her into the ring. She turns around as Brooks gets a boot to the face, stumbling Mercy into the ropes but the Engineer is in the ring and kicks Brooks in the gut before dropping him with a massive DDT. Mercy tosses Bentley into the corner and squashes her with a massive splash. The grabbing her arm, whips her into the other corner and does the same thing.

Brooks is using the ropes to get to his feet. Mercy steps through the ropes and grabs him by the neck, jumping off the apron. His neck and head bounce off the rop rope, and he falls back holding his neck and coughing.

Engineer slowly steps through the ropes and back into his own corner. Mercy is on the outside and seems to be unphased by the fans who are saying things to her. She walks up the steps, and is stalking Brooks. She kicks him once in the head. She is toying with him like cat does a mouse.

This doesn't look good for Brooks here.

It hasn't looked good for 10 minutes now.

Finally he stands up. She delivers another kick to the gut.

Lifting him above her head.


My god! That impact was deafening!

Just then Bentley comes off the top rope and goes for a splash, but Mercy catches her. She has her up in a military press. Showing off her massive strength.....she walks around for a moment with Bentley above her before dropping her down on top of Brooks.

Mercy is still expressionless as she puts a foot on Bentley's back, covering both bodies.

The ref counts.




Winners: Mercy and The Engineer

Tig O' Bitties: Here are your winners, Mercy and the Engineer!

Mercy just made light work of two promising, up and coming superstars here!

Get used to it! Mercy is going to be throwing bodies around here for a long time. She may be unstoppable!

Sammy and Louis, collectively known as Dem Niggaz, walk out from behind the curtain. They play to the crowd as they make their way down to the ring. Louis rolls into the ring as Sammy waddles up the steps and climbs in over the bottom rope. The music stops as the two men stand in the center of the ring with microphones in hand.

Luca Arzegotti: “You know, Equinox and myself were supposed to fight these clowns, but they said they would rather hit us with that entertainment.”

Old Man Johnson: “Odd that you would let them off the hook that easily.”

Luca Arzegotti: “Hey, maybe I’m curious?”

Louis Maxwell Pryce: “Yo yo yo, how we doing tonight Kath-man-dookie!

The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos at the mispronunciation of their hometown.

Samuel Madison: “Hey, show some fucking respect, okay! We’re out here to entertain you yellow bastards!”

More boos at Sammy’s racists and incorrect statement.

Louis Maxwell Pryce: “Hol up Sammy, these ain’t Ching Chongs, we in some terrorist country!”

Again, the boos grow even louder.

Samuel Madison: “What!?! The XWF actually brought us over to some towel head war state? What in the F***!”

The boos continue.

Louis Maxwell Pryce: “Aight y'all, listen up. Tonight, we got a very special treat for you primitive future taxi drivers. We done been the talk of the town all week cause Dem Niggaz are debuting they very own talk show right here on Wednesday Warfare!”

The crowd settles down a bit, but the jeering is still very audible.

Samuel Maddison: “That’s right! Sammy and myself are very proud to introduce you to what is going to become the hottest, most talked about, most envied show in the XWF. REAL TALK!”

Louis Maxwell Pryce”Wid Dem Niggaz!”

Samuel Madison: “Now please allow me to introduce you to our very first guest… LIL WAYNE!!!”

Sammy and Louis point to the stage. The crowd waits in anticipation for the rap megastar to come out, but he doesn’t.

Louis Maxwell Pryce: “Um, okay, Wayne must be a little hard of hearing. Let's try that again… Let us introduce… LIL WAYNE!!!”

Sammy and Louis point to the stage once more, but just like before Lil Wayne doesn’t walk out from the back.

Louis Maxwell Pryce: “Yo Sammy, you did type up that invite like I told ya, right?”

Samuel Madison: “Of course I did!”

Sammy reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a wrinkled up envelope.

Samuel Madison: “See!”

Louis looks at Sammy like he is the biggest retard on the face of the planet and slaps him in the back of the head.

Louis Maxwell Pryce: “Fool! How in da hell Wayne spose ta know ta be here if you ain't mailed the letter!?!”

Sammy thinks for a second before fully realizing his blunder and hanging his head in shame.

Louis Maxwell Pryce: “Aight people, looks like we ain't gonna be able to do this thing this week after all. Not like any of y'all deserve to see it anyway!”

The crowd once again erupts into a chorus of boos.

Luca Arzegotti: “Alright, time to do work!

Old Man Johnson: “Looks like business is about to pick up!”

Luca throws off his headset and meets up with Equinox as he walks out of the back. They both have a no nonsense look on their faces. The two “Da Club” members look to each other and nod before storming down the ramp. Louis and Sammy back up to the far end of the ring looking like they’re about to soil their pants as Luca and Equinox slide into the ring and march right up to them.

Louis Maxwell Pryce: “Um… Good news? Looks like we may have our guest after all…”

Luca and Equinox don’t make a move, they just continue to stare into the souls of Dem Niggaz.

Samuel Madison: “Um, we ain't looking for any trouble fellas…”

Without warning Luca hits Louis with Get Away Driver at the same time that Equinox hits Sammy with Goodnight Sweet Prince. Luca waves Mika Hunt into the ring as Equinox stacks Sammy’s fat ass on top of Louis. Mika calls for the bell.


Old Man Johnson: “It looks like we are about to have a match between these two teams after all!”

Luca and Equinox both place a single foot over Dem Niggaz as Mika drops for the count.




Old Man Johnson: “Da Club makes short work out of Dem Niggaz tonight!”

Winners - Da Club!

[align=center]"The following contest is scheduled for ONE FAAAAALL...and is a LION'S DEN MATCH!!"

The fans pop.

"Oh heeeeeell yeeeeeeeah Old Man, this motherfucker gon' be off da CHAIN!!"

"Yes indeed, Robert Main meets Peter F'n Gilmour tonight in a Lion's Den, Luca. No escape, no mercy...not for the loser anyway. And it took the ring crew long enough to set it up, this better be worth the wait."

"Introducing first..."

As "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest begins we watch as Robert "The Omega" Main slowly rises up from the depths of the stage, his back turned to the ring as he rolls his shoulders.

"Fuck you talkin' 'bout Willis? "Worth the wait"? The guy making his entrance right now legit brought the house down at Leap of Faith!"

"...from Las Vegas, Nevada...weighing in at 220 poooounds...THE OMEGAAAAA...ROBERT...MAAAAAAIN!!"

Following Tig's introduction, he turns as the music begins to rise, and after the lyrics "I make them for you" hit the speakers, just as the sting hits, he raises his firearm to the sky, pulls the trigger and unleashes an automatic salvo that has his pockets of fans around the arena cheering enthusiastically. He then hops off the small platform, passes his weapon to a crewman and begins to walk to the ring, avoiding the outstretched hands of the fans in disgust along the way. Once Robert reaches the Lion's Den, he eyes the structure, smirks, then enters through the doorway exuding confidence.

"Well, I'll give it to ya, he did put on quite a spectacle in the rafter match. And he looks about as impressed with the Lion's Den as he was with the rafter setup."

"That's confidence, Old Man, confidence. He exudes it, brotha."

"And his opponent..."

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of COMANCHE by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage.

"Here he coooooomes!"

"Gilly I'm sure ain't too happy about losing the Hart Title to Cadryn at Leap of Faith, I bet he has some serious aggression to get out here. My boy gonna bring sum thundaaaaaaaah!!"

"From Los Angeles, Californiaaaa and accompanied by his wife and manager Maria Brink...weighing in at 260 pooooounds....PETER...FUCKING...GILMOOOOUUUUR!!"

As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They reach the Den together and Peter leaves Maria at ringside with a kiss to a folding chair as he enters the Lion's Den and throws up an "X" with his arms as pyro explodes from above.


"And awaaaaaay we go!!"

Main actually dashes at Gilly a split second before the opening bell, catching him blowing a kiss to Maria on the outside with a flurry of left and right fists. The 4 inches taller, 40 pounds heavier God of Xtreme finds himself being backed against the octagonal chain link walls behind him, the aggression of Main not only taking him by surprise but packing more of a wallop than he may have expected.

"Main here with an explosive start."

"I told you muthafucka-"

"What's with the.. THAT, whatever it is you're doing right now? Out of nowhere I might add."

"Its fun talkin' like this daaaawg, fuck is your pro'lem?"


Gilly catches Robert with a knee to the midsection, hastily lifted, and a shove, successful in halting the peppering of punches. Well, for a second anyway-

-Main stumbles back only to lay back in to Gilmour AGAIN. Following one final hard right he snatches Pete by the wrist and whips him hard across the Den into the opposite section of chain link. Main follows up, charging in-

- and Gilly TAKES the hit to the cage, pops out and puts his weight behind a lunge at Main with a hard clothesline that drops the Omega to the mat!

"Oooooh SHIT!"

"Gilly flipping this around."

Gilly then grabs two handfuls of Main's hair, pulling him to his-

-Main is far too fresh as well! He pops up with an UPPERCUT-

"Did you hear his teeth clink together!!??"

-then latches on to a backpedaling, jaw clutching Gilly and executes an arm drag neck breaker for good measure!!




"Not even a one count, Gilly's a lot tougher than that!"

Robert quickly rises as Gilly too recovers. He slams a double axe-handle across Pete's back. A second. A third! Gilly keeps his head down and, like a fucking rhino, bullies Main back into the cage, butting his head into Main's breadbasket.

Robert attempts a fourth axe handle-

-but Gilly locks around Main's waist and flips him with a strong belly to belly suplex!! Gilly covers!!



"Main isn't looking too bad himself, Luca. Both these men came down here tonight to win! Neither wants to give ANY ground from word go!"

Gilly smirks and rises to one knee, smacking Main in the face.

"Awwww shit!"

Main SPITS and hits Gilly RIGHT in the eye!!

"Hey you sick fuck!" He hollers, wiping the saliva away and rubbing at his eye as he stands full. Main hops up and takes his opportunity to swing at Gilly again. This time, Gilly is unable to raise arms to block-

- and Main ROCKS him for the SECOND time with a hard swing! The Omega whips him to the cage, following through with a charge and a STIFF knee to Gilly's gut!! Pete flips OVER Main's knee to the mat off that one. Gilly rolls around in pain. Main then oddly vaults onto the nearest section of chain link, crawls up...

"Hell's this kid doing? He can't win by escaping the Lion's Den."



Gilly kicks out right before the TWO!!

"HotDAMN that had to hurt though!"

"Like I said, these boys came to win tonight, they've both been on all-cylinders. Main non-stop with the aggression, Gilly trying to land the heavier maneuvers to take Main out quickly."

Coughing, Gilly can't stop a now angry Main from continuing to target his throat, now latching on with a rear naked choke!!

Gilly panics, trying to roll onto his back...Main has it LOCKED!

Mika asks Gilly if he wants to submit. He refuses to answer, his face turning beet red. He fights back, trying to nail Main in the ribs with his free elbow... no avail!! He panics further, frantically- seizuring -for lack of a better term, trying to get Main BENEATH HIM...


"Come on big dawg! Use that weight advantage!"

Gilly begins kicking his legs up, pushing his weight down! Main keeps the choke locked in but you can see the crushing is taking it's toll as he releases his leg lock and begins attempting to get Gilly back over onto his side!

His positioning just isn't enough to pull it off----------

- and Gilly manages to heave his ass up off the mat high enough to bring it crashing down HARD on Main's pelvis!!


"Jesus H. WANG!!"

Main releases and Gilly rolls over, catching his breath, as The Omega tucks his hands between his legs and fetal positions in pain!

Gilly rises from all fours to a knee, rubbing at his throat, as Main continues to suffer the effects of the devastating Gilly Ass Splash.

"They both showing some wear and tear now Old Man."

"Well I'm sure I saw Gilly willing to pass out rather than submit and Main took an awful shot to the nards-"


"Isn't that what you kids call 'em these days?"

"Bro, "nards"? That's so fucking "Monster Squad", that's so fucking 80s, I LOVE IT!!"

Gilly rises to his feet fully, still rubbing at his throat...and no longer sporting the smug look he's had from the start. Now he looks pissed.

He stalks over to Main, pulls him up strongly...

...then spins The Omega, latches on and-









"Fuck ME, after that nuclear nard nailing I thought Robert was pretty much screwed!"

"Oh no. No, no, no...I'm seeing exactly what you meant about Robert Main ringing the house down. He'll literally put his health, the pain, aside to keep going, to END his opponents."

Main, still suffering that ass bomb rolls to one side as Gilly pops back up a bit slowly, forcing Robert up to his fe-

-Robert sparks to life, unleashing a flurry of punches for the third time in the match! And AGAIN he catches Gilly of guard!

However, Gilly seems to have adopted a bit more focus, he immediately fights back this time, returning each shot with his own!! The faces of these two men, contorted in rage.

"Lord almighty, these two may very well HATE eachother!"








"Did you HEAR THAT!?"

Gilly backpedals, his eyes cross momentarily....AND HE LUNGES WITH A HIS OWN HEADBUTT!!








Main backpedals, shakes off the cobwebs...they BOTH LUNGE--







"Both men are down! Gilly! Main! They're both down!!"

Mika begins her count!





Gilly stirs!!










The fans are explosive at this point.

"Holy. Shit. Even I can't believe the drive of these two men right now! Ain't nothing on the line, nothing but a W and pride!"

Both men lie on their backs, breathing hard. Gilly stirs once more, Robert curses, struggles to his feet...

...he manages to rise up, catching Gilly as he's halfway u-












Tig O’Bitties: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Novato, California and weighing in at 107 pounds…. ALLY WOOOOOORSTED!!!”

The stadium goes black as Happy rocks over the loudspeakers. The camera pans onto the entrance way under the XTron as we can barely see a shadowy figure.

Pink and black strobe lights begin flashing rapidly all over the arena as a huge white spotlight shines down onto Ally Worsted who is turned around backwards, her hands open and arms extended out. The back of her leather jacket reading:


Ally spins around as a barrage of pink pyro explodes behind her on the stage, the reflection of the ring visible on her black sunglasses as a little smirk comes across her face. Ally unzips her jacket exposing her usual ring attire.

She runs down the rampway toward the ring, pyro exploding from either side of the runway as she slides under the bottom rope of the ring and walks toward the nearest turnbuckle, climbing it and her arms above her head.

Tig O’Bitties: “And her opponent, Naples Island, Long Beach, California and weighing in at 230 pounds… JIM CAEEEEDUUUUS!!!”

The now familiar opening notes to "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold begin to blast from the PA moments before the ring announcer plugs. The fans erupt. As the spiel is unloaded the lights cut, plunging the arena in darkness before silver strobes begin to flash and silver spotlights begin to continuously wave from along the length of the entrance walkway to the crowd and back.

Obviously practiced and well-timed, the moment the announcer finishes, "ready, steady, g-g-go!" is let fly by the song's vocalist and silver pyro erupts from the egress. Before the cloud of smoke dissipates, the former XWF Universal Champion Jim Caedus, sadly sans strap, steps out as the house lights come up.

His hair hangs freely, emotion absent in his eyes. He glances around at the majority population of fans who now know exactly who he is. The small pockets of his smarks seem less enthused to be a part of the crowd but remain cheering nonetheless.

As the music continues he turns his attention to the ring and it's inhabitant(s) then starts an unconcerned slow walk, carefully gathering his long blonde hair into a secured samurai-style bun along the way. At ringside he removes his Dickies jacket, folds it carefully beside his corner's steps then ascends to the apron, stepping through the ropes and into battle after nearly 2 minutes have elapsed.


Ally is quick to move to the center of the ring but Jim shows off some speed, narrowly avoiding a single leg takedown attempt. She twists and spins back up to her feet, expecting Jim to have followed up with a quick counter strike but instead he just smiles at her and bounces back and forth on his feet in the opposite corner to the one he began the match in. She moves towards the middle of the ring once more. Jim follows suit and the two tie each other up. Having the size advantage, Jim muscles Ally back into the corner and applies pressure, trying to sap some of the energy from her. In response, Ally stomps on his left foot and then catches him with a sharp forearm, knocking him back off of her.

As Jim touches his jaw with his hand, Ally fires out of the corner, ducking under a left hand from Jim as she wraps her arms around his waist and swoops around behind him. In one flawless motion she shows off her power, lifting and tossing him over her head with a belly to back suplex. From the mat, Ally quickly kips up and shouts at the crowd, who respond with a chorus of cheers. Jim isn’t delayed long in getting back to his feet and once more moves to meet Ally in the middle of the ring. She tries to connect with a forearm shot but Jim maneuvers out of the way of it and responds with a vicious snap kick to the knee, dropping her down to a kneeling position. He’s quick to wrap his arms around her head, tying her up in a clinch. Knee after knee connects as the crowd roars and counts with Jim as each knee finds it’s mark all the way up to ten. Upon the tenth blow, Jim releases Ally from the clinch and allows her to drop to the mat and roll over onto her side in pain.

Old Man Johnson: ”That’s a good start for Jim. He’s going to need to keep up that kind of attack.”

Luca Azegotti: ”Exactly, he needs to take advantage of the mistakes Ally makes.”

Jim pulls Ally back to her feet by her hair and then whips her into the ropes. Instead of rebounding toward him, Ally holds onto the top rope and halts her momentum. Caedus, seeing this, charges at Ally looking to clothesline her over the top rope but instead she drops to the mat and pulls the top rope down, sending Jim over the top rope and tumbling down to the ground outside the ring. Ally catches her breath before moving to the near corner where she ascends to the top rope. Once there she takes a moment to balance herself and then leaps just as Jim gets back to his feet and turns in her direction. There’s no time for him to get out of the way and he takes the diving cross body flush. Both competitors slam to the ground.


Ally and Jim both continue to lie, writhing in pain and paying little attention to the count being made by the referee.


Finally, some movement begins as Hunt is giving the two competitors all the time she possibly can between each number. The reality of the situation is that in the two seconds that have been “counted” nearly a full minute has passed by. Jim has managed to roll himself back to his hands and knees, and has one hand gripped tightly on the top of the security barrier. Ally, on the other hand, has rolled her way over to ringside where she has a fistful of ring apron in her grasp.


The expressions on the faces of both Ally and Jim show just how much it hurts to pull themselves back up but both manage to do so at about the same time. Ally, resting against the ring and Jim resting against the security barrier. Caedus moves towards Ally first and looks to tie her up in the clinch again but she’s quick to counter with a boot to the stomach. Ally grabs Jim by the back of his head and drives him face first into the steel ringpost, dropping him to the ground.


Spotting cables that are laid out nearby the timekeepers table, Ally grabs hold of one of them and then moves to Jim, stomping down on his back to flatten him out before straddling his back and wrapping the cables tightly around his throat, cutting off his supply of air. As she wrenches back tightly on the cables, the referee shouts at her to let him go. Refusing to adhere to her orders, Ally simply hisses at Mika and pulls even tighter on the cables. Hunt screams one final warning at her, that if she doesn’t release him she’ll disqualify her and finally Ally relents just as Jims face was changing from a shade of bright red to a blueish hue.


In full control outside of the ring, Ally takes her time to play to the crowd who showers her with love despite her previous rule breaking. Ally smiles and basks in what she perceives to be certain victory that she’s closing in upon.


Jim uses Ally’s overconfidence to his advantage and begins to crawl away from her while she’s not paying attention. Once he has enough distance between them he uses the ring apron to pull himself back up to his feet just as Ally notices her opponent has gotten away from her. Annoyed at the fact that Jim isn’t playing his part like she believes he should, Ally again begins to hunt her opponent down. Trying to keep distance between Ally and himself while he regains his bearings, Jim moves turns the corner and heaves a deep breath of air into his lungs, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs.


Ally turns the corner at a brisk pace and kicks it into high gear with Jim in her sights. He manages to duck under her attempted clothesline, however, and with a helping shove sends Ally tumbling awkwardly into the steel ring steps. Upon impact, and the loud clang that echoed throughout the arena, the crowd “Ooooh’s” in approval and then their appreciation turns to an all out roar as Jim takes off in the direction of his opponents downed body. Leaping into the air, Jim plants both of his feet against the side of Ally’s head, sandwiching her face between his boots and the steel ring steps.


Jim pops up in a fury, pumping his arms in the air as the crowd goes crazy. He lets out an animalistic roar and turns his attention back to Ally and proceeds to unload on her with a flurry of kicks. Once more Jim pulls Ally back to her feet by her hair, this time lifting her up into the air and dropping her torso first against the cold steel of the steps. With a thud as her body makes impact, Ally collapses to the floor while Jim smirks at her.


The referee’s voice finally catches his ear and, instinctively, Jim starts to slide back into the ring to beat the count.


Winner: Jim Caedus!

After Worsted rolls out of the ring, Caedus stands in the center, all seems normal... When suddenly:

"What the hell, was that Luca?"

"I don't know, but I think we're about to find out!"

The lights flash, and everything appears normal, until:

[Image: giphy.webp]

"The lights are out, now what?"

The lights go out and so does the X-Tron. Suddenly, a faint chanting, growing louder is heard:

"This is just too weird, what IS happening?"

As the chanting grows louder, satanic images fade onto the X-Tron:

[Image: tumblr_mxvdiolIjf1soljxao1_500.gif]

This continues for about another 30 seconds, a clear sense of dread is in the air. The fans are nervous and some are even scared. On the final chant, this appears, in burning leters:


The lights stay out, before suddenly:

"Oh My God! Drake's behind Caedus, and he's got the barbed wire chair-"
"off the skull of the former Universal Champion!"

"Now he's pounding away on Caedus's head, good god! I can't tell very well Luca, but Caedus seems busted wide open!"

Drake continues to wail away on Caedus, when Drake stands up and backs up, Caedus's face is bloody and beaten. Medical staff and Tala Sugay run to ringside, Drake then grabs a microphone.

"Did you really think I was going to forget, mortal fool?

Drake smirks after he finishes, and begins to walk away, leaving a battered and bloody Jim Caedus on the ground, and needing medical attention.


Tig O’Bitties
Introducing first the challenged. Weighing in at 200lbs, currently residing in New York City, The Young Lion, FINN KUHN!

No Mercy begins it's slow beginning, with all lights in the arena going out sans a lone spotlight at the stage. After a few seconds, Finn comes out with his head bowed, hands behind his back and a black hooded jacket being worn. Finn begins to slowly walk his way to the ring, the spotlight following him. As the song begins to say, "No Mercy..." for the first time, Finn kneels on one knee, hands going to the metal grate, and as the song revs up, Finn shoots up, removing his hood and runs into the ring. From there, Finn poses on the turnbuckle for the fans, and bounces on his feet as he prepares for the match.

Tig O’Bitties
And his opponent , weighing in at 200lbs, hailing from Morgantown, WV. He is the current XWF Hart Champion, “The Essence Of Excellence” CADRYN TIBERIUS!

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.

The bell sounds and the match is underway. Both men meet face to face in the middle of the ring, a cold dead stare ensues for a moment before Cadryn takes a step back and extends his hand to Finn. Finn, locked in on Cadryn extends his hand and the two men shake hands and slowly back away from one another.

[white]A good sign of sportsmanship from Kuhn.

That’s cause Cadryn is a real man and shit, Johnny!

Both men begin pacing around the ring for a moment before meeting in the middle again, this time in a collar elbow tie up. Locked in together, both men struggle for the upper hand!

After a few seconds Kuhn is able to gain the advantage and shoves Cadryn straight to the mat!

Finn Kuhn is a force to be reckoned with, Luca. He made it clear he wasn’t taking this match lightly.

The Young Lion refuses to cower to Cadryn, gotta give him props.

Cadryn smiles as he picks himself up off the mat and the two lock up once more. Struggling to gain the advantage again, Finn begins backing Cadryn into the corner. But before he can get him against the turnbuckle Cadryn pushes back with raw power, sending Kuhn to the mat just as he did Cadryn!

Cadryn lets out a roar in the roar as Kuhn looks on stunned by what has just happened.

Cadryn ain’t come to play, Finn. You betta keep it 100 in there.

Finn picks himself up and locks eyes with Cadryn once more. In a quick burst of speed Finn launches himself across the ring and begins throwing clubbing blows to the head and face of the champion!

Cadryn stumbles a bit but refuses to fall, balancing himself on the ropes. Finn takes a off running, bouncing off the opposite set of ropes, just as he is about to land a clothesline, Cadryn ducks and pulls the top rope down, sending Kuhn flying over the top rope and out to the mat below!

What a counter by veteran Cadryn Tiberius!

Mika Hunt begins to count, as Kuhn begins to gather himself on the outside!




Finn dusts himself off and slides back into the ring just to be met by a stiff boot to the head from Cadryn! Cadryn begins stomping away at the challenger, landing boot after boot to the side and back of Kuhns head!

Man, them cowboy boot cannot feel nice on the head.

Cadryn takes a step back and poses to the crowd, sending them erupting in a chorus of cheers for their champion. Finn quickly hops to his feet and sneaks up on Cadryn, who still has his back turned posing!

Kuhn grabs him by the back of the head and lands a brutal Scorpion Death Drop!

Finn quickly covers Cadryn as Mika begins to make the count!




Cadryn kicks out before the count of three.

That may have been a little too close for Tiberius. He may wanna focus on Kuhn and not showboat.

Kuhn is quick to his feet once more. The Young Lion pulls Cadryn to his feet and launches him forward with a lariat, sending him crashing into the turnbuckles back first! Finn mounts Cadryn by climbing to the second turnbuckle and begins landing blow after blow in succession with the crowds counting!










Finn pauses for a moment and poses to the crowd himself before landing a final blow!


Cadryn stumbles out of the corner and falls face first to the ground, seemingly unconscious. Flat on his face, in the middle of the ring Kuhn goes back on the offensive once more.

If this keeps up, we’re going to have a new Hart Champion here tonight!

Kuhn mounts Cadryn and locks in a perfectly executed Camel Clutch!

Wrenching back with everything he’s got, Cadryn begins to yell out in agony as Mika drops to the floor to check on the champion!

Over and over Mika asks Cadryn if he’s ready to submit, as she focuses her eyes on his hands! Cadryn refuses to give up! Finally the challenged lets go, sending Cadryns face crashing into the mat again.

Get up, Cadbro. You ain’t go out like this!

Finn sprints to the corner and begins climbing the turnbuckle!

At the top he takes a deep breath and…


Kuhns signature move lands perfectly on a down and out Cadryn Tiberius, right into the pin!

Mika drops for the count!

This could be it right here folks!





Cadryn kicked out a split second before the three count was made!

Kuhn can’t believe it, he’s shocked!!!

Kuhn puts his hands on his head in disbelief before climbing to his feet once again!

Cadryn still lays on the mat, motionless as the crowd intensifies!

Kuhn begins circling Cadryn, planning his next attack!

Kuhn finally decides on a plan of attack and scoops Cadryn up off the mat. Seemingly barely able to stand, Kuhn whips Cadryn towards the corner! Practically stumbling the whole way, Cadryn crashes against the turnbuckle and lays against it limp. Kuhn stands ready, looking to spring forward and land a running high knee when suddenly…

As the music continues to play the crowd begins looking towards the entrance ramp. As the lasers and lights begin to move with the music, a mysterious female comes from within the darkness…

[Image: mysterywoman.jpg]

She stands there for a moment as the crowd and Finn Kuhn look on confused..

Slowly she turns and begins to exit the stage, no words, no actions, just presence..

Well, that was weird.

Kuhn throws his hands in the air and shrugs his shoulders before turning back around to go on the offensive once more.

Kuhn turns around..












Everything just happened so fast! Cadryn retains the title, but more importantly who was the woman on the stage?!

Maybe Cadryn’s wife found out he was gay, yo..


And now folks, it's time for our MAIN EVENT!

[Image: xwfmainevent.png]

Tig O' Bitties
Introducing first weighing 200lbs, hailing from nobody fucking cares, CA, Gaybe Reno!

Golden strobe lights and dimming fill the area as "Golden Age" by Woodkid hits the loudspeakers. Mixed reactions of love and hate fill the mixed crowd as The Radical emerges in green and black tights reading 'The Very Best, Nothing More, Nothing Less' across the back. He smiles under a Black hood before sprinting and sliding into the ring, removing his hood and telling the ref to "start the fucking match already".

The crowd patiently awaits the entrance of Chris Chaos as Gaybe Reno paces around the ring threatening to take his ball and go home if things don't go his way.




[Image: latest?cb=20170203214615]












[Image: GmKysT8.jpg?dateline=1494162312]




I guess that technically means..


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Finn can be seen backstage, tending to his wounds after his gruesome and close match with Cadryn Tiberius, who barely escaped after interference from a mysterious woman. Finn tries to shake his head free of the cobwebs when he notices the camera backstage.

"Whoever that was that decided it would be a great idea to interfere in that match and cost me that championship..."



"I will find you, I will hunt you down to the ends of this Earth, and I will make sure to kick your ass and have you feel EVERY SINGLE FUCKING BIT of pain you just caused me. Be ready, because I'm not hesitating like I did with Cadryn this time. When I'm done with you, you WILL be run out of this federation. Bank on it."

Finn can be seen walking off in disappointment and anger as the scene fades to black.

((OOC: Awesome job to whoever wrote my match! That was fucking excellent, and definitely worth the wait! Cad, shoutout to you my guy, you're a fucking lad. Definitely a phenomenal RPer, and a true gentleman.))

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"Woah, Woah! Finny boy, maybe I haven't been around much and am not the most reliable motherfucker, but don't drown in your loss because you and I will be going to WAR on November eighth. Yeah, that is right the Lion Pup meets War Pig! Best of luck to you boy."

Bearded War Pig extends his hand like a proper gentleman with a slick American grin.

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Epic show. Main, I told u id take u to the limit. Good match. Im not mad at the result.

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(10-26-2017 11:38 AM)Bearded War Pig Said:  "Woah, Woah! Finny boy, maybe I haven't been around much and am not the most reliable motherfucker, but don't drown in your loss because you and I will be going to WAR on November eighth. Yeah, that is right the Lion Pup meets War Pig! Best of luck to you boy."

Bearded War Pig extends his hand like a proper gentleman with a slick American grin.

Finn looks at Bearded War Pig's hand in disgust.

"I appreciate the attempted show of respect, but with all due respect, I was screwed. After I beat you, I'm going to find who this was, and I'm going to destroy her. In the meantime however..."

Finn slaps BWP's hand away and walks away, muttering something about "Those damned Motherfuckers..."

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"Hoooooolyyyyyy shit...if it ain't Drake. S'amatter chump, didn't get the message Ax3 sent like, what, 5 months ago? You been fantasizin' about that run-in the whole damn time haven't you. Christ. You can't act out your obsession with me in a healthier way like asking me to record an outgoing voice message on your phone or carvin' my name into your chest like Marilyn Manson's scarification sluts? You gotta BEG me to twist your head off and kick it up to a lucky fan in the nose bleeds instead? I'm shocked the shriveled nuts (The Revival) to your ever-palm-raping pecker (you jack off a lot and do so as if you're trying to murder it) didn't help you (carry you) make a more impactful (lol) return (segue to another quick exit). I guess they're smarter than you. Wanna fight, Flake, gonna hafta wait. My boy Barney Green and I have a scrap to handle first."

Ooc: sweet card fam! A shout out and thank you to whomever wrote the Ally/Caedus match, shit was badass!

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Nox is backstage fuming. He is so pissed he can't even enjoy Quiznos.

What the friggity fuck was that? I didn't comeback for two useless bags of donkey shit to renig on themselves. That is not Da Qlub's way, that's not what the fans deserve, and that is definitely not how to boost ratings, I best be compensated handsomely for dealing with such atrocities.

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Drake's face appears after repeated static flickering, the screen settles down before he finally speaks.

"This is a warning to any and all who stand with Jim Caedus. I will hunt you down, and I will make you suffer. As for you Jimbo, I'm pleased you and Barney are fighting, it softens you up for me. Trust me, if you though tonight was bad, well,"

Drake's voice deepens to an unnatural growl

"You ain't seen SHIT yet. You will suffer true pain Caedus, and this is the just the start, my advice, is one simple, three letter word:"

[Image: La9w6BF.png]

The video cuts out, static once again filling the screen.

1 x X-Treme Champion
2 x Heavy Metalweight Champion
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(10-26-2017 01:49 PM)Drake Said:  

Drake's face appears after repeated static flickering, the screen settles down before he finally speaks.

"This is a warning to any and all who stand with Jim Caedus. I will hunt you down, and I will make you suffer. As for you Jimbo, I'm pleased you and Barney are fighting, it softens you up for me. Trust me, if you though tonight was bad, well,"

Drake's voice deepens to an unnatural growl

"You ain't seen SHIT yet. You will suffer true pain Caedus, and this is the just the start, my advice, is one simple, three letter word:"

[Image: La9w6BF.png]

The video cuts out, static once again filling the screen.

I stand with Jim Caedus. I fought with Jim Caedus.

You ain't got shit on Jim Caedus.

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"Did you see that match? I wrestled twelve people, but through Mike I was able to power through it and win. They even shot me. It's hard being the tag team champion."

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Robert is stopped leaving his dressing room by Steve leaving his dressing room. Robert peers over Steve's shoulder for a moment before looking dead in his eyes

Make it quick!

Steve: Robert what do you have to say about your match here tonight with the extreme legend Peter Gilmour!

Steve what is there to say about my match? I did exactly what I said I was going to do!
I told the world I was going to beat Peter Gilmour!
I went out there and did just that! Who else is crazy enough to jump from the top of a Lion's Den, driving their elbow into another man's throat? Let me make this crystal clear for you Steve and everyone around the globe! Robert The Omega Main delivers! If I say I am going to do something you had better bet the house no matter the odds! I came back and beat Robbie Bourbon at that time he was the number one contender! Now he is the Universal Champion! Robbie listen up! You and I will meet again real soon pal! Peter Gilmour like I said The Omega may bend! He doesn't break! Suck my pork sword!

Steve: Those were some harsh words, Robert! Now I'm not sure if you are aware but Warfare 11/18 you are going to be getting your shot at the X-treme Championship in a falls count anywhere match! Robert my question to you is this! Are you The Omega ready to get extreme?

What the fuck is this? Amature hour? Harsh words? How are these words for harsh! Fuck you, Robbie Bourbon! Fuck you, Peter Gilmour! Those are harsh words, Steve! Am I ready to get extreme? Really? Let me show you!

Robert grabs Steve by the suit jacket tossing him into the locker room door! As Steve bounces off he turns around and is met with Robert's sledgehammer he found underneath the ring at Leap Of Faith! Steve crashes down to the floor as Robert swings taking out the cameraman! Robert picks the camera up staring for a few moments before he speaks!

Engy! You've had an impressive run as champion! Defending that belt every single day from all comers! But here is your problem kid! In life, all good things must come to an end! You've held on to that belt for long enough! Your time as champion runs out 11/18! The Omega will reign supreme!

Robert tosses the camera to the floor.


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Trio's Champion W- AX3
2020 May Superstar Of The Month
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Winning Team War Games 2019 W- APEX PROPHECY
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