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PRIME TIME: Will Opt-In To Larger RP Shows Bobby Bourbon
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XWF FanBase:
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(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

08-01-2015, 09:37 PM



In-Ring Name: Bobby Bourbon

Wrestler's Real Name: Robert Alva Bourbon

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: I'm back, baby

Wrestler Date of Birth: 8/15/1985

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 290 lbs.

Hometown: Washington, DC.

Personality: Well Respected and Beloved Dick, unlike what is in your pants. Often whimsical, until the bell rings and it's time to wreck.

Looks Description: Burly, Barrel Chested.

Ethnicity: Ginger

Pic Base, if any: Will Ferrell

Strengths: Incredibly tough, having a way of recovering from gnarly injuries and gaining strength from them.

Weaknesses: Loves the people almost to a fault, often putting how the crowd will react over winning. His fighting through injuries often does more damage than Robbie is aware.

Entrance Theme Music: Comanche as performed by The Revels.
Special Entrance (if any):

The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

As Comanche blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Bobby Bourbon. He looks out at the crowd in the arena, cold and stoic, surveying his surroundings. He stops and raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Bobby climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

Corner Avalanche Splash
Vertical Suplex
Eye Rake
Double Underhook Suplex
Senton Splash

Trademark Move(s): Phrenology Claw, Honestly Brutal, Dinosaur Extinctor, Richter Spike, Flatiron, EMC Squared, SHORYUKEN!!!, Big Boy Toss, Street Pizza, the Triple Star Crunch
Phrenology Claw: Kona Clutch (go to submission)
Honestly Brutal: Bearhug with a charge into the corner then a slam, think Oklahoma Bearhug Slam.
Dinosaur Extinctor: Pop-Up Spinebuster. Similar to a pop-up powerbomb, except the victim is caught and brought down with a spinebuster.
Richter Spike: Fisherman's Falcon Arrow, the impact of which alerts a team in California whenever it hits.
Flatiron: Torture Rack lift Samoan Drop.
EMC Squared: Earth's Mightiest Chokeslam, proving that Robbie's mass times the force you hit the squared circle gives the crowd energy.
SHORYUKEN!!!: A huge roundhouse uppercut.
Big Boy Toss: Beale toss
Street Pizza: Earthquake Splash
Triple Star Crunch: Three consecutive Alabama slams

Finishing Move(s): Bobbybomb, Flying Circus
Bobbybomb: Any type of Powerbomb from anywhere.
Flying Circus: Flying senton from the top rope.

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Bobbybombing people into/through scenery.

Additional notes:

Has a lot of signature moves, if only because nobody else does them.

[Image: gDnntnQ.png]
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