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XWF Classic: Here for the memories! Gator
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The Walking Disaster

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(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

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07-09-2014 08:25 PM

In-Ring Name:

Wrestler's Real Name (if applicable):
Jacob Woods

New to XWF or a returning roster member?:

Wrestler Date of Birth:
December 6th, 1991

6ft 4"

245 pounds

Manchester, England UK

Laid back, Doesn't like to take things too seriously.


Physical Build Description:
A little bigger overall than Antonio Cesaro, more defined muscles. Multiple body scars and several tattoos.

Ring Attire:
See pic base.

Out Of Ring/Casual Attire:
Red and black mask, t-shirt (Usually music, video game or XWF related), checkered shirt, skinny jeans, black hi-tops.

White British

Pic Base:

Wrestling Style:
Gator style!

Counter attacks, submission escapes and his in-ring experience.

Was never good on the top rope. Weak heart.

Entrance Theme Music: "Gardenia" by Kyuss -

Entrance Description:
Gardenia by Kyuss plays as Gator walks out, he drops to one knee, with his head down and beats his chest 3 times,on the 3rd chest beat Gator quickly stands raising his arm as his stage pyro goes off. Gator then walks slowly down the ramp, he slides into ring and climbs one of the corners and points to the Wrestlemania sign. He steps off the turnbuckle and relaxes in the corner, patiently waiting for the ref to start the match.

Top 15-20 Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
- Spear
- Running Bulldog
- Spinebuster
- Fisherman Suplex
- German Suplex
- Single Knee Facebuster
- Swinging Neckbreaker
- Crucifix pin
- Backbreaker
- Crossface
- Flapjack
- Mexican Surfboard Stretch
- Clothesline from hell
- Standing Dropkick
- Shining Wizard into Bulldog
- Backstabber
- Fujiwara Armbar
- Standing/Springboard Moonsault
- Double Arm DDT
- Suicide Dive

Trademark Move(s):
- Snapback
- Gator Throw
- Threes & Sevens.

Snapback - Inverted neckbreaker onto knee.
Gator Throw - Dodge out the way of a Super Kick or something similar, Gator grabs his opponent's leg and throws him onto the mat.
Threes & Sevens - A devastating running kick into a grounded opponent's head or stomach.

Primary Finisher:
Strange Ways

Powerbomb Cutter

Secondary Finisher:
Choke Sermon

Head Scissors - Legs wrapped around grounded opponent's head and arm, opponent's arm is used as leverage. Calves around opponents neck to choke, arm in between Gator's thighs or knees, Gator pushes down on opponents arm to cause extra pain. Choke/Submission.

Todd Moschitti (Not a real manager, just a cameraman but he's at ringside for the whole show so yeah.)

Favorite Weapon:
Steel Chair / Barb wire 2x4

Addition info:
Gator spent just over 4 years in a fed called J-Pro before joining the XWF and he is the son of Eddie 'The Disaster' Woods a famous wrestler in the J-Pro Wrestling Federation. Gator is still young and cocky but is well experienced in any type of match and will not go down without a real fight. He also hangs out with Todd Moschitti, an XWF cameraman.

[Image: 4H375RW.png?6]
Check out Backstage Page for full list of XWF achievements.
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