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I hate most Women
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(Physically attractive male on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes.)

02-28-2024, 07:49 PM

When The Irresistible Force Latoya is walking in the hallway and is stopped by Steve Sayors while asking her questions
[Image: sddefault.jpg]
Steve Sayors: I'm standing with the newcomer of Anarchy Latoya Hixx.
XWF Universe cheers for The Irresistible Force
Irresistible Force|Latoya Hixx: thanks for having me Mr Sayors.
Steve Sayors: How does it feel to make your debut when you face Vhodka Black, next Monday on Warfare Care to explain Ms Hixx.
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
Irrisistible Force|Latoya Hixx: Vhodka Black. isn't a nobody cause when I make my first debut on Warfare then I will show these new Warfare Women who's the real deal around here when I win my first match with Vhodka. and when that's over hopefully they can get the women their own XWF Women's World Championship unless they gonna let us fight for the men's World Championship instead cause once I'm through with Vhodka Black then consider herself that I will meet her in that same ring together for the first time on Warfare at XWF.
Steve Sayors: but what if you can't win your match against Vhodka? on Warfare?
[Image: 20231121_RAW_ex2--dd64e52316dcc8f06ca36b784180efb9.jpg]
The Irresistible Force| Latoya Hixx: Vhodka. don't know who she's messing with I may be the biggest and toughest woman of the Women's Division then she better bring everything that she has cause next week I will be in that Warfare ring waiting on her until she gives me what she got inside of that ring and when that's over I hope that announce that the Women's get there on XWF Championship or fight for the men's Championship in that's why I will beat her until she is down and out when it comes to our match next Monday at Warfare on XWF.
Steve Sayors: can you even defeat Vhodka Black? next Monday.
[Image: c2d67-16951220712975-1920.jpg?w=840]
The Irresistible Force| Latoya Hixx: only how's the match gonna turn out cause this is my first debut match to compete in a singles match when I take out Vhodka Black. next week at Warfare and be the next challenger for a chance of getting ourselves a new XWF Women's World Champion at the next Warfare on XWF.
The Irresistible Force| I'm not like most of those girls.
Latoya walks off when Steve Sayor continues talking
Steve Sayor: thanks for the support, Latoya. and good luck next Monday
Steve Sayor| We hope that Latoya. can win her first match when she beat Vhodka Black. for the first time since her debut on Warfare and see who gets to leave out as the winner with Hixx and Black competing against each other for the first time ever on XWF.
[Scene fades when Latoya heads back to her locker room to prepare for her upcoming match on Warfare begins next week]
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