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The Mike Davidson Morning Show
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Gina Van Zyl Offline
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02-07-2023, 07:14 AM

The intro music for the Mike Davidson Morning Show on KXLA comes to an end, Mike adjusts his headset and pulls the microphone closer as he begins to speak.

Good morning Los Angeles! You're lucky enough to be tuning in the the best morning radio show in the entire city! This morning we have two lovely guests, Gina Van Zyl and her absolutely gorgeous fiancee Penelope! Good morning ladies!

Gina and Penelope smile before speaking

I'm only here because Gina promised me breakfast, but I am a fan of your show, I guess.

Penelope playfully sticks her tongue out at Mike.

Don't let her fool you Mike, she's happy to be here, we both are. It's always nice talking to you and the people of Los Angeles.

Alright then, let's get right to business, Gina you have an upcoming match against John Greyson and I can't believe I have to say this name again.....Cletus.

Mike makes a sour face and takes a sip of water like he's trying to wash out a bad taste. Gina chuckles

Yes, I'm facing your favorite wrestler Cletus and someone I've never faced or heard of before. It should be a good match, for me anyway, Cletus is strong, but he's big and he's stupid. And John Greyson? I don't know much about him, but he has not got a chance. This match is mine.

I gotta tell ya, I love the confidence, it's just one of the many things I like about you! And of  course I wish you luck against them.

Gina smiles 

Thank you Mike, I appreciate that, but I don't think I'll really need luck against those two.

Ok, now I know you may not like this, but I have to address the issues you've been having with Sidney Grey in both the XWF and the LFL .... what's the deal with the two of you?

Gina's entire demeanor changes, the smile disappears and her cheeks turn slightly red. Before she can speak Penelope pipes in.

We're not going to make this interview about that dementia addled snot rag. After what she did to Gina after that game....she's lucky I haven't gotten my hands on her, stupid bitch probably thinks bathing in the blood of virgin girls keeps her young. Obviously that ain't working.

Gina chuckles and grabs Penelope's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. Gina clears her throat before speaking

It's ok Pen, he asked a question, I will answer it. What the deal boils down to is simple Mike, Sidney is jealous of me.

Oh really? How is that? I mean you have a lot to be jealous of, but how specifically is Sidney Grey jealous of you?

It's easy, I'm younger, I definitely better looking and I'm the better athlete. That's why she sabotaged my tackle in the last game. That's why she cheated to win our match, because she knew that one on one in  a fair match? She couldn't beat me ten times out of ten. She'll learn quickly and very soon that she can't play the game as well as I can, it won't look good for her 

There is a brief moment of silence as the words sink in, finally Mike smiles softly before speaking.

Some pretty harsh words, speaking of harsh words the two of you have even resorted to trading barbs in Afrikaans.....

Yeah, Gina tends to do that when she's either angry, excited or especially on the verge of a really big .....well you know.

Penelope and Mike laugh as Gina playfully smacks Penelope's arm.

Penelope! There are children listening! Behave yourself!

What? I didn't say it! It could be anything! It's not like I said orgasm...Whopsie I guess I did, sorry, not sorry.

Wow, a glimpse I to the love life of Gina and Penelope! I love it!

I bet you do, weirdo!

The three of them laugh before Mike moves on.

Alright, before we have to wrap it up. Do you have any predictions for your up coming match?

Well if course I predict a win for me! A spectacular and completely statement of my skills in the ring. That's what I predict.

Mike nods and smiles

Well then, I look forward to seeing you in the ring as always, and Penelope it's always great to hear from you. You're both welcome back at any time.

It's my pleasure as always Mike. I enjoy speaking with you!

It's been real, it's been fun but it hasn't been real fun, if you get what I'm saying.

I get what you're saying! Again thank you ladies, enjoy your breakfast, Gina you should make Penelope pay 

The three of them laugh as the outro music plays 
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