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Poll: Who Wins The Gatorweight?
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Michael Waters 52.17% 12 52.17%
Marf 47.83% 11 47.83%
Total 23 votes 100%
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(Gravy_Xtreme_5000) Offline
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06-04-2021 11:49 AM

Oh for CRYING out loud!

Did you all see that loathsome freak making a fool out of herself in MY body?


Not letting that go down.

Especially in a time-honored tradition such as a twenty-four-hour shit-talking contest.

That's not Dolly Waters, believe-you-me!

The REAL Dolly Waters, for starters, wouldn't attempt an old-school twenty-four-seven pin on this bright and shiny new piece of metal, by corroding it with its old identity. It was an identity I never saw as fitting to the belt anyway. Sid Feder was a pussy, just like Marf. There are plenty of names that could've and should've replaced that literal piece-of-shit's name. We could've called it the Calypsoweight, or the JohnBlaq Belt, or even named the strap after Caedus, or Dyson.

But I, the REAL Dolly Waters, a person with a wee bit of experience in making grown men look pathetic as they drool over themselves at my words, I've settled on challenging you, MARF, and yer' stupid name, to a GATORWEIGHT match. Named for a man so apt at this trash-talking game that he eventually had to start fishing to find opponents. That'll never be you will it, Marf? Of course not... you just proved it. Your DESPERATION precedes you.

I have a question you little sobbing sack of rat feces, did I really just hear you bitching and moaning about someone coming after you in the FederGatorweight halls? Belly aching about how you DESERVE this belt?


Give yer'self a pat on the back big boy. You've discovered that you DESERVE a title that every member of the XWF roster is able to challenge-for whenever the mood strikes. Like making claims on land that belongs to anyone. Way to go Columbus! 24/7 challenges are baked in all of our contracts! I sure as shit hope the idea wasn't lost on you, but it wouldn't surprise me. Given yer' history of tripping over yourself to sound like a complete jackass, it's a wonder you've figured out how to tie yer' bootlaces.

I mean how are you going to rebut a fake-ass Dolly Waters in a trash talk competition by crying about people coming to vote her the winner? You had two votes from your former Left-Hand sycophants before you even began to spew that litany of limp-wristed garbage. Who was really simping a blank video feed of Marf the cry-baby? Perhaps I sense the prickings of guilty conscious in yer' words? And again, I can't blame you. You've got a lot to feel guilty about. You let a member of yer' supposed sworn enemies take the TV title at MayDay, and you let Lycana down at Leap Of Faith. You fucking things up for her is damn near an inevitability ain't it?

You ain't shit, homeslice. Getting a victory over an imposter Dolly Waters in a "Federweight match" is one of the highlights in yer' dumpster-fire of a career. Now do this some justice, and remember to keep it under five-hundie, bitch.

Oh yeah. The pin.


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