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Weekend Warfare - 2/10/24
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02-11-2024, 01:00 AM

02 - 10 - 2024



- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -

- vs -

As the show opens, immediately “Leaving Dionysus” begins to play throughout the arena. The crowd roars in cheers as the current Xtreme Champion, Dionysus, walks out onto the stage, the title in one hand slung over his shoulder, and a microphone in the other.

JC: Welcome everyone to Warfare, and right away we’re kicking things off with the Xtreme Champion, who looks like he’s got something to say.

Thad: I would too if I were him; he’s coming off a fresh victory over a bonafide XWF Xtreme Legend in The Hawaiian Hardhead in a decisive bout!

JC: Well how decisive was it when your opponent does most of the damage to himself?

Thad: Either way, Dionysus has been on a roll, and it is hard not to picture him in consideration for the Universal title, especially with him only needing two more defenses with the Xtreme Title.

JC: We’re about to hear what he has to say now!

Dionysus rolls into the ring, hoisting the Xtreme Championship in the air to the approval of the crowd. Once the noise died down, Dionysus brought the microphone to his face.

DIO: Four defenses down. Two to go.


DIO: I appreciate how all of you have embraced me since I have come into your lives, and I feel I have proven myself worthy of your adoration. XWF really and truly is my home.

But…When I was standing in that ring, listening to Hawaiian Hardhead smack his forehead against my shield-

The crowd both booed and laughed at the mention of The Hawaiian Hardhead. Dionysus grinned, gesturing with his hand to bring the noise down again.

DIO: When he ran headfirst into my shield, there was a sound that also rang out. Did you hear it?

Dionysus pointed to a random fan in the crowd, who shouted back, “Nope!”

DIO: How about you? Did you hear it?

He pointed out a small child in the crowd, who, apparently being shy, silently shook their head and buried their face into their parent’s shoulder. A small chuckle came from Dionysus, as well as the crowd around him.

DIO: That noise you thought you heard…was the sound of change. Of renaissance. The bells tolled the passing of XWF as you all know it, and rang in the dawning of a new era. Now, Theo might have you convinced that everyone is on board for a fight between the XWF Originals and the New Breed or whatever he decides to call it.

But I have a different vision. A convergence of the old…with the new. After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that I was considered the outsider. The interloper. I had to prove myself to all of you that I wasn’t just here to beat down every favorite name and walk away when times were tough. I fought tooth and nail to show the world what kind of weight the name Dionysus carries. And that work has paid off.

The crowd cheered once again.DIO: Now we see the ascension of Sean Parker, the arrival of names like Sloane Taylor, Semtex and Cypher, Bert McAlroy, The Pantheon, and even the return of some familiar faces like Jason Cashe and Raion Kido.At the mention of each name, the crowd rallied again.

DIO: This is an exciting time in the history of XWF. And it all began…when I decided to take a chance on myself.

Crowd: DI-O! DI-O! DI-O!

DIO: Yes; I, Dionysus, am The Catalyst of this new era. An era that thrives on the spirit of competition, where being comfortable where you are simply will not fly anymore. It is an era I want to embrace…and an era I want you all to embrace. Both you in the audience…and all of you backstage watching me now.”


DIO: But I’m a nice enough guy. You don’t need to decide tonight. Think it over. Sleep on it. Share the news with your loved ones. Because this ship is far from sinking. Rather, it is sailing toward a new horizon. It is sailing…towards The Revelry. And it is there that I hope you all will come to see the vision…of the future…of XWF.


Dionysus dropped the microphone to thunderous applause as a “Zeronus” began to play instead of his usual entrance music, hoisting the Xtreme Championship once again, shouting “JUST TWO MORE, NED! JUST TWO MORE!”

Thad: Well, if that isn’t a statement maker of a promo, I don’t know what is.

JC: Dionysus just announced to the entire locker room that this era is his for the taking. I bet he’s not going to make any friends after this one.

Thad: Well that’s just the kind of guy Dionysus is, right? He’s tried teaming up with other people only for all that to fall short. And with a new string of hirings coming in, Dionysus is making sure his stock continues to grow.

JC: We have more action coming up in just a few!

JC: Folks, you are in for an incredible show from beginning to end! On most nights, this match would be main-event caliber… And tonight, it’s your first match!

TD: I would normally say something sarcastic to put you down… but both of these competitors I consider friends, so… As you were.[/white]

The stadium spotlights rush up toward the ceiling and Waters appears under the X-Tron. She marches to the beat of Ode To Joy, the crowd roaring, her gaze set squarely on the squared circle.

JC: Dolly Waters! A few short weeks ago, last Warfare, she derailed the MONSTER known as CRAM, taking the TV Title. And despite a controversial loss at Free-For-All against Micheal Graves, she has the opportunity of a lifetime awaiting her. A chance to compete one-on-one for the Universal Title at the Denzel Porter Invitational!

TD: Well-deserved. I couldn’t name in this industry a person with more raw, innate talent than Dolly.

TD: Myself excluded, obviously.

JC: But, is Dolly ready to take on Ned Kaye in front of every eye in the wrestling world? She has her doubters… But! A victory tonight over a former Universal champion would silence many critics as the 22-year-old heads into the biggest match of her career![/white]

She climbs through the ropes and takes the center of the ring. Raising a single fist into the air.

Flynn bursts through the curtain in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". Typically, Flynn has no expression… But, tonight, he has a goofy grin on his face. At his side, as he strolls down the ramp, he’s sporting his 24/7 briefcase.

JC: Mark Flynn has had an… let’s say, unexpected journey, the past year. Twelve months ago, he was Universal champion, THE MASTER OF REALITY, ruling the XWF with a malevolent iron fist! Today, he’s… allegedly a good guy.

TD: Hey, I believe him.

JC: Not only has Flynn aligned with Ned Kaye and Isaiah King… Taking on the mantle of Good Guy… He’s also got a child!

TD: That’s a clone of his old rag partner who tried to kill him. Don’t bury the lede, JC.[/white]

Flynn rolls under the bottom, setting his briefcase in the corner.

The official, ready for the usual headache officiating a Mark Flynn match, immediately meets Flynn to order him into the corner…

Flynn smiles, reaching into his tights…

The official puts up two hands, ready to throw an immediate DQ!

Flynn whips out…

His wallet! Which he opens to show…

Baby pictures!

JC: Flynn showing off his newborn… or, I suppose, ‘new-cloned’… to the official.

TD: Bold strategy. Fun fact: Baby pictures warp the minds of people who didn’t ask to see them. And no one ever asks. Clearly, Flynn trying to throw the official off his game.[/white]

Flynn continues showing a few pictures of his boy to the official.

The official… befuddled takes them, looking… nodding as he hands them back.

Flynn looks across the ring, raising the photos toward Dolly… Offering them if she wants a look.

Dolly remains laser-focused, gripping the turnbuckle ropes, ready for the bell.

JC: Dolly, clearly uninterested in baby photos, tonight.

TD: To be fair to her, Flynn has famously tricked Dolly in the past. She’s playing it safe, avoiding what could be a trick. She’s here to wrestle, and she’s here to win.[/white]

…Flynn’s eyebrow twitches, irritated by the implication that Dolly doesn’t want to see his baby.

…But, he stuffs the photos back into his tights.

The official signals to the timekeeper!


- vs -
Standard Singles

The moment the bell rings…

Flynn extends his right arm!

JC: Flynn opening with a VICIOU-

In the form of a handshake.

JC: …Oh.

TD: Boooooooooooo.[/white]

The crowd rumbles with mild approval as Flynn keeps his hand extended toward Dolly.

…Dolly stares down at Flynn’s hand. Flynn looks forward, trying to look Dolly square-in-the-eye.

Half the fans clap, chanting for Dolly to shake Flynn’s hand.

The other scream ‘DON’T DO IT! DON’T DO IT!’

JC: A mixed reception for sportsmanship here tonight!

TD: If this even is sportsmanship… And not a way to setup an ambush.[/white].

Dolly’s eyes narrow.


Flynn back-steps… Blowing on his hand, shaking off from the pain of receiving a Dolly Waters kick!

Half the crowd boos… The other half explodes into cheers!

Dolly raises her arms, ready to collar-and-elbow tie-up.

…Flynn shrugs… Before raising his arms.

Dolly and Flynn lock-up, dead center of the ring!

Dolly secures Flynn in a side-headlock!

Flynn catches Dolly by the arm into a hammerlock, escaping out the back of her headlock.

Dolly winces in pain as Flynn wrenches her arm behind her back….

But she reaches up, and catches her hand around the back of Flynn’s head over her shoulder!

She brings herself down, launching Flynn over her shoulder! Snapmare takedown!

…Flynn goes up…

And lands on his feet!

The crowd applauds as Flynn strolls around the center of the ring, like a triumphant matador!

He bows to the crowd as Dolly’s face contorts angrily.

Flynn then gestures toward Dolly, as if she was his partner in this wrestling magic trick! The crowd applau-

WHAM! Dolly delivers a standing drop kick straight to Flynn’s chin!

Flynn goes ass over teakettle, ending up on his face!

JC: Dolly, clearly in no mood for Flynn’s shenanigans tonight!

Dolly goes to grab Flynn by the scalp, to keep the offense u-

THWIP! Flynn grabs Dolly by the ankle and tugs! Waters flops onto her back!

Flynn backward rolls onto his feet, he bounces off the ropes!

As Dolly kips up onto her feet!

Flynn puts the brakes on, shocked as Dolly stares him down!

The crowd applauds both competitors!

JC: Wow! What athleticism from both competitors!

TD: Truly two of the best. And two of my favorites.[/white]

Flynn shakes off his surprise, clapping for Dol-

WHAM! Dolly delivers a boot to Flynn’s gut!

Flynn doubles over… As Dolly delivers a standing AXE HANDLE that drops Flynn to his knees…

JC: Dolly with a series of vicious strikes!

Flynn rubs the back of his head… As Dolly backs up into the ropes, looking for a running boot…


And dips his shoulder under Dolly’s elevated leg!

EXPLODER SUPLEX! Dolly sails up and lands HARD against the canvas! Cradling her back!

As Dolly tries to shake off the cobwebs, Flynn steps behind Waters… catching her in a waist lock…

Flynn goes for a German…

But Dolly locks her ankle around Flynn’s heel to block it!

…Dolly tries a standing switch, to take Flynn’s back…

But Flynn spins in place with Dolly! Catching her by the arm!

ARM DRAG! Flynn launches Waters across the ring once more!

You can see frustration mount on Waters’ face!

Flynn grabs Waters by the head, dragging her into a front facelock!

Waters goes to block Flynn’s lift…

By kicking Flynn in the knee!

Flynn’s expression is pure anguish! He releases Dolly and falls to one knee, cradling his leg!

JC: ooooh, Dolly attacking Flynn’s knee. He famously dislocated that back in 2021 in a match against you, Thad! Was Dolly trying to hobble Flynn with that move?

TD: Hardly. She just tried to block Flynn’s suplex and aimed a little high. Totally unintentional.[/white]

The official gets up in Flynn’s face, checking if he can continue!

Flynn grits his teeth, sucking in air… but nods, as he lifts himself shakily to a vertical ba-

WHAM! From the side, Dolly delivers a vicious cross-kick! A DISGUSTING *pop* echos as Flynn drops onto his back, cradling his knee!

TD:… Okay, fine. That was intentional.

Dolly grabs Flynn’s leg, wrenching it out of Flynn’s grip, dragging him across the canvas on his back to the ropes!


Flynn howls in agony! The crowd starts to boo at the targeted assault on display here!

Dolly stays focused on Flynn, ignoring the crowd… She scoops Flynn by the scruff of his neck, dragging him to his feet, before shoving him against the turnbuckle!




Flynn doubles over, chest BEET RED from that strike.

Dolly grabs Flynn under the arm, looking for an arm drag…

Flynn rotates, looking to arm drag Dol-


Flynn drops once more from a vertical base as Dolly grabs him by the neck, spins him around… so his and her backs face the corner turnbuckle…

WHAM! Russian Legsweep that drops the back of Flynn’s head against the middle turnbuckle!

JC: Oh my God. This is the most vicious we’ve ever seen Dolly Waters!

TD: You can call her vicious… I call her a winner.

JC: Not quite yet, Thad! But, with Flynn in the shape he’s in… it might be all but academic from here![/white]

Flynn woozily count stars, and Dolly steps back to the opposite corner turnbuckle!

She signals for the Running Waters!

Flynn shakes his head… Crawling up to one knee…

As he… subtly backs closer to the corner…

Dolly sprints!



Dolly swings high over his head…

And because she was swinging for the fences, and Flynn had crept backwards to close the distance to the turnbuckle…

Dolly’s knee collides with the turnbuckle!

It’s Dolly’s turn to clutch her leg!

JC: Ha! A little turnabout here!

Dolly grabs her an-

FLYNN, with what mobility he has left… springs up!

He waist locks Dolly… And backward rolls until he bridging Dolly’s legs down with his ankles, her shoulders against the mat!

JC: Flynn with an old-school prawn hold!

The official counts!


Dolly struggles…


She lifts a shoulder!



Dolly sits up, holding two fingers to the official… But he holds up three in response…

Dolly spins furiously back at Flynn, who holds a hand up to the crowd, while still laying on the mat!

JC: A shocking ending! That’s how truly great Flynn is! No matter how bad a beating he’s taken, a single mistake is all it takes for him to steal the pinfall!

The official grabs Flynn’s raised arm, to indicate he’s indeed the victor!

Flynn, gritting his teeth, works his way to one kn-


The crowd erupts with displeasure, as Dolly stands over Flynn, who just got his consciousness knocked into next week.

JC: Oh, cmon! Poor form by Dolly Waters! This isn’t how she should have approached this match!

TD: Isn’t it, though? She’s sending a message going into DPI to Ned Kaye. And that message is No Mercy.

Flynn lays on the mat, facedown, as Dolly plants a boot into his back, her arm in the air.

The crowd rains down its displeasure.

The stadium erupts as the opening notes of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” hits the speakers. Out from the back comes Spencer Adams and Corey Black appear from behind the curtain.

The two new XWF signings come down to the ring to a very solid reaction from the crowd.

JC: Well, what a sight to behold. The Pantheon are finally here!! And.. they’re going to take on the XWF Tag Team Champions in just a moment.

TD: New Universal Champ Ned Kaye and the previous Universal Champ Isaiah King won the tag titles a few weeks back and now this is their first official defense.

Attention turns to the ramp where the fans wait in anticipation for the arrival of the XWF Universal Champion, and the former champion, too. The XWF Tag Team Champions.

But then..

A stranger appears.

JC: What the.. That’s not the Universal Champion, and it isn’t Isaiah King either…

The man is a behemoth, frankly. Probably nearing 7 foot tall, musclebound, a shock of black hair styled like a mohawk and a wondrous moustache. He’s wearing combat fatigues and combat boots, a black vest and a long leather trench coat.

He looks around at the thousands of fans in the Amalie Center in disbelief, and they seem to be equally confused. He points at the ring, whilst looking towards the fans for some sort of approval or acknowledgement, and a slow swelling of cheers starts to ripple through until it becomes almost deafening.

JC: His name tag on his vest says… SEMTEX? Is this guy SEMTEX?

TD: One would assume so JC.

As SEMTEX approaches the ring, he’s still engaging with the crowd, seemingly trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

JC: Why’s he look so confused, though? What’s he even out here for?

TD: I’m guessing were about to find out.

In the ring, Spencer Adams and Corey Black are equally lost, but the PANTHEON are somewhat enjoying the show with this huge dude seemingly gatecrashing the proceedings.

SEMTEX arrives at ringside, now, and starts to walk around the edge towards the steel steps. From the crowd, the camera catches a close-up of Bert McAlroy, who’s in the front row wearing a PANTHEON shirt.

JC: Hey, there’s one of XWF’s latest signings, another decorated superstar, Bert McAlroy! And he looks like he’s all in on the PANTHEON train!

BA: Hey, fuckface!

Bert’s arm grabs at SEMTEX’s shoulder as he passes. SEMTEX stops in his tracks, but doesn’t say anything, just staring through McAlroy.

JC: McAlroy getting in on the action already, it looks like..

BA: What? Gotta problem, big guy?

SEMTEX looks at the people on either side of Bert, trying to get a read of the situation. All he sees are hyped fans losing their mind left and right. The chance to see the legend that is Bert McAlroy tussling with this absolute mountain of a man? They’re ALL in.

By this point, the PANTHEON guys have taken a more active interest.

Spencer Adams, in particular, has scooted beneath the bottom rope and is laughing at Bert and SEMTEX as they interact.

SA: Y’know, tall drink a water, I don’t think I’d take that kinda disrespect.

Spencer looks out at the crowd, especially the ones close enough to be in ear-shot, and now he’s ready to really play up to it.

SA: Yeah, if I were you, I’d fuck.. him.. up..

Each delayed word comes with a clap of his hands.

SA: Fuck.. Him.. Up… Fuck.. Him.. Up..

The crowd nearby start repeating it, and then it continues to ripple through the arena until all 22000 fans in attendance are chanting along with Spencer Adams, goading SEMTEX to attack Bert McAlroy.


Even Bert himself is clapping his hands slowly over his head, and chanting along, but he’s chanting “fuck me up”.

JC: This is pretty bizarre.

SEMTEX cracks a smile, and points at Bert, which sends the raucous crowd into overdrive with “YEAH”s and such. He cocks back his fist, but then feints the punch.

Bert doesn’t flinch.

SEMTEX cocks back his fist again, but this time grabs Spencer Adams by the throat with his other hand, and then starts trying to lift him above his head like a human javelin.

Before he’s managed to grab hold of Spencer’s waist to really hoist him in the air, the rest of PANTHEON are on him, and Bert McAlroy has vaulted the guard rail and is hanging from SEMTEX’s neck like an undersized pissant in a bar fight, trying to put him in a sleeper hold.

SEMTEX starts shaking Bert off, and it doesn’t take much effort. SEMTEX is now trying to fight all the people surrounding him but floods of security stream down to the ringside area to break it up before it becomes anything more.

JC: Fans, we’re going to hit a quick break whilst we straighten this all out and when we’re back, we’ll have that Tag Team title match that we’ve all been waiting for! Stay tuned.

“You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell blares out in the arena as the crowd gives an earth-shatteringly loud reception to the arrival of the Universal Champion, Ned Kaye. As Ned walks out from backstage, barely able to hide the wide smile on his face, his two title belts glimmer on his waist, his arm lifting into the air, fist raised as he watches nearly the entire arena return the gesture. The emotion on his face is clear, but he takes a deep breath and dashes down the entrance ramp.

Thad: Tampa giving a warm welcome to the new Universal Champion!

JC: The welcome is warm, but the water’s boiling with the challengers already piling up for Ned! First, Dolly Waters at DPI 3 and if he can make it past her, one Sebastian Everett-Bryce following in her wake.

Thad: That’s simply the job of the man on top. Just because the work keeps coming doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a little celebration!

Ned lifts himself into the ring, gesturing for a microphone as the crowd begins a chant that catches him off guard despite his predictions.

*clap, clap, clapclapclap*
*clap, clap, clapclapclap*

His breath becomes visibly shaky as he allows them to continue for a moment, drinking the applause in. Finally, he shouts into the microphone, barely able to contain his excitement.

“You’re goddamn right I do!”

The crowd erupts again as Ned leans against a turnbuckle, eyes gazing over the audience and the various signs and displays of support. He runs a hand through his hair, clearly still at a loss for words. Wiping the bridge of nose with his thumb and forefinger, he steps back out to the center of the ring, still swelling with emotion as he gestures for the crowd to simmer down.

“You know, Tampa, when I first heard that bell ring and Isaiah placed this belt in my hands, there was a single phrase that came to my mind immediately.”

The dream came true.”

“I remember watching onward as people like Centurion and James Raven and Steve Jason and The Brand made being an XWF wrestler mean something! Watching countless wrestlers stand in this ring and give everything that they had in them to this company! And I knew back then as well as I knew now that that’s where I wanted to be! This is where I belonged and that’s why when I worked my ass off on the indies, this was the only destination that caught my eye. This is the place of dreams!”

“But it’s never that simple, is it? Dreams don’t just manifest into reality. You have to work for them. Bleed for them. Fight for them! And I’ve fought like hell since I got my first match in this company and that will never change! Because the XWF means more than three letters on a billboard! It stands for more than an acronym and as the man who holds this title, I am the steward of that spirit! The leader of this new age we have entered!”

“And it’s an exciting time to be here, both in and out of the ring. Our family grows by the day as more and more people see who we are and what we mean and know that if you want to see professional wrestling at its innovative core, this is where you come to forge it! But as happy as I am to see new faces, I’m also concerned. I wonder if their enthusiasm is less about where they are and more what they think they can get. So, my job isn’t just to expand our family here or to show them why the XWF is the peak of competition, but why we deserve to be respected.”

“Because all the fame in the world doesn’t grant you respect.”

The lights in the arena cut out entirely, and the fans begin to buzz. The darkness holds for a moment before…

Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame

With each of the hits of the word “Fame” a spotlight flashes back and forth between the stage and a random spot in the audience. On the screen, the images alternate between key moments from the career of Sebastian Everett-Bryce, S.E.B. and Empire.

After the final Fame, the lyrics end.

Na, na, na, na…

The screen flashes with the words Welcome to the Empire.

As the beat drops, Sebastian Everett-Bryce flings his arms wide, lit up by a bright spotlight, his eyes covered by a pair of sunglasses, a dark red jacket over a white shirt. He wears stone coloured chino’s that stop just at the ankle and, of course, boat shoes. He stands in the middle of the ramp, the lights beating down on him, before looking out at the crowd, a sneering grin upon his face

Around his waist is the Pro Wrestling Valor World Heavyweight Championship.

Over his right shoulder is one of the UGWC Cooperative Championships.

Fame makes a man take things over
Fame lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame puts you there where things are hollow
It's not your brain, it's just the flame
That puts your change to keep you insane (sane)

The lights lift and Seb makes his way to the ring, his eyes focused upon the XWF Universal Champion in the ring. He stops with a random fan, putting an arm around his shoulder, and turns to face the camera and shouting “My Empire, right here!”. He climbs up the steps still watching Ned, before finally stepping to the centre of the ring.

Fame, what you like is in the limo
Fame, what you get is no tomorrow
Fame, what you need you'll have to borrow
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame

He pulls off the sunglasses, and pulls the the title from his shoulders, and unclasps the one from around his wasit, holding one in each hand again.

Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder? (Ooh)

The beat drops again, he flashes his arms out to a side, a satisfied smirk upon his face, he holds the position for a moment, to allow the crowd to take pictures. He slowly turns as the music and the cheers die down, before taking a microphone from Ned.

“Hello Ned.” said Seb, his mouth curling into a smile. “Sorry for the interruption - I know you have a well-deserved celebration planned for this evening. But you’re not the only one that has something to rejoice about tonight.”

Seb paused and allowed the crowd to indulge him for a moment.

“Just in case anyone in the building wasn’t paying attention at Free For All, yours truly outlasted twenty-nine of this industry's finest, to win the FIrst Blood Battle Royal, and with it a shot at that…” Seb reached out and pointed at the title that Ned was holding. “The XWF Universal Championship.”

Ned shifted the Universal Title to make it glitter in the lights that shone on both of them.

“Let me explain something to you, Ned. I’m no belt collector. I’m not one of those champions that jump at every open challenge, or politic their way to a shot in a company they’re not even signed with. I waited two and a half years to become the UGWC World Heavyweight Champion. I waited two years to become the Pro Wrestling Valor World Heavyweight Champion. So this? Right here? Walking in on my first night and winning an opportunity to face the best that the XWF has to offer? It’s something of a new experience for me. But not to worry, because I plan at feeling right at home at March Madness when my music hits, and I’m handed that Championship.”

Seb paused again, and looked out at the crowd.

“You see, as of right now, the only thing that’s guaranteed is that I’ll be challenging for that Championship at March Madness… My opponent? Well, that’s not quite set in stone. I want you to know that I’ll be at the Denzel Porter Invitational… I’ll be right there in the front row, watching the match between you and Dolly Waters. Because I want to be up close and personal when I find out just who it is I’ll be taking the Universal Title from when the time comes.” Added Seb.

“This company? The one with all that history that you were talking about? It’s my Empire now. I proved that, when I proved as good as my word at Free for All. All that’s left, is to take my crown.” said Seb, looking back at Ned. “But that’s then, and this is now. Now, I only have one thing to say to you.”

Seb paused and stepped towards Ned. There’s a tense pause, as the two look one another in the eye, before Seb offers his hand.

“Congratulations, champ… You deserve it.” Seb said.

Ned’s arm lifts up to match Seb’s hand, leaning forward slowly…

Before moving to Seb’s opposite hand! He grabs the mic, lifting it up to his lips. While Ned’s eyes are firmly on the challenger, Everett-Bryce’s focus is centered on the glittering gold adorning Ned’s waist. The air in the Amalie Center goes still.

“You’re convinced the XWF will be your Empire. Another place to add accomplishments onto your name. And I have to hand it to you, you’re a convincing man. You didn’t just become the World Heavyweight Champion of two promotions, you had eight title reigns in your time at UGWC! Your win at the Last Blood Battle Royal cannot even be understated. But what is the difference between here and those places you ruled so convincingly?”


Unhooking one of the title belts off his waist with his free hand, Ned delicately lifts the Universal Championship, gifting Sebestian with a closer look, forcing his focus closer to Ned’s eyes.

“You’re right to gaze at this belt. To want it. There’s no title in professional wrestling that carries the same power, poise, and prestige as the XWF Universal Championship! But you’re so blinded by the gold, that you’ve lost focus. You’re not wrestling this belt.”

“You’re wrestling the difference maker! The man whose home you want to slap your name and brand on! The defender of these titles in more ways than one!”

“You will be facing NED KAYE.”

Ned lowers the title belt, finally getting unbroken eye-contact with SEB, his expression as fierce and determined as ever.

“Don’t. You. Forget it.”

Seb smiles, and looks down at his hand, the offer of a handshake rejected. Instead, he looks back up at Ned and nods, before offering a wink.

“You Know My Name” blares out once more as Ned Kaye departs the ring, making sure to shake the hands of some of the crowd members on his way up the entrance ramp.

JC: The anticipation is not just palpable in the air, it is THICK! The animosity between these two men is CLEAR! It’s the longtime mainstay, the XWF diehard, ‘Notorious’ Ned Kaye, defending his Universal title against the Man Who Conquered everywhere else in the wrestling world, Sebastian Everett-Bryce!

Thad: …Or Dolly. Dolly could win.

Thad: Y’know. Maybe.

JC: Regardless, March Madness is sure to be EXPLOSIVE, Thad. We have more action to come after these messages.

The stadium erupts as the opening notes of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” hits the speakers. Out from the back comes Spencer Adams and Corey Black appear from behind the curtain.

The two new XWF signings come down to the ring to a very solid reaction from the crowd.

The stadium falls into silent as a spotlight flashes onto the top of the stage, revealing the silhouette of Isaiah King, head bowed and wearing what looks like a leather jacket open at the front.
His shining Tage Team Championship Belt is strapped to his waist.
As the base hits the speakers, he raises his head and takes a big breath. He slowly raises his fist into the air and his adoring fans scream in support. His mouth curls into a smile as he starts walking down towards the ring.

Introducing YOUR "Heir Apparent",

He walks up to a fan wearing his merch, pressing his forehead up to his before continuing his way to the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope, he raises both hands to his, and revels in the cheers. The lights hit is belt and reflects of the faces of the fans and his opponent.

The arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before rushing down to the ring, serenaded by blue hues that light up the ramp following his steps. The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned gets closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the X-Tron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. He leaps over the ropes into the ring before looking down, breathing the moment in, and pointing out at the crowd, ready to fight just with their energy alone. Jumping a bit from the adrenaline, he makes his way to his corner as he prepares for the bell.

- vs -

Isaiah and Ned bicker for a moment as Corey Black firmly starts out for his team. Ned finally steps out of the ring and allows Isaiah to tie up. King and Black tie up. King cinches in a hammerlock on Black! Black backs King into a neutral corner and throws a back elbow! King pushes back out of the corner. Black with a drop toe hold to King, transitioning to joint manipulation of the fingers! Black comes back to his feet, King coming with him, and Black with a boot to King! Black with an arm wrench, and Black with an elbow to King’s shoulder!

JC: ”Very technical mat wrestling from Isaiah King, the former XWF Universal Champion, and Corey Black!”

TD: I'm a little surprised to be honest, I didn't think King had that style of wrestling in him but he clearly does.

King rolls through the arm wrench, kips up, and counters with an arm wrench of his own! King with a soccer kick to Black’s leg! King backs into his corner to go for a tag, sneering at Ned as he does. Ned tags in, and King holds the arm wrench beckoning for Ned to do more damage! Ned begrudgingly wrenches the other arm, and both men then sling Black to the mat! King steps outside as Ned brings Black to his feet! Ned whips Black into the ropes, and hits the deck as Black comes back, who bounds over Ned! Ned is up and rushes into the opposite ropes, and we have a criss cross! Ned and Black both go for cross body blocks, and collide midair!

JC: ”Huge impact from both men, and it looks like a fan ringside is very intrigued in this match! Wait, that’s not a fan, that’s Bert McElroy!”[white]

Sitting in a comfy ringside seat we see Bert McElroy, rooting on his Pantheon friends. Both Adams and King are reaching over the ropes hoping for a tag! Ned crawls towards his corner, but Black stops him by grabbing the boot! Black is back to his feet, and Ned hops on one! Ned with an enzuigiri! NO! Black ducks, but Ned lands on his feet, coming back with a reverse Enzuigiri! Black recoils to his corner, and Spencer Adams tags himself in, who leapfrogs onto the top rope, diving with a forearm to Ned! Ned falls to the mat, and Adams mounts Ned, laying in right hands to the head! McElroy is seen roaring in approval! Isaiah King hops down from the ring apron and approaches McElroy!

[white]JC: ”Oh, it looks like Isaiah King doesn’t like that his opponents brought a special fan with them!”

TD: Key word being special.

King jaws at McElroy, who stands, looking back at King! Black hops down from the apron and approaches, backing his friend up! In the ring, Adams has stopped throwing fists and is at the ropes, watching! King backs away, pointing at both McElroy and Black, then at Adams! Adams turns back to Ned, and is caught with a small package roll-up!




JC: ”Spencer Adams nearly caught in that pinning predicament!”

Adams slaps the mat in frustration as Ned gets to a knee, facing Adams. Adams on a knee, and both men beckon for the other to stand in a show of respect. Ned extends his hand, and from his corner King is shouting at Ned! Adams respectfully shakes it! Both men tie up, and Adams with a wristlock on Ned! Ned cartwheels out of the wristlock, and comes back with a superkick! NO! Adams sidesteps the kick, and throws a superkick of his own! NO! Ned too sidesteps! Both throw superkicks at the same time, and their feet touch in midair, canceling each other out! The crowd starts roaring as they begin to circle one another! King tags himself in, clapping Ned’s back! Ned turns in frustration as the crowd sours.

JC: ”These fans were really interested to see Badmon and the Universal Champion go at it!”

TD: As they should. Spencer Adams, and all of Pantheon were huge gets for the XWF. Unc put in some extra work to get the class of 2024 on board.

Adams squares back up and faces off with King! Adams with a Jab to King! King blocks, and throws a jab of his own, followed up by jab, then a hook to Adams ribs, followed by a hook to the jaw! Adams ducks the last punch, and Koppo Kick to King! King falls, and Adams retreats and tags in Black! Black to the top rope, and Adams grabs King, draping him over a knee! Demolition Elbow Drop onto King! Black with a cover!




JC: ”Isaiah King barely getting a shoulder up after that amazing tag team offense!”

Black brings King to his feet and backs into the corner, tagging in Adams! Adams enters the ring and both Black and Adams deliver a double suplex to King! Black exits, and Adams shoots off the ropes and comes back with a leaping knee drop! Adams with another pinfall!



Ned Kaye breaks up the pin!

JC: ”Ned Kaye in the nick of time to save his partner!”

TD: I thought for sure we were going to have new tag team champs there!"

Black enters the ring and we have a pier four brawl! Ned and Black exchange forearms! Adams and King are on the mat, posting off of each other with forearms. The referee breaks it all up, sending Ned and Black to their corners! With his back turned, King with a thumb to Adams’s eye! King with a roll-up, and the referee dives in with a count!




JC: ”Spencer Adams barely out of that pin!”

King is to his feet! King with a stomp to Adams’s fingers! He’s over to tag in Ned! Ned and King exchange scowls as Ned enters the ring! Ned brings Adams to his feet, and whips him into his corner! Ned rushes in with a dropkick! Black is back in the ring, and the referee rushes to stop him! With his back turned, King with a hard right to Adams! Ned shoves King! Ned with a headscissors to Adams from the corner, slinging him to the center of the ring! Ned turns and argues with King for a moment! The referee looks on in confusion! Ned shrugs off King, who hops to the top rope! King slaps Ned’s boot as he does! Ned soars and lands on Adams with a shooting star press! Ned with the pin, but the referee points to King who’s legal!

JC: ”Isaiah King and Ned having some difficulty communicating here tonight!”

TD: Meanwhile Pantheon have clearly been on the same page throughout this contest!"

Ned slowly stands as King reenters the ring! King brings Adams to his feet, and he puts him in an abdominal stretch! King pulls back on the top rope for torque! The referee notices and admonishes King for doing that! As the referee has his eyes fixed on King, Adams makes his way to his corner and tags in Corey Black! The crowd goes wild! Black rushes King and nails him with a leaping forearm! Black rushes Ned and throws a forearm! The referee stops Black! He tells him to get back into his corner!

JC: ”The referee missed the tag! The referee missed the tag!”

TD: Oh boy!

Black is sent out of the ring as the referee resets King and Adams! Adams is nearly spent from his action in the ring! King with a spinning discus elbow to Adams! Adams stumbles into a neutral corner! King rushes and hits Black with a Superman punch, sending him to the floor! King then runs the length of the ring to Adams, and hits him with a Superman punch! Adams staggers out of the corner as King climbs the ropes! King soars…


Adams is planted into the mat skull first, and King rolls him over for the pin!





JC: Incredible match by all 4 men in the ring. The champs retained but the Pantheon team of Spencer Adams and Corey Black made it very clear that they are every bit on the champs level.

TD: And something tells me this isn't the last time we are going to see these guys in the ring against each other.

JC: I sure hope not because that match was 5 starts. Chef's kiss. Aces...

TD: We get the point JC.

JC: Right right. Anyway great match and now we have one match left after the break. Michael Graves defends his TV title against Doc D'Ville!"

As Elephant blares throughout the arena, Bobby Bourbon walks out, bedecked in one of his most gaudy outfit. Looking quite the pompous gadabout, Bobby’s tiger print blazer and pink distressed denim the loudest thing in the room besides the XWF fans. They begin to chant.


Bobby enters the ring and pulls out his own personal microphone, the microphone of a Sith Lord.

What’s up, XWF Universe!

The crowd roars as Bobby addresses them.

You guys know, without a doubt, I am way too shameless to let a Warfare pass and NOT be on it!

So I guess I’ll say something to all of you.

And if the folk in the back wanna listen, they’re welcome to.

Tampa, have I been here before?

The crowd pops at the reference to home.

I think I’ve been here before.

So, you already know that the only thing you know when you see me in the ring is you don’t know what’s coming.

I could break someone’s jaw on a ring post.

I could coat you in pancake batter.

I may even have a harpoon.

Hidden, somewhere, around the ring.

Because I’m that ruthless in my approach.

But damn, I was itching to have a match here, tonight, in Tampa!

The crowd roars again at the mention of their city. They begin to chant yet again.


Bobby drinks in the crowd reaction, putting out his hand.

Yeah, yeah, I love being in this ring in front of you.

You know what, Universe?

I got a few things on my mind.

Some people have asked me what I plan to do next.

Bobby pauses, the crowd quiets down trying to listen.

There is only one thing I know I will do.


..kicking ass..

..on Warfare.

The crowd goes wild as Bobby declares this.

And if any of you in the back don’t like that, I’m out here, and I’m itching to fight tonight!


CYPH3R walks out to the ramp, smirking at Bobby. He does a slashing gesture across his forehead then points at Bobby. Bobby’s gaze narrows as he cracks his massive neck, almost twice the size of CYPH3R. Bobby holds a palm up.

Woah, woah, hold on.

I remember you.

You’re the dude who busted me open at Free For All.

Now you want to be famous.

I get it.

But, before you do anything too hasty, please, allow me to show you the latest in BourbCo technology!

CYPH3R pauses at the top of the stage, arms across his chest, rolling his eyes. From another aisle in the arena, what looks like a recliner with some sort of structure attached to it is rolled out on a forklift, and then placed ringside.

CYPH3R, I want you to know, that I myself don’t hold a grudge against you for just going out and performing on one night.

In fact, I didn’t even care about you until you just walked out here.

But, I want to welcome you to the XWF, and I will with the latest invention my labs have just churned out because we need to create stuff constantly.

I present to you, sir, breakfast.

Now, please stay up at the top of the ramp.

The Breakfast Trebuchet is the latest in home cooking convenience, allowing you to prepare, healthy, hearty breakfasts and then launch them up to one-hundred yards!

Now, the most exciting part of this new venture is we have cross branded with Cracker Barrel, and these babies can be purchased for the low, low price of $349.99 in their convenient shop after you try the Siege of Breakfast Special!

Furthermore, while there, pick up the convenient cookbook, Meals to Defend Moats With, which covers how to make cornbread, stir fry, pot roast, and even pizza!

Bobby sits comfortably in the seat of the Breakfast Trebuchet and a breakfast of two eggs, sunny side up, two strips of bacon, hashed browns, two pieces of french toast, and two sausage links sizzle.

All you do is pull this lever…

Bobby pulls a lever, and in an instant, the breakfast soars through the open air of the arena, and thousands in attendance watch as the eggs land on Cyph3r’s eyes, one yolk covering each, the bacon forming eyebrows above it, the hashed browns landing as a makeshift goatee, his french toast hairline beset by sausage link sideburns.


You’ve been breakfast barraged, you big dummy! Get a referee out here, you want to have a match, let’s go!

“Ugh those eggs tasted like ass, no cap. Now I’m gonna beat yours.”

Bobby takes his jacket off and rolls his sleeves up. Cyph3r wipes the breakfast food from his face to the floor, cursing as he does. A referee runs out to the ring, and following shortly is Cyph3r! Bobby jaws at Cyph3r!

“Bobby Bourbon and Cyph3r seem to be having an impromptu match here on Wednesday Night Warfare, what the hell!”

The referee calls for the bell.


As soon as the bell rings, Cyph3r nails Bourbon with Boom, Headshot! NO! Bobby catches the foot, and smirks at Cyph3r! Bobby throws the boot back! Cyph3r does a full crescent swing and connects with the Boom, Headshot! Bobby’s head is rocked by the massive kick! Bobby staggers backward, shaking his head, having gone cross eyed from the force of the kick he assisted himself! Bobby falls to a knee! Cyph3r in with a Cutscene! Cyph3r with the cover!






Cyph3r stands, sneering as Bobby groggily writhes on the mat. The referee raises his arm, which he snaps away from the ref in disgust.

“How’d that taste, Bobby bitch?!”

Cyph3r exits the ring and walks calmly back up the ramp. Bobby is slow to get to his feet.

The arena goes dark and an ominous red fog rises up around the stage giving the illusion that there was a fire burning below it.  Through the mist rises Doctor Louis D'Ville in his pearl-white suit and a grin from ear to ear.  He takes a step forward, while standing at the top of the ramp he take a deep breath of the fiery mist and exhales before slowly making his way to the ring.

The arena falls into silence as a chilling metal version of "Come Little Children" begins to play.

Emerging from the shadows, Graves steps into the dim light at the ramp's top, exuding a menacing presence. The XTron displays a montage of Graves, each scene subtly hinting at his unnerving, predator-like persona, with visuals that are eerie and discomforting.

As he makes his way down the ramp, the arena is bathed in lime and purple lights that pulsate with the eerie metal tune.

Graves climbs into the ring and scans the crowd.

The XTron continues to flash with unsettling imagery as Graves creeps towards the corner, removing his cape and tossing it outside of the ring.

As the metal rendition of "Come Little Children" fades away, the arena lights shift back to normal as Micheal looks on from his corner.

- vs -

Micheal Graves paces in his corner like a lion, awaiting the bell, and staring a hole through Doc D'Ville from across the ring.  Doc pushes himself out of the corner where he was leaning against the turnbuckle and takes two long steps towards the middle.



JC: "There's the bell fans and our Warfare Main Event is underway!  D'Ville!  Graves!  Television Championship on the line!"

THAD: "D'Ville back in a title picture…  Scary thought."

JC: "You and the doctor have a bit of history, right?"

THAD: "A bit…"

Graves and Doc meet in the center of the ring, face-to-face, with Graves running at the mouth the entire time.  The doctor just smiles back at Graves until the champion gets physical and starts jabbing his finger into his chest.

There's zero hesitation from Doc at that point and he unloads a barrage of fists!  Each one connects and sends Graves stumbling back into the ropes.  Doc grabs Graves and Irish whips him across the ring and winds up to crack him with a clothesline, but Graves ducks!  When he takes another bounce, he wraps his arms around the top rope and pulls himself over and out of the ring!

JC: "Ah, a similar strategy that Graves used last Warfare against Dolly Waters."

Graves turns his back and goes to step away, but Doc's long reach gets him by the hair and stops him in his tracks!  Doc tries to pull him up and back into the ring, but Graves fights back and grabs around Doc's head and pulls him out of the ring!  Doc lands face first and hard on the floor and immediately starts taking kicks from the champion.

THAD: "That was quick thinking on Graves.  He was lucky Doc left himself so vulnerable there."

Graves picks up the doctor and slams him into the ring steps hard enough to knock the top set off.  The referee yells at the champion from inside and then immediately starts counting them both out.  Graves pays little attention as they quickly reach a count of two, and goes right after Doc.

He pulls the doctor to his feet and walks him over to the barricade where he slams Doc's head against it!  Bouncing from there he tosses him under the bottom rope.  Doc rolls and rolls until he gets to the center of the ring.  Graves walks all the way around, stalking the doctor, to the other set of stairs and uses them to enter back into the ring.


As Graves steps through the ropes, Doc spins around and is back to his feet.  He rushes in to meet Graves, but the champion manages to pop Doc with a quick elbow to fend him off.  But Doc is relentless, he retaliates with a quick boot to Graves's gut, reaches both arms around him, and throws him back with a belly-to-belly suplex!  Graves lands on his back, then flops over and ends on his knees while reaching back.  Doc sprints over and nails Graves in the face with the bottom of his boot and goes for a cover!

JC: "The doctor is going for a quick cover here!"

Doc's pin attempt is quick and effortless and Graves kicks out quickly after two.  Doc lies down on Graves again and starts wrenching on his head.  Graves attempts worming his way out of the hold for a while, but Doc's grip is too much for Graves to slip out.  The referee continuously checks in on Graves who doesn't acknowledge the official but makes it clear that he's still kicking.

THAD: "Boooring…"


Graves manages to get his legs under him, and slowly starts to rise up, bringing the doctor with him.  Once he makes it to his feet, he picks up Doc and drops him with a belly-to-back suplex!  Doc never let go of the hold until the back of his head smacked the mat!  He does a full roll backwards and lands on his stomach.  Graves cranks his own neck a few times, working out the punishment from Doc, then goes back after the challenger. 

Graves stalks Doc some more.  He cautiously moves towards the challenger, waiting for Doc to spring back to life.  As the doctor begins to stir, Graves moves in and drops an elbow into his back.  Graves grabs Doc by the feet and drags him to the center of the ring and flips him over into a Boston Crab!

JC: "Submission move applied by the champion!  Doc has a long way to go in every direction!  He's in no man's land!"

Doc buries his head in the mat and shakes his head back and forth.  He reaches out and scrapes and claws but isn't able to go anywhere!  Graves is sat down and planted over Doc and has him almost completely folded over.  Graves continues to crank back on the legs, never letting up the pressure on Doc's lower back.


The referee has to jostle Doc's hand a few times to make sure he's still in it.  After a while, the doctor finds some more fight in him.  He pushes up and against Graves and with enough push he manages to knock him off balance and tuck and roll!  Free from the move, Doc takes every second to recover his back and rolls away from Graves who was already to his feet and stomping after him.

JC: "If anything, Graves has worn down Doc pretty good.  He had him locked in that Boston Crab for what probably felt like forever for the doctor."

Graves pulls Doc to his feet, picks him up, and tosses him backwards with a fallaway slam!  The champion springs right back to his feet, rushes over, and goes for a pinfall!

JC: "Graves to retain!"



Doc kicks out after a long two!  Graves continues to work.  He pulls Doc to his feet again and leads Doc to the corner.  Graves points up in the air getting mixed signals from the crowd.  He goes to hoist Doc up onto the turnbuckle, but the doctor fights back!  He headbutts Graves square in the face and hits him with a quick fist combo, then trades places with him!  Doc continues his attack, but, one after the other, Graves traps Doc's arms under his then unloads several trapping headbutts right back to Doc!  Graves pulls Doc in and the two trade places again!  Graves hands Doc a combination of his own, then quickly goes again and successfully lifts the challenger up onto the top turnbuckle!

JC: "What in the world is Graves up to?!"

THAD: "High risk, high reward, JC."

JC: "Is Graves looking to hit Cradle to the Grave??  The top rope, moonsault fallaway slam?!  This could spell the end for the good doctor and his Television Title aspirations!"

Graves goes to pick up Doc, but Doc manages to secure himself with his feet and the middle turnbuckle.  Graves attempts this several more times before Doc starts fighting back.  The two of them have a quick brawl on the top rope before Doc wins the battle and sends Graves soaring back down to the mat!  Doc climbs the rest of the way up and targets a sprawled out Graves!  Doc leaps across the ring and lands the fiery headbutt!

JC: "Trepanation from Doc!"

Doc rolls Graves over for the pin!  He pulls the leg tight!




JC: "That's it!---  Wait no!"

THAD: "It doesn't get any closer than that."

JC: "Micheal Graves saves his championship in the last second!"

Doc sits for a moment and catches his breath, contemplating his next move.  He stares down at the champion and slowly rises back to his feet.  D'Ville takes his turn now stalking Micheal Graves, slowly circling him.


JC: "I know the good doctor came into this match with a ton of confidence, but he's working with less than five minutes now!  If he wants to walk out as champion tonight, he needs to figure out a way to keep Micheal Graves down and out!"

Doc D'Ville finally reaches down and pulls Graves up.  Graves shows some fight again, he picks Doc up onto his shoulders!!

THAD: "Grave Digger!"

Doc quickly grabs the rope and pulls them towards it, making it impossible for Graves to bring Doc around to execute the move!  The referee is getting close trying to get Graves to break the hold since Doc has the ropes!  Graves is finally forced to because he can't go anywhere, when he drops him he spits green POISON MIST!

JC: "Poison mist!"

THAD: "Doc ducked!"

As Doc is dropped from Graves's shoulders, the champion spits his green poison mist, but Doc manages to duck out of the way immediately and the mist goes right into the referee's face!

JC: "Graves got the official!  We've got a blind official!"

The referee falls back into the corner holding his face!  He tries wiping the toxic spit, but it doesn't want to come off!  As Graves is shocked by what happened, Doc whips him around and hits a LOBOTOMY!

THAD: "Oh, that's it!  Graves is dead."

JC: "Doc D'Ville with a Lobotomy on Micheal Graves!  He goes for the cover!!!

The crowd chants:






JC: "The ref is still incapacitated!  He can't see what's going on to make a count!"

Frustrated, Doc breaks the pin and gets up.


THAD: "You're running out of time, Doctor…"

JC: "With less than three minutes to go in this Television Title Main Event, we have no referee which is going to make it very hard for Doctor D'Ville to leave here the champion."

THAD: "Did anyone call a medic for this referee?  I mean, that stuff came out of Micheal Graves's mouth.  Are we sure he's going to be okay?"

JC: "Good question, Thad."

Doc rolls under the bottom rope and heads towards the commentators table.  He gives a quick look and a wink to Thad Duke sitting there then snatches up the bottle of water sitting in front of JC.  Unscrewing the cap, he rolls back in under the bottom rope.

JC: "Doc just stole my water."

THAD: "Maybe he's thirsty, JC."

Doc carries the water over to the referee and dumps the bottle in its entirety over his head and into his face.

JC: "Look at that…  The good doctor doing some fine work!"

THAD: "Trust me, he's not that kind of doctor."

The water certainly helped the official.  He blinked a few times and gave Doc a subtle nod. 


As Doc goes to turn, Micheal Graves is waiting for him!  He lifts Doc up onto his shoulders and follows through smoothly with a Grave Digger!!!

JC: "Graves got him!"

He doesn't go for the pinfall, though.  Instead, he calls for the finish and lifts Doc back to his feet!

THAD: "I think Graves wants to make sure Doc isn't getting up this time."

JC: "Well, if he can stay off his back for another two minutes…  He's going to survive and retain his championship!"

Graves sets Doc up for Graves Consequences!  He lifts Doc up onto his shoulders and holds him!

Doc starts to shimmy….  And manages to escape the hold!  He drops down behind Graves, grabs him…  And hits him with another quick LOBOTOMY!!!

JC: "What a counter by Doc!  Graves is flattened!!"


Doc goes for the cover!  The referee feels his way over and lays real close for the count!!





JC: "He's done it!  Doctor Louis D'Ville is a champion in the XWF once again!"

THAD: "Well, that Television Title Division is about to change forever…"

JC: "I wouldn't doubt it, Thad.  And we'll see it first hand next week when he'll be back defending it right here on Warfare!  Don't miss it folks!  Good night!

Doc crawls off of Graves and swims away from him!  The still, partially blinded referee grabs the Television Title from the timekeeper outside of the ring and presents it to the new champion.  Doc takes it, admires it for a moment, then takes it to the second rope and hoists it into the air for all to see.  The crowd, with an overwhelmingly loud and mixed response, assists the good doctor in sending Warfare off the air.

Thank you to those who wrote matches for the show:

Bobby Bourbon
Peter Principle
Doctor Louis D'Ville

And thank you to those who wrote segments for the show

Ned Kaye/SEB
Bobby Bourbon/Cyph3r
Barney Green
SEMTEX/Spencer Adams and Bert McAlroy

And thank you to those who did promos for Weekend Warfare
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So your name is Cyph3r.

A doctor backstage adjusts Bobby's nose back into place, cracking as it does. Blood flows downward as Bobby gently backs the medics away.

Silly goose, now I have prep time.

Bobby grins his ghastly, blood stained grin, the blood from his nose cascading. The whites of his eyes are on par with the glimmer in his pupils.

I fucked the rest up, welcome to the sLaughter.
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