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Stronger Than Before
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11-18-2023, 08:56 PM

"Idiots, fucking idiots!!!"

In the workout room deep in the heart of B.O.B. HQ, an enraged Xtreme Champion tosses a 50 lb dumbbell through the mirror he was literally JUST checking himself out in moments before.

"This is our punishment, huh? This is revenge for the way we've been swindlin' and shizerin' our way through my Title defenses, isn't it?!"

B.O.B. D picks up another, much heavier, weight and chucks it into another mirror as his phone goes off. Blinded by his rage, D nearly smashes it in his hand while going to check it.

#Ole Knucks# The fuck is this shit?! They're separating us??"

He'd barely finished reading TK's message before receiving another one.

#The Bobmeister# "They're scared! They knew it'd be unfair to keep B.O.B. intact!"

Upon reading Bobby's text, all of D's anger washed away. His face contorted into a twisted grin, the sound of his own laughter filling the room as he grabbed his own head and squeezed it as if it were his opponents'.

[Image: the-joker-last-laugh-dc-comics-silo.png]

Just like the Joker, D looked at management as a bunch of clowns. By splitting B.O.B. up, they only proved how dangerous the faction was. On top of that, they damn near guaranteed one of them would be apart of the winning house, as well.

"I never used to be a threat.............." B.O.B. D chuckled, picking up the equivalent of 14 years bad luck in glass. As he dumped the broken shards in the trash, D caught a glimpse of himself in the last remaining, unscathed, mirror, causing him to freeze. Staring back was the Xtreme Champion, only it wasn't the current Champion. It was still D, just not B.O.B. D..................

"You're up next."

Relentless Night 2, 2019; the voice of Steve Sayors fills the room, breaking Big D from his trance. He turned to the broadcast journalist, Xtreme Title over his shoulder, a lost look on his face.


"Centurion just won the Hart Championship," Steve informed the second highest Champion. "You're up!"

"Right.........." D responded as if he had no idea he was competing that night, even though he was WELL aware of the fact.

Sayors went to leave but, sensing something was off, stopped himself. "Is everything okay?"

Under most circumstances, Big D would've told Steve to fuck off, maybe throw something at him, but that wasn't the case this time. Instead, D kept eye contact with himself in the mirror as he softly spoke.

"I was the Captain of a winning War Games team."

"Took Robert Main to the limit in my shot at the big one."

"Beat a former Universal Champion, and one of the greatest Xtreme Champions of all-time in the same match to become the #2 guy in the entire company."

"Main Eventing a night of XWF's biggest pay-per-view of the year."

"I'm clearly the next big thing............."

Before he could finish, Big D turned around and addressed Sayors with tears in his eyes.

"So why does it feel like I'm not?"

Steve was taken aback by both D's question, as well as his vulnerability. Here was a man moments away from the biggest match of his career, and he was damn near having a mental breakdown.

"I......... I don't understand," Sayors choked out. "Didn't you just do a promo about getting inducted into the Hall of Legends?"

Mirroring himself four years in the future, Big D picks up the nearest thing he can grab (ironically, a dumbbell one of the other wrestlers left lying around) and chucks it at the mirror.

"Hall of Legends? HALL OF LEGENDS?! I'm just trying to win a match!" His arm shook as he held his Xtreme Title out. "You think I ACTUALLY meant any of that shit I was spewin'?! Hall of Legends........... I've been here long enough to know that next big things come and go alot more than they stay and succeed!"

Realizing he's seconds from going out in front of thousands of fans, Big D wipes the tears from his eyes and takes a deep breath.

"You wanna know WHY I did the whole Hall of Fame spheal?"

A producer entered the room, but Steve held up a finger requesting a little more time, causing the man to point at his nonexistent watch before scurrying back to guerrilla.

"It's called putting on a front."

D slung his belt over his shoulder and headed past Steve, in the direction of the entryway. Before completely leaving, though, he stopped and turned to finish his statement.

"Captaining a War Games team to victory from the lockerroom, winning a Title with assistance............ things we leave out in order to make ourselves seem better than we actually are. Everything I've done here, there, EVERYwhere has been overshadowed by a massive gray cloud that leaves me and everyone else questioning whether ANY of it truly means anything!"

"THAT's why I held a fake induction, Steve; that, and because I figured I'll never ACTUALLY get to have a real one, anyway! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got another front to put on............."

And just like that, Big D went out and lost his Championship like he knew, deep down, he would.

B.O.B. D came back to reality, almost like a wizard pulling their head from a penseive. Fortunately for him, that would be the last time he'd ever defend the Xtreme Title without a legitimate sense of confidence.

"Management's scared of me," D looked at a hanging picture of him, Bobby, and TK from the night they played poker and shared fucked up stories. "Scared of US................."

It was a long road to get here, one that D never truly processed 'til that very moment. Everything he'd accomplished up to that point was meaningless when compared to where he stood, now. Back then, he barely held the Xtreme Championship long enough to earn a Tag Team Title shot; let alone a briefcase. And yet, here he was, two wins away from doing just that.

"I owe B.O.B. everything." As they had four years earlier, tears filled D's eyes. "Truly, I do. Whether fighting with or against them, everything that's mattered in my career has been because of them. My battles with Miss Fury made me as legitimate of a World Champion as my partnership with Bobby and TK have Xtreme. Although, I gotta say, it feels alot better to be CHEERED by the B.O.B. faithful than it did to be booed by 'em! That said, if it wasn't for Bobby Bourbon, I'd still be at home on the couch, watching Seinfeld reruns in a Cheetoh stained wifebeater, instead of having the run of my LIFE! And TK already had a special place in my heart for giving me another chance to whoop Thad Duke's ass for the TV Title, then he goes and saves my Xtreme Title reign not once, but TWICE! Only a group as powerful as B.O.B. could manage to get disqualified in a match with No Disqualifications!"

"In spite of this, I will NOT have my B.O.B. brethren in my corner come Fire & Ice. I'm supposedly apart of some sorority of bears but, frankly, I don't give a shit about the house system. I don't care that there's a reward for being team MVP, no reward could be bigger than the one I'll receive with two more successful defenses. The ability to have TK's back against Doc, Flynn, or anyone else who thinks they can swindle their way into a free Title run is a reward of immeasurable proportions. To essentially GUARANTEE the Universal Championship will only be out of B.O.B.'s hands for mere moments is a weapon greater than any bomb or missile could ever hope to be!"

"But we gotta get there first, and I'm not going to by overlooking my opponent. Dinosaurus, or however you pronounce that ridiculous name, I gotta give you props. You did something I could not: beat Angie Vaughn. And while that might seem like a compliment, all it REALLY means is you were better at tolerating her silly little games than I was. Really, you had it easier than I did, afterall, a Wine Cellar Brawl's alot closer to actual wrestling than a game of Connect 4, no?"

"I'm not trying to compare dick sizes but, let's be honest, my reign as Xtreme Champion has been longer, AND more memorable, than both your TV Title reigns COMBINED! Let's not forget I pinned a former Universal Champion for MY belt, whereas you beat up an uglier, less talented, Sarah Lacklan for YOURS! And don't even get me STARTED on the guy you lost it to! I don't know what's worse: losing a belt to Bulk Logan himself, or to someone who's bad enough to lose it to Tommy fuckin' Wish; either way, it's the same thing when you really think about it."

B.O.B. D leaves the weight area and enters what appears to be some sort of trophy room. He walks by various pictures of Brotherhood members, both past and present, along with the various belts they'd won and lost. Eventually, D approaches a small section specifically dedicated to him.

"I know it seems personal, Dio, and that's because it is, just not in the way you might think...........

D picks up a replica of the bWo World Heavyweight Championship, a belt him and Miss Fury fought tooth and nail for countless times.

"Do you know what this is? Probably not, a little before your time. At one point it was the most prestigious prize in XWF, the World Heavyweight Championship. For one reason or another, it was eventually abandoned in favor of the Universal Title; most likely because the universe is bigger than the world. At least that's the only logic I can find for it."

"Anyway, this belt eventually faded into obscurity, only being brought up every once in a while as a bragging point for a washed up Barney Green to gloat about. That was until I became co-General Manager of Savage and I decided to shake things up by reintroducing it. Pretty neat, huh?"

D turns and places the belt back on its resting place, a frown on his face.

"Except it wasn't, at least not at first. You see, I didn't hold a Tournament, or have a Battle Royal to determine the Title's newest holder. No, I came up with the plan to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion specifically to give MYSELF the belt. It wasn't for the show, and it certainly wasn't for the company, it was all for ME."

"And nobody gave a shit. To them, I was a sham of a Champion, a man who essentially gave himself a participation trophy. And much like the CEO who fires his employees whilst giving himself a raise, noone respected me. I was World Champion in name only. I was nowhere near the Universal Champion's level, hell, I wasn't even on par with the 24/7 Title holder. Guys without belts got more respect than I ever did. Then Miss Fury took it from me and pushed it's prestige to the moon, because everything B.O.B. touches is gold including me."

"My point is, this match says it's for the Xtreme Championship, but it's not. To say it is would be the equivalent of me dubbing myself World Champion, a title in definition alone. You see, Dio, this may be all about the Xtreme Championship for you, but for me it's about so much MORE. This is about winning a briefcase and getting a guaranteed Universal Title shot as soon as TK loses it. It's about cementing my legacy and earning a spot among the best XWF has to offer, rather than buy my way to it."

B.O.B. D brings attention back to his Xtreme Title, holding it up and patting the plate.

"This belt has always been a stepping stone, a proving ground of sorts. The old me would've gone into this match, wondering how the hell I got there to begin with. I'd try my best to appear confident, without actually meaning it."

"But look at me now."

"It's gotten to the point where nobody wants to come after me, anymore. I literally went through HELL defending this thing, and now no-one wants a piece of me. Can't say I blame 'em. They know it's a waste of their time, they know it's a waste of MY time; why bother? The result's the same every time, just ask Charlie. If it wasn't for the fact people like Dio were being forced to compete for my Title, nobody would EVER fight me. And thank God for that, otherwise I'd never get my briefcase!"

"But I'm going to and, when I do, the XWF is gonna be Put. On. Notice. And I'm not talking about the Champions, oh no, I'm talking about the other briefcase holders. Because if ANY of them think for a second they're gonna waltz their way to an easy title reign, they're in for a RUDE awakening."

"And so is Dinosaurus."

"I'm sorry you have the misfortune of challenging for the Xtreme Title while I'M Champion, but I'm truly grateful for the fact you're doing it to begin with. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be able to get my case. So thanks, Dio, I couldn't do it without you."

June 2019 XWF Superstar of the Month
2019 Relentless Fishing Contest Winner
1x XWF World Heavyweight Champion
1x bWo World Heavyweight Champion [despite what Miss Furry or James J. Dildo says]
1x NWF World Heavyweight Champion
2x XWF Xtreme Champion [current]
2x XWF TV Champion
1x XWF Internet Champion
1x NWF World Tag Team Champion (w/Slim)
1x NWF Xtreme Champion
1x NLCW Slamfest Champion
1x LCW Hardcore Champion
3x WWF X-Division Champion
1x WWF World Tag Team Champion (w/Seth Flash)
1x WWF Dark Champion
1x WWF TV Champion
1x EGW Fury Champion
3x XWF Federweight Champion
4x XWF Heavymetalweight Champion
1x 420* Cruiserweight Champion
2x CMW Hardcore Champion
1x XHW T.V. Champion
1x WXC Hardcore Champion
1x XPW U.S. Champion
1x WLFC Tag Team Champion w/Chance
1x WWC T.V. Champion
1x WWC European Champion
1x WWF 24/7Hardcore Champion
2x WLFC 24/7 Hardcore Champion

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