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11-09-2023, 05:11 PM

[Opens to a corridor, where there was silhouette of a bulky man ranting and raving to a wall, then we see some joey styles looking man coming up to him and he turns around to see this lanky man and he ended up doing weird stuff to the point that the interviewer was kinda looking at him worried if he’s on something.]

Lanky Dude: Uh…. are you okay?

[Then this bulky man does this…]

[Image: hogaus.gif]


Lanky Dude: Uhm True, but I want to know something?


Lanky Dude: Why did you tell the world that you wanted Tommy to kiss  your foot?


Lanky Dude: Well then you shouldn’t have done that, you know Tommy willing to end up biting your toes off? I hear that he’s the toe slinging slasher in the XWF locker room!


[Then a off stage camera man hands this Bulk Logan impersonator a gift, then he opens it and he sees a prop severed foot, that had the words “Toosie Eater” in red marker and he screams in shock, then the corridor lights flicker, and suddenly, a shadowy figure is behind him. Then the lights cut off, then it shifts to a locker room where Bulk Logan impersonator is strapped on a chair with his mouth gagged as he sees a person in a joker Sting make up in grunge attire messin with a woman's feet.]

Lanky Dude: This is some creepy shit man… I want my money and I want it now!

[Then the man hits the Lanky Dude with a Kendo Stick, until he flees the room. Then the man turns around to see a demented Tommy who was giddy at the sight of the fake Bulk Logan. He pulled the gag off his mouth, and the restrained fake Logan was screaming at him.]


Epar T: ………


[Then fake Logan then almost breaks the restraints off the chair, but Epar T ended up hitting him with a Kendo Stick over the head. Then the unconscious woman who looked like Lacey Chambert from those shitty Hallmark films, in a nurse out fit wakes up to see this man all over her feet.]

Nurse Woman: T… you need to be sent to an institution!

Earp T: ….

Nurse Woman: Don’t let me call them… it’s for your best interest!

Earp T: ... .give me a pepsi…

Nurse Woman: No!... let this poor hostage go!

Earp T: ….noooo….pepsi!

[Then the nurse woman gets on her feet and kicks the demented T in the face. Which caused him to get a busted nose. She goes to the fake Logan to set him free, but he smacks her with a Kendo Stick on the back. Then he looked at the crawling nurse, then suddenly with a burst of energy he breaks the restraints and he stops the demented T from harming the nurse. He manages to take his Kendo Stick from him, which makes him “balk” down on his knees to his feet. As he waved it in the air, he kissed his foot in shame.]


[Then he had the stick down, and demented T ended up double leg takedown in the fake Logan on the floor and giving him some mounted punches. The stick flies towards the nurse, and she grabs it and smacks it on the ground, which causes the demented T to stop harming the fake Logan. She then aims towards him and uses the stick as a domineering way.]

Nurse Woman: Tommy, you will kneel before me… if you don’t… I can call the Sunnyville Institution…and have them send you away. Do what I say, FREAK!

[The demented T tries to fight to kneel, but he does it. Then fake Logan then tries to sneak attack him, but the Nurse spat some mist on his face which made him flee in fear. Then the Lanky Dude she's the man running out of the locker room, as he enters to see some weird voodoo shit going on. Lanky Dude see’s the woman, and he immediately fucks off. Then we see two Sunnyville guards in white suits take the demented T away and haul him off in a van to head to the institution away from human contact, about hours had past and we see T in pink padded walls, with him wearing a green and pink straightjacket staring at a window. As he heard some people outside his padded cell, he sees the door open to see that nurse lady come into with room with a pepsi in her hand taunting him with it. She pulled out a chair and sat across from this man, while drinking pepsi.]

Nurse Woman: So Thomas…

Earp T: ……..wh…at?

Nurse Woman: That man, that fake Bulk Logan man… why did you do it?

Earp T: ….Ahhh…..haaaa..ha..

Nurse Woman: If you don’t speak to me like a normal patient, I will send you to prison for attempted kidnapping and first degree murder.

[Then she pulls out a bag that shows a “real” severed head of the fake Bulk Logan. This scares the hell out of a man who’s demented as he committed on the carpeted room. Then she drinks more of the pepsi, and spills it on the carpet next to the vomit, which would have the room smell like dog vomit and hell. The Demented T breaks his silence towards this evil woman.]

Earp T: He… want… me… kiss… foot… x…treme… style.

Nurse Woman: That’s not good enough, tell me the truth damn it!


Nurse Woman: Oh, that’s understandable… Thomas, i want you to do something for me.

Earp T: Like what?

Nurse Woman: Mommy wants her child to play with me. Do you want to be my child?

Earp T: What?...

[Then the woman forcibly grabs him by his head to be on her chest for some reason, while he’s restrained from the above, he tries to headbutt her chest, but she pulls out a needle to sedate him which knocks him out. Then suddenly, he wakes up from his slumber where he was in a sweat as it was close to 4am, then he sees the woman who was in his dream right beside him, who also wakes up to console him.]

Woman: What’s up Tommy? Are you okay… you need me to get you water?

T: Um, yes i’m am okay. I don’t need any water, I'm okay.

Woman: Okay sweetie, i'm about to head downstairs to get some water. Get some sleep pal.

T: Will do..

[Then he looked at her putting on a robe, and she went out of the room to get some water. He then ended up going back to sleep, then about some time in the morning he was going to go for a jog at a park alone in Texas park, he then sat down on a bench and he decided to pull out a little camera to talk about some stuff.]

T: Man, it’s almost time for me to head to Deles or Delta… or whatever the hell the place is called soon against Bulk Logan. Man, that dream I had the other night got me going places I thought I never went too, maybe when I watched his promo a couple of nights ago I had it in my head over and over to the point I felt I was initializing  myself into being obsessed with this man and his match stipulation. I mean, i’m not shocked that he and his personal assistant were digging into my bio, and found out things that almost everyone in the locker room knows.

Yes, I might not be the most honest man in the world, and I might not be the superhero that people would want to see win against Bulk for the TV title. Hell, last time I heard he had thrown a huge party in his mansion somewhere for being honored as the Superstar Of The Month for the month of september still. I might not be on his level, and that is fine by me when I realize that  I have no chance in hell I will win the belt off him, he’s too much of the cash cow for Warfare that if I did beat him, it would cause soo much controversy.

I guess he and I aren’t too far off with controversy, he said that he wanted me in a X-Treme Kiss My Foot match, that alone would cause the wrestling landscape to beg for this match not to even happen or air on TV. This is what I live for, all the fucked up shit I can muster up will make proud to even fight this man in the first place. I know damn well that he wants me to kiss his foot so badly, that he had to be so specific on what his shoe size is. A size 20? Man, if you were a woman you could make a killin off that shit… you’d have Mikayla Miles (nsfw) on the ropes to be the baddest foot bitch on a planet.

But nope, here you are just willing to explicitly call out my one so-called weakness… i mean, if you wanted me to, I could throw the match kiss your boot and walk out of the arena on some “fuck this shit” energy, while you can sit back in your million dollar jet with that piece of tin that isn’t even close to what it represented before you took it and stunk it up to all hell like your shoes be after you hit the weights. So Bulk, i’m going to be blunt with you…

You say that opportunity knocks at every moment, well guess what I want to knock you out like LL Cool J, and not call it comeback. If i do get far in this match, you’ll understand that you are facing a man who should be in an institution for all the harm I shall cause upon you. Instead of asking your bitch for a pepsi, i’ll be askin for a mello yellow instead when that night is over. I know I won’t secure that belt, but I know full well that I will not end up kissin your foot, but if I have to consider this to be the last time you will be walking on both of them because I promise that one of them will be fuckin broken, and you’ll either have to call out, or hobble like a one legged wrestler every time you have to defend that Television championship on Warfare.

Bulk, consider this as a blood soaked, grand finale of your reign as the Television champion because I will make sure that those Hollywood producers will not recognize you from your head to your TOE when I get all X-Treme on your ass, BROTHER!

[Then he turns off the camera and placed it back in his mini backpack, then he got on his feet and went back into joggin as the scene moves away elsewhere.][/color]
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