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I thought I smelled something stinky - your blow hard wind tunnel
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09-08-2023, 05:05 PM

Previously - I had just introduced the newest member of the Misfits to his stablemates.
  Victor The Judge Mental, certainly stuck out, especially with his open ness about who he wants to belittle which sounded like mostly everyone, including his stable mates.


Mastermind was seen in the ring strapped to a trainee sparring with him, he was going through the motions preparing for his upcoming Television Title match against Dionysus.  Part of the stipulation of the match was being strapped together with a bull strap.

Antony the Jerk, Kris The Hammer Von Bonn, Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs, and Scarlet the Huntress were watching Mastermind go about his business.

The newest member of the Misfits, Victor the Judge Mental, walked up to the group.

VICTOR: "What's going on?"

ANTONY THE JERK: "Watching Mastermind practice for his upcoming match with Dionysus,"

VICTOR: "Oh that's a good idea, who's he in there with?"

ANTONY THE JERK: "Just a trainee,"

VICTOR: "He looks like a typical trainee.    I'm gobsmacked.  I thought if our leader is supposed to be practicing for his upcoming match then he would have someone more suited to the role of sparring with him,"

KRIS: "What are you getting at?"

Victor and Kris turned to face each other.    The tension was almost palable.

VICTOR: "I thought you at least would be sparring with him.  What's stopping you?"

KRIS: "Nothing's stopping me, I just didn't want to interupt,"

VICTOR: "Really?"

KRIS: "Yes really,"

Victor turned to both Melanie and Scarlet,

VICTOR: "What about you two?"

They both nodded in agreement with Kris.  Victor turned back to Antony,

"Really Antony I'm so disappointed in the whole lot of you.  No wonder our boss hasn't been getting too far up the card with low level help,"

Scarlet, stopped Kris from reacting as Victor walked towards the training ring.

VICTOR: "Yo boss,"

Mastermind stopped his training.

"What's up?"

VICTOR: "I would love to give my time to assisting you with your upcoming match, if you are up for taking on a stronger competitor?"

Mastermind looked past Victor, to see the trouble he had already left in his wake, and a small smirk crossed his face.

"Sure, come on in.  Thanks Richie,"

Richie the trainee nodded as he took off his side of the bull rope, and waited for Victor to approach him, before giving it to him.  Victor then placed it on his hand, and looked back at Mastermind.

VICTOR: "Are you ready boss?"

Mastermind smiled and nodded.  Suddenly Victor stood staunchly in place and pulled his end of the bull rope catching Mastermind off guard, and Mastermind stumbled towards him.  Victor hit him hard in his face with a slap of the rope and then kneed him, and Mastermind dropped to his knees.

There was a gasp from both Scarlet and Melanie, and a concerned look from Antony from outside of the ring.

Mastermind took his time to get over the shock, as Victor walked back to him.

VICTOR: "Are you okay.... boss?  I didn't mean...."

Suddenly Mastermind was up on his feet, and pushed Victor backwards catching him off guard, and as Victor stumbled backwards, Mastermind jerked on the bull rope, bringing Victor back towards him, and placing the rope around his waste as he ran past, and pulling him back to him.  He whispered in his ear.

"I see what you are doing.... Victor.    I also don't think it's for the best that you keep showing me up, do you get where I am coming from?"

VICTOR: "Oh I do, boss, but I was just showing the others that it looks weak them not helping you out in such an important match,"

"I agree with you that things need to change around here, but it's not in your hands to do the changing but mine.  But you are part of the change.  No more showing me up.  Compesh?"

VICTOR: "Yes sir, compesh."

Mastermind pushed Victor backwards unravelling themselves from one another before focusing in on more training.


The camera fades in on board Mastermind's Private Jet, showing Mastermind seated looking out the window, whilst talking on the phone with one of his son's, Jacob.

"Yes boy, I understand that.  I wish I could be there too to see them live.  I can try and be there next week to see them play should they lose today.  No.  I hope they don't lose today, and that they can cause a huge upset.  Yes...    Hey Jacob, I need to get going....  Yes...  Yes...  UP THE WAHS!!!  Okay bye boy, love ya,"

Mastermind hung up the phone and looked at the camera.  He stood up himself and walked over to where the drinks cart was placed.

"I heard out of all the stipulations that you have managed to place in to your so-called title defenses so far, that this one, has you smiling in all the right places.  It's like someones tickling you and you can't stop laughing.  Well, I'm here to tell you, that I will wipe that smile off of your face with one big swipe of the belt, and I'll be the first one to land the first blow."

Mastermind poured himself a cup of water and looked back at the camera.

"I can sense that you aren't going to be shy about the way that you are going to go about this match.  You think you have what it takes to beat me.  In a wind tunnel of all things, strapped together with a bull rope.  I'll show you who is the strongest out of the both of us.  You are going to wish you had somewhere to hide in this match, but you made it, so you don't,"

Mastermind drank some water and looked back at the front of the cabin to see Victor reading a file and the rest of the Misfits, Kris the Hammer Von Bonn, Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs, and Scarlet the Huntress, just sit back and relax.  He looked back to the camera, and drank some more.

"Look into my face, Dionysus, because this is not a face of a loser, it is a face of someone who is going to turn up and take that precious Television Title from you, whether we are flying in the air, whipping each other with ropes, or not.  Things are going to get messy pretty fast, messy and bloodied.  Are you prepared to get your hands dirty Dionysius?"

Mastermind smirked his infamous smirk, and then looked out of the cabin window at the clouds.

"See I told you I was already in your head, you did go on about my 100 losses in your opening promo.  Things were way different when I first started in the XWF than they are now.  I had to prove myself.  We were allowed to do as many promos as we could through a week, but even they didn't cut it.  I had to continue to prove myself through my losses.  Yes my many losses.  But I still proved myself.

"How did I prove myself?  By showing up week after week, by being in matches and by giving my all when most people showed up once or twice a month, even once or twice a year, and then didn't bring their all.    I guaranteed the powers that be, that I was there, win or lose, most often lose, but at least I showed up, and I continue to do so.

"Some people don't know what it's like to be a mainstay.  To show the powers that be that yes they can rely on someone who is on a losing streak to turn up, and continue to lose.    The XWF was big back then.  I showed up until I broke down.  And then I had to take a couple of years off, so I could get recover, and come back and continue to show up some more.

"I'm ready to show up for this match and get the whips and whatever else you may send my way, because you are going to get a whole lot more.  I will bleed as long as I have to, to get that title away from you.

"It's not going to be over until I say it's over.  You dream up something big, so you need to do whatever it takes to hold onto the TV Title, but how long can you?  I've shown I can stay the distance.  You haven't shown too much.  You've been here a short while.  No one can rely on you.  Yes you are the Television Champ, and yes you have shown up for your defenses, but how much longer can the the powers that be really believe that you will stay the distance.  They know I can.

"I wish nothing but the best for you Dionysus, because after tonight, you will be falling back to earth, as the former television champion, and I'll be the newest champion.    I hope you don' forget me.  Because once I'm done with you, I'll forget that you were the champ of the moment.    Because it'll be my time.

"Believe me it'll hurt to lose, because I've hurt a lot, but that will slowly die away once you sink your teeth into another match, albeit without the Television Title.  Because I will be the new star of the XWF.
Second time around.  You will be an afterthought.    A credit where credits are placed.    I'm going to critique you and show you where you went wrong, and then I'll show you how to be the Champion.  After all I did hold it for over 110 days."

Mastermind poured another drink of water, and drank it.  He looked back at the camera.

"Time certainly has flown Dionysus.  I'll see you soon.  You can fly as high as you want, you can strap me as hard as you want, but there's no getting over the fact, that I will be leaving Warfare as the new Television Champion.  Be ready.  Because I can smell something stinky at the end of all this high-flying match.  I think you know what it will be."

Mastermind starts laughing as the camera fades out.

Overall - 60 Wins 102 Losses 8 Technicals 2 Draws 1 No Contest
Comeback Record - 10 Wins 24 Losses 1 Draw
7th Year Record 2023 - 5 Wins 16 Losses
6th Year Record 2022 - 5 Wins 8 Losses 1 Draw
5th Year Record 2020 - 7 Wins 12 Losses 1 No Contest
4th Year Record 2019 - 12 Wins 1 Draw 21 Losses
3rd Year Record 2018 - 6 Wins 2 Losses
2nd Year Record 2015 - 1 Wins 9 Losses 2 Technical
1st Year Record 2014 - 24 Wins 34 Losses 6 Technicals

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50TH CAREER WIN vs TOMMY WISH - Wednesday Night Warfare - 2ND SEPTEMBER 2020

100TH CAREER LOSS vs BOB D - Weekend Warfare - 12TH AUGUST 2023



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