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(Re)Building Myself Up
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11-24-2021 01:58 PM

~The video starts, although at first, you're not completely sure it's working. The screen is completely black. The only clue that something is happening is the sound of footsteps in the distance. They sound like they're a good distance away, but they're beginning to get closer. As you squint at the screen, trying to make out anything, you hear Peter Vaughn's voice, dubbed in over the scene we're viewing.~

Peter Vaughn: We're finally reaching the moment I've been waiting for.

~The footsteps continue to get louder. In the distance, you might be able to see some movement. Of course, it could also be your eyes playing tricks on you.~

Peter Vaughn: Ever since my world turned upside down, I've been waiting for this. Once OCW decided to close off from the public and become... something else, I've been dreaming about being on a world-wide stage again, getting to fight in a Pay-Per-View against the toughest competition on the planet. Sure, maybe I dreamed about James Raven, or Betsy Granger, or even Alias, but Drew Archyle will do in a pinch. After all, he's Apex... and I loathe Apex.

~Okay, it's not your eyes, as a figure can be seen approaching the camera. It appears to be Peter Vaughn, wearing his usual wrestling gear as he slowly walks forward. He seems to have the eyesight of a cat, as he knows exactly where he's going. There's no hesitation as he passes by, no concern, simply concentration.~

Peter Vaughn: Some might wonder, why do I hate them? Why have I put together a crew of Exiles to battle them in Thunder Pro Wrestling? Why did I attempt to blind Drew Archyle and put him on the shelf? Why did I have them ambush Robert Main, Oliver Main, & Jim Caedus? Well, I think it should be obvious, but for those who don't understand... it's because they're selfish.

~We follow behind Vaughn, trying to keep him in sight, as the darkness around him seems all-consuming. Only a few steps away, he's almost lost in the black, something that he now lives in every day.~

Peter Vaughn: Men like Archyle, like the Mains, believe that everything should be given to them. They'll use their superior numbers to try and make this happen however possible. It's the way that The Omega was able to beat me earlier this month, because he had his stooges distract me when I had him down for the count. Apex has pushed for everything in TPW, demanding all the spots in the International Title Tournament, while also forcing themselves into the SEX Cup. And they're doing the same in the XWF. Just look at Caedus, demanding a Universal Title shot right away from Theo Pryce, when I RIGHTFULLY was given the shot.

~Ahead of us, we can see a glowing light source. This seems to be Vaughn's destination, as he starts to pick up the pace.~

Peter Vaughn: And we can't forget Archyle, can we? Good old Drew, who wouldn't be fighting someone like me if I hadn't taken it to him first. Now he screams about getting revenge, counting down the days to our fight, cursing me for choosing to fight him. Really, if I'm honest, it wasn't much of a choice. I had already planned to make an impact on my first show, and Archyle happened to be the Apex member waiting there for me. But I'm glad it was him. If I'm going to tear down Apex, the best way to do it is to start from the bottom up.

~As we approach the light, as blinding as it is after the absolute darkness of the area, we can see that it's actually a glass doorway of some sort. Vaughn confidently approaches it, already beginning to stretch out his hand.~

Peter Vaughn: The sad thing is that Drew truly believes that he's the only getting what he asked for in this match. Making it hardcore? Anything goes? Battling towards a specialized janitorial closet? In what way does that put me at a disadvantage? He had a much better chance when he could have had one of his Apex buddies come in and cause the DQ. Now, though... now he's going to be in my territory. I guarantee by the end of Bad Medicine, he will truly regret his decision to sign this contract. Guaranteed regret. A truly wonderful thing.

~Vaughn pulls open the door, walking through. The light blocks everything out for a moment...~

~After a moment, the light fades, showing Vaughn walking through a set of doors to enter the Builders Outlet Super Store. You can call it the BOSS, for short. Vaughn looks around, almost like he's in heaven as he takes in all the supplies in this special store in Dallas. He walks forward, allowing us to see the man behind him, Jonathan "Pryde" Barrows, who doesn't seem nearly as happy to be there. He shakes his head.~

Jonathan Barrows: When you said you wanted me to join you, Peter, I thought you meant meeting to discuss how things are going in your wrestling career, not go shopping. Why'd you choose this place?

Peter Vaughn: Are you kidding? This place is the BOSS! It's always one of my favorite places to visit. You can get almost anything here, and I need a LOT to continue rebuilding the ranch house I bought.

Jonathan Barrows: Yeah, I saw some of your estimates for the fixes you're going to do out there. You're almost starting from scratch, it seems like.

Peter Vaughn: Eh, I'm hoping to keep the framework in place, but yeah, there's a lot of damage in there. It's going to take some time and a lot of funds to build it up to my dream house, but I'm confident I'll get there.

Jonathan Barrows: You're going to have to keep being in high-profile matches to get those bonuses. Thank goodness we negotiated that Universal Title shot.

Peter Vaughn: Yep, you did good on that one, Jonathan. I bet a lot of the locker room was pissed when that got announced. The former Janitor, given a shot at such a prestigious title? But I earned it. I earned it through blood, sweat, and my opponent's tears.

~For a moment, Vaughn's face has clouded over, as he seems to be ready to drop into an rage-filled rant. Barrows swallows and steps back, but Vaughn's eyes clear as he notices a stack of plywood off to the side.~

Peter Vaughn: Nice, a Black Friday sale!

~Vaughn moves over, inspecting the supplies piled there, as Barrows breathes a sigh of relief. He moves over, making sure to keep a little distance, but Vaughn seems engrossed in checking on things.~

Peter Vaughn: Hey, Jonathan, would you go get us a cart? I want to start loading up.

Jonathan Barrows: Uh, sure, sure, I can do that.

~Barrows wanders off, trying to figure out where the carts are, as Vaughn moves further down the aisle, considering what's there. He's picked up a nail gun, popping the trigger a few times, as an older woman comes into the aisle behind him.~

Woman: Excuse me, sir. Can you help me?

Peter Vaughn: Oh, sorry, lady, I don't work here.

Woman: I'm trying to figure out what type of screw I would need to help fix my windows with this attachment.

~Completely ignoring Vaughn's statement, the woman pushes the metal bracket into Vaughn's arms. He looks a little annoyed, but after taking a quick glance down, he sighs and goes along with it.~

Peter Vaughn: It looks like you're going to want the Grip-Rite 3-inch gold wood screws. They should be over on aisle 3. So you're repairing it yourself?

Woman: Oh, no, my husband has said he's going to do it. It's been some time, though, so I wanted to get him the supplies for this weekend since he has off.

Peter Vaughn: Tell the lazy bum to get off his rump and get the work done. You're losing electricity and heat every day the longer you leave this unfixed. It's not professional. Tell him I'll come kick his teeth in if he doesn't get it done.

Woman: Oh my....

Peter Vaughn: As I said, head to aisle 3.

~The woman staggers away, looking completely thrown off after that sudden threat from Vaughn. As she walks away, another man approaches, having noticed the exchange (but not having heard the specifics).~

Man: Hey, I'm working to patch up a hole my stupid kid made in my drywall before the landlord finds out about it. Do you know what supplies I'd need?

Peter Vaughn: Was the kid rough-housing, doing some wrestling with a friend or brother?

Man: Exactly.

Peter Vaughn: Good times. Anyway, I'd recommend a DAP DryDex Wall Repair Kit. That'll have most of the supplies you'll need. I believe they have some over on Aisle 5, or maybe 6. I actually need to get some of those myself. Let's head over there and check it out.

Man: Oh, great! Lead the way then.

~The two men walk off, heading for aisle 5. Or 6. A few moments later, Jonathan Barrows returns, pushing a cart in front of him. He looks around, realizing that Vaughn has left.~

Jonathan Barrows: Peter? Damn it... this place is too huge for this...

~Barrows pushes the cart and turns around, beginning to search the entire store for his client.~

The legacy of the Broom Closet Brawl goes back deep into the history of custodial services. Likely, as soon as there were closets to hold a cleaner's supplies, the brawls began. I happen to be well versed in the warfare required for a match of this sort. While Drew Archyle will show up as a Bull in a china shop, a stereotype that the Myth Busters disproved, by the way, I'll be planning out every single option to come out ahead in this endeavor.

You don't win a match like with brute strength. You don't come out victorious by just using your thick head to slam against people. You have to have a strategy, a blueprint that will lead to success. You have to be ready for almost anything. After all, I know Drew will have his friends lurking around backstage, looking for their chance to step in and interfere. Maybe the Mains, maybe Caedus, maybe someone else that still thinks of me as the enemy even though I've left OCW far behind me.

And don't forget, I left on my own terms. They didn't kick me out, I kicked them out. Well, you know what I mean.

So at Bad Medicine, I'll be showing the world once again that it's not just my talent at wrestling that should be feared. It's my knowledge, my experience, that I've picked up over the years in the business. I'm already working on contingency plans for almost every situation, plans that will give me a 100% chance of victory in front of the XWF viewers. We'll see how many wins it takes before they start truly taking me seriously. Maybe it'll take me holding that Universal Title high above me, showing everyone that, once again, I'm a champion.

For now, as an Exile, it'll just be me holding up a bloody fist, as I teach Drew Archyle a much-delayed lesson. My destiny is to be at the top. Your destiny is to be the stepping stone that gets me there.

~We return to the BOSS, where Barrows is still searching for the wrestler he helped 'repackage' into a winner. He walks down, doing the odd-but-necessary double-turn of the head down each aisle, looking left and right in the hopes of spotting him. Eventually, this skill pays off, as he spots Vaughn standing next to the man from earlier, who looks a lot more uncomfortable. Barrows heads their way, listening to what Vaughn is talking about.~

Peter Vaughn: You see, it's not enough just to smooth the putty out. If you really don't want your landlord to notice anything, you'll need to do a good job trimming it. That's where this utility knife comes in handy. It's got a 2 1/2 inch stainless steel blade, and it cuts so smoothly. I've used it in a... variety of circumstances, and I can tell you, it always does its job.

Man: I'm, uh, I'm sure it does. So if I could just take that...

Peter Vaughn: The long handle is also really useful, as it allows you to avoid cutting yourself as well as your target. With one slice, you can cut right through...

Man: Umm, thanks, but I've really got to get going. I appreciate your help!

~The man grabs another utility knife from the side rack, along with the repair kit he had gotten, and hurries away. Who knows what else Vaughn had been saying before Barrows got back.~

Peter Vaughn: Sure. Glad I could help. Oh, hey, Jonathan, I wondered where you went.

Jonathan Barrows: I went to get a cart, remember?

Peter Vaughn: Right, right. Here, I've got these supplies already.

~Vaughn moves to the side, grabbing a stack of items and putting them into the cart. It's a variety of tools and other gear, everything needed to work on a major project... or possibly for a wrestling match.~

Peter Vaughn: I guess I should have worn something in a different color. Everyone thinks I work here. I don't mind helping them, but I have my own shopping to...

~Vaughn suddenly stops, as he realizes there's a small hand tugging on his hand. He turns and looks down at the young man, who stares up with wide eyes.~

Peter Vaughn: They're growing us handyman younger every year. So how can I help you, little squirt?

~In response, the kid lifts up a piece of paper in his other hand, which he's holding along with a pen. Behind them, another man can be seen watching with a smile.~

Father: Go ahead and tell him what you want, Pedro.

~Surprised, Vaughn kneels down to get closer to the kid.~

Kid: Can you... can you gif me your autograf?

Peter Vaughn: I... I... sure, kid, sure. Your name's Pedro, right?

~Pedro nods shyly. Vaughn takes a deep breath and looks at the receipt offered to him. He signs it to Pedro, writing him a short message of support. Pedro takes it and smiles, looking at it, before waddling back over to his father.~

Father: Thank you! He's a big XWF fan, usually can't stop talking about it.

Peter Vaughn: Ahhh, well, always good to meet a fan. Tell you what, I'll punch Drew Archyle in the face once just for you, okay?

~This seems to confuse the kid, as he likes cheering for Apex, but the father is already moving him away now that they've got what they came for. Vaughn smiles, then turns back to Barrows.~

Jonathan Barrows: I know you loved that. See, your exposure in two new feds, especially XWF, is really making an impact![/i][/b]

[color=#87CEFA] Peter Vaughn: Just wait until they see what I do to Archyle, Jonathan. Once I'm done, no one will be able to stop talking about me.

~Vaughn walks off, looking more excited after having that experience with a fan, something that hasn't been the norm in the past. He moves over to an industrial area, as Barrows hurries to push the cart up behind him. Vaughn steps to the right, looking over an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.~

Peter Vaughn: I could definitely use something like this. It'll make quite an impression.

~Vaughn picks up the vacuum cleaner, easily managing to put it inside the cart. He then walks on, continuing his exploration of the store, searching for items of repair... and items of destruction. Barrows follows behind him, sighing as he pulls out his cell phone and presses on a speed-dial.~

Jonathan Barrows: Yeah, this is Mr. Barrows. I'm going to be a while, so cancel my afternoon meetings. Yes, I know he's wanting an update. I'm doing this all for him, you know. We're getting the results he wanted. Just give it some more time, let me keep molding him into a Hall of Famer. We'll get there eventually. Thanks.

~Barrows hangs up the phone, then moves back over to Vaughn, who is currently swinging a broom handle back and forth, having removed the broom portion by unscrewing it. He seems to be testing the weight of the wood. We slowly fade out.~

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