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XWF Classic: Here for the memories! Theo Pryce
Author Message
Theo Pryce Offline
King of Kings
Management Lv. E-Rex

XWF FanBase:
The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

10-02-2014, 08:18 AM

Wrestler Date of Birth: 01/30/1984

Height: 6'3

Weight: 230

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Personality: Sarcastic, Calculating, Manipulative...but with his own set of ethics.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Depends on the situation, currently a face.

Physical Build Description: Picture Billy Gunn in his heyday

Ring Attire: Typical Wrestling Full Length Black Pants with Green Dollar Signs going up and down the outside of his left and right legs. Black sleeveless shirt that is torn off prior to the beginning of the match.

Out Of Ring/Casual Attire: Suits or Vest/Shirt/Tie combo

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pic Base: [Image: Tom_Hiddleston_(Avengers_Red_Carpet).jpg]

Tom Hiddleston

Wrestling Style: Combination of power and submission

Strengths: Speed, awareness, adaptability

Weaknesses: What is that?

Entrance Theme Music: yoCD5wZEgo4

Points of Authority by Linkin Park

Entrance Description: The fans erupt as the words $Money Talks$ flash on the X-Tron followed immediately by the opening notes of Linkin Park's "Points of Authority" starts playing. Theo Pryce walks out from behind the curtain. Theo slaps hands with his adoring fans and even kisses a baby's forehead or two. Why a baby is in Hel is anyone's guess but whatever. Theo ascends the ring steps and then climbs into the ring where he takes up a position in one of the far corners so he can keep his eyes on the entry way.

Manager (if applicable): None
Manager's Pic Base:    N/A

Top 15-20 Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
Arm Bar
Ankle Lock
Reverse DDT
Backdrop Driver
Turnbuckle Splash
Sleeper Slam
Tilt-A-Whirl Slam
Boston Crab
Figure Four Leg Lock

Trademark Move(s): Pryce Check
Description(s):  Satellite DDT

Primary Finisher: Sovereign Stomp
Description: Has opponent bite the bottom rope and then kicks the opponent in the back of the head. Essentially a variation of the curb stomp. (Sometimes followed up with Pryce Is Right)

[Image: iSyxQtO.gif]

Secondary Finisher if applicable: Kingdom Come
Description: Gory special reverse STO (Brian Cage's Weapon X)

[Image: tumblr_nklefcDYKw1tl23yuo10_400.gif]

Submission Finisher: Pryce Is Right
Description: Arm trap crossface

Favorite Weapon if any: None.

Additional notes: Theo is the former President and CEO of Pryce Industries which is a Private Government Contractor. Theo was given the job after the passing of his father, the companies founder. Not much is know about exactly what the company provides services for. Theo's estimated net worth is around 10 billion dollars. Theo is a perpetual bachelor who does enjoy the night scene. However after being ousted from Pryce Industries by his half sister and resident cunt Theo went on to work for the government.

[Image: XCwEiv2.png]
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