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A Datemare - Jason Cashe - 03-31-2024

“Bend over bitch.. I got your pineapple and it won't take any intelligence to know where to put it. You're a hacker right, Tyler? Hack my life. My social media, my Netflix account! Hack something because if you don't gain a small victory in something else, you will be two palms empty handed by the end of this match. Title or non Title, I’m whooping that ass!”

I had an address.

Since November, I’ve had a ‘Fan’ that wasn't wanting an autograph.

He has watched my every move. Has gotten close to anyone I cared for and took pictures so that I knew he had been close to them without them knowing. The man killed his own Momma just because she reached out to me to ‘help’ her son end his suffering.

The dude was mental.

I was laid up in a Hospital for almost a week after he stabbed me. Twisted the blade into my lungs and left me there to die slowly. Sloane was there for me during that time.

She was the only one.

When this ‘Fan’ stabbed me in November, it was Sloane who stayed by my bed. Watched me, kept me company. She called herself my ‘Bodyguard’ and amongst a crowd of people that should have been there for us both, it seemed we were alone.

Zero chance I wanted her to go with me to handle this. I wasn't sure what to expect. This guy has gotten the slip on me a few times and has warned me that if I get any closer, he will be forced to push up my death date or plan a playdate with my loved ones. 

That was his plan, not mine. Mine involved finding where he felt most comfortable. His safest safe space. Before that could take place, I wanted to spend time with my wife.

“Come home, we going out tonight!” Was what I texted her before getting in the shower.



Her excitement showed as the door to her apartment swung open and she came in from outside. “I’m home!” She calls out as she shuts the door behind her. “My babies!!” Squealing as she hurries across the living room to where her Hedgehogs, Quill and Wig were lounging. Giving them some love, she turns towards the hallway and hears the shower running off in the distance. “Should I dump ice water on him?!” Nodding her head as if being able to hear her Hedgehogs, they seem to like the idea.

“Yeah? I’m going to do it!”

She scurries back across the living room, cutting past the table in the open dining room but before she can pass the table, she pumps her brakes and makes eye contact with a tray of brownies with glitter sprinkles on them. “What do we have here?!” Her tongue sweeps out over her lips as she plucks the card off the top of the pile of chocolatey goodness.

“Heard you got Married! Congrats my Brother! Enjoy!”
– Cyrus Riddle

Her head tilted as he finished reading the note. Her eyes convert back to the tray of brownies. “Technically he gifted this to us both because I’m the wife and what’s his is mine now, right?” Nodding as she contemplated her own question. “Right!” She snatches a brownie off the top and oooooommm bites into it.

“How is Tamako?

Don't worry, I still don't want your chick. I have one, thanks!

I ask though because I wonder if she knows.. About your incarceration I mean. How could she not? Yet you made a point to say Prison was an apartment you lived in when she questioned you having been.

Am I mistaken?

How can you question or carry an opinion about anyone else's relationship when you have yours in the same hat that tricks get pulled out from? If she doesn't know then what room do you have calling my Wife dumb? Bricks have more sense to read the room than she does if she doesn't know your truth. No wonder you reflect onto others as you do..

Let's talk about your sentencing though.. Two Years in Prison for ‘Revenge Porn’ and kidnapping a kid? You did how long?

What's going on here, Tyler?

You get 2 years for robbing a bank, kidnapping though? Kidnapping a kid no less?! And are you registered? You got out early so what kind of deal did you make? Are you an Informant now? Hacker boy turned Snitch, it really makes too much sense doesn't it? I would await answers to all of these questions but you’ve never been one for direct responses.

Your reach is short armed so indulge me on how many different ways you can call someone dumb because you use that a lot. Really, it's all you have outside of calling Seb for a feature or wanting Thad to put you on again..

I want you to want this Tyler because I'm ready for this and you’ll be hurting with regret if you don't come equipped. All that confidence and boasting you do on the screen of a computer, come show me in person..

I dare you!”


Whistling as he comes out of the bedroom. Jason Cashe was in good spirits! Fresh out of the shower, dressed up a little, he had plans with his Wife. A date night. With his eyes paired to his phone like bluetooth, Cashe was checking his messages and twitter. Before he could get into any replies or making some random tweet about his plans, his eyes glanced up from his phone.

“Whaaa the fuck?!”

He was frozen in place. On the coffee table in front of the couch sat Sloane. She was sitting cross legged on top of the table.

“Sloane?” Cashe whispers before moving closer to her. “Hey.. You alright?” He lets his voice crackle and raise as he puts a hand onto her shoulder. Giving it a little nudge.


She was zoned out. Staring at the Television. Cashe turns to the TV but the TV wasn't even on. Squatting down next to the table, Cashe gets into her face, putting his phone on her lap, he grabs her with both hands. Wanting to get her eyes to locate his own, she smiles when their eyes connect and Cashe falls backwards away from her.

“Yoooo! What the fuck?!” He says with a spark of surprise. Usually you could make the argument that she had a gorgeous smile but her teeth were covered in a brown substance that, to Cashe looked like shit. “Your smile bones is FUCKED up!”

Her eyes stay with her Husband as does her smiling grin. Being on the floor, Cashe had himself propped up with his arms behind him. Looking over towards Quill and Wig, they were watching. “What happened to your Momma?!” He asks the hedgehogs. They couldn't respond but that's when he notices a drinking glass next to Sloane. It had milk in it.

Looking from the glass back to his wife. His eyes pop out of his head in a very acme/cartoonish manner. “Ooohhh nooo!” Cashe scrambles to his feet, skipping into the dining room and bumping into the table, he looks at the tray of Brownies. “Oooohhhh nooooo!” A very delayed echo in his response fills the apartment.

Giving himself a face palm, he slowly moves back to his wife. Dropping to his knees in front of her, he slides his hands along the outside of her crossed legs.

“Sloane?” Her eyes and smile meet his face. He can see himself in her eyes and there was a layer of guilt he was feeling. “How many of those Brownies did you eat?” Sighing he knew she wasn't going to be able to answer. “Fuck..” Turning his head from her, he falls into thought. “You're gonna be JUST fine.. In about 8 hours..”

Scoffing. There goes their date night plans.

Not sure what else to do, he gets up. Sliding his hands under her, Cashe picks Sloane up off the coffee table. “I got you..” Her arms wrapped around him as he took her to the couch. She laid into a fetal position and let out a few whimpers. “Damnit!” He said in such regret for what had happened.

Wanting to know just how fucked up she was going to get, Cashe heads back to the tray on the table.

“Last time I ate these, Riddle and I were in OCW heading into a match with Them No Good Bastards.. I fought Freddy fucking Kruger!”

There was such a dread to the memory in part. At least in the use of special brownies. “Thanks, Riddle.” He whispered but couldn't stop himself from letting out a defeated chuckle. Can't do anything about it now but in a different setting, a good prank. It wasn't intended and Sloane might not be ready for this. Counting the drugged treats on the table, Cashe was trying to figure out how many she had eaten..

“One.. Two..

He whips around and looks over at his wife on the couch. “You ate THREE?!” Shaking his head, he couldn't believe it. “I ate TWO and got fucked up! THREE?!” Grabbing the card that Riddle left, Cashe flips it over. There, it gave a list of the things that were in the Brownies. It WASN'T just weed.

He was pacing.

“Fuck me.. What are Azurescens?”

More pacing..

“Peyote, THC, Psilo.. Silho.. I don't know how to pronounce that!”

Still pacing…

“There are FOUR kinds of Magic Mushrooms?! Geezus..”

Sulking in a long sigh, he stops pacing as his face falls into his hands cupped out in front of him. Moments pass and then he pops up, finding himself with a lightbulb good idea.

“That's it!”

Hurrying to the table, Cashe pulls free three wide bodied brownies off the tray. Shoving one into his mouth, he was busy chewing like a wildman. Moving into the living room, he was nodding as he looked upon his drugged Wife.

“Don't worry my Shine! I’m coming!” Announcing after gulping down the dry ass brownie. Snatching up the glass of milk Sloane had. He knocked it back to wash down the brownie. “We doing this shit together! I got you!”

Confident, Cashe balled up the two remaining brownies in hand and shoved them into his mouth. It was almost as big as an 8 Ball. He chewed with a growl, drool falling from his mouth as he fought with a mouthful. He was attacking this problem but there was plenty to be worried about. There was a reason why he hasn't had these brownies since the Pre-Purge days of OCW.

Keeping his eyes on Sloane, Cashe takes a seat next to her on the couch. Inhaling deeply as he settles back, it wouldn't take long before he fell off into a drug induced dream state.

“XWF has had its investments with toxic traits. I’m toxic but it's like you said yourself, I talk a lot of shit. Petty comes with my coffee in the AM but you? Your toxic traits are pushing the same vibes as Charlie Nickles, JPD, Reno, or even worse, that Johnny Stylez weirdo.

Your toxic traits have suspect tendencies and the ONLY reason you still have any placement or credibility in this sport is because of the CHARITY that is often given to peons like you. See your group of ‘friends’ as an example, at least those that were your friends before you went all Registered Offender..

What about the last place you were at before the ‘arrest’? OCW wasn't it? You were a part of the reboot, the post purge. When Thad and Strader became the next failure at keeping Welsh invested. You initially questioned Triad but have made yourself a part of that as well. You seem to play follower more than you have the ability to lead. Yet you think SO highly of yourself!

I bet you were popular in Prison.

Back to OCW though..

You beat Lizzie Hope over there didn't you? Someone more focused on Big Brother than what takes place inside the squared circle, congratulations. Recently, you got a big win against my Wife as well.

Again, congratulations.

Now what?

I haven't heard a peep from you since this match got booked. Do you only take action and harass someone when it's women and children? I was surprised by the booking myself but the smile on my face that formed gave me plenty of reasons to have an interest..”

I felt the cold chill in the air as I opened my eyes in an unfamiliar area. Outside, I had no recollection of how I got there but there I stood with woods at any direction except for right in front of me. Instead of woods, what I found in front of me was a trailer. A double wide to be specific. As far as trailers went, it was kind of nice.

“I guess I’m going inside?” The other option was wandering without direction into the woods. Grabbing the handrailing of the stairs, I take two at a time and get to the porch in three steps. Hesitating before I knocked, I felt the sense to just open the door and go inside. “Hello?!”

I say as I get the door open and cautiously step inside. The air inside had a scent of plastic being burned. “Hellrrr? Anyone home?” Still no response. There wasn't even a stir of noise that I could hear as I felt the ground move under the weight of every step I took.

“I’m looking for my wife..”

My voice carried over the walls of the double wide. I try to take in all the little details that would catch my eyes as I enter a new area but the details that caught my eye were the eyes that met mine as I entered the living room.

“What.. the fuck?”

My mouth dropped open, my eyes widened as I stared at four people tied to chairs with duct tape over their mouths in the middle of the living room. I recognized each of them.

“Amber?” My Sister mumbled behind the tape over her mouth. Her eyes running with mascara showing that she had been crying. Next to her was another face I knew immediately. “Echo?” Both of my Sisters were tied to chairs. I take a step forward, ready to launch into action to set them free. All of them tried to yell as I did so.

“What?” From seeing my Sisters, I continue to the next of the four. “Now, see you being here, I’m kind of okay with..” Making eye contact with my Mother as she seemed to be thrashing around trying to cuss me most likely. “If we have to sacrifice someone, you have my vote!” I told her with almost a grin but then I noticed the last person next to her. She wasn't moving, she wasn't struggling but her eyes stayed on me with a sadness in them that tugged at everything in me.


I didn't stay put. I flung forward and again, everyone tried to give me warning. I ignored them because my Wife didn't make the attempt to shout. She wasn't struggling to get free, she was just accepting the situation. I grip and rip the tape from her mouth. “You came..” She says to me with a gasping of oxygen intake.

“How did this happen? Who did this to you?!” I rapidly fired questions as I picked and pulled at the ropes that her hands were tied to the chair with.

“Behind you!” She shouts with some exhaustion to her voice. I spin out to the right as a butcher knife comes slicing down trying to make contact.

I saw a shadowy figure but not a face. The outline of someone but the details were blackened out like the darkest of shadows. The opposite of light other than the shining clarity of the knife in their hand. Moving away from everyone tied up, I didn't want this person missing me and catching them. That was my plan..

Their plan was different. With distance between us, I had my hands up ready to scrap. They showed the whites of their teeth and as they came into sight, the details of his face began to blossom. His eyes began to glow, his nose and mouth became visible from the glow of his eyes. I could see his face and I recognized it as well.

It was my ‘Fan’.

He wasn't trying to fight as he now stood behind the row of chairs. The knife rotating in his hand, it really felt as though he was playing eenie, meenie, miny, moe with who he would pick first. “Fuck this!” I jolt forward and he quickly makes his selection and stands behind my Mother.

Her hair is yanked, exposing her neck as her eyes are forced to stare at the ceiling. He doesn't hesitate as the knife's edge drags across her throat, drawing a red line that opens into a gash.. The gargling filled the living room. Everyone mumbled behind their tape, Sloane screamed and looked away. Amber tried to fight free and Echo just cried with her eyes as tightly closed as she could make them.

I stood frozen. Watching and seeing the life drain in my Mother's stare before it became a dead stare that slumps forward. Blood just poured down her chest and onto the floor under her.

“... Hello, Jason..”

“You’ve said a lot about my wife and my marriage over the last few months. You and Mr. Universal ‘Woe is Me’ are more hung up about MY marriage than Christ was on a Cross! Do me a favor though.. Tell the Empire of Emotional Damage to move on because he is the ONLY one still sitting in an ‘emotional position’ with my wife.

I got her like a back tat and you, Seb or anyone who pet his fucking ego like he was a victim when they broke up? All of you can stay playing dislike.. We good, I promise. Where one of your Best Friends left a frown, I helped reform a smile. What started as a mistake became a bigger mistake to walk away from.. For both of us..

So, you want to call her dumb for not just marrying me but staying with me? Fine. You’ve also called her a hoe.. You want redemption, followed me on Twitter FOR her and even agreed to help her with her computer problem. But you talk down to her and are far from redemption and lack the qualities for such things so now you have a belt she lost and I shall take it from you doing to you what you once said about me. Do you remember? You said:

You reek of someone who’s used to saying whatever you want without being punched in the throat.

You HAVE the chance to do exactly that! No worries though, I know you’ll come quicker with excuses than you will an attempt to actually do what you say needs to be done. I WILL show you exactly how to do it but it won't be a punch. It will be a foot pressing down on your throat as you grasp to gasp for air.. You will WISH that you were playing grab ass with Thad and his son instead..

Oh and Razor Blade? American Nightmare? Hahahaha nuff said.”

“Wait!” I roar with hands held up requesting a pause as he moves behind Echo. My baby sister. Not blood related but as much of family as I have ever had between the two Sisters I see tied up before me.

“Leave us alone!” Sloane blurts out behind a wall of tears and fears. The ‘Fan’ who’s name I knew but rarely used, looked over at my Wife.

“... You're the main event, wait your turn..” The smile of both his eyes and mouth turned back to me as he stroked the hair of my Sister. “Now.. What has caused this, Jason?”

“You! Motherfucker, this is ALL you!” I was livid. I wanted to attack, I wanted the upper hand. What I knew is that he currently had control of the situation.

“.. Wrong answer..”

In his right was the knife he used to slice my Mother's throat but up from his side came his left. In it, he had a smaller knife and with a swift motion, he plunged it into the side of Echo’s neck. Pulling it free, her neck squirted with a stream of blood.


I lunged forward. Right outside the area of reach, I was too late. With his right, he lifted the butcher knife and came down overhead, burying it into the top of Amber’s head. She stiffens and shakes as her eyes widen and blood just flows down in all directions.

I was late but still got to him. I lost so much in the brief time of being here but getting to him filled me with a deep sense of satisfaction. I hit him and didn't stop. When he fell, I kicked at him, lifted him by the clothes he wore and threw him into the wall. Stomping into him as he curled up to protect himself as best as he could. I realized that not once had he cried out or whimpered as I landed shot after shot. Instead.. He cackled behind the pain.

Pausing long enough for him to look up at me, his lip had blood drooling over the bottom. His teeth were stained with a red hue but I saw the teeth past his smile.

“.. Heh.. Heh.. Now choose..”


“.. You or her. One of you must die. Choose..”

“You’re not going to get the chance to touch her again!”

I put everything into it before I punched down and felt his teeth shatter as I made contact.. He slumped and went limp on the floor.


Sloane’s cry of my name grabbed my attention. She couldn't see me with her back to me so when I got to her and put my hands on her, she initially flinched. “It's me!” Hurrying to get her untied, she leaned against me. Happy to see me, I felt a strong sense of that and found myself hugging her as I stared over at my Mother and two Sisters. All of them were dead and still bleeding out. ”Let's get out of here..”

I get her hands untied and we both get to tearing away the bindings on her legs.

Oowww! That stings! It felt like a bad pinch but I’ve felt worse. Looking down, I find a knife buried into my side, up near my lungs. I felt a restraint of breathing. The pain grew and I felt a cold chill flow through me. Turning around, I came face to face with my ‘Fan’.

“.. Hello again…”

A second knife, the smaller of the two slips in slowly under my chin, through my beard that provided no protection. I only felt it for a moment before everything went dark. Yet his voice? His whisper? I heard that clearly.

“.. Goodbye, Jason..”



I thought I was dead.

“Jason!” A voice whispers from a far distance.

Feeling the soaring burn where I had been stabbed. I wasn't sure this wasn't real. I had no control, I just felt a chilling cold that was slowly consuming me.

“JASON!!” Now it was next to me, in my ear. “WAKE UP!” It felt as if the darkness was shaking as I felt a rumble in my body. I wanted to see what was going on, I needed to fight.. So I opened my eyes.


Seeing Sloane sitting next to me with a hangover look to her appearance. That's all I could force from my voice, dry and scratchy, I still felt the pains of my hallucination.

“What were in those brownies, Jason?” She asks but I just grab her and pull her to me. Hugging my Wife and just wanting to live in that moment.