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Dreams of a Shaman - Brooke Hernandez - 03-08-2024

”Black. The color of darkness and despair. What does the color black mean to you Vincent? Does it constantly remind you that you are in the shadow of Vhodka? Is it painful to remember that you, and only you, are capable of stepping out of the shadows and into the forefront? You are the self proclaimed Mr Vhodka Black and to me that is pathetic. Strip yourself of your own identity to follow her? I mean, trust me. I get it. If I were you I'd want to drink her bathwater too. She's hot and dark and it just tickles your fancy.”[/size]

The camera pans out to show Brooke Hernandez, scars painted on her face. She laughs maniacally as she continues.[/size]

”The problem is this, Vincent. When it comes to people like you in this business, you are a dime a fucking dozen. You're a person who was brought up in a wrestling family but you are the least great one. You are the runt of the litter and that eats at you doesn't it Vincent? It eats at you and that is why you want to wrestle little women like me. You get off on it. You need to get your rocks off so you enter combat with people who are half your size but what you don't factor in is we have double the brains that you do. We are the reason people watch and the reason people sit in the damned seats. To some I am a daydream but all I can say is welcome to your Daymare, Vincent. I hope you enjoy your fucking stay.”[/size]

With that Brooke walks off camera as a fire can be seen, with smoke rising in the distance. We hear Brooke laughing as the scene fades to black.[/size]


I awoke from a nightmare as I panted loudly. Rosa, my wife, sat up just as instantly and rubbed my back. She kissed my the exposed portion of my shoulder. [/size]

”Brooke, what's wrong?”[/size]

I shook my head side to side as I shrugged lightly.[/size]

”I.. I don't know. I just keep seeing my mom's decaying body and she keeps saying help me. I can't decipher it.”[/size]

Rosa turned the lamp on as she looked me in the eyes. My skin was always pale but, as of late, it was super ghostly. She stayed calm. She seemed to be good at that. It is part of why I married her.[/size]

”Have you spoken with Madame Babineaux? Maybe she has some answers for you.”[/size]

Madame Babineaux was the voodoo shaman I had seen to help me heal my wounds quicker. She had used old world chants and spells to get me better but it was quickly breaking my mind down. If anyone could help me… it would be her. [/size]

”What if she just does more damage? What if these nightmares, these visions, are simply what I am stuck with? What if this is what has to be? What if I am stuck with them forever?”[/size]

Rosa kissed my lips lightly.[/size]

”Then so be it. We will get through them together. Go see Madame Babineaux and see if she can help. Please? For me?”[/size]

I nodded in agreement as the scene faded to black.[/size]

OOC Note : sorry this sucks. Wanted to get something up before deadline. Work has been hectic.[/size]