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The Teams Have Been Chosen - Theo Pryce - 11-13-2023

So I was hoping to post the house banners at the end of the Warfare Results but due to illness and the graphics not looking the way the artist wants we have thus far been able to post them. However several people have asked what team they are on so rather than delaying that information further I will post it below. 

Keep in mind you are not required to do any team collabs for this event. You certainly can involve your teammates in your rp's if you want to but you don't have to. 

The team that accumulates the most points(Each win is 2 points) will receive an prize. Team MVP will win a title shot of their choosing.

Here are the House Banners:

House Sterling -

[Image: House_Sterling.png?ex=6564ab01&is=655236...c497edd24&]

House Gold -

[Image: House_Gold.png?ex=6564ab01&is=65523601&h...60adac67d&]

House Big -

[Image: House_Big.png?ex=6564ab01&is=65523601&hm...3e91bed8d&]

House Principle -

[Image: House_Principle.png?ex=6564ab01&is=65523...e59dc9db6&]

Team banners with the various members faces on them are still being worked on.