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This is nothing. Look away, now. - Vagabond - 07-11-2023

Mark Flynn, may I have your autograph? I'd like to PIN it up on my fridge.

RE: This is nothing. Look away, now. - (Gravy_Xtreme_5000) - 07-12-2023

"Look at big dumb dummy pinning against 9/10 of the law! Waste of time loser! Even if flaccid Flynn doesn't wake from his slumber, YOU WIN NOTHING! 

Also: Such a lame pin! 

You could have done anything! 

You could have gouged out both of his eyes and nail gunned his shoulders to the floor!

You could have ran him over with an 18 wheeler and used wheels 17 and 18 as extra pinning leverage! 

You could have dumped a giant vat of acid over his head and allowed it to eat away all of the vital shoulder lifting muscles. 

Instead you took the Vagabond path, boring, lazy, and destined for failure! 

Nobody is entertained! 

And you ain't getting the W over Mark! 


His shoulder is already begining to flutter!



RE: This is nothing. Look away, now. - Mark Flynn - 07-12-2023

"...Jeez, and I thought I was harsh."

Flynn lifts one shoulder off the ground. (kickout).

Then, he takes one look at Vagabond, up-and-down...


I bet this guy doesn't even own a fridge... Flynn thinks to himself dismissively.


Regardless, Flynn decides, as a good guy, he should reserve judgment and bias against non-fridge owners.

He takes out a Denny's napkin from his pocket and signs it... 


A jet black Denny's bar napkin.

[Image: signature.png]
Right click the space above --> open image in a new tab. I promise, it's there.

"I better not see this on eBay." He says as he hands it over.