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Am I shadowbanned? - Charlie Nickles - 06-11-2023

I sure hope so! 

And if I'm not, get to it so that way I can pin Mark Flynn! 

Just like I'm doing....RIGHT NOW!




RE: Am I shadowbanned? - Mark Flynn - 06-11-2023

Mark Flynn casually rolls a shoulder off the ground. So casually that describing as it happened requires no exclamation points.


Flynn nimbly rolls from his shoulders to his feet.

”Oh. Hey, Chuckster. FYI, I got called to sub in for you in a tag match with Bobb-o. You should show up for work if you’re on the work schedule. No call, no show? No bueno.”

Flynn rolls on the floor, out of the X-Treme Title hallway.

”If people are just going to keep knocking me over and pinning me, I might as well just stay down here, save everyone the extra step.”