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Unleashing the Machine - (Gravy_Xtreme_5000) - 05-14-2023

CEO Marcus Rutherford was determined to right the wrongs of RoboGravy's past, but convincing the robotic wrestler to take down Kris Von Bon in yet a fourth dimension(?) was no easy feat.

"RoboGravy, you must obey Directive 44." Marcus said firmly. "You must pin Von Bon and win the title that you should have won the right to challenge for at MayDay 2!"

RoboGravy's sensors beeped and whirred as he processed the situation. "Negative, CEO Rutherford. Von Bon is too dangerous. He will use his hammer and escape with mere words. It is not worth the effort."

But Marcus was not one to back down. "You are programmed to obey me, RoboGravy. You must do as I say."

With a sigh, RoboGravy stood up and called out to Von Bon across the mall. "Von Bon! I challenge you to a match! HERE! NOW~!"

Von Bon scowled as he wiped away a tear from the waxing. He knew he couldn't back down from a challenge, but he was ready to fight dirty. He grabbed his trusty ballpeen hammer and charged towards RoboGravy.

But RoboGravy was one step ahead. He quickly drew his gun and shot the hammer out of Von Bon's hand. He then juggled the hammer with bullets before ceasing fire and challenging Von Bon once again.

"Roll up!" RoboGravy yelled in the most robotically monotone yell you've ever heard.

With a look of confusion, Von Bon suddenly found himself rolled up into a pinfall attempt by the power of RoboGravy's RoboVoice. The mall crowd erupted in cheers as Von Bon was down for the count.

In that moment, Marcus knew that he had made the right decision in overloading RoboGravy with tons of directives, but wondered why still RoboGravy tried to disobey. Perhaps even MORE directives were in order!

Oh yeah...




Fuck you, I win!

"Theo: "You know damned well that isn't how that works!""

Okay, fine... rewind it...






Now we wait for the just in case... 

RE: Unleashing the Machine - Kris The Hammer Von Bonn - 05-14-2023

"Kick out, now you had your fun, you can head to the back of the line where Charlie is,"