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Pinning Raion Kido - Charlie Nickles - 04-09-2023

Charlie shrugs after watching Goth kick out of Corey's pin. Then, Charlie attacks Raion Kido with a Devil Hook Drop! Charlie rolls Kido up, clearly intending to pin him for his briefcase before it expires! Goth watches this happen from the sidelines, likely shocked and surprised by the sudden twist. 

Charlie then pins Goth. 

RE: Pinning Raion Kido - Raion Kido - 04-09-2023

The Lion kicks out.

“Not today, Nickles!”

Soon as the Nickleman is up, Raion is waiting for him...


[Image: psCY2Wg.gif]

Down goes the Nickleman, and by the time the former Television Champion has fully risen, the current half of the XWF Tag Team Champions has already walked away.

RE: Pinning Raion Kido - Charlie Nickles - 05-13-2023

Bobby, where are you standing now? Are you in here somewhere?