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Thad's Dead Lover - Charlie Nickles - 02-23-2023

I think I figured out why Thaddeus has gone into hiding, why he won't come see the NY Pride in person anymore, and why you can't find him in the backstage area of the XWF.....he's turned into a sad boy. You see folks, apparently Thad has a former lover who offed themselves and Thad's real bent out of shape about it. But hey, Thad couldn't get them off, so they had to do it themselves....can anyone really blame them? 

But seriously, Thad: you need to stop thinking about your dead lover. You have a molested son at home that needs your help and some god damned counseling. You have a wife that has to deal with ME every single day at practice. You have a big match to lose this weekend. Your life needs your attention.

You can't be wasting time thinking of dead lovers, Thaddeus.....unless, of course, your plan is to join him this weekend! If that's what you want, Thaddeus, you don't have to keep avoiding me....I'm always here to help a friend in need.

So step out from behind your mirror, Thaddeus, and let's talk like men. Maybe I can still help you, just one last time.