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Bring The World To Its Knees - Lycana - 11-24-2021 03:04 PM

Light me up just to watch it burn
Built like this I’m a warrior
Can’t shake me ‘cause I’m made of stone
Yeah, it’s in my blood and it’s in my bones
Last one standing never walk away
Lock me down I’m gonna break these chains
Watch me rising up from the flames
Never be the same


It was all ready.

Lycana looks around the small cabin, still complete with its bowling ball sized hole in the wall courtesy of the Harbinger so long ago. She had never bothered to get it fixed, since she was hardly ever here anymore. Hardly home, and hardly around to practice any of her craft.

How long had it been since she had done this?

Barring the dark magic she had used to call Betsy back from the dead, she couldn’t even really remember. She runs her finger along the edge of the table, pleased to hear the squeak of cleanliness. When she had first stepped in through the door, there had been a thick layer of gunk over everything, so she had leapt into action, cleaning what she needed the best she could. The rest... well, that would have to continue to wait.

She studies everything laid out on the surface before her. Her oblong bowl, filled with dried herbs, small bones, and various other charms she hoped were good enough. Four candles set to the different directions ready and waiting to be lit. The ornate jeweled dagger. And a small caldron set over a camp stove, the lazy ass witches' way. Well, really she didn’t want to make too big of a batch, a single serve... she was willing to set her own life in the line, not anybody or anything else that might happen along and decided to go in for a taste. It was funny, how blasé she had become about living and dying when it came to this.

One minute she had been running from John Caedus, the next she was prepping to dose herself with venom.

She takes in a deep breath, and begins to light the wicks, the flames springing to life, reaching towards the sky before subsiding. The words flow from her mouth, recited by memory of long ago, watching Hecate herself perform the spell. She picks up a picture of herself, as a young child with her family, and holds it to the burning candle for South. The edge starts to turn brown, curls, then catches and she drops it into the bowl.

From there, her fingers wrap around the dagger, slowly tracing the ever so familiar trail up her forearm, her blood racing forward out of her body, spilling down her pale flesh to drip steadily into the bowl.

And still she chanted.

The flames hiss their complaints as the thick red liquid drops upon them. The herbs begin to smoke, catching, filling the air with their fragrance. Lycana reaches in, grabs a handful of everything, ignoring the bite from the fire as she drops it into the merrily bubbling water in the little cauldron. Her voice lifts, beseeching the dark powers to allow her the sight, to go back how she wished and view the past. Her voice reaches a fever pitch, the flames leaping higher, turning black for the briefest of moments before returning to their normal state. The moonlight flickers in, a single beam concentrated directly on the boiling contents on the stove.

She removes the vial, uncorking it and holding it carefully over the boiling vessel, tilting it slowly until a single drop falls in. She holds her breath.

Nothing happens.

She didn’t know if she expected the stereotypical puff of smoke that turned into a skull and crossbones to come spiraling up out of it, but she had expected something a little less... anticlimactic.

With a shrug, she sets the little pot to the side to cool a moment, as she blows out the candles, setting everything to where it belonged. The power was in the weird mixture now. It would either give her everything she was seeking, providing she could land in the right timeframe. Not that she even knew what it was, but she was putting trust in this, that it would lead her where she needed to go.

Some heavy damn trust.

She returns and cups her hands around the round piece of iron, lifting it to her nose. Nothing. Nothing to even hint that the strident toxin was even in there. She stares pensively down into its murky depths. In a matter of moments she could be dead. She was probably incredibly stupid for trying this, since she never had before but when she looked back on it all...

The Harbinger, the burning shed, the werewolf war, the tainted dagger, her visit to the In Between with her stepbrother, the Lich King... and everything else that led up to this...

What was one more risk?

She hesitates for only a moment more, then closes her eyes and tosses the disgusting mixture back, swallowing around a gag. She slams the mini cauldron down, retching slightly, struggling to hold it down, her stomach rebelling at the intrusion of the vileness. She grimaces, moving her tongue around to get the strange pieces off of it.

And then she waits.

For a few moments nothing happens. Then she feels the sharp cramp of pain. She sucks in a breath as it expands outwards, encompassing her limbs. Her body begins to tremble, and her vision to blur. She takes a wobbly step, trying to get to the door, to fresh air, to something.

Her heart begins to slow.

And then the floor rushes up to meet her.


She was dead.

No, she was floating.

Or maybe she just didn’t exist.

She was surrounded by a wall of misty white.

She could see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing.

Maybe she really was dead.

The mist begins to part and she blinks. No weird blindness after all. As it all begins to clear, she finds herself within what appears to be a small village, spartan in comforts, even more so than her own little werewolf clans. Among the trees ramshackle homes set up, a path snaking its way through the middle of it all. Cooking fires dotted the area here and there. Horses snorted in makeshift paddocks. Chickens and goats roamed freely. Children dashed around playing, lending a happy air to the animal din.

Lycana tries to move, but has no control over her body. She goes to scream, but nothing comes out. She tries to fight the paralysis but it is to no avail. She really doesn’t exist. The venom was in control and she was just along for the ride, like she was strapped to a chair and forced to watch a movie, except this one... she wanted to see. Nobody could see her or hear her. But she could feel them... Odd. She could sense their feelings, the joy radiating off the kids. She was there, living it, but not really. And then something met her eyes that made them go round as saucers, and forget anything else.

The soft tread of boots and the swish of skirts heralded the appearance of the young woman. Thick, lustrous, brunette locks waved their way over her shoulders and down her back, held into two sections by narrow braids, intricately done to keep the strands from her face. A face, that was ever so familiar.

[Image: reface-2021-11-24-05-44-01.jpg]

She smiles at the pack of children, deftly dodging both one of them and a random kid, the furry barnyard kind, as she makes her way towards one of the cooking fires, a heavy basket over one arm. “Sorry!” the sweet little voice of the youngster calls back, and she waves in return. She sets the basket down on a flat rock and kneels, pulling varying root vegetables out from it, setting them down on a woven mat on the ground. She begins to hum, a gentle but playful tune as she drags over a bucket, dipping the produce in and starting to wash them carefully, her hands rubbing along the length of carrots and parsnips, cleansing the soil from their surface.


The young woman looks up, over her shoulder, rising to meet the approach of the calling man. The voice, it tickled the back of Lycana’s brain. She turns, rubbing her hands on the rough fabric of her skirts to dry them as she steps forward, extending them in greeting. “Wilhelm! Is something the matter?” A man comes into view from behind a home, reaching forward and taking those offered hands in his own, bringing one up to press a kiss to her knuckles. “Maybe worries for naught, my dear, and eager to speak to you this day. There is something I wish to talk about, if you would be so inclined to hear?”

“Don’t be silly. I always have time for my advisor, and friend.” Tavya smiles at him, as she removes her hands from his grasp, turning her attention once more to the vegetables. The man turns, and sits on a stump by her, and Lycana feels the cold slap of shock as he does.

[Image: tumblr_pnap80gFda1qae7nlo1_400.gif]

It couldn’t be.

“May I speak plainly?”

“You know that you always hold that honor in my presence.” she frowns at him. “What is it?”

He lets out a long sigh. “The villagers are growing restless, they are thinking we are being snubbed by the Lights once more. Even you have to admit it has been a long time since Betseva has come for a visit, nor had you to the Time castle. There has been said that The Gathering will be cancelled this year.”

She pauses in the act of dropping a small potato, freshly cleaned into the boiling pot over the fire. “You know as well as I do that... The Incident makes things a bit touchy.”

“I do Mistress, but...”

“And I’m sure my sister has been busy. As have I. Despite everything, there is no bad blood between the clans. The Gathering will never be cancelled, it is a time for all of us to mingle in one place. I don’t understand why they would be saying things like that.”

“I know that, but the people... Well, you know how it is. They want and need reassurance that the Lights still uphold their end of the peace. They say it might be smart to back out of The Gathering...”

“Betseva made me a promise... she would never...”

“And I know in her heart, she would always intend to keep it, but there are others on her council well, I just don’t think they have the best interest of everyone at heart.” his brow creases heavily. “My dearest girl, I don’t wish to worry you but the rumors coming from there... well they are alarming. They have given rise to the unrest and questions set forth about The Gathering. They say... it will not go as it should. That it is... a trap.”

“Where did you hear this?!” she demands. “Have you been keeping this from me?”

“No! Never would I do such a thing!” Wilhelm holds his hands up in a placating manner. “You know I only have your, and our people’s best interest at heart!”

“Then where are these rumors coming from, and how long have they been spreading?”

“Nay Mistress, you misunderstand! I have spoken to the one, he has come here, bringing them to me before more than a whisper ripples through the people. They worry, but they know not there is a true need...”

Tavya looks confused at the twisting of words, frowning slightly. “But you said...” she starts, before shaking her head. “I must have misheard. I apologize.”

“You never need to; you are our Dark Queen.”

“Oh, stop Wilhelm, I am just as fallible as any.” she finishes with her task and stands before him, brushing the dirt from her clothing. “You said you know who started this rumor? Have you had him punished for starting trouble?”

“No, I believe his words to be true. He has convinced me, coming from the Time castle himself and...”

“The castle with Betseva? Just how long has he been here and why wasn’t I told?”

“Yesterday morning my dear...”

“And you are just bringing it to me now? I am supposed to be made aware when a Light comes into the village and...”

“He is not a Light. Nor Dark. He is of the Defiant, but level headed and roams through unmolested. I swear, I was enthralled by his tale. We spoke all day and through the night. I have only become free to come to you now. He wants to meet with you.” he pauses. “Now.”

“Now?” she looks down at herself. “This is hardly the attire I’m sure he expects after being to the South but... I suppose it will have to do.”

Wilhelm extends an arm and Tavya places a delicate hand in the crook of his elbow. He escorts her through the village, and Lycana helplessly follows somehow, like she was merely some sort of deranged puppet bouncing along being controlled by some unseen entity pulling her strings. They leave the village making a left hand turn off the main path, onto a trail that led through a thicker forest, and finally out into a meadow heavily dotted with fruit trees, all in varying degrees of bloom, white petals floating through the air. Standing under one of them, was a bearded man, broad and well-muscled. Wilhelm raises his left hand in greeting, and he returns the gesture. He inclines his head at her as the duo approaches.

[Image: reface-2021-11-24-05-44-18.jpg]

“Queen Tavya, I have been waiting to make your acquaintance for some time.”

He moves as if to sink down onto one knee, but she waves him up with a shake of her head. “I don’t stand on tradition around here sir.” she flicks her gaze down her drab blue dress, covered in smears of dirt from harvesting the gardens before offering him a welcoming grin. “What is your name, so that we may call ourselves properly introduced.”

“I am called Jonah.”

“Jonah.” she approaches closer, studying him. “Wilhelm tells me that you hail from the Defiants, but have been spending time with my twin sister among the Lights?”

“Yes, I have spent time in the castle of Queen Betseva. I was welcomed as guest, for I seek no trouble. It was there the rumblings came to me. The people who work there for her, they largely go unnoticed, they talk. It gets around. It leaked into the main population and it is whispered among all the Lights now.” he hesitates, looking away, a disturbed look on his face like he didn’t want to go on.

“What are they saying Jonah?” she tries to appear encouraging, but a heavy dose of worry is in her voice.

“They are saying the Queen doesn’t like what happened. The Incident. It is said they are blaming the Darks for it all. That they would be better off without you, and that they will use The Gathering as an ambush, to get you all in one place and slaughter you all. That is why your sister has been so quiet, as to not be swayed from her decision.”

“No! She wouldn’t do that to family! To me!” Tavya falls back, stumbling as Wilhelm immediately braces her, tucking the distraught woman tight against him. “These are lies! You weren't there! You try to cause trouble!”

“The Light Queen holds a horned crown, protected, guarded within the confines of her parlor.”


“I’m so sorry Queen.”

“I think you need to listen to Jonah, my dear...”

Wilhelm guides Tavya forward, keeping a comforting arm around her shoulder.

“I can tell you more about what was said and what is planned. But I can also help you.”

“Help me?”

“I can help you be prepared. I can teach you what you need to do to prevent this from happening.”

“I’m not a warrior, I don’t have an army at my disposal.”

“You have people who will fight for you, and that’s enough. I, I can make you more. I can make you powerful... make you... special. I will do all I can to make this right.” He extends his hand, and she takes it, stepping out from underneath Wilhelm’s arm to be engulfed by Jonah’s. Tucked away, she doesn’t see the meaningful stare of the two men over the top of her head, as they lead her away... but Lycana does.

The vision starts to get misty again and she begins to panic.



She wasn’t done yet. She had to know more!

The Left Hand? Her ancestor. Betsy’s ancestor. The Baphomet... or... his ancestor? Light and Dark. Like the twins she and Bets had seen during their training for Relentless. What was going on!?

But the all-encompassing fog overtakes her, leaving her floating in her world of nothing.


“You know, I started all this thinking that you had a better understanding about me than most that roam these halls. Perhaps that is still true, to a point. You and I, we see eye to eye on a lot of different subject matter. We stand together on a lot of fronts, some that have never wavered from the start. We both came in at High Stakes, and it’s funny to me that we will be stepping up to one another yet again just shy of the anniversary where this all began.

The first time you stepped back into a ring.

My first time ever stepping into a ring.

Where you slapped Baph and gained his ire.

Where Baph found me and I gained his eye.

The start to our fight, in more ways than one.

I’m not sure if you question why I helped you on your journey, given everything that has taken place between us over the course of this year.

Maybe you don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

That was the first point where our paths had really crossed again after Leap of Faith, where you wanted to murder me and instead I murdered you, and then I apparently birthed you... creepy by the way. For whatever reason Alias, that didn’t shock me as much as you showing up at my home did.

I suppose that is testament to the weird lives we both lead, how our stories play out.

But there you were, following Fenrir right onto the front porch and through the front door, with nary a flamethrower or bazooka in sight. Did it surprise you that I welcomed you in? To be honest, I surprised myself. I didn’t know what to expect from you, but it certainly wasn’t the questions that you ended up asking, the favor that you requested of me. I didn’t have to show you where the Baphomet was, I had never even shown Marf. Maybe there is a touch of whatever it is you want to call it between us, where we meet again for a reason, even if the label gatherer doesn’t want to label it as fate.

I did what I did Alias, not to atone for the past.

It was not really my own olive branch extended, though it ended up that way, I held no rancor in me for you.

I did it to grow. I did it because I was evolving. We talked about it a little, on the path, that my involvement with the Left Hand... well, we will just say I seem to be better off without them. While I can’t say I regret my time, it was part of what makes me, me after all. And it led us to each other, and through it all I learned, about a lot of things, but myself most of all. I had nothing to gain by keeping the information to myself. Your own journey would have stalled right there as well. But I didn’t, I decided to take the leap and tell you, to help you with whatever it was you were seeking.

A step forward for me within my ever-changing facets.

A step forward for you on your path.

I lost nothing by telling you, but I gained from it. I chose the direction, that was a crossroad for me. It set the stage for where we are at now, this It’s Complicated Not In A Relationship But Perhaps A Sneaky Link thing we have going on. But what was the thought that pushed me to agree? What was my tipping point?

I thought you understood me, and I wanted to help you with what you wanted to understand, to find the answers to your questions.

That’s it.

And it seems that I might have been wrong in my assumptions that you understood me, because here you are saying the most jackassed shit, sounding ever so suspiciously like everybody else. It’s okay though, because I never have a problem making my point. I never have a problem bringing examples. I never have a problem ripping the rug out from underneath anybody when they think they know me better, when they are blind to the fact that I see them better than they think I do.

I fucking see you Alias.

I chose you.

I guess we are going to be revisiting that since you stared right at my reasoning with a blank ass smile while the point danced merrily right over your head. By happenstance or on purpose, that is something I haven't decided yet. If you are actually just oblivious or deliberately being stupid just so you think you will be able to twist my words... given everything that’s crossed my ears, I’m leaning the latter.

Anyway, lets attend the school of WHY again.

First, when one looks to the roster of a wrestling company, they look towards those that hold belts as being the “best” that they have to offer, correct? So, there were no knocks against the legends roaming the halls, least of all Doc, who I might say, I said I would love to attend a one-on-one meeting with him, way back at Snow Job. That desire has not changed, but he didn’t fit my standard for what I needed right now. But let's continue.

First of all babe, there was literally no slight to Betsy in the least there. When I issued that challenge to you? Marf had the TV. In case your select blindness has carried over to what's going on there, he and I are... uh, well let's just say there are issues that I didn’t really want to add to.

Moving forward, we have Corey. Have I beaten Corey? No. I also have never stepped into the ring with him alone, so I would be lying if I said there was no temptation there. I’ve only mentioned it about a million times whenever I get in front of a camera like this but hey, your blindness also comes along with select deafness, I get it. I understand. He definitely could have been on the table for me, except the fact that he had his... whatever it is that happened. And since he has returned, what has happened? Sure, he cashed in and snagged himself the Super away from Thad. But after? He defended the title twice, and won! Except; and now I’m sure you aren’t going to deny me this little dig, since you went back and forth with Page on people’s umm, shall we say... merits? … it was against Kieran Overton and Elijah Martin. Do I need to go on? Not taking anything away from Elijah, he’s got a set to go after Corey and now Cent... butttttttt you know. I kinda figured let’s let Corey get back to where he was, on a hot streak that was actually hot and it might be a little bit more impressive to beat him, yes?

Throw in his little tiff with Duke and I knew he would be occupied at Bad Medicine. Anyone with eyes could see that coming...

So, what now? Jimmy? He and I are unfinished business for sure. I think he and I both enjoyed our byplay. Whenever and wherever. He has a hell of a lot of steam and is plowing headfirst over everybody in his path. Its who he is, and it's what he does. It would have been a pleasure to derail his streak, as I did yours, but I am looking for something else. He beat me once, and me beating him would leave us on even footing. So, another match would be the tie breaker there. Which, fuck yes I’m open to. But sorry, but I’m looking for instant gratification right now. I’m skipping the long, delayed foreplay and just diving face first into the main event.

So then there is you.

I’ve beaten you once... are you going to take away that doing it again wouldn’t be a pretty fucking amazing thing? It would make it definitive. After all, you just said the same thing about Page. There were doubts until you did it again.

You stand at the top of the company, with the crown jewel, thus placing you as the one TO BEAT, out of them all. You have gone on undefeated since me. You have taken down names such as Doc, he was the big one. He’s your feather as you are mine. You are the one right now, with the biggest target on his back because of everything he has accomplished.

And you have doubts as to WHY I chose you?

Do you not see what it would mean if I did it again?

If you can’t, you truly have a blindness that I cannot cure. If you want to revisit this topic again and again, by all means go right ahead. You are beating a dead horse. Again, I don’t see why you are being deliberately obtuse with my words when you expect your own to be taken at face value. If you need even more clarification, that’s on you. I didn’t think you were the type that needed every single detail laid out for them. I am the long winded bitch sure, but there comes a time when it goes beyond long winded and turns into that cringe person on Facebook, who shares every single detail of their life on there.

Woke up tired.

Made a grilled cheese on wheat.

My tummy hurts.

My intestines hate cheese. Poor toilet. Cry face emoji.

And Alias, you have hit the point of being concerned about knowing my fucking bathroom habits with how much you are harping over this shit. I haven’t changed since I walked in here. Until now, I've never asked for a match with a champion. I’ve chased no belts, I’ve merely been thrown into matches with them. What was I supposed to do? Not show up the fight because there was a title sitting there too? Well... I mean I guess I kinda did that during the Shooting Star match. You know, the one where I smashed Ash Quinn’s face in until I was satisfied, then chilled in the corner and watched the other two go, willingly taking a loss instead?

But clearly, gold and glory are what runs me.

Did you stop the Dissentients? Yup, for the moment. And that’s what we have been talking about. Stopped. But we got up to fight again, doesn’t stop the fact that we were stopped, never said it did. Just like I stopped you.

You latch onto how we never got off the ground as a team after that because we couldn’t beat the Bastards. I mean, yeah. We never did. We beat every other team that was around during that tag turmoil though. To be honest, around that time there wasn’t many teams even in the damn company, so of course we were going to be the ones slapped into matches with TK and Bourbs. Shit, even when we weren’t looking to annoy the fuck out of them, we ended up with them. And after the turmoil? Most of those teams fucked off to the great beyond leaving the number of teams left, able to be counted on one hand. And most of those not bothering to appear at all. I mean really, would you have counted facing Salt and Pepper or the Disintigrators and winning as anything to throw confetti about? No. So...

Real hard-hitting points you had.

Oh wait, I can’t forget about Page.

Though I wish I could sometimes.

I’m aware he’s in Fight, and I don’t doubt that a rematch is coming. I’ve been teasing his ass about it all over Twitter and giving his nose a tweak whenever I can in my promos. I know he’s watching. I know he’s listening. And I know he can't get the feel of that damn inside cradle out of his head. He not so subtly said he wanted me again directly after his loss, as he was taking on Cent. I replied right back and told him I’d welcome it. And who is the one of both of us who keeps right on mentioning it?


If he really wanted it, he had plenty of opportunities. There was plenty a moment where I was signed up and he could have come along and claimed his spot, like he did when he thought I was going to be an easy meal at Retro Anarchy. He did not. And that says a lot about Page. He runs his mouth really well, but then doesn’t always step up to the plate, now does he? Took him almost three months to come back your way. I’m still waiting for him to gather up the necessary items to fluff his ball sack enough to try me on again.

I actually bowed out of Fight temporarily to be able to focus on you, and something that was more important to me.

Yes, you can take it as a point in your favor. I’ve been saying you are strong and don’t go down easy.

I see you.

I only just started there Alias, I don’t feel that I have hit the point where I need to demand or go seeking respect. Oops, there's that silly word. My bad. I’ll go back there and I'll put in my time, and sure Page will probably be a part of it, but what I’m looking for doesn't have anything to do with Fight. Didn’t have to do with Tara’s charity cruise that I participated in either.

It has to do with the XWF.

No matter where I go, and no matter how far I wander, the XWF is always going to be home for Lycana. This is where I’m doing my searching Alias, not anywhere else. I’m looking for what I want here, within these four walls, and I’m looking for it in the ring with you standing across from me.

Just you, and me.

Wherever the Universe wants to take us.

Without the blowtorch.

Damn Alias, so we have selective blindness, selective deafness, and I guess we are just going to add selective forgetfulness onto the top of that.

I told you, I wanted this to be you and me, no stips because I didn’t want the stigma of needing any of that to beat you, it’s all been used before. I wanted to clear that slate. I don’t need weapons Alias, not like that. I am not denying myself “whatever it takes”. I am the fucking weapon. I will use my body in whatever way it takes to get the job done.

Open your eyes Alias. Really open them. They aren't wide open.

You don’t see me.

I see you.

You. Don’t. See. Me.

I’ve never downplayed your part, what you are, or who you are. I know exactly what I'm stepping in the ring against. I saw it back then, and I see it now. I told you that you were different, and you are. We’ve literally both been saying it. Nowhere, have I glossed over your achievements or the danger of facing you. I’m not an idiot Alias, I am not the fools who have come before thinking you are some flash in the pan who is about to falter out at any second. I have no problem stroking that ego of yours and telling you that you are the one for me.

You’ve actually earned it.

I see you.

You don’t see me.

Let me open your eyes for you.

I don’t care.

Not in the long run away, not when it comes to what it means for me in that ring. Just what it means should I beat you. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t care who stands across from me in that ring. I take on whoever it is, and then move along to the next. Shit, they put me in the ring with Corey when I first arrived. With Ash Quinn as my partner no less. I tried to hype that girl, fuck did I ever try. Thought it caught too, but it ended up being more like trying to hang onto a toddler to prevent them from hurting themselves. Regardless of that, I went. Corey and Doc together? Still went. No matter who it was they decided to have me in a match with, I go. The challenges thrown my way, I agreed to them.

Including yours.

I didn’t waver from it, did I? No. Knowing what you wanted to do to me. Knowing that you were considered the far better opponent. I said yes, and skipped my happy ass right on down to the cages to see what you had in store.

So why would this match be any different for me?

Odds stacked against me? Doesn’t matter. Never has, and never will. You can put that into your head and stop hyping yourself up every which way like I don’t know who you are, telling me that you are more and better... and then try to pick apart why I picked you to prove myself. The but why me argument is losing a bit of its shine there, the more you talk yourself up into an unbeatable thing my love.

“You’ve spoken about how you don’t think the dynamic has changed.”

Uh... where?

Quite the contrary, I’ve admitted it has. Literally every single time. Just before in fact. You are different and better. I am different. Our relationship is different. The dynamics have changed all over the damn place... but not how it counts for me. I’m still the stubborn bitch everyone knows and... loves, hates, indifferent to, I don’t give a shit. Jesus flying fuck, why do I have to keep repeating myself?

Stop grasping at straws.

Start paying attention, like you are accusing me of not doing.

And start being a little bit more careful with what you decide you want to come at me with. Wouldn’t want anyone to think you might be rattled. Wouldn’t want anyone to think that Ly is starting to prod so much that she is getting under the skin of Alias, right? Not to where he would start making silly mistakes.

Nah. That would never happen.

Like saying... “I’m not going to get sucked into the bullshit others have spewed about your record.” while... having been talking about me, and my record this entire time we have been playing with one another, and doing so... in the same damn expanse of video. From losses to who it was, you’ve been talking about it.

Come on now boo!

I don’t hold it against ya, I mean it's there, its common knowledge, I admit it. I have nothing to hide. But fuck me sideways, don’t claim you aren't doing it and then directly contradict yourself.

Kinda makes that whole, just believe what I say thing.... well, unbelievable.

I am who I am Alias, I was the one who embraced the darkness. I was the devilish minx. There was never any masks. I’ve never taken anything off and suddenly become a new human being. I have evolved through the year, as life has led me along to who I am today. Different facets presented outward, but the other parts of me still in there, though buried. Like the ever-changing image when you look into a kaleidoscope and you give it a spin. The same pieces, just placed in a different manner so it looks entirely different. Different. Funny how that is huh?

Yes, this match is about you for me.

But it's about MY story.

We will talk about that later. I hope you come up with something of substance, instead of trying to do what you are doing. Trying to make me see something that I've already told you I do, multiple times. Trying to spook me into thinking I’m walking into a loss. Hell, you think like that and the battle is already half lost right there.

I mean, I guess you can keep right on trying to shake these bones Alias. You are only destined to fail at it, but if that’s how you want to spend your time.

You can’t get in my head.

I’m enjoying this.

And I have ever so much more to go.

Are you ready for it?”