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Thread Review (Newest First)
Posted by "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane - 06-06-2021 07:44 AM
It's a tight one, but... We have a new champion!

Winner and NEW Freestyle Champion - Graves I think but maybe it's Dolly
Posted by (Gravy_Xtreme_5000) - 06-04-2021 11:04 PM
Alright, Marf.

I get it...

We. ALL. get. it.

The lights are on, but the feeble-ass tenant has long been evicted. Seriously, boo-boo. You should ask Charlie to share some of his anti-psych meds. But if you'll allow Dr. Waters to perform this much-needed lobotomy, I can straighten all of this up.

You suck.

That's all there is to it. Full-stop, dead-ass suck at this proverbial war of words.

Let's remember, it was ME, Dolly Waters who watched you skate by whoever the freak is PRETENDING to be Dolly Waters on some crying nonsense about polls and people picking on poor ol' Marf. "DEEZ POLLS SOOO UNFAIR. BOB PULLED A SNEAK ATTACK"

Didn't sit right with me, remember?

It's what I said from the onset. It's why I came after you to begin with. Because now isn't evident that yer' not dealing with Michael Graves? Do you think Dolly Waters would let you slide by trying to pass THAT piddly nonsense off as FederGatorweight material? Fuck off. I ain't the one. You scoffed at the idea of someone challenging you in the most classic and integral type of matchups this company has ever known. Then treated me with the same dull-minded indifference because yer' scared to death that any, and everybody is a BOB out get you. Boo-fucking-hoo. I have to watch someone parading around in my body hashtagging JoinBOB everywhere she-he-it goes.

So you didn't believe me? You really thought I was Graves and not Dolly?

It's fine.

I don't believe you've ever had sex either. But yer' logic doesn't track, where mine is evident. Somebody get this guy laid, please!

With some clarity, maybe you'd realize that Michael Graves isn't in BOB, you slope-faced fuck.

TK helped make sure that Graves isn't in BOB.

The fact that TK and BOB just want to watch you suffer, and squirm and moan out like a dying marsupial-lookin' prick is on you, not me. It was you who started bitching and bemoaning "Dolly Waters" for an old school promo pin. The fact that you even brought the "bullshit polls" up, to begin with, is what was desperate. It's why I'm here to smack you around. Because you're a liar and a hypocrite. A spinless worm. Obsessing over BOB, screaming to the world that you were cheated before the bell even rang. And to take the shit even further, you all but acknowledged bringing in your dead buddies to "bullshit" the polls on me in this contest. That's full-circle, fuck-nut. Yer' weak Marf, so weak in fact that you did yer' own self in, buddy. You let this phony tagline "rivalry" that yer' desperately trying to stir, while simultaneously ducking every time a BOB comes after you -- you let it cost you this match against someone not even in BOB.

Now, how pungent is that irony?

Because in the end, you truly are just a long-winded bitch. I said undie-five-hundie, rookie.

Goddamn that hashtag, right?


Graves pins marf


Posted by Marf - 06-04-2021 07:22 PM
Marf kicks out no problem.

Marf: Aww what’s wrong did I strike a nerve or two? All your talk of crying and moaning looks pretty hilarious now as the tears are streaming down your cheeks with each bullshit word spewing from your usually cock infested mouth. You honestly want to talk about what’s ironic? Constantly referring to me as a baby yet here you are, crying about how I apparently have alter egos now? Do I need to apologize that people just don’t like you? Nor do people like your group of lower class apes that you fling shit at when you’re not busy making a fucking fool of yourself. Get it through your thick skulls, not everyone are lowly zombies for BoB.

Again, your attempts at a history lesson can fuck off. I watched the abortion that was the Feder and Metal Weight belts getting molded into what is the Freestyle belt. My belt. That you so desperately want lately. At Anarchy we’ll see why you so badly need to stick to the trash talk, since you can’t wrestle your way out of a cheap pair of Rel’s fuzzy cuffs let alone a match. But before I beat your ass in the ring, I’ll beat you right here in these halls, again. You can’t wrestle me, you can’t fairly trash talk with me, you can barely even scrounge up the pity votes to sneak a popularity contest win either.

You’re so fucking pathetic that you had to take TK’s cock out of your mouth for a moment to beg him to pay for votes. That’s some truly inspiring stuff right that dipshit. And when that fails, what do you do next? Get Andre and Bobby to offer up free title shots for votes? Or maybe Miss Fury can offer up a glimpse of those stripper titties for some leverage next! How can you possibly suggest I’m the one desperate in this situation? If I lose the belt I’ll just take it back whenever the fuck I feel like. But you and your rag tag crew of troglodytes have really set the bar for desperation.

By the way, I did see Ozzy and his supposed trash talk with the boss. I saw him standing there looking like a giant little bitch. And surprise surprise, when the going got tough suddenly multiple voices from BoB just couldn’t help but chime in. That big blubbering fool truly represented y’all with flying colours. Much like you’ve done oh so great representing them as well. What the hell was the last noteworthy thing you even did that’s worth wasting a breath of air on?

I can promise you one thing, come Thursday night Anarchy people will at least be talking about ya for a bit. Talking about how you got absolutely brutalized by the one and only Marf. Now why don’t you go and run along and collect all those voting fees for TK so you can get back to finishing him off for the evening.


And lest we forget.

Posted by (Gravy_Xtreme_5000) - 06-04-2021 06:54 PM
Tap dancing?


How ironic it is that those are the first words you utter after lulling me into a comatose state waiting for that doody-covered terrycloth of a response. Ironic because you tapped danced around everything I said, like the shifty little coward that you are, and yet yer’ still crying! Sulking over the idea that someone would DARE challenge the mighty Marf. Gimmie' a break, bozo. I can't believe it took you THAT long to slide on some Sock-Em-Boppers. Come swinging at me like a child? Big mistake, girl.

Let’s make one thing crystal clear here you opossum-faced, estrogen popping, bitch. There's ONE person who up and shat all over this title, and it wasn't me. No, no motherfucker. It was the guy who thinks that trash-talk is "boring". Pardon me while I laugh in Pryce.


Stupid fuck. Trash talk is an absolute staple of this organization. Sure, maybe you find more fun pretending that the 24/7 belt is a title of complacency, where you can recite "freestyle" rap that sounds as textbook and unlively as the teacher from Dangerous Minds... but that's not what the 24/7 hallway is about. Never has been, and never will be. This is where you earn yer' stripes. This is where you come sling mud in the sewers with the TRUE dirtbags of the XWF. People who'll gut you open worse than yer' wildest dreams of harvesting female organs, you two-bit pretend freak. Are you too goddamn thick to realize that the Freestyle title was merged, with one half of the belt being PURELY trash talk championship? Makes sense. Yer' a guy who thinks a haiku battle with a dusty old man like Centurion means something. Talk about boring as fuck. That man is in bed by like 6:00PM every night. Acting like this is a tea-time championship.

Miss me with that shit, hombre.

This ain't where you come to hide and pretend like yer' carrying gold. You obviously have yet to learn that, and that's why I'mma' teach you a valuable lesson in not being a whiny little toad. How many "alter egos" voted for you this go around, Marf? You dial up all of yer' Left-Hand cronies to come drag their legless asses across the carpet to save you? Did Baphomet finally cut himself down from the noose to come hold yer' hand, little boy?

I understand why yer' so desperate not to lose this thing. It's all you've got. It's all you'll ever amount to because yer' the guy who thinks that half of our job here is boring. Yer' crowning achievement of beating Demos was rendered null-and-pffft the moment your new best friend lost to Big Money Oswald. Think about that.. yer' the Big Money Oswald of whatever shitty group yer' in now. The only difference is, Ozzy ain't a bitch. Did you see him trash-talking the boss? Now go on, tell me again why trash-talk is beneath your standards, whistle-dick.



Posted by Marf - 06-04-2021 04:35 PM
Marf kicks out while trying to hold back laughter. He looks at whatever the hell this Graves/Waters nonsense is and shakes his head.

Marf: Ahh, Jesus tap dancing Christ what do we have here? Dolly Graves? Michael Waters? Spoiler alert, I don’t actually give a fuck. You’re just another opponent trying to take my title. You know, the Freestyle belt that I’ve been holding onto for quite some time now? That I keep defending, ya know, because it’s mine? Doesn’t matter if it’s 24/7, TV, tag or whatever title, if I win it then it is mine. Twist and rearrange words all you like, I’m more than happy to call this belt mine while I have it. And I don’t have any issues with constant challenges, I welcome them. The whole point of this title is being used to a never ending barrage of different battles. Fun ones with people that are creative as well as boring ones like this with people like you.

People that think their words matter because they called it a Gatorweight challenge instead of Feder as if that means Jack fucking shit to me. For all I care this is the god damn Marfweight championship right now. But don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for you. Being able to show you have enough brain capacity to mumble your way through understanding how a 24/7 title works. Again I find it funny that another opponent stands before me insulting this title as if I’m lower because I enjoy having it. Yet you’re here challenging to take this title so you can do the very thing you attempt to insult me for. Oh boo fucking hoo Marf likes having a belt!

What’s just as bad as listening to your inane bullshit is seeing it exit that pile of dried shit you call a face. Words slithering out from those gross, yellow and mangled teeth that lose their impact because I’m too busy being disgusted at you. I don’t know what men you think drooled over you in the past but perhaps it’s time to spend a little less time flirting with the mentally challenged. It’ll save you from that drool problem you apparently have been experiencing. Talk about desperation.

Speaking of desperation, how many more of your BoB friends are going to come for this title y’all keep denouncing? Don’t you think the rest of the roster would like a chance? Since it’s embedded in their contracts and all. You fucking clowns keep it coming baby, I don’t care who is wearing who, you’re all the same to me. Boring, obnoxious, pathetic and always smelling like moldy cream of wheat for some unknown reason. If all you want to do is talk trash well then that is just fine with me. Seeing as how the lot of ya basically are a mobile garbage dump it makes perfect sense.

So Graves, or whoever you’re pretending to be, I say bring it on! It’s not like you’re accomplishing much else these days other than rack up losses anyways. Why not add one more? Fuckin twat.
Posted by (Gravy_Xtreme_5000) - 06-04-2021 11:49 AM
Oh for CRYING out loud!

Did you all see that loathsome freak making a fool out of herself in MY body?


Not letting that go down.

Especially in a time-honored tradition such as a twenty-four-hour shit-talking contest.

That's not Dolly Waters, believe-you-me!

The REAL Dolly Waters, for starters, wouldn't attempt an old-school twenty-four-seven pin on this bright and shiny new piece of metal, by corroding it with its old identity. It was an identity I never saw as fitting to the belt anyway. Sid Feder was a pussy, just like Marf. There are plenty of names that could've and should've replaced that literal piece-of-shit's name. We could've called it the Calypsoweight, or the JohnBlaq Belt, or even named the strap after Caedus, or Dyson.

But I, the REAL Dolly Waters, a person with a wee bit of experience in making grown men look pathetic as they drool over themselves at my words, I've settled on challenging you, MARF, and yer' stupid name, to a GATORWEIGHT match. Named for a man so apt at this trash-talking game that he eventually had to start fishing to find opponents. That'll never be you will it, Marf? Of course not... you just proved it. Your DESPERATION precedes you.

I have a question you little sobbing sack of rat feces, did I really just hear you bitching and moaning about someone coming after you in the FederGatorweight halls? Belly aching about how you DESERVE this belt?


Give yer'self a pat on the back big boy. You've discovered that you DESERVE a title that every member of the XWF roster is able to challenge-for whenever the mood strikes. Like making claims on land that belongs to anyone. Way to go Columbus! 24/7 challenges are baked in all of our contracts! I sure as shit hope the idea wasn't lost on you, but it wouldn't surprise me. Given yer' history of tripping over yourself to sound like a complete jackass, it's a wonder you've figured out how to tie yer' bootlaces.

I mean how are you going to rebut a fake-ass Dolly Waters in a trash talk competition by crying about people coming to vote her the winner? You had two votes from your former Left-Hand sycophants before you even began to spew that litany of limp-wristed garbage. Who was really simping a blank video feed of Marf the cry-baby? Perhaps I sense the prickings of guilty conscious in yer' words? And again, I can't blame you. You've got a lot to feel guilty about. You let a member of yer' supposed sworn enemies take the TV title at MayDay, and you let Lycana down at Leap Of Faith. You fucking things up for her is damn near an inevitability ain't it?

You ain't shit, homeslice. Getting a victory over an imposter Dolly Waters in a "Federweight match" is one of the highlights in yer' dumpster-fire of a career. Now do this some justice, and remember to keep it under five-hundie, bitch.

Oh yeah. The pin.