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Forum Announcement: Joining or returning to XWF
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01-08-2013, 05:22 AM


If you're new and interested in XWF, please create an account and you will gain access to more areas of our site. Also, once you create an account and are logged in to our system you will see a more expanded "join section" that allows you to post your wrestler's profile/info.

When creating your account, please try to make your username similar to whatever your wrestler's name is going to be. This is not a hard rule, but it will help people find your posts easier when they're looking through usernames.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help. You're welcome to contact "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane at any time using our PM system.

To go directly to creating your new account, click here: Register

Welcome to the X-treme Wrestling Federation!

PS: If you are using a proxy or hiding your IP, please message me to explain why. No one can see your IP except myself, so typically there should be no need to hide your identity from the XWF.


The XWF is not a “safe space” for incels who want to write out their hatred in fanfic form. You will NOT post blatantly racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc., rhetoric and try to pass it off as “creativity.” You will NOT let out your repressed sexual urges in the form of rape, incest, pedophilia, etc., and attempt to call it “fiction.”

Yes, we know, some folks may see this as “stifling creativity” and an affront to “free speech.” Those people are welcome to start up an 8chan forum and write all of the awful BS they can think up, and then pass it back and forth on Parler. They are not welcome to participate in the XWF e-fed.

Why? Simple. We want EVERYONE to feel welcomed and comfortable here. Writing hateful or disgusting garbage only prevents people from joining and participating. There’s a reason that the people who write things like that do so alone and live with their parents - it’s because nobody else wants to be around them. “But what about the comfort of people who want to write racist porn?” It should be pretty easy for anybody to “not” do something they are asked not to do. It’s something we learn as babies. If you simply cannot write a story without breaking the rules, then perhaps this is simply not the hobby for you.

Now, this is not to say that “sensitive topics” cannot in some way be addressed. We are telling stories, after all. However, there is a distinct difference between “art” and “gratuity.” Quite frankly, 99% of what people write in efedding is not “art.” We are trying to entertain one another, or to one-up each other, etc. This is not the correct time to show how shocking and edgy you can be by saying the words that Twitter banned your account for saying. We are online. We are public. We are open to all ages, races, orientations, backgrounds, identities, and species (I know you’re out there). Act like you’re in a room full of people you don’t want to upset - because you are.

What does this amount to, specifically?

No racial, ethnic, religious slurs or epithets, please. You can have the biggest “potty mouth” in the game without crossing these lines. I promise you, if you think your writing NEEDS to go there, then it’s just because you are BAD AT IT.

No depictions of sexual abuse, underage grossness, familial trysts, hardcore porn, weird poop fetishes, and so on. Why? Because no one wants to read it, especially the people who will be judging your writing. Again, if you think your only good writing comes in these forms, then you have no good writing.

No, seriously, that’s about it. It doesn’t seem that difficult, does it? You would be surprised how many people feel the need to cross these lines, though! Don’t be those people. If you think you are writing something that might fall into some sort of grey area, you probably are. If you are dead set on telling some backstory that might touch on these topics, come to one of the admins here and we can discuss it.