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Case File # 59301 (Warfare r/p 2)
09-06-2013, 07:07 PM
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Case File # 59301:
Gunnery Sergeant: Thompson, Jon
October 11, 2009 01:31:03

The scene opens in video form. There is a time stamp in the upper right hand corner that is running. Nothing appears on the video until 01:35:29 on the time stamp. A warning appears in the middle of the picture.

Property of the United States Department of Defense. Contents to viewed at own discretion. Viewing of these materials without proper permission of the United States Department of Defense can lead to prosecution, fines and possible imprisonment.

Still no view of anything, a lot of movement can be heard. Voices can be heard, but unless you can speak Kurdish, you can't understand anything they are saying. Things are being moved around and if you listen closely, you can hear someone being dragged and thrown into a chair. The sound of metal scratching on concrete almost makes the same annoying sound as nails on a chalk board. The video gets quiet again, until all of a sudden the sound of the tungsten in a light bulb sparks and the room is illuminated. The scene rotates and adjust to focus on a figure with a hood over their head. As the camera focuses on the lone figure, you can tell that his hands are restrained behind his back. The picture also shows the figure barefoot. A metal tub sits next to the chair and a cart with what looks like car batteries all wired together sits on the other side of the imprisoned person.

As the video continues, the time stamp reads 01:41:58 as another person walks into the picture. The man, wearing what looks like robes of some sort and a black mask, rips the restrained figure's shirt off and pulls off the hood. The imprisoned figure turns his head down as the bright light burns his eyes.

The man with the black mask grabs the restrained person's face and slaps him. Blood can be seen flying from the mouth of the prisoner. The prisoner is then punched three times. The attacker backs away as the camera focuses on the prisoner. The prisoner lifts his head and minus the long hair and beard, you can easily tell that it is Jonny Rebel. Only at this point in time, he is a soldier and his real name is Jon Thompson. Jon's face looks horrible because of the black eyes and cuts all over his face. His nose is broken and dried blood covers his face and throat.

From behind the camera, a voice with a strong middle eastern accent can be heard. The time stamp reads 01:45:15.

Masked Man
What is your name?

Jonny thinks about it and grins.

I'm the Dude, Jeffrey Lebowski.

Jonny laughs as the masked man walks into the picture and punches Jonny a few more times.

Masked Man
This is not a joke. You will die American shit. Now, what is your name?

Tyler Durdin.

Jonny laughs and this just further pisses off the masked man. The man walks over and punches Jonny again. Jonny speaks out in a crappy accent.

You punch like your sister does. Oh, yea, I know your sister really well.

Masked Man
You filthy American garbage. I'll have pleasure in watching you suffer.

The masked man yells something in Kurdish and moves out of the picture. Three other guys walk over and place Jonny's feet in the tub. It contains water. Knowing that struggling is futile, Jonny mocks the guys.

Oh, are you guys going to wash me down? A sponge bath? Make sure you scrub my ass because I haven't gotten to use a bathroom in days. I'm sure I've got swamp ass.

The men are pissed and the the Masked Man talks in his deep Kurdish accent. The three men take some clips from the battery table and hooks them to the tub.

Masked Man
This one has joke, yes? It is too bad that you friends didn't. They all screamed and cried like the infidels that they are. Especially the one with the shark tattoo. He whined and cried until we cut his fucking head off.

The Masked Man reaches into a bucket and pulls out a bloodied head. The three men force Jonny to look at it. Jonny, knowing already who it was by the shark tattoo, let a few tears loose. One of his best friends, Jason, was dead. His head was being held up in front of Jonny.

The time stamp reads 02:04:29 in the right hand corner of the video, as Jonny lets a primal scream loose. He struggle's as much as he can to break free, but to no avail. The Masked Man laughs as Jonny tries to fight free.

Masked Man
Now we are getting somewhere. I can see you are slowly cracking. Let us see how well you can handle this, tough guy.

The Masked Man places a roll on a table next to Jonny. He unrolls it slowly as Jonny is forced to watch. Syringes with long needles and vials begin to appear as the roll is completely opened. The Masked Man picks up a syringe and a vial with a green liquid. The needle is placed into the vial and the syringe fills with the green liquid. The Masked Man holds the needle up, flicks it a few times and heads for Jonny. Again struggling to no avail, the three men hold Jonny's head to the side. The Masked Man places the tip of the needle to a vein in Jonny's neck. He injects the entire contents of the syringe. After just a split second, Jonny screams in utter pain. The Masked Man laughs and walks behind the camera again. In his deep middle eastern accent, he gloats.

Masked Man
I see you don't have anymore jokes for me? What a shame, I'm starting to have fun as well. Let's see how much fun we can have with this.

The time stamp reads 02:10:45. The Masked Man is handed a control knob, which is wired to the table with all the batteries on it. A charge can be heard building up as the Masked Man turns the knob. He then flips a switch on the side of the control knob. At the same time, Jonny screams and jerks in pain. His body tenses up as he is being electrocuted. The Masked Man laughs in sheer joy as the video goes on for another few minutes.

Over and over, Jonny is electrocuted and the Masked Man laughs. The time stamp in the right hand corner reads 02:31:19 as the video goes to static.

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