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Going in Blind[Impact 1/5/13]
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01-01-2013 08:17 PM

Phoenix, AZ? What are the many thoughts that those through your mind. Maybe Phoenix is the capital, and largest city, of the U.S. state. Maybe because it was sixth most populous city in the United States of America. All of this thoughts cross your mind don't it? Or is it more? But do you know what cross my mind?

Well, It's this that this is the place. I will have my Impact debut. The show that I am on. I know what you are thinking " Ursula is that is the show that you are on. Why didn't you have a match yet?"

Well, mostly because I was having matches on Madness. But I am ready for Impact. My fans will be watch as I will have a match on this show for the first time. Which sounds awesome to me. Can you just picture it.

Ursula Areano Saturday Impact debut!!!.

That sounds awesome to me. So many battles I can have on this show. Some of the same battles that I have on Madness. Which I can't wait for. Just the thought me in on Impact. Makes so many thoughts going through my head.

The same thoughts that crossed my head. When I debut for the first time on XWF. But that was sometime for now. Right now I know what to do. That I have to put the the best match of my career no matter what. So many other warriors are coming here. Have you seen.

I can't wait. So many new faces to beat. Yes I did say beat. Because no matter what match I am in. Everyone will claim that I am the underdog. But I will take it. I don't mind being the the underdog in a match. But the more people think that I am.

It bring joy to my face. As I see the look on there face. When I win the match and beat the hell out the person I am fighting against. When you step in the squared circle with me. There will always be a war. Because I will never quit. My will wont let me. No matter how much my body want me too,

While, other people do this for them. I am doing this for my family and where I am from. To represent them. Not just them but for every woman out here. I will be an Icon for all my fans. Win, lose or draw. The fans will still chant my name.

On Impact. I will walk out the best woman in the match. It is said that on this Impact I wouldn't know who I will be fighting. Well that makes it good. Because the person I will be fighting. Wouldn't know who he/she is facing, This will be a battle right here that I am ready for. All I can say is are you ready for me. For the Iron Woman. XWF Next Big Deal?

Of course you are not ready. I don't know why I ask that question. I don't care who I am fighting at all. It could be one of the top guys. One of the bottom guys an XWF legend I could careless. I cam here for a fight.

I will get it one way or another.I hope you ready who ever your are. Because you are facing One Hell of a Woman.

The Camera going snow.

[Image: ursula.jpg]
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