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Meeting at Dusk! (Joint r/p for Alexandra and Christine)
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08-17-2013 01:43 PM

What happens when two souls unite to become one? Well most know what happens when it is a relationship and the two love each other. But what happens when it is two best friends that are so close that you can’t separate them? Well that is a question that the XWF world is finding out as Alexandra Callaway and Christine Nash combine to finally take on the Tag Team champions. The title shot that they earned quickly as they proved they had what it takes to take out anyone that stood in their way.

It was almost dusk when they scheduled meeting was to take place. Christine and Matt had spend the day together working out and training for both his match and her tag battle. They arrive and walk over to a playground where Christine sits on a swing and Matt starts to push her. He notices all of the sudden the chill that went thru her as for a moment her body shuttered. About that time… Alexandra and Satellite stepped out of a portal having just returned from one of their many grand adventures. They walked towards the swings where Christine and Matt were. Matt stops the swing as Christine looks up at her friend.

Christine: Evening travelers. How has your star crossed journeys going?

Alexandra: It was another amazing adventure. Fun, fantasy and so much more. Satty was just helping me get prepared for our match this week.

Alexandra smiled brightly, her hand entwined with Satty's. Sparks of energy flowed off of them, unvisible to the human eye, but it could be felt.

Christine: Awesome, we have been training some. But at the same time… we have to rebuild the connection that was lost. I hope the other night I didn’t overstep hun when I confronted your cousin. But you know how I can be. When someone crosses me… I lash out and I protect those I care about.

She looks back at Matt.

Christine: And those that have be hurt because of said person.

Alexandra: No, you were overstepping at all. Satty and I just seem to keep getting closer and closer. We've had a lot of time to work on growing our relationship to where we are now. I feel so strong right now. Like I could pick up that rock over there and throw it.

Alexandra points at a large boulder, causing Satty to laugh. She looks at him and he wraps his arms around her. Christine smiles at her friend and nods.

Christine: Trust me, I can tell. I feel it… and in a weird way… I can see it. We are there yet… but we are working on it. He got past the first step… he got to me. But he hasn’t her yet. I have to fight so hard to control her right now. I let her loose around the kids… Oh my… we don’t want to go there. I don’t want them to see her attack him. Bad enough she used me to break his nose.

Matt Ward: Yeah but that is the past baby, she shattered my nose but I have forgave her for that. Now we need to focus on us more, so I can help you control your inner demon so she don't come out at home.

Christine: Yeah, Well that will come in time. Why don’t we go over there to the table and sit. We can talk more there. You and I sis have a match to talk about.

They walk over to the table and sit down. Satty with his arms around Ally and Matt with his around Christine who still shuttered.

Christine: I am shaking cause the Angel is protesting Matt holding me. He knows not to let go thou… cause it is helping to keep her in at the moment. But trust me… she will be out for this match and we will fight for what we earned Ally. You and I have busted our asses for this. It is time to show them all we can pull this off.

Alexandra: It's time for us to do this thing. It's time for us to show people like Troy Turner and Swift Ion that we aren't easily defeated. Duke and Griffin, they are merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. I almost had Duke defeated in that gauntlet match. I almost won it all. But it came down to the wire, and I had already been through so much. That I choked. But that wont happen this time. It's you and me, versus Duke and Griffin. Those two can't get along as well as we do.

Alexandra looked at her best friend, shaking her head.

Alexandra: I'm already so far underneath Griffin's skin that he can not stand it. He trusts me. I have nothing but respect for him and Duke. They are going to be a joy to work with. I look forward to beating them at their own game and taking the tag titles from them.

Christine nods and smiles.

Christine: Oh I so agree. They think this is a man’s game. They think they hold all the cards and we women folk… we belong in kitchens and fetching shit for the guys. They want to treat us like damn slaves. NO MORE! It is time to shut the men up. It is time to show them we are NOT just pretty faces. We worked our asses off and we deserve this as much as anyone other male in this company. You and I have a very strong connection. We know each other better than anyone else… besides Matt in this company. We can do anything we put our minds too and I will be DAMNED if I am letting this chance get by us.

She looks back at Matt and then Ally and Satty.

Christine: Right now… I would say the 4 of us here, we have the strongest connection. Satty to you, you and me, and Matt and I. And I know you and Matt have had one in the past. How many titles between all 4 of us have we earned in all the companies we have worked in. We have this thing. You have a champion beside you. I know he will teach you everything you need to survive and you have strong back up in me and Matt. Just like I defended you 3 with her… I will be here with you for this. You have my 110%. Everything I have I am throwing in this match with you.

Alexandra smiles, turning to look at her Champion, before turning back to Christine and licking her lips.

Alexandra: I would say we have this match, but knowing Griffin as well as I do, he's not going to hand his title over easily. I can tell you that much. Griffin and Duke will be strong competition. We can't take this lightly.

Satty: I know that you both can do this and I am sure that Matt will agree with me.

Matt Ward: Yes I do agree. You both kicked my ass… you can do this. I have faith in you both.

Christine: That is the one thing I am not doing is taking this lightly and God knows… I won’t celebrate until it is over. Until the fat lady sings her swan song. Your right, this is will tough and no I don’t expect them to just hand it over. I expect them to take us to the pull extent of what we can do. I appreciate you both having faith in us and trust me… we can feel your support and it is much needed. We are tough… yes. We have been raised in this business to be in this business. We do what we do best in tough situations. But having you both back there cheering us on and knowing you are supporting us… that helps even more.

Christine looks at Ally and extends her hand.

Christine: All for one and one for all we are going to go out there and show Griffin and Duke that we are more of a threat than they thought. You ready sis?

Alexandra extends her hand to take Christines into hers, gripping it tightly

Alexandra: It's great to see you back at 100%. I've missed this so much. Now let's go out there and get these tag team titles. We deserve them. I promise you'll have 110% of what I've got to give.

The ladies shake hands and nod before letting go.

Christine: I will see you Wednesday then. If you can’t find me in the locker room… look on the roof or boiler room. More than likely, I will be there letting her out. We can do this. We got this far, we can go all the way.

She looks at Satty.

Christine: I am glad your on our team. Take care of my sis. Love ya both.

They get up, and the girls hugs before the portal opens for Satty and Ally. They look one more time at each other before Ally and Satty jump thru on the next adventure. Christine looks at Matt.

Christine: I hope our connection gets that strong again.

Matt Wraps his arms around her kissing her neck.

Matt Ward: It will. Come on, lets get something to eat.

He takes her hand and they start to walk down the path and out of the park. It was almost dark now and the air was getting cooler. Perfect for the creatures of the night, and perfect for the souls of those that Thrive in the moonlight!

1 team win

DTA - Don't Trust Anyone!!!

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