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Fresh off the Boat - The Story of a "Special" Immigrant (RP 4)
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08-07-2013 11:48 AM

Act 4: Welcome to America!

2:00 AM

New York, New York

May 12, 1988

As the newest batch of not necessarily legal immigrants from the "glorious" Soviet Union were beginning to step off the boat that had brought them to the land of opportunity, we instead focus our attention to a man standing on the dock, two others beside him, all well dressed. He checks his watch for the time, and nods to the men on his side, who begin to walk toward the newest "citizens" of the good ole USA. The two return moments later with six men in tow, all of whom look to be tired of the journey and elated to finally have arrived at their destination.

"Now, I'm sure you all need work now that you've found your way to what would appear to be a whole 'nother world from Mother Russia, isn't that right?"

The well dressed man, the one we could assume was the leader, smiled as he said that, trying to appear as friendly as possible. All six of the men nod, surprised that he would know that just by looking at them. Then again, it would be safe to assume that everyone on the boat needed work. So, why were these six the only ones chosen?

"Well, it just so happens that I'm hiring! Now, before I tell what exactly you would be doing, who's interested?"

As to be expected, all six men raise their hands. The fact that they already knew English was a surprise to the leader, however pleasant. That meant he wouldn't have to waste time teaching it to them. The less mistakes they made, the less obvious it would be that these guys weren't exactly his norm...

"Excellent! Follow me, if you would..."

One of the immigrants turns to the one immediately to his left and whispers into his ear, rather loudly:

"Мне не нравится эта"

With a simple nod of approval, the guard behind the man grabs onto him from behind and throws him to the ground, kicking him in the ribs multiple times. The immigrant screams, which only seems to fuel more and more kicks from the annoyed guard. The others turn around, shocked to see the scene unfolding before them. One of the immigrants, the one who the man being assaulted was speaking to rushes over to the guard and tackles him, knocking both of them down to the ground, as the already injured man slowly struggles to his feet.

The leader simply smiles and gestures to the other guard, who pulls the second man off of his partner. Loudly, the man being restrained screams in his native tongue, which neither of the guards nor their leader can understand. The first guard stands up, and pushes the yelling man back into place along with the others as the man who was previously attacked limps behind.

Into two black sedans the men are led, three in the backseats of each car. The leading car was being driven by the leader of the three, and the second one by the guard who wasn't attacked. As the first car takes off, the driver calls out to one of the men in the back, the one who had the nerve to speak in his native tongue in an attempt to send some form of secret message:

"Now, what was it you actually said?"

"I said, you are a fucking scumbag."

The driver laughs, amused by the act of defiance the man portrayed despite having the shit kicked out of him.

"Very funny."

The car went silent, as the men were transported from the dock to a warehouse on the more run down part of town. As soon as the cars were parked, guard one shot out of the first car to move the men into the building, while guard two moved his men into the same place. Once inside, they were made to form a straight line, as the head of this little operation looked them all over. The first five men, he motioned to go the left, but the last man?

The man who had been attacked?

He motioned for him to go the right, and followed closely behind him. The two guards went with the others, who were thinking the worst for the man they had met on the boat ride to freedom.

Into the door on the right he went, into a well furnished office. The head walked further in and took a seat behind he desk in the middle of the room, motioning for his guest to take a seat in front of him.

"Now, do you know why I had you come in here, over all of the others?"

Confidently, although solemnly, the man answered.

"It is because you are going to kill me."

A mock sense of shock appears on the officer owner's face. He had thought that was going to be the man's answer. It certainly did look like that.

"If I was gonna kill ya, I would've done it in front of all of them. No, you'll serve me much more use than to be working in that factory."

Legitimately floored by that answer, the man struggles to pull the right words in the English language to properly give his response.

"I, uh, what do you have planned for me?"

"You? You'll see. Now, what's your name?"

The guest opens his mouth, but is quickly cut off by his host.

"Nevermind, you fucking slav. You're going to need a new one anyway. Hmm, how about..."

He opens a drawer on the desk, revealing to himself a stack of fake citizenship papers, along with a Driver's License that was missing one thing:

A picture.

"Claude Arzegotti. Yeah, that's a much better name than whatever commie one you have right now. Me? I'm your new boss, Jeffery Heiman. I'm going to give you the American Dream, for only one thing from you. Do you want to know what I expect in return?"


"Your loyalty."

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