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A Nightmare Story Part 6 (Continued from Madness Board) #RP1
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07-28-2013 11:12 PM

Thomas’ heart sinks as he steps into the next room realizing that he still isn’t free. Stepping over the little note in the center of the windowless room he walks directly to the door. This door unlike the previous room has a handle. He reaches out closes his eyes in hope that when he twists this handle the door will open. It doesn’t. He knew it wouldn’t deep down but there was some hope that this little game the hooded demon was playing would be over.

He turns back away from the door and dejectedly heads back to the center for the room to collect the note that was obviously left for him. It would like the previous room hopefully have some clues to his escape.

Reaching down to pick up the note Thomas feels a twinge in his back. It was still sore afther the fall he took in the previous room. He pulls the string from the note and unravels the piece of paper to hopefully see his fate.

You have done well to come this far.


You must continue on your mission.

The Key to your release is below the seat.

”The Key is below the seat. What seat?

Thomas looks around the room. There were statues or gargoyles space evenly around the edge of the room. Each statue was slightly different in size.”More Gargoyles.” Thomas begins to walk around looking over all of the small statues. ”Perhaps one of the statues as a seat” The statues were terrifying Thomas thought tom himself as he walked around the room studying each and every one of them. ”There.” Thomas spots that one of the gargoyles are sat on what looks like a throne. ”That must be the seat.” Thomas reads the note again. ”The key to you release is below the seat.” Thomas quickly grads the Gargoyle statue and rocks it backwards with one hand while reaching underneath with the other. There is nothing there. He completely tips the statue over so it is laying on its side so he can have a real good look. There is another piece of paper taped underneath.

This seat is too small to hold the secrets of your release.

Look in the woods for what you are searching.

Damn it!! What woods are they talking about? How can I get to the woods I can’t leave this room?

Thomas keeps repeating the note in his head over and over again as he paces around the room trying to figure out a way to escape. He was beginning to feel faint and a little sick, how long had he been in this place for? How many rooms would he have to endure before he could finally reach his freedom. Stopping he walks to the center of the room, he trips on a piece of flooring which was slightly lower than the rest. After regaining his balance he stands in the center of the room and just slowly begins to walk around in circles looking at every last inch of all walls. He just kept turning and turning making sure he wouldn’t miss anything. Turning and Turning, Turning and Turning. He looked up to the ceiling right down to the floor below his feet. ”The key to my release is below the seat. Look in the woods for what I am searching. What the hell does that mea... hey wait.

Thomas stops turning as he thinks he has spotted something hidden within the decorated wooden walls. He steps forward towards the amazingly carved wall running his hand over the patterns. ”There it is. Hidden amongst the swirling patterns was the image of a throne with a hooded figure sat atop it. Thomas rubs his hand over the carving and then follows the wall down to the ground looking for where the key to his escape may be. There was nothing though, just the carved wooden solid wall all the way to the ground. He looks back up at the carving of the throne and tries to decipher what the previous messages were telling him. ”Beneath the seat, within the woods? This must be it there is a seat and it is carved into the wood. But there is nothing beneath it.

He looks down the wall again below the carved out throne. This time he notices something he didn’t before. There is some carvings of gargoyles they seem to be all looking up at the hooded figure who is sat on the throne. ”Hmm...” Thomas continues to study the gargoyles, looking at each of them and all the detail that was carved into this hard wood.

He counted the gargoyles that were carved into the wood. ”Five.” There were six gargoyles looking up at the hooded figure in the carving. Thomas turned away from the wall and quickly looked around the room counting all the gargoyle statues. ”Six Statues”[/yellow.] There were six statues. He turns and looks back at the carving. [yellow]”There are definitely five gargoyles on this carving, all of them seem to be worshipping this hooded figure. I wonder if it is the same figure that met me on that bridge? There must be a connection between these gargoyles and the statues but what is it, there are only six statues in this room and five gargoyles on the carving.

Thomas stands and ponders looking back and forth between the carving and the statues. After a little while he decides that this maybe a coincidence and decides to continue searching the room for any more clues that may lead to his escape. ”The key to my release is below the seat, look within the woods.” The only wood in the room is the walls and the doors so Thomas decides to continue searching the many carvings for clues. Starting at the carving of the hooded figure sat atop a throne with the half dozen gargoyles worshiping Thomas slowly makes his way to the left around the room. He turns the corner off of the first wall and then passes the giant door he is trying to escape through. There are no more clues on this wall. He then moves onto the wall opposite the carving he had already delicately inspected.

”Wait! Yes! Is that?” Thomas has noticed another single gargoyle hidden in a carving. He looks closer at the gargoyle. ”It has a key.” He was right the gargoyle carving had a key on a ring handing from his mouth. ”Ok let me work this out. I have six gargoyles carved on the walls, and six small statues of gargoyles stood around the room. Ok so I wonder if the designs of these statues match the designs of the carved gargoyles? I bet they do, and the one that matches this one will hold the key.

Thomas quickly looks at the carving of the gargoyle with the key and then searches the six statues. This was to no avail as none of the statues had any sign of a key being present anywhere. Thomas was sure that he was on the right track though. He returned to the first carving with the five gargoyles looking up at the hooded figure on the seat. He studied one of the gargoyles on this carving before making his way around the statues in the room. ”Hey, this is very close.” Thomas drags the small statue towards the carving to confirm that there was a match. ”Yes its the same.”

He drags the statue back towards the centre of the room and moves around to another statue and brings that one over as well. ”Yes another match.” The next staute he tries this with would not budge for its spot. It seemed locked into place. So Thomas studies the statue thoroughly before returning to the carving to see if there is a match. It doesn’t match. This is the gargoyle statue from earlier that he received his second note from. ”Wait! I moved this statue earlier; I tilted it over so I could get the note. Why doesn’t it want to budge now?” He studies the staure a little more before finally moving onto the next statue. He drags this one without any problem over to the carving and confirms it had a match. He does this with the last couple of statues and finds matches. ” Ok so there are six statues and five of them match the carving’s on this wall. There is one carved on that wall with a key hanging out of its mouth and I have an extra statue that almost matches except no key?

Thomas drags the last statue he checked back into the centre of the room. As he places it down again two beams of light shine out of its eyes. ”What the?”

[Image: gargoyle-solar.jpg]

Thomas follows the beans of light which are shining directly at the door he is looking to go through. He reaches down to the statue again and moes it slightly. The lights go out. ”Huh, it seems that when the eyes are facing the door the eyes light up. Wonder if it is the same with the others. He quickly moves around the statues turning them all to face the door. ”Yes! The next one he tries does the same, and the next one, and the next. He only has two statues left the one that he cannot move and one other. He moved the last one he can into position, the lights beam out of its eyes the same as the others. So the beams of light from five of the statues are all shining onto the door he craves to pass through. ”Huh, what now?” Just as he said that the final statue that couldn’t be moved begins to shake slightly, he moves a little closer to see what was happening. Suddenly two beams of light burst out of its eyes shining up with the others onto the door. There is then a rumbling coming from within the shaking statue. Thomas looks on intently as the gargoyles mouth slowly but very loudly opens. He looks on in amazement as a key attached to a ring falls out of the mouth hanging down from the gargoyles teeth. ”Yes!”

Thomas quickly grabs the key and ruses over to the door. He quickly inserts the key and turns it. The door clocked open. He pauses for am minute before opening the door and stepping through wondering what is next, what torment is next.

[Image: nm_zps35d07197.jpg]
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