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A breath of fresh air
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Welcome the Darkness

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07-22-2013 08:07 AM

Shattered Hope

Leap of Faith was not a success for Jason E Smith after being just fingertips away from gaining the UFO Title, Smith failed at the final roadblock when it come the point of taking out Peter Gilmour. After the match Jason was at his lowest point as not gaining this title added a long list of things that had not gone well for him, which was the fire in the New York apartment and the loss of his father Patrick Smith. Jason E Smith felt he had fell into a deep dark pit but this was far from over for Jason E Smith imagine what will climb out of the pit when Smith rises again.

Cold Assassin

A few hours after PPV Jason E Smith is seen carrying his luggage through the car park of the Hienz Field Stadium, It’s turned very quiet most of the XWF fans had left apart from a few drunken idiots fighting, a full moon was out lighting up Hienz Field showing the stadium in all it’s glory and where it played host to an incredible PPV.

Jason E Smith was heading towards the car he rented for a few days while in Pittsburgh he is wearing a smart - casual attire, smart black shirt, with jeans and smart black shoes, the car was Jaguar XF 3.0 when Jason got to the car he put his stuff into the boot and gets into the car ready to go but when Smith looks up he notices something on his windscreen so Jason got out of the car to grab it and see what it was he thought it was a leaflet advertising something but to his surprise it was a note on the front it had the letters IWA and on the back an address which was in California, Jason did not know what IWA stood for but he was intrigued by the night and wondered who was watching him that night, Jason was just about to get back into his car when he noticed another pulling up close by him, Jason E Smith recognized the car so he waited for the person to get out it was Liam Carter.

Liam Carter looked furious he wanted to rip apart Smith but decided not to as he did not want a repeat of the first time they met along time ago...

Liam Carter: You piece of shit!!

Jason shows no emotion

Liam Carter: (starts pacing backwards and forwards) I have been trying to get hold you for the past few days thinking maybe you help me dealing with your problem considering you started the fire...

Jason says nothing

Liam Carter: I have to put up with police interviews, the local media, people staring at me in streets giving me dirty looks and you want to know why because somebody else got caught your mess too, the fire spread to next door neighbours and a man died, but I was the unlucky one also as I left my briefcase in the apartment...

Jason E Smith: Did they charge you??

Liam Carter: No mainly because I didn’t give them chance to... I did what you did I ran away

Jason E Smith: That means they are looking for you idiot... where do you come you come to me for fuck sake !!!

Jason without any hesitation punches Carter in face and it knocks him out cold

Jason E Smith: (To himself) I just wanted a fresh start that’s all with everything that gone on.... I mean I get it clever you run away, they find you , you put me the shit and it's the end for me

Jason grabs his phone out of his jeans pocket

Jason E Smith: (On Phone) Police... yeah there has been a fight outside Heinz field … one guy needs some medical assistance

Before the police ask for the guy name he hangs up he then drags Liam's lifeless body out of the way of his car he then goes towards the car opens the door and just as he’s about to drive away he says

Jason E Smith: Sorry

Smith gets in his car and drives away as he to California
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