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The Prophecy: Welcome to the end
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07-13-2013 11:30 AM

Eli arrives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and visits some Amish places to just sit and watch. He enjoys their dedication and respects their choice of life by working hard and limited themselves to some things the world offers. The clouds hover over to make it a cool day. No rain coming down. No bright sun beating down on anyone. Eli sits and watches.

As time gets closer to the pay per view, Eli tells the driver of the limo to head towards Heinz Field where the pay per view shall take place. Eli sends Eric Rex a text message... "
Eric. Listen to my interview with Steve in a little bit. Part of it is for you, boy. See ya tonight.". Eli is enjoying some sweet tea in the back of the limo waiting to arrive at his destination. Once he gets there, he tells some security person to find Steve Sayors and bring him to the limo. Eli leaves the window half-way down and enjoys the cool breeze of the day. Steve Sayors arrives with a camera man and microphone in hand. Eli invites them to sit in his limo because he has something that he needs to say. The camera man and Steve both get in the limo and sit. Eli just smiles.. drinking his sweet tea.. staring at Steve and the camera man. He doesn't say anything until he finishes his tea.

Eli James IV "Do you know what prophecy is? Many think it's all about telling the future. Heh. It's more than that. It's telling the truth with boldness. No matter what gun is aimed at your head.. no matter what someone says about you.. no matter what or who is against you.. you speak the truth because you have no fear. The message you have is more important. Fear has no place to sit in your heart. When it does happen to do with future events, then it's spoken with complete conviction and warning.

Eric Rex. My partner. A partner I.. trust. Consider this spoken in love, man. Only you will find what it means. People will look at you in disgust. They will never understand your reasons for why you do what you do. Blood will rush from your mouth. It will never quench your taste, but only build your hunger for more. Your home will have light and dark beating down upon it. Nobody will want to visit your house. Eric will be lost. Eric will have a mess inside his mind and never become clear again. People will look at you as a misunderstood monster, but you will be accepted by ones you trust. You will sacrifice without knowing for the good of the Almighty. Your purpose will not be understand by anyone. Eric will sink into a quicksand only to sit in hiding. The sacrifice will come first, then the monster shall arise among us.

To the XWF. Tonight is the end. You will behold truth. Gold will surround the waste of truth. It will be sought but never found. The cravings you so desire shall never been quenched. Mercy will only be for the select. The order will star to be set in place. A new darkness will emerge. Purpose will be seen through sacrifice.

You will be haunted by the things you see. You will be reminded that the message will be spoken. Judgment will rain upon you, but not all at once. You will begin to feel destruction slowly building and won't be able to turn the clocks back.

You'll hear a voice speaking softly amidst the breathing.. an invitation to a place where hearts are breathing.. to a place where your dreams are made... where drinking never ceases and no dismay.. you'll be pushing your senses away to take another step.. while your conscience is aware of your heart's intent. Indulge until your heart's content and pay no mind. Tomorrow is a lifetime away and this is here. The time is now, so there's nothing to fear. You'll believe the lie you hear. This hint of disaster is a beautiful face, hiding grins, fronting the chills of warm embrace.

Think you're all safe. It's what everyone does in a vehicle, but eventually you may get into the wreck you were not expecting. Believe in lies.

A wish has been granted.

I'll take you to a place lying six feet below where bodies lie cowering soft and slow. Where the song of the chimes keeps ringing, outside the window the demons are singing. You'll see the faces aware but the room is empty and be owned by a lifeless stare.

You'll be dreaming about a second chance to go back, rewind the clock and attempt a playback. It'll be too late. It's now too late. The hand of the clock has moved. You forced it to. Come walk on burning coals with your bare feet. Follow me to pain and I'll show you.

Your innocence dies with lies you bring. All the nightmares you've ever had will be clinging into the abyss. I warned you all. I pleaded for you to accept the truth and turn from your wicked ways. I told you to clothe yourselves in righteousness and you decided its covering. The storm was coming and you refused to take shelter.

Rest you will not find. You will remain weary and bruised.

Unfortunately, tonight five men will behold the future and a mysterious man will arise.

Steve Sayors "Eli, you only have four opponents.

Eli James IV "I know, man. I meant it when I said FIVE. FIVE men will behold the future and a mysterious man will arise. Tonight, everyone will welcome the new tag team champions. You will be witnesses unto the entire world of the end. All ya had to do was listen and obey. A simple task, but refused in the stubborn hearts of everyone. You will reap what you sow. You've been sinnin' way too much, man. Is it that difficult for ya to turn to righteousness? Are you that blind?

Heh. Warned ya.

Ready or not. Here we come. Hehehehe.

Welcome to the end.

Eli starts laughing. Sayors and the camera man look at each other for a quick second and quickly leave the limo. They both go into the building while Eli's laugh gets louder and louder. He rolls up his window and calms down a little. His cell phone rings and it says "M". Eli smiles and answers it. During the phone call, Eric sends a text message to Eli saying he'll be arriving to the arena shortly. Eli smiles and finishes his phone conversation with "M".

After the conversation, he places his phone beside him with a big grin on his face. He pours himself another glass of sweet tea to enjoy and can't help but think tonight is going to be something special for everyone to remember.

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