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~Circus for a Psycho!~ (Twisted Angel #3)
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07-13-2013 10:21 AM

OOC: You want to hear the real song, click the video in my sig. And by the way, I had permission from Matt to use him in my r/ps.

When we catch up with Matt and Christine, they were just leaving the locker room area again and heading to one of the favorite places of Christine. She smirks as Matt opens the door and the two walk in. He was still carrying the camera that he turned on when they got inside. Now Christine usually like it when it was dark in there but this one wasn’t dark. It was rather bright and very clean. Different than she was used to, but it would do. It was getting very busy out in the halls and in the locker room and she really just wanted to be off alone. So she and Matt came here. He turns the camera on as Christine mumbles.

[Image: stock-photo-industrial-boiler-room-20845372.jpg]

Christine: You push me till I break and the anger turns to rage. Why can't you just leave me alone? Got your finger on the trigger you think that you're the winner, but you're gonna get kicked off your throne, no!

She tilts her head as she starts to explain her rambles.

Christine: I have hear what you said, you ramblings are amusing. You keep pushing me to anger me which turns to rage. You said you could shoot me… I think that is amusing. You really think you could. Nope happen. You think you can beat me and then you think you can’t. Sound’s like your giving up and that is the opening I need to kick you off your throne.

Matt nods as she begins to ramble again as she sits in a corner of the room. She had a hood over her head and in her ring attire. She words she rambled… was her new theme she was debuting at the PPV.

Christine: You think you're gonna hurt me, get ready to get dirty, you created this beast inside. Pull the noose tighter and lift a little higher cause you're killing me slowly, I ain't ready to die. Now part of that… I could address to my little Pet holding the camera. Ok this whole part would be more for him. I don’t think I need to explain that… do I Matt?

Matt: No.

He looks down a moment knowing clear what she meant. The history he wanted to fix and was working hard to do. The history she hadn’t let go. He looks back up at her as she continues.

Christine: Tonight, get ready for a fight. So now you know it's time to ride a circus for a psycho. Round and round we go, lookout below cause I want off this Circus for a psycho.

She smirks.

Christine: Pretty self explanatory… Don’t you think Reggie? I am looking forward to this fight and I will go round and round with you. Cause you are about to go to the Circus for the Psychos.

Matt moves around some and sits down across from her as she continues. He can almost catch her face in the camera. She had this crazed look on her face as she was turning into her Twisted Angel. She was becoming the rage in her and the woman that would do anything and not give a damn if it hurt her or anyone else.

Christine: Everybody down gonna burn it to the ground. Can't keep this beast inside. Never again. You're killing me slow but I ain't ready to die. You think you're gonna hurt me. Get ready to get dirty. Gonna burn this place to the ground. Psycho here we go!

She pulls the hood back cocks her head to the side.

Christine: When you play with fire… you get burned. And Reggie… you are playing with a time bomb. Dynamite comes in small packages… as Matt here… he will tell you. I am not one to be toyed with. I am not one you want to play as a fool. I will take you down and I will prove to you once and for all, I am not just some little pretty face. I am not one that will just come out here and lay down for you. NO! I will come out… and I will fight.

A evil looking smirk crossed her face as she looks at Matt’s camera. This wasn’t the same girl he made the match with… no she seemed to evolve into something or someone else as it grew closer to match time. She was darker, more on the psycho side. She reaches up grabbing at her hair and gives it a hard tug as her nose flairs.

Christine: The match grows near… the time, is neigh. The crowds are gathering, and the darkness is building. You can call this what you want? Good vs. evil. Male vs. female. Only the strong will survive and I am quite sure I am strong enough to out take you down… and take you out. I humiliated 3 men already… let just make you lucky #4 to fall at the hands of the Twisted Angel. You don’t seem sure of yourself… fatal mistake. Fatal mistake indeed. You call this a return match when in fact I have already pointed out you had a match? Is that a sign that you suffer memory loss?

Matt looks at her.

Matt: I know for a fact you have this one in the bag.

Christine smirks at him.

Christine: Such a good little pet trying to boost my ego. Maybe a reward in your future. But first… I have a little business to take care of. And you… you are going to be right there watching every moment of it. Like a good boy.

He puts the camera down and she crawls over to him, patting his head before placing a kiss softly on his forehead.

Christine: OK lets go… match time.

They get up and walk out together.

End thread.

1 team win

DTA - Don't Trust Anyone!!!

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