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Road to UFO Title Final Part
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07-13-2013 10:11 AM

Ken- You ready Hunter?

Hunter- More ready then I will ever be even if I don't win the match I will make sure peter doesn't, I will do whatever It takes for him not to win...

Ken- Already well a interviewer with XWF is in the back and wants to talk to you so im going back to the gym but don't worry ill be in the back tonight waiting to see the gold around your waist.

Hunter- Thanks man....And oh tell Christian I said he better be there tonight

(Hunter and Ken part there ways and now hunter heads to the back for his interview)

Interviewer- Hello there Hunter im Ross Morgan a interviewer over here and I would like to ask you a few questions.

Hunter- Alrighty ask away Ross....

Ross- How do you feel about your opponent tonight Peter Gilmour?

Hunter- I feel like his is another annoying fat kid that was picked last on the kickball team and now is running his mouth cause he some how one the UFO Title

Ross- Do you think Peter will be a trouble?

Hunter- In all honest I have some friends who have got in the ring with him and they have said he is pretty good at what he does but I don't see him being the biggest problem in the match

Ross- How do you feel about the XWF so far?

Hunter- I think its a pretty good place I started out making some good friends and now I got a "big bug" flying over my shoulder that tonight im going to squash

Ross- Alrighty that is all the questions I have at this time thank you for talking with me

Hunter- No problem Ross, just know this next time we talk ill have a title around my waist

(Hunter goes around town talking to all his friends about his match tonight getting some good advice and is now ready to not only fight in Leap Of Faith but win the UFO Title at Leap Of Faith. He has had many problems that have accord over the time he was training for the UFO Title but he is defiantly ready to win.)

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