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Road to the UFO Title part 4 (Promo)
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07-13-2013 09:46 AM

Ha funny Peter....... First of all you have to use my insults as comebacks? Really grow the hell up, and from the way your promo sounded It looks like you had some daddy problems as a so NOT FUCKING SORRY, Is that why your fat Peter? Daddy hit you a few times and you eat your problems away? Well I have got news for ya big boy, That wont work with me eating more food then the amount of people that were killed in the Nagasaki A bomb drop isn't going to get me away. And another news flash, I Am Not Going To Back Down. Your saying your going to break my jaw into pieces witch I don't see possible because the only thing you could break into pieces would be a bag of Cheetos. I cant wait to get in the ring with your sorry ass its going to be a blast for me and a horrible night for your so called "girl friend" cause your going to be coming home with not only a fucked up body but it so much tears that your going deny her love and go right back to your start eating your problems away. And if you want some respect then show me tonight im ready for not only you, but all the ether guys in the back waiting for this match. I have one last thing all of you better bring your "A" game cause im coming with a storm.

(Entrance Video/Song with the Promo)

[Image: HunterTHEHunted_zps91958aea.png]
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