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Judgment is Closer.. A little more is revealed (pt 2)
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07-13-2013 09:24 AM

Eli leads the XWF crew guys away from the tent towards the barn where the screaming and yelling is still being heard. Eli feels his phone vibrate and stops walking. He pulls it out and notices a missed call from Eric Rex with a voice mail.

Eli James IV "One second, boys. Let me listen to this real quick.

Eli calls his voice mail to listen in on Eric Rex's message... "Eli, I don't know what's going on with you. The very first thing I learned in the military, and this has grown more and more important to me since, is that trust in your partners is the key to survival. If you can't trust the mem you're working with, you will fail. I'll tell you this now, and this will be the last time I tell you...Emma-Lee tried to seduce"... Eli hangs up without listening to the rest of it. He gives a big smile. Eli thinks Eric took his threat serious and is finally getting the big picture. Eli decides to take this moment to call Eric again. Eric once again doesn't answer and Eli has to leave a message..

Eli James IV "Eric. Hope you're doing good, man. Emma-Lee says hey. Hope you get some good rest. Hehe.

Eli hangs up laughing. Eli decides that since his phone is out, he has a few other calls to make.

Emma-Lee "Hey Eli.

Eli James IV "How's everything goin' down there?

Emma-Lee "Everything's goin just fine. No problems. Becky is wantin to leave, but I told her to wait til you came back.

Eli James IV "I'll be there tomorrow. Say, Emma.. would you do me a big favor?

Emma-Lee "Sure. Anything for you.

Eli James IV "Remember when you told me Eric came on to you and all?

Emma-Lee "Um. Yea, why?

Eli James IV "He confessed. Everything has been worked out. I left a voice mail on his phone and he left one back on mine confessing and apologizing. You know.. maybe you can go see him? See how he's doin. Take one of my sisters with ya to make sure he doesn't try anything again. Would ya do that for me?

Emma-Lee "Um. Yeah, sure will. I'll get Rachel to go with me. Thank you for protecting me.

Eli hangs up and calls Sal.

Sal Valencia "Hello? This is Sal. Sal Valencia. Attorney at Law. Defending God's people.

Eli James IV "It's Eli.

Sal Valencia "Hey! Calling about my new commercial? You like it don't you?

Eli James IV "Just wonderin if you talked to Eric lately?

Sal Valencia "He left me a voice mail, but I haven't listened to it yet.

Eli James IV "Go on and delete it. I've already talked with him. We're playin tag on voice mail. He doesn't answer me, and I don't answer him. You should join in the fun and just ignore his calls.

Sal Valencia "Eric isn't the type to want to play games. He's probably pretty angry that you didn't answer.

Eli James IV "Eric will be just fine. If he isn't, he will be shortly.

Sal Valencia "You got it. Whatever you want.

Eli James IV "A check is in the mail for ya, man. Don't forget to read the card.

Sal Valencia "Will do.

Eli and Sal hang up. Eli places his phone back in his pocket. The XWF crew guys are a little scared at the screaming coming from the barn. Eli signals them to follow him as they begin to walk again towards the barn.

Eli James IV "I know you wanna ask.. so go on. Ask away.

XWF Crew "Well, what's that screaming?

The crew begins taping Eli now.

Eli James IV "Some things are better left unknown. Ever since I arrived in this company, people have speculated who I am or what I'm about. There's many people 'round here trying to claim some sort of allegiance to a power the normal cannot know. Some claim a demon is with them.. some say a god is behind their power.. and some just ignore the mysterious and go about their life as normal. I can sum them all up in few words. Liars and Sinners.

I pleaded for everyone to listen. I told all to open their eyes to see the truth. They did what was expected.. ignored it. I came in knowing there's a high chance people would look at me and think I'm crazy,, nuts.. psychotic.. a lunatic. I understood what everyone may say or think about me and the message I've come to preach. It was a task I was prepared for. It was a journey I've been making for a long time.. a tough one at that.

Some people think I'm a dumb ole preacher from the south. Quickly I've denounced their view with simple logic. Ya think I'm some dumb idiot? Heh. Think all you want. Each time you mock me, I'll expose you.. and the fool will be shown for who they are.

Incredible People.. you know what the word Incredible even means? It means impossible or difficult to believe. I guess you boys got it right. Nobody believes your good. It's difficult to believe it with how terrible you boys are in the ring. You talk a big game, but have yet to show it much. Bring your whole team. It won't make any difference to the end result of the match at Leap of Faith. Elisha and I will be victorious. We will be the new tag team champions. And you'll go away as men who lost, and probably still call yourselves the Incredible People after the loss. It's expected of idiots.. the ignorant sinners this world offers.

Crimson and Knightmask can hope they retain and try to retain. Unfortunately, they also will lie in ruin and leave away without titles. Their tag team world will be shaken and they will leave knowing they were in the ring with a man who speaks the truth. A man of integrity and character. A man who worked hard to get to where he is and a man who has the Almighty on his side.

Let me warn everyone now the day is closing when it will slowly be revealed. At Leap of Faith, the end will begin. The cause I've preached will become more forceful and brighter. You will have no choice but to listen. The word of the Almighty will be spoken. Persecution will come to us but an eternal damnation will go to you.

I will never rest until the meaningless become your silence.. then it's over. You'll return to the sand. The fog will clear and you'll see me on the other side. It will hit you immediately. Everyone will say 'Eli was right!'. I will stand there and smile. You will fall into your own war while I stand victorious.

Enjoy your war without cause. Hurting yourselves and welcoming in the death you've all tried to avoid. Sleep well while you can because the dreams will vanish in thin air.. and be replaced with nightmares from the depth of hell.

You all mock me for my belief, yet it offers answers that you cannot provide. It satisfies every answer, but it also challenges your own formed opinion. Breathe in the lies you were taught. Depend on its oxygen. I will only depend on the words of the Almighty. It will satisfy my soul and quench my thirst.

The moon will turn to blood. The sun shall burn your skin. You'll beg for mercy and get pain instead. You'll ask for a quick death, but it'll be prolonged. Look around. Home is here. Solitude for the soul. A quiet river to cleanse yourself. A lasting place to grow crops and eat the food it gives. A word that's true. A foundation that cannot be broke or shattered. A place to gain a strong mind and to channel your strong will into purpose.

Shhh. Do you hear that? Of course you don't! Deaf ears will never hear his voice. Come to me and I will make you hear. Kneel yourself upon the altar and you will rise a new creation. The old will disappear and behold, new things will begin for you. A transformation of good will start. Enter into the light. Walk on the path of righteous and you shall be saved.

The people in the XWF listen to all these people trying to preach a message and think it's all the same. You see me and listen to my words and place me in a category will all the rest of them guys that talk about God or hell. Heh. There's quite a bit of differences between myself and everyone else.

Listen to me carefully Knightmask, Crimson Cobra, Matt Lennox, and Jack Killborn... Leap of Faith is the end. Elisha and I will become new tag team champions.. and the world will become witnesses of the next step in the journey. Before your eyes more questions will arise, but you will have to continue to wait. You will fall before me and see the truth. The light is slowly going to begin to flicker. A new team will arise. The message will continue.

And Eric... the truth always reveals itself when it sees fit. I know what the sleepless nights feel like. Hehe. You're not goin crazy are ya, boy? Focus. We have a match for titles. Don't worry about Lacey, Wallace, or even Knightmask. Something far greater is at work and you must realize that. Don't let your sight become blurred with revenge. Elisha.. in the end.. you'll see it. It will engrave itself upon you. You'll be marked.

Welcome to the end.

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