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Your UFO title is mind!
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Adam Rollins

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07-13-2013 04:28 AM

"Your title is mind, as will every title in this company. You have never faced anyone like before. I am the raging monster that you see in your nightmares. You want to prove yourself as champion, well I got news got you, it's not happeneing! I seen your promo. and I see you did not any anything about me on there. Well nobody disrespect's me and gets away with it!"

"You call the rest of us jobbers, well have you looked in the mirror lately?" Adam laughs a little and says "what do we have in this match-a guy who puts legend as his last name ( bet he was tease in school), somebody who calls himself 'Death Merchant' (Something tells me he goes the other way if you know what I mean..). a Reaper...?(Really?), and you, me, and Jason E. Smith. I am the best in that ring, just as I am the best in this company, and on this planet, and I intend to prove it at Leap of Faith!"

"When you and the rest of the jobbers stand in the ring with me, and you look into my eyes and into my soul, you will see that I am the devil himself, and I have the fury of hell with me. Take care of my title, Gilmour, I'll be coming to get it."

2 people walk by talk. Adam all of a sudden attacks them before lifing them both onto my shoulders and gives them both a Death Vally Driver on to a table at the same time, leaving the 2 men covered in blood as the video fades to black."
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