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This Feeling, Inside Me (RP 7, A little brief)
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07-12-2013 10:58 PM

Act 10: Instability

Noon AM

Albany, California


Love makes us do some crazy things, does it not? It can make a man act as if he was made into something worthwhile in this crazy world that we all inhabit. Such was the case for poor Luca, falling in love with someone of his own class. Victoria Serapin wasn't a stranger to the criminal life Luca inherited, she inherited her own loyalty to Heiman. A loyalty than ran a lot deeper than Luca knew, a lot deeper than Luca wanted to know existed.

The hospital room was dingy, as if it wasn't cleaned thoroughly in days. Some douchebag in all white was leaning over the bed, blocking the view of the patient from everyone else in the room. He was speaking fast, in a tone that denoted that he had asked these very same questions multiple times that day. Pushing open the door to the room was young man, late teens/early twenties at the oldest. On his cheeks and chin were the stupidest looking patch of facial hair in existence, but you probably still recognize him.


His eyes widened, jaw hanging open as if needed to be wired. In the back of his wide open eyes was a fire, a longing to do something heinous to whoever was responsible for the patient's situation. The doctor or whatever he was walked over to the younger version of Luca, and impatiently said with a courteous smile:

"Can you please wait outside for a moment?"

With the phoniest smile he could muster (to match the feigned concern in the man's voice) Luca thought to himself, what was the nicest way to say "No, I can't wait outside, go fuck yourself."?

"Is it a problem if I stay here?"

Close enough, Luca thought as he watched the Doctor's facial expressions. He tilted his head to the side, almost as if unsure of the answer to the question. Why is he unsure? He probably got this question thirteen times a day. Why was this the time he was struggling to pull out an answer?

"Not necessarily, but the patient may not want you here is my concern."

Luca pushed his way past the man in white and to a chair that was at the opposite end of the room, at the foot of the bed. He sat down in it, looking back forth from the wall to the bed, rapidly enough to keep the identity of the patient concealed, but he knew who it was already.

That was the part that was killing him.

He hung his head in his hands for what felt like hours as the doctor ran tests, tests, and more tests. The longer he stared at the ground, the more the pattern on the tile began to move. Nothing too remarkable, just something he noticed (or invented) to help him pass the time as he waited for the doctor to take his sweet fucking time getting the hell out of the room.

Finally, when it seemed like he was going to start splitting the cost of the hospital stay with them, the doctor exits the room. Rushing to action, in case he were to come back at any second, Luca hops out of the chair and hurries over to the side of the bed. There, he stares long and hard into the eyes of the patient.


Her face bruised and caked with blood. The usual smile on her face replaced with a pained expression, her normally wide open eyes drooping.

"I came as soon as I got the call. Do you remember what happened?"

She looked around momentarily, tying to regain her bearings. Rapidly she shakes her head back and forth, trying to shake the confusion out of her head, but failing miserably.

"All I remember is a blur, and then I see the lights for the first time."

He assumed she meant the lights in the room, because what other lights where there?

"Look, I know I can't really promise much, but I promise that I won't let anyone hurt you like this again."

And sometimes, love can make us say some really crazy things...

Fast forwarding to just a couple of months ago, Luca feels the splatter of blood against his shirt and jeans. Whose blood was it?


A sudden rush of necessity, a her or me mindset was what was crossing his mind when he pulled the trigger and ended her life. Not thinking about his feelings for her or the future he wanted to have, one where Heiman was dead and that they could settle down together. A life that he never got to live and she would never get to see. All because of one action he took.

It was as simple as the flip of a switch.

What Luca wouldn't give to go back to the past.

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