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Personal? Oh Please
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07-12-2013 10:42 PM

After watching Morrison last promo and it made me kind of laughed and shit. So I decided to go out to the ring on XWF free for all with my wife. "Raise Hell" by Hed PE hits the pa system as the lights goes out with a red spotlight shinning in the middle of the stage as we come walking out holding hands as we kiss on top of the stage as I'm wearing my Mr. Anarchy cut and Michelle wearing her hoodie jacket with the hood up as we walk down the ramp together and tease the fans. I slides in the ring and hold the ropes for Michelle to get in. Then we go to the center of the ring and kissed. Which we done Michelle went to get me a kissed.
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"So I been sitting in back watching some promos for some of the matches on Leap of Faith and then I came across one of Mr. Morrison stupid promo."

Claps my hands.

"Personal? Please I thought that stuff is how you do business, after all you think going to my hotel room, my personal life and showing the world what could happen to my family was business. Come on dude? What goes on in that tiny brain of yours. These people rather see you fight. Okay well maybe not. But you sit there and talk your shit like you lose a shiver of respect from me? RESPECT? Do you really think we care about your respect? or Anybodys for that matter? No we only care about ourselfs and our kids. Anyone else is just another loser."

I look at Michelle.

"Now you can sit there calling me a deadbeat dad to a kid that I just found out about what not even like three days ago? You acted like I know about him for years. Did you little friend told you that? Did she told you that she didn't told me nothing about him till three days ago? Didn't give me no info on him about birthdays and stuff. For fuck sake Morrison how stupid are you? Once I find out for one hundred precent sure that my kid. Because quite frankly I don't trust her. So how about you like get your facts staight first before calling me something I am not. And your little bring me to hell of chirst son I'm already in hell if I have to deal with you and her."

I shake my head.

"Oh poor little Alexandra still spilling stupid shit out of her mouth. I know you way to well. I know your good in that ring unlike in bed which well not so good. Anyways I know almost all your moves. But it been awhile I'm sure you picked something new up on the way maybe like a std or just a new move. Either way I better then you either way."

As I lower then mic as I turned to Michelle and kissed her and took her hand. Then turned back around and raise the mic.

"Let me tell both of you two jackasses. My name is Jonathon Thomas Cross and I'm a proud anarchist. I will do and say whatever, whenever I god damn please. And I say if I want to make things personal then I will, if I want to make things business then I will. If I want to destory both of your asses all over the arena then I will. I don't care if we get dq or counted out. Either way we will be standing tall with our hands in the air. I am Mr. Anarchy. I am JTC and you been warned."

"Raise Hell" by Hed Pe hits the pa system as we leave.

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