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The End of the Road (UFO TITLE #3)
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07-12-2013 09:59 PM

We are just a few short hours away from LEAP OF FAITH which emanates from the Steel CIty of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The fans are all ready to see their favorite stars of the XWF and are ready to see a great night of action. The superstars of the XWF are gearing up to give the fans a night they will never forget. Who will become the new KING of the XWF? Who will walk out the Tag, US and European champions? And who will walk out with the UFO Title? A lot of people have signed up for the battle royal to face Peter Gilmour and end his reign as champ. But Peter is not backing down and he is ready to prove he is worthy to hold the UFO Title. Can he prevail? Can he eliminate the people that have already signed on to fight in this match? Will there be any surprises? We will all find out as LEAP OF FAITH comes your way tomorrow night LIVE from Heinz Field.

The scene now opens to a rainy day in the city of Pittsburgh. We see cars travel down the road at a slow pace as people of all ages and sizes do likewise. We the see an aerial shot of Heinz Field. A large tarp is on the field trying to save the grass from getting wet. We also see a larger tarp covering the ring and titantron area so that they don't get too wet for the wrestlers and doesn't cause a blackout. Nobody is on the field as it is pretty deserted at this time. But in the cheap seats, we see none other than Peter Gilmour sitting with the UFO title slung over his left shoulder. Peter is wearing blue jeans and a large black hoodie with the hood up covering Peter's long brown hair from getting wet. The rain is coming down pretty lightly right now, but it could open up at any moment. Peter is just starting at the ring and rubbing the UFO Title for a bit. He must know the odds of him retaining are not in his favor. Peter puts his head down to think for a bit. He then looks up and into the camera before speaking to us at home.

Peter: It's almost here guys. LEAP OF FAITH! And my chance to prove to the world that I am a worthy champion of two different belts. Tomorrow night, I walk into a battle royal match with 5, 6, hell probably the entire roster of jobbers that don't wrestle or get recognition, and defend this belt right here.

Peter holds up the UFO Title for all of us to see.

Peter: Not only do I defend this, but I also defend the Trios Title with my partners Soldier and Mister Mystery. I know it's going to be a long night and I could walk out without a title around my sexy waist or my arms. But I am not going to think that. I know I will walk out of Pittsburgh still your UFO Champion and your Trios Tag Champion. Now this little battle royal that I am in has gotten very interesting. It seems everybody wants a piece of me and this title. Well, all I can say to that is BRING IT ON! I don't care who you are. You want this title? you're going to have to kill me to even get a sniff of it. And believe me the title still smells awful. But I digress.

It's been quiet the past few days haven't you noticed? Not a peep out of anybody who has already signed up or is thinking of signing up. I saw a few of Hunter Moore's promos and dude I got to say SHUT THE FUCK UP! You come out here and think you're all mister tough guy saying you're going to beat me and then bash me because I said you lost a match on Madness when in reality you did not. SO WHAT! I tend to make a few mistakes so sue me. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm going to beat you down like your father should have. As usual you make FAT JOKES. Wow, this company has really gone down the shitter. Is it getting to me? Yes. Am I going to cry about it and say I'm going to leave I'm going to quit the XWF and go somewhere else? FUCK NO! I am never leaving this place. I love it here in the XWF even though half the roster can kiss my ass for calling me fat. But like I said, I'm never leaving this place. All you idiots who want to call me fat, like that pussy ass bitch Luca Arzegotti, John Madison, all the way down to the losers who have yet to win a match, all of you are going to get yours after I destroy each and every one of you. You think I can't do it? Watch me as I destroy every single person in that battle royal and then lead my team to victory and retain the Trios Tag Titles. After I do all of that I will get what I should be getting and that is RESPECT! And I will get everybodies respect even if I have to beat it out of them.

Peter looks into the camera determined he can retain the UFO and Trios Titles. His eyes never move from the camera as he looks ready for LEAP OF FAITH tomorrow night. He then takes a moment to gather his thoughts and then speaks to us once again.

Peter: Now back to you Hunter Moore. You say my insults are on a 5th grade level. Well your insults are on a pre-school level. And I'm the one who's retarded. Yeah shut the fuck up little man before I break your jaw into a million pieces. You honestly think you can beat me Hunter? PROVE IT! Prove to the world that you belong here and you deserve to hold this title. Prove to me that you can back up your shit. I know I can there's no doubt about that. Hunter, you and the others don't stand a chance against me. So why don't you quit now before I end your career. After I get done whipping your sorry ass and the others in this match, I'm going to go back to my hotel, fuck my soon to be wife and revel in the glory of still being the XWF UFO and Trios Champions. Oh it's true. It's damn true. Be jealous you can't get any since you all jackoff to each other like Madison and Luca do at night. But I digress. Hunter Moore, you're road ends tomorrow night. Thanks for playing though.

Next up is Jason E. Smith the guy who attacked me on Warfare. Hey Jason, how are you doing? I heard you lost all respect for me the past few days. AWWWW, poor baby. Should I call the WAHMBULANCE for you since you're crying like the BITCH you truly are? Jesus Christ man, do you think I give a shit if you lost respect for me or not? Well, the feeling is mutual dude. I hate your fuckin' guts and I can't wait to destroy you for what you did to me on Warfare last week. You're all mad because I defecated and shit on the UFO Title because I didn't want it. Well, I still don't want it but over the past few days I've had second thoughts. I got rid of the belt I shit on and made this bad boy right here, the soon to be INSANE TITLE. It looks good doesn't it?

Peter shows off the new title to the camera. He looks happy to be holding it. But will this be the last time he holds it? We shall see. Peter puts the belt back on his right shoulder as he begins to speak again.

Peter: Jason, you said that my threat to break your neck didn't phase you. You think I'm lying when I say I'm going to break your neck? Well, you should talk to that little brat Dark Shadow. I broke his neck and cast him out of the XWF forever. So don't come out here calling me a liar ok? Point to me bitch! Jason, if it's me and you that's left in the ring, I swear to you that I am going to end your career right there in that very ring. What you did to me on Warfare is still etched in my brain. It is like a nightmare that won't end. But tomorrow night, I will end the nightmare and make new ones for you and the rest of the XWF roster. Jason, I'm going to get my revenge on you. I am going to hurt you real bad and when I'm done beating the crap out of you, I will launch you out of my ring and hope you land on the concrete and break something. I will revel in that sight.

Next up is Jack Kronus. Hey Jack, Peter here. How are you sir? I hope you are ready to get your ass kicked by the NEW UFO champ. I know you were the former champ but I beg to ask you, why did you not kick out of a pin from me? I mean I was just goofing off and thought I'd never win this thing, but Shane Carver announced me as champ and I was shocked. I never thought I'd win this belt because I thought it was a weak belt. But look a me now! I'm the new UFO champion and this ain't going anywhere soon Jack.

So I hear you built a trophy case for the UFO Title should you win it. Too bad it will be all for nothing when I throw you out of my ring. Then I'll go to that shithole house you mentioned in your promo and burn it to the ground with you in it. And my God dude you went to an abandoned house? That's a little creepy dude. You say I'm your toughest opponent to date. Well, the feeling is mutual since I know nothing about you. But I could care less. I am going to beat you to a pulp and get rid of you. So keep mocking me and underestimating me Jack. It won't save you from the inevitable.

And to all the others in this match, I would just like to wish you all good luck... you're going to need lots of it. I am going into LEAP OF FAITH a double champion. And when the night is over, I'm going to still be a double champion. First I'll defeat Hunter Payne and his two lovebirds and then I will retain my Trios Tag Title. So to everybody else in this match, I say GOOD LUCK because you're all going to need it and I hope you all called a good chiropractor, a doctor, your life insurance agents because when the smoke clears, there will be dead bodies everywhere around the ring after I throw everybody out of it and stand alone as your reigning and defending XWF UFO CHAMPION. Sleep well gentlemen because the nightmare will begin tomorrow night. Tomorrow night, all of you sorry ass losers will get taken..

Peter rolls his eyes into the back of his head as he takes his title and holds it right up to the camera. He laughs wickedly before finishing what he was about to say.


Peter laughs again as we fade out to a great shot of an empty Heinz Field. We then slowly begin to fade to black.


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