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Road to the UFO Title part 3
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07-12-2013 09:02 PM

(Hunter and Christian get together to find out what was with the note so far they have nothing and they choose to rest awhile the next morning Christian goes to work and hunter heads to the gym to meet up with ken)

Hunter- Hey man ready for the day?

Ken- You bet alright first thing were going to do is go for a 5k run then just do some lifting alright?

Hunter- I thought you were training me for wrestling not making me workout..

Ken- Come on ranger boy don't complain will get to that after are warm up

Hunter- That's what I like to hear "warm up"

(After there warm up hunter checks the XWF website and noticed the UFO champion decided he wanted to throw some 10 year old insults around the table and hunter decided he wasn't going to have that happen)

Ken- Wait he said you lost a match? You haven't even wrestled in XWF!

Hunter- Exactly he's more retarded and unaware then a fox news reporter during a big rainy thunderstorm "Its a high of 76 partial cloudy outside with a small chance of some rain" FUCKING RETARDED

Ken- Don't take his shit to heart they mean nothing

Hunter- Man don't worry about me iv got too much going on to worry about some fat ass talking shit about a match I just hope he doesn't fall threw the ring....

Ken- I like it I like it... alright so for the 2nd part im just going to show you some of my moves and how to counter moves that guys like peter might use during a match

Hunter- Alright sounds good lets get started

(The day is now over and hunter got showed some pretty cool new moves and counters his training got over early and found a man in his house writing a note he pulled out his Ruger LC9 that is always on his hip and asked the man some questions the man turned around and it turned out to be the man who was in the locker room the first day he was there when he was asked oh your that army guy? Hunter is shocked and in that moment the man rushes hunter. Hunter quickly fires at his right kneecap area and tackles him. He restrains him with some zip ties that were in his bag (He is always prepared) and then calls Christian over and they deal with the situation asking the man different questions and pulling a "good cop" "bad cop" they got what the wanted and called the police after a nether stressful night hunter again wakes up to train and is ready for his match this weekend at "Leap Of Faith")

Hunter- One more day before the big night this is going to be a very important part of my new life......(Calls his gf)..... Hey hun my match is tomorrow.....

Hunters gf Ashley- I know babe im excited for you and can I go back home?

Hunter-Yeah you can I dealt with the problem thank you so much for waiting for me I have a surprise when you go home

Ashley- You know I love surprises!

Hunter- Well I got to go to training so ill text you and call you when im done bye hun love you

Ashley- Bye babe love you too

Ken- ALRIGHTY! One more day before your big match excited?

Hunter- Yup yup got all my problems fixed and im ready for this big match all those guys better be ready cause im coming hard and fast like Peter Gilmour at the hot dog stands

Ken- Alrighty lets get started

(The day of training today was short cause hunter needed to go to his girl friends house cause that was the surprise he flew out there before she got home and she opened the door to her ranger and was shocked)

Hunter- Hey beautiful

Ashley-(Runs and jumps on to hunter and gives him a big hug)

Hunter- Gosh am I that sexy?

Ashley- Shut up ass hole

Hunter- I love you so much (laughs)

Ashley- So why did you come home?

Hunter- How could I do a important event without talking with my girlfriend before hand (winks and smiles)

Ashley- (Smiles back and they both continue with the night)

(The next day hunter takes a early flight home and is getting ready for his title match now all that's left on hunters list is too win the UFO Title........................)

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