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RP4 = Don't Kill The Messenger pt. 4
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07-12-2013 07:18 PM

Earlier this week

Don't Kill The Messenger pt. 4


    In part 1 we learn that a man -- a "messenger" -- is on his way to drop off an important message to Sid. The man that this messenger works for is not somebody that Sid wants to be hearing from and the news is not something that Sid is expected to take well.

    In part 2 we learn that Sid has decided to abduct the messenger and has him tied down, but decides not to violate him like Dean McGayvern would do. He eventually lets him up but doesn't let him leave.

    In part 3 we see Sid taking Steve Sayors with him on a psychotic ride from hell, injuring others along the way and threatening Steve's life. It's believed that Sid has somebody locked in the trunk of this car that originally was seen being driven by the messenger who is now missing.

"What do you mean take this gun?" Steve Sayors' question was something Sid was not prepared for.

:3 x Better:
I mean you take this gun or I'm going to repeatedly fire off shots right next to your ear until you're permanently deaf!

Steve holds out his shaking hand and Sid slaps the gun down into his palm, making Steve jump.

:3 x Better:
Don't be scared. You might die in there.

(Steve's tiny brain: "Holy crap! Don't be scared?!?!?!?!? Then tell me I might die. YIKES!")

Steve remains silent.

:3 x Better:
Now here's what I need you to do-

Sid places his hand on Steve's shoulder and looks him dead in the eye.

:3 x Better:
I need you to put your big boy drawers on and be a fuckin' man about this shit. You're going to play it cool and keep that gun hidden at all times until I give you the signal.

"Th- the... signal?" Steve could barely get words out without breaking up into an uncontrollable flow of tears.

:3 x Better:
Yeah the signal; when I raise my right eyebrow real high like that homosexual The Rock, you toss the gun my way and from that point on you're free to do as you please.

That doesn't seem to offer much comfort to Steve Sayors as he continues shaking in his seat. It's times like this when the mind fires at a million miles per hour and Steve just decides to go for it; he asks the question: "Who are we going after and why are you trying to hurt them?"

Sid's expression remains surprisingly calm. He keeps his eyes locked with Steve's and just stares right at him, literally just a few inches away as he eventually answers.

:3 x Better:
I just received word that somebody who tried to murder my wife and I about 6 years ago has been tracked down and identified. I was given this message by some punk kid who I've got locked in the trunk.

"Oh my god..." Steve's head bounces as his neck gives out. He doesn't even bother looking back up. "Oh my god..."

:3 x Better:
The punk bitch who brought me the message works for Mr. Laz.

Steve's eyes open up and he lifts his head. "Who?" He looks at Sid with curiosity as Sid continues-

:3 x Better:
It's short for Lazzaro -- he's a real piece of shit and a douche bag and a dead man.

Steve blinks.

:3 x Better:
And you're going to help me get him to that final state.

Steve mulls this over in his head. "But if Mr. Lazzaro is the man responsible for sending you the news about the man who tried to kill you and your wife, why would you want to hurt Mr. Lazzaro? Isn't he doing you a favor by telling you the news?" Sid closes his eyes and a slight smile creeps over his face.

:3 x Better:
Oh if it were only that simple, Steve. You see if Mr. Lazzaro is sending me news about my attacker from 6 years ago it means one thing-

Sid pulls Steve's face right up to his.

:3 x Better:
It means somebody's trying to kill me.

Sid shoves Steve back and finishes gathering a few things from in the glove compartment. Steve still has that gun in his hand and looks down at it as he asks the burning question- "Why does that mean somebody's trying to ki-"


:3 x Better:

Sid and Steve both get as low as they can in the car as they hear the sounds of another vehicle peeling out. Sid's eyes of fire meet with Steve's watery eyes.

:3 x Better:
Don't worry Steve; I don't think those were Mr. Lazzaro's guys. That was most likely a random hit because of how we were driving a few minutes ago. I bet we clipped some gang banging piece of shit's car with out bumper or something so their answer is of course to try and kill us.

"You keep saying 'us' but you were the one dri-"

:3 x Better:
We're in this together -- Sid shouts directly into Steve's face, accompanied by a lot of freeflying spit -- and don't you forget it! If I don't come out of this in one piece; neither do you. Now calm the fuck down and get ready to walk with me about a block that way.

Sid nods in the direction they'll be walking and Steve tried his best to keep himself together. "You still never told me..." Sid looks at Steve and doesn't say a word, just waiting for Steve to finish. "So how does Mr. Lazzaro sending word that your attacker has been found, mean that somebody is trying to kill you?"

Sid opens up Steve's door for him, pushing it open and then shoving Steve so he has no choice but to get out of the car. Sid quickly gets out on his side and slams his door shut, his eyes meeting with Steve Sayors' eyes once again. Sid realizes that Steve is going to be persistent about this, so Sid blurts out the answer as he shoves Steve in the right direction.

:3 x Better:
Because the fuckin' guy who tried to kill Flo and I six years ago is dead, Sayors.

-and only I would know that. Not even my own wife or father knew.

Steve is legitimately shocked by this and even his limited experience in this area has him immediately realizing how many different, disturbing explanations there might be behind this news. If Sid had already killed this "attacker" in secret then what would prompt Mr. Lazzaro to claim to have information about him? It's obvious that he went for the one thing that he thought would lure Sid Feder in, hook line and sinker -- Mr. Lazzaro must have assumed just like anyone else would, that Sid's attacker of many years past was long gone and could never really be tracked down.

:3 x Better:
I can tell by that look in your eyes; you just started to realize I'm not fucking around here.

Steve swallows hard and looks to his left and to his right to make sure nobody is coming from either direction on this dark side street. "Why do you think Mr. Lazzaro would want to hurt you? What's your past with him?"

:3 x Better:
He's a fuckin' piece of shit. He thinks he's in the mafia or some shit; runs his own little clique of guys who probably rape girls in vans and steal people's wallets or some shit. I don't know. He was engaged to my sister a few years back and he was cheating on her left and right. I'm the one who caught him -- as if he needed to be caught; going to the fuckin' clubs and flaunting his rich ass bitch lifestyle. I busted him and caught his ass on film cheating with about 6 women and it led to my sister kicking him sternly between the thighs with her pointed-toe high heel shoe. I also broke his nose and hit a springboard DDT off of a dinner table onto one of the random whores he was messing around with that night.

"What?!?" Steve's eyes bug out.

:3 x Better:
Long story. What matters is this guy has motive to want me dead and I've been given a piece of bait that only I'd know is complete fuckin' bullshit. Something is up and I want to be the one shooting first.

"But why me?"

:3 x Better:
Because that pussy locked in the trunk of the car back there is already one of Mr. Lazzaro's guys and this wouldn't work. We're going to arrive like I took the news of my attacker in stride; I'm going to play it off like I'm interested and like I really want to get my hands on that mother fucker. I'm going to introduce you as the guy who follows me around sometimes because I'm such a big fuckin' star -- that cockiness is what he'll expect from me and some of his boys will recognize you as Steve Sayors because I know some of them watch wrestling and MMA every chance they get.

"So them knowing who I am is a good thing?" The two of them keep walking slowly down the street as Sid continues to explain as quietly as he can.

:3 x Better:
Yes, because they'll know what a nerdy mother fucker you are. I guarantee you they aren't even going to frisk you or anything. That's why you're carrying the heat and I'm not. Those boys are going to be all over me the moment my face is recognized and if I'm strapped, both of us are fucked. We've got to get them comfortable and then when the time is right I'm going to give you the signal -- and that's when it's on. They'll never see it coming.

As Sid and Steve draw closer to their destination, Sid's cell phone rings.

:3 x Better:
Oh shit... It's Flo.

Sid's wife always has had impeccable timing. Sid knows if he doesn't answer, that might actually be worse than whatever Mr. Lazzaro has planned for him.

It would also mean Flo would keep calling,

and calling,

and calling.

Sid needed to keep his phone turned on during a time like this because you never know what will happen from one second to the next. There was only one thing to do.

:3 x Better:
Hello dear.

You'd think Sid had it on speaker phone, but he doesn't. Steve even has to back away in shock of just how loud Flo's voice screeches through the air out of the tiny speaker of that phone.

"Where in the god damn fuck of all fucks are you, Sid?!?"

Just then, Sid begins to sniff the air. Something is going on. . . . something isn't right.

:3 x Better:
What's that smell?

On the phone, Flo's angry voice can be heard barking back at Sid- "What smell!? Is that supposed to be fucking funny, mister!?"

The look on Steve Sayors' face says it all. Steve had somehow suffered though this horrible fact up until now; he tried so hard to make sure Sid didn't find out, but the cat was out of the bag.

At some point during everything that's been going on, Steve Sayors has shit his pants.

:3 x Better:
Oh fuck me.

Sid cracks Steve in the side of the head with an open hand smack, aiming right for the ear. "Answer me, Sid!" Flo is screaming on speaker phone and Steve is stinking like actual shit right now; this plan clearly isn't going in the direction Sid Feder intended...
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