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Good luck! (RP 9)
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07-12-2013 05:44 PM

Alex was in his car just driving around town thinking about stuff. He decided to go back home and unlocked his door and then "SURPRISE!" The lights flipped on and all of Alex's friends popped out from hiding spots around his living room. Brandon Michael jumped out from the closet that's next to the main door, Chris Sabre was hanging on the heavy duty fan above the couch and he jumped off of It. His wife Jaimee and his son Jason were actually there, Brie Levasker, Walden Daniels, Tyreegis and Cordell, some of his former TDW colleagues. It turned out that they were all setting up a Good luck party for Alex. Alex smiled and hugged Jaimee and Jason.

This is awesome... Thank you so much. I can't believe you went through all the trouble to go out to Rochester and get all of these guys to come down here. I mean you got Walden Daniels, Tom Ciro, John Legend, Ben Phox, and how the hell did you get Nathaniel Walker to come down here? It doesn't matter, what matters is that you and Jason are here with me and this party is going to be a blast.

It better be a blast! I had to spend a lot of money on gas and good luck presents on you. So you better not lose tomorrow, I wasn't serious about leaving you Alex, I just needed to make up an excuse to go to Rochester with out you knowing and to go buy you some presents. On the Coffee table, go open them.

Alex jumped over the couch, and Chris and sat on the one seat chair next to the couch. He opened the first gift, It was a Swift Ion dvd from Chris. Alex opened the case up and there was a new copy of WWE 13. Alex just laughed and grabbed the next present. It was from Walden Daniels, He opened it and it was a DVD set of DDP yoga.

Walden Daniels: What? This shit is actually awesome! It helped Jake Roberts and Scott Hall get better!

Alex smiled and sat it down and grabbed the next present. It was From Tom Ciro, It was a picture of Tom cuddling with a kangaroo.

Tom Ciro: I thought it was pretty damn funny. I found the picture of me last year in my home in Australia and I decided to give it to you as a present.

I'm definitely going to be setting this up next to my bed so I can gaze at it every night before I sleep.

Alex gently placed the picture down and laughed and grabbed the next present. It was from Brandon Michael, Alex opened it and it was Alex's old TDW jacket that he used to wear down to the ring.

Where did you find this? I can't believe it... You actually found my jacket! I thought I was never going to see this thing again.

Brandon Michael: I found it in one of the lockers at a TDW show last week and thought that I should give it to you because you cared about this damn jacket so much.

Thank you Brandon. This gift is awesome.

Alex put his Jacket on and grabbed the next gift. It was the last one from Jaimee. Alex opened it and it was old tapes of Alex's older matches from TDW. Matches like Alex Shawn vs Walden Daniels in a thirty minute Iron man match, Alex Shawn vs Charles St. Patrick at Insane Destruction 2011 in a sixty minute iron man match. All of Alex's greatest matches were on these tapes.

This is awesome Jaimee, I'm definitely going to be watching all of these tapes eventually. Tonight we're partying though! But first I wanted to make a speech to everyone.

Alex sat up and Stood in front of the TV and everyone looked at him.

I just wanted to thank everyone for having this party for me, This is a really big motivational moment for me going into The XWF leap of Faith pay per view. I know I have all of your support and I hope I can really pull it off tomorrow. I'm going to try my hardest just like I did before In TDW I can definitely fight just as hard, just as Extreme, just as skillful, and with the greatest of ease! I'm going to beat Tony Santos Everyone: BOO! Agent Orange... Who's that?! hehe and Stevie Tyler. Fuck that guy! I love all of you guys and girls as friends, Brothers, sisters, My Family over there. I've been giving it a lot of thought lately and I have actually been missing working with all of you. Win or Lose tomorrow I'm still taking a week off because I've been through some shit this week that I would like to just forget about. With you on that one! Most importantly I just want to say thank all of you for giving me the motivation and the confidence to be able to fight harder tomorrow. I'm done now so let's fucking party!

OOC: I know this one is shorter but I just wanted to throw an extra RP out there.

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