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Quantum Leap (Trios title rp 1/2)
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07-12-2013 05:13 PM

The scene opens on a very hot and humid day in the steel city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which will be the home for LEAP OF FAITH tomorrow night. The sun shines high above the clear, blue sky as we see people walk down the streets of the city at a normal pace. The temperature is a very steamy 95 degrees as the camera shows people frolicking in the water at a nearby beach. People of all ages and sizes are now seen walking along the boardwalk or taking a nice dip in the cool waters of the ocean. We then see the Xtreme Icon Peter Gilmour walking down the beach. A white tank top and black shorts are on him as his ripped muscles glisten in the sun, surely making the ladies who are getting a nice tan get up and notice. Some even try to follow him, but Peter tells them to get away from him with a wave of his hand. Sorry ladies, Peter is taken. Maybe next time. Anyways, Peter walks down the beach for a bit and then begins to go back on the warm sand. He comes upon a white towel with a black bag on it. The bag is open and we can see the Trios Tag Title and the new FTW/UFO (now known as the INSANE title as Peter has renamed it, though it is not official just yet). Peter looks at the titles and smiles wickedly knowing nobody will be able to take it from him. But Peter is going to be a very busy man at LEAP OF FAITH as he defends both the FTW/UFO title in a battle royal and the Trios Titles with Soldier and Mystery against Hunter Payne, Dean Moxley McGovern and The Rock. Peter then begins to put some sun screen on his arms and legs to protect him from the evil UV rays. He then looks deep into the camera before speaking to us.

Peter: Man is it hot. I haven't seen it this hot in a long time. This summer sure looks to be one of the hottest ever. Well, maybe here in the Northeast because back in LA it's a nice 80 degrees without that crappy humidity. But I'll deal with this oppressive heat here in Shitsburgh. Yeah, I said it SHITSBURGH! I never liked coming here to this cesspool of filth city. I mean this city is full of losers. You got the Pirates who haven't had a winning season in ages, and even though they're flying high right now, they will eventually come down to earth and suck like they always have. You got the Penguins who got destroyed by the Boston Bruins. They haven't been that great the past few years and even with that cumslut Sidney Crosby, they still suck. My New York Rangers handled them very easily this season. But sadly my rangers lost to those damn Bruins in the semifinals. UGH! But I won't get upset over that. And then you got the Pittsburgh Steelers who haven't done that bad the past few years. But I still think Colin Kaepernick is a way better quarterback than that fossil Ben Rothlisberger. But I digress. The point is, I hate this fuckin' town and I'll be glad to leave it after LEAP OF FAITH.

Now last week on Warfare, I had the honor of facing old man Scott Charlotte or the Wraith. I forget who it was. They're the same fuckin' person. Me and him went toe to toe with each other and I clearly had the match won until that pompous prick King of ours JOHN MADISON came out to distract me once again. But this time I was ready and I knocked him the FUCK OUT. How's your jaw feeling Johnny? Not so good huh? That's what you get for getting involved in my business. But once again you cost me a match as you Scott Charlotte took advantage and beat me. I bet you're proud of yourself Scott. You got a cheap victory over me thanks to King Fucktard. You know full well you can't beat me by yourself. I had you ready for the DEATHSTRIKE and I would've killed you if it wasn't for that prick John Madison. But I won't get mad about it. I will get even.

John, Luca I know you and the rest of the Black Circle Jerks are probably laughing over my loss. I could care less what you cocksuckers think. You think that you will run the show after LEAP OF FAITH? I highly doubt it. You think your match at the PPV will be 60 minutes of you losers checking each other out to see who's dick is bigger? Sadly the fans want a winner and we will get a winner. But it wont be you or Luca winning. It won't be Sebastian Duke or Sid Feder. It will be THE FANS. Why you ask? They will witness the end of the Black Circle and the end of John Madison's reign of terror. Oh it's going to happen. I guarantee it! But Luca and John, you can make fun of me all you want. Keep going on with the same old bullshit calling me fat. I could care less about it because everybody that's calling me fat are jealous pricks and they will get theirs in the end. Everyone who has said shit about me will wish they hadn't when I break their necks and put them out of this company for good. And I will get my hands on you two jerkoffs real soon. There will be no running and no hiding when I get my hands on you. When I do, I'll make sure you don't walk or talk ever again because quite frankly nobody gives a shit what you losers got to say. I wish you boys luck tomorrow night. You're both going to need it.

Peter winks sadistically as a few hotties pass him by. Peter stares for a few seconds but just smiles.

Peter: Now as much as last week's loss to Scott Charlotte sucked, so did Luca Arzegotti Appreciation night. I mean what a fuckin' waste of time. You guys sure know how to bore the fuck out of the fans. I mean John, you failed on your stipulation to slap my future wife in the face and have me bow down and call you the true king. I WILL NEVER DO THAT! You think I am a coward for doing that? Why don't you fight me COWARD? Oh right, you can't because your hiding behind your Black Circle. Man, what a lame group of losers. You know when the Black Circle was around they brought fear into the eyes of everybody that stepped in front of them. But now they are a lame imitation of them. You got a wannabe gangster, a suck-up, a potato loving owner that sits on his ass all day and then a wannabe KING. I've seen better groups than the Black Circle. I've been part of a few great teams such as DYNASTY and HOMICIDE: TNA. Now those were groups! Not a bunch of cocksuckers that only care about their own egos. But the Black Circle's days are numbered and at LEAP OF FAITH, it all ends! You guys can say that you will fool all of the fans and the boys and girls in the back, but it's not going to happen. And John, if you do retain your crown, best believe I am coming for you. I will haunt you in your dreams until the day you accept a match with me. And when that match happens, I promise you and all the fans of the XWF that I will break your neck and put you in the hospital for a very long time. You can keep denying it all you want. Have your "HEAD" cheerleader try to insult me but Luca, your words don't faze me and if you should win the crown, the same fate will happen to you. Face it guys, I am the TRUE KING OF THE XWF and I will get what's rightfully mine. John, Luca.. all I can say is this.. I'M COMING!

Peter flashes a wicked smile as he chuckles a bit as more people pass him by and give him dirty looks. Peter just stares at them with evil intentions in mind. A few small kids start to pass him by and Peter just looks at them and flinches a bit as we see the kids cry to their parents. How disrespectful this man is. He really can scare the bejesus out of young children. But we digress. Peter then looks back into the camera before speaking once again.

Now let's get down to some real business shall we? Tomorrow night is LEAP OF FAITH and I am in two matches defending two belts. Lucky me eh? I first defend my newly won FTW/UFO title in a battle royal which will have a bunch of no names and jobbers. I should easily win that. Then I get to defend my Trios title with Mystery and Soldier against the Ambiguously Gay Trio consisting of Hunter Payne, Dean Moxley McGovern the European champ and the most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment, THE ROCK.. Wait, I'm fighting the Rock? That washed up has been who got beat by that fake rapper? The guy who's only big movie hit was Fast and the Furious? I get to fight that sellout? Oh right, I forgot that I'm fighting a wannabe Mr. XWF and wannabe Rock named Dwayne "the Shlong" Johnson. Really? REALLY? This clown? I get to fight Mr. XWF 2.0? This guy talks about cocks and dicks so much he can give Crimson Dong and Mr. XWF a run for his money. I mean come on XWF, can you at least put me, Soldier and Mystery in a better match than with these 3 jobbers? I mean Dean McGovern isn't really a jobber, he's the European Champ. Though he's going to lose that belt later in the night to Sid Feder. So he's gonna have a rough night. Losing the European title then getting his ass kicked by three blood thirsty killers in me, Soldier and Mystery. But I digress. Somebody asked me if we are concerned about Hunter Payne's team. Well I can sum it up with a short 4 letter word.

Peter: I mean really, you think these three jobbers are going to beat us? You are either stupid or you've been reading too many John Madison promos. But I digress. Let's get to this match shall we? I want to begin with you DWAYNE. You know Dwayne, can I call you Dwayne or the Rock? Or should I call you MR. XWF? I mean you talk just like him. Both of you love the cock and love to made fun of me so my assumption is that you are the same person or distant cousins. You're both JOKES in my book. You come out here talking about Ghostbusters 3 and saying you're going to be in it. Bitch, you'd be perfect for Brokeback Mountain 2. I mean you and Dean Moxley fit the part since you're both sucking each other off. My god this team of you, Dean and Hunter are so lame. I mean can me, Mystery and Soldier get some real talent instead of a bunch of cockusckers and bible thumping losers? Good GOD it seems retaining these Trios titles will be easier than I thought. Now Dwayne, you come out and call me a failure. You could not be more wrong dude. How many titles have you won? Not many huh since you are a complete ripoff of the original. I'm surprised the real Dwayne Johnson hasn't sued your ass for gimmick infringement because I sure as hell know you would lose in a court of law. But go ahead and say I'm a failure. I'll just show you the Trios, Tag, World, Xtreme, TV and UFO Titles all up in your grill bitch! I earned those titles. What have you earned besides a good blow job from Dean Moxley? NOTHING! You're a joke Dwayne. You can call me fat all you want man. I don't care anymore. It's just going to be your downfall when I shove my size 10 boot up your ass!

You want to make fun of my hygiene? At least I shower and brush my teeth every night. When was the last time your dick was washed? I bet never because it probably has ever STD in the book on it. No wonder nobody wants you dude. Your "strudel" has now turned into a noodle. Oh it's true Rock. Don't be mad I'm getting all the ladies and have the hottest woman in all of wrestling as my future wife while you got a small penis and Dean Moxley to come home too. Oh it's true you son of a bitch. Then Dwayne, you have to make a young Peter Gilmour fan cry. Shame on you! You want to mock me and all this other boring as hell crap, go ahead. When I get you in that ring Dwayne, I'm going to end your career and you can go back to Hollywood and make your next snorefest. Maybe I"ll direct it. It'll be called, "I just got my neck broke by Peter Gilmour!" It'll be a box office smash! But I digress. So keep making fun of me Dwayne. It's not going to help you when I rip you limb from limb and leave you a bloody mess on the canvas.

Next I come to the European Champ Dean Moxley McGovern. Dean you have come a long way from when you started here and I got to respect that. But now that you're teamed with Dwayne and Hunter Payne, you've turned into some cock loving moron. What the hell happened to you dude? I guess hanging out with a lame ass movie star and a bible loving jackass has gotten to you. You used to be someone who people feared Dean. You were a former Xtreme Champion and defended it proudly. You're now the XWF European Champion.

You should be proud of yourself Dean. But I know that Sid Feder is going to destroy you and take that title from you come Saturday. And now you think that you and your buddies are going to beat me, Mystery and Solider? You're crazier than a bitch on crack. Face it Dean, you're on a team with a homosexual and a Mexican. Seriously, kill yourself now because your team is going to get obliterated at the pay per view. You don't stand a chance against us.

Peter takes a moment to take a sip of water which he had in his bag. He then puts some water on his head to cool him off from the oppressive heat. The water slowly flows down Peter's muscular body surely making the ladies in the audience melt in pleasure. Peter then begins to speak once more.

Peter: Finally I come to the leader of this "team" Hunter Payne. Hunter, I have to commend you dude. You have put together a unique team. You got yourself teaming with a homosexual and a wannabe actor. Greta choice in partners there Hunter. You could of picked anybody else here but you pick them. Wow, you're an idiot! But I got to be honest with you. I saw something in your promo that interested me. You said that you respect me. Well thank you for that. I respect you too. I'm glad you are behind me in my quest to become King of the XWF. I appreciate the support. But I have to be honest with you Hunter. When you showed those pictures of me, Mystery and Soldier my respect for you went right out the window. You think you're team of homos are going to beat a superior team like me, Mystery and Soldier? Boy you must have a deathwish because we are ready to give you a one way trip to the hospital. You think that I made a mistake when I agreed to this match. FUCK NO! I never made a mistake in my life. You made the mistake of picking douchebags as partners. But that's going to be your downfall when me, Mystery and Soldier beat the shit out of you and leave all of you lying in a pool of blood. Trust me.

Then you say my second mistake was having Soldier and Mystery do all my dirty work. Wow Hunter.. just wow. You have proof of that statement. Plus I don't need them to fight my battles ok? I never rode their coattails to the Tag or Trios Titles. I can fight my own battles and we all bring something to the group. So don't come out here saying that bullshit when you don't have facts ok? You tell me to focus on the UFO title. Well I don't care about the title because I know I'll retain against a bunch of jobbers anyways. But thanks for the support. Let's face it Hunter, I'm going to retain both of my titles and put a ton of people in the hospital when I hit the DEATHSTRIKE! You think I'm underestimating you and your team? BITCH PLEASE! I am ready as I ever will be and I know Soldier and Mystery are as well. You think we are overlooking you? HA! Don't make us laugh Hunter. YOU GUYS are the ones overlooking US! You come out here quoting all this bullshit from the bible making fun of Soldier and his Satanic ways. Let me tell you something Hunter, Soldier may be odd, but he can rip your head off in one move if he wanted to. You're just mad he exposed you and your slut. And speaking of Joy, hey baby. Care to get your ass taken to the Xtreme after I beat your boyfriend so bad he won't be able to fuck you? Don't be shy Joy, we all know you love the cock. I've seen the softcore porn tapes. But I digress. You are overlooking the greatest group men ever assembled. Mister Mystery, Unknown Soldier and myself the King of Wrestling Peter Gilmour. We are your worst nightmares come true and on Saturday night at LEAP OF FAITH, you better pray to GOD we don't kill you. We are retaining these belts gentlemen and we will send all three of you to an early retirement. Bet on that BITCH!

Peter looks dead into the camera. You can tell Peter is ready to defend his part of the Trios Titles along with Mystery and Soldier. Peter pulls back a bit and then smiles wickedly.

Peter: And speaking of my partners, I want to thank them for being there for me and being such good friends and partners. I could've had any other guys as my partners but these two guys really bring out the best in me. But I got to be honest with you people, I am sick and tired of you idiots bashing me and saying I'm still riding their coattails. That I need them to win a match or retain my titles. All I can say to that is... BULLSHIT! I never ever needed them to help me win these belts. I just found the right partners that's all. But keep telling yourselves that. GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE! Me, Mystery and Soldier are the best in the XWF today and we don't take shit from anybody. I know Soldier will bring his toughness and insatiable love for blood to the match and wants to kill one or all of the others involved in this match. But I'm not so sure about Mystery. He's been acting very different as of late. Talking in riddles, taking off his mask, I don't know what is up with him and it's getting me worried. Maybe if I talk to him he will get out of this funk he's in. Hell, what do I got to lose?

Peter takes out his cell phone and begins to call Mystery. A few rings pass and then we hear someone pick up. It's Mystery's answering machine

Message: "Hi I'm not here right now because I'm killing someone. Leave a message and maybe I'll get back to you.

Peter: Mystery, it's Gilmour! Listen I really need to talk to you about the Trios Titles. I got to know where you're head is at because I've heard some nasty rumors about you. Meet me in the locker room tomorrow night. Peace!

Peter hangs up and puts his phone back in his bag. He then starts to think again about Mystery. Is Mystery MIA? Will he show up for the pay per view? Can he help Peter and Soldier retain the Trios Tag Titles? We shall see. Peter then takes out some sun tan lotion. Peter puts some on his chest and arms and then lays back to catch some rays. He then closes his eyes and we go deep into the mind of the Xtreme Icon.

Peter (to himself): I sure hope I can get through to Mystery. Me and Soldier need him at his best to retain these titles and I'll be damned if we let some nobodies take our titles!

Looking into the camera, Peter smiles wickedly.

Peter: Tomorrow night, I know we will beat Hunter, Dwayne and Dean to a bloody pulp. I know we will retain. I just feel bad for them because they are going to get taken.. TO THE XTREEEEEEME! Now get the fuck out of here so I can get my tan on.

Peter looks away from the camera and begins to catch some rays. We then begin to fade out with a shot of the beach and people continuing to have fun in and out of the water. We now fade to black.


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