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RP2 = The Feder Cabin
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07-12-2013 02:23 PM

The Feder Cabin

We've all heard Mister Mystery talk about how worthless and unfortunate his opponents are.

We've all seen Poppa Feder's evil glare as his white hair blows in the wind-

-but what about when he's not in "XWF mode" -- what makes him tick?

:POPPA FEDER 17 31707 1:
You know they say a man's wealth can be measured by how much properly he has acquired in life -- geographically and spiritually.

The immediate surroundings -- blackened, undefined, dreary... The only light is that of a flickering lantern sitting on the windowsill, dancing ever so gently in the light breeze of the cool night air. This forest hides many secrets from the world but one of the best kept treasures is this very cabin; constructed entirely by hand, using logs and other basic components rather than relying on the help of the modern world. Poppa Feder helped build this very cabin many years ago while he himself was a very young man. In fact, it was his own father that he was helping build this cabin.

"Hey Bartholomew can you give me a hand with something?"

That ancient question was actually what originally led into the building of this cabin so many years ago. Poppa Feder's very own father had a way of roping you into a lot more than you bargained for which is a trait his son (Poppa Feder) and grandson (Sid Feder) have certainly exhibited in their own ways as well.

"Sure, dad. Let me finish what I'm working on over here real quick though!" He didn't want his father to know he was removing the head from a human body. At the age of 15, young Bartholomew Feder who you guys all later came to know as Mister Mystery and Poppa Feder, was removing the head of a body in the forest. Without cameras having been there to catch any of this, we must solely rely on the way that the Feders have chosen to pass this story down from generation to generation.

"And just call me Bart!" His hand jerks with force, finally severing the last bit of connective material between the body and head. "I told you I just want to go by Bart now, Dad! Give me about ten minutes and I'll be right there to help with whatever you need."

"Alright Son!" yelled back his father who in turn had his own secret -- he now knew he had ten more minutes to finish cutting up a human body. A father and son both hiding virtually the same secret from one another, living completely separate lives instead of just being honest with each other. Legend has it that young Bartholomew and his father were both, completely unknown to each other, responsible for a very small handful of disappearances over a span of several years before they finally realized what the other was doing. Once they realized they shared the same passion, they reportedly started planning something massive but the plan never had a chance to be played out. Instead, Bartholomew's father would be killed by an unidentified attacker in the middle of the forest. Nobody knows who the attacker was but he or she was armed with a gun and that was all that mattered when Bartholomew's father was found with a hole right between the eyes. Pieces of his brain and skull were actually visible at the entry wound as well as behind his head. Young Bartholomew would collect a small amount of brain and skull from his father before the authorities arrived to take care of the body.

"With this, I'll always have you with me. I love you." It was a statement and a commitment from a loving son to a now perished but still adored father. He would take the pieces of skull and brain and place them inside of a small bag, sealing it shut to the best of his ability. His mother never realized that pieces of her deceased husband were still in the house but she always could sense something was there and part of her believed it was her husband's spirit trying to go about its daily business as if it were still a living, breathing being.

One day, about five years after his father's death, Bartholomew was found shaking uncontrollably in his bed with blood pouring out of his mouth and chunks of unidentified matter on himself and on the bed. It was later revealed that the substance was remnants of those brain and skull chunks from years prior. Bartholomew who was now in his 20's had slipped into a psychotic, demonic rage of some kind and attempted to consume the pieces of his father that he'd saved for so long. In his far from meticulous state while doing so, he gashed up the inside of his mouth very bad while trying to chew pieces of actual skull in a rapid, wild animal like fashion. Some hypodermic needles as well as various illegal drugs were found in the room and may partially explain his behavior, although when questioned about what had happened he simply says he was having a bad dream. Bartholomew is said to have spent a few years locked away from the general public and undergoing treatment. It's unclear what took place during much of those earlier years in his life, but at that point there was no question; Bartholomew had a long journey ahead of him before he would become the man we know today as Sid Feder's father -- Poppa Feder 17 31707 1.

:POPPA FEDER 17 31707 1:
Well let me guarantee you that I've got as much property that a man should ever need, both physically and mentally. I'm a very wealthy man; just look around me and bask in the riches that are my freedom, my strength, my decree. I stand here in the very cabin that I helped my own father build so long ago and I am one . . . . with history. I exist here in this time and place, as a link back to something that was once a great force hidden within the beauty of its own surroundings. There's a hunger in these cracks-

He looks down at the cracks in the wood beneath his boots and shifts his weight so that the floor creeks loudly.

:POPPA FEDER 17 31707 1:
These here walls are ready to collapse if they aren't witness to something fresh, pure, and empowering soon-

He steps toward the log-made wall and smacks it. Some dust billows off of the spot on the log he smacked but the structure remains solid.

:POPPA FEDER 17 31707 1:
These trees are filled with thousands of pairs of eyes that all need to see once again what truly makes a man like me tick. I can hear my father's voice in the distance, calling to me and asking why the fuck I haven't sent him any good company lately!!!?

Already outside of his cabin after bursting through the door, Poppa Feder has his massive, gloved fist clenched tightly as he raises it high into the night air. His voice booms throughout the land like a warrior's cry calling forth an attack on a great enemy.

:POPPA FEDER 17 31707 1:
Well this one's for you, Dad! I haven't forgotten what you've taught me in our short time together! They will continue to pay! I've come to make things right again and I've done good.

He walks over to a black tarp and rips it away, exposing a small pit that has been dug outside of the cabin. The pit is about three feet deep and has the body of a naked woman in it. She's bound by her hands and feet with razor wire so that as she struggles, more and more blood is lost. She's very light in color and appears very weak from loss of blood and possibly being held for days without food for all we know. She looks to be around her mid-20's, very fit, blonde highlights in her brown, layered hair. She has some kind of tribal design tattooed right on her lower back so everyone knows what a tramp she is and the massive amount of makeup she was wearing is all running down her face, neck and breasts. She looks like a prime pick -- this girl could have been a real star in the XWF... or even the porn industry. The other talentless females of the XWF would have had some serious competition.

Instead, this young lady's fate is sealed by three words-

:POPPA FEDER 17 31707 1:
Come to Poppa.

[Image: oqhyzp.png]
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