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Started From The Bottom...
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07-12-2013 10:25 AM

Hello all, it's that guy from Outer Space who started from the bottom like Drake did. I was so on the bottom that my OWN family started gangs and gotten killed in the process. Then, i formed my own gang and terrorized the streets Of Baltimore with a bunch BMW's and white snow....FUCK THAT!... My family and I formed no gangs. I just wanted to gain a reaction from the viewers at home.

I know that this promo of mine isn't going to be viewed. So, let me just keep it simple the the point...I know that at the ppv, I'm going to get my ass whooped by Nash with her pet watching... I bet, that she's going to only beat me to get ahead at her chance to Face Satellite for his US Championship on the 24. I am going to say this, I am not afraid to ruin her chances of thinking about advancing in the Warfare Challenge...

Replay:The Warfare Eight Challenge where I will face Jake Willis for a chance to go to the Main Event to become the next number 1 contender to the United States Title.

If you think your going to walk out of this "silly" match we are having, then you DEAD about I just claim your first loss...And call it a day.

Replay:… it will be nothing but worthless garbage just like him

[Image: tumblr_mdeelqsRCB1rivr2ao1_250.gif]

Replay:I have already proved I can beat guys bigger and stronger than so do you honestly think that you are going to scare me with your little threats? I

My Little Threats huh?....How about i threaten you with an AK 47 to the face...or how about i just put your pet inside a Dog Pund?... I can careless about your victory over three other "Bigger and Stronger" guys.

Replay: Are you ready to face what lies ahead of you?

Face Up Or Face Down?... I mean, lies ahead of you?...Then sure, I'm SOOOO ready for the fire we can make in that ring. It could even make the singing duo of Alicia Keys and Maxwell pissed off.

Replay:Bring it on Reggie… I will be waiting.

Oh, Baby... Mi So Horny... I can wait to make you cry Dove's like Prince's song. Who knows, i might make it Rain Purple after i defeat YOU in my return inside this company.

Nash, i know your going to have the fans on your side in that Arena. Hell, if you can have the whole locker room siding for you, then you "Beat" me. Although, there is no way i will make you come out of this match Alive and kicking. I'm going to prove to the World why i am coming back to wrestle here. Even if i let you pin me... there's still no chance of you actually getting a Three Count over me.

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