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Burying the Angel pt. 2
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John Msdison 2.Faggot

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07-11-2013 11:02 PM

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Sebastian Duke's Funeral

The day after High Stakes/Late May

Have you been paying attention as we follow our adventurer, King John Madison, on his epic adventure?

Last time we saw our adventurer, he had Luca Arzegotti digging a hole for him in the desert.

Not just any hole though. This hole would be the last resting place of that Angel of Darkness boy, Sebastian Duke.

Can you think back to a time when you had to say goodbye to a close friend?

That's kind of what this is like. It's time to say goodbye to my old friend Sebastian Duke. It's been a long journey for the Angel of Darkness, but it will all be worth it in the end.

John Madison rests his head on the window of the hearse as Shane Carver cranks up the A/C. We can hear Madison snoring as his chin slowly drops down into his chest. Shane Carver is about to do the same when he and John are woken up by the blade of a shovel tapping the window.

It's Luca Arzegotti.

John Madison and Shane Carver look down at the clock on the dashboard. To their surprise, they had dozed off for a good two and a half hours. John Madison sluggishly rolls down his window. It's one of those manual rolling ones so John makes it look like the most exhausting task on the planet.

He lowers his black, thick rimmed shades to get a look at Luca Azregotti. Luca is covered in his sweat and dirt with his shirt still removed and wrapped around his forehead.

"I'm finished, king," Luca tells John as he points over towards the six-foot hole-- his proud accomplishment for the day. "Like it? Good."

Before John even has a chance to inspect the dig site, Luca Arzegotti already goes into the back of the hearse to cool off.

"Okay then," John says as he looks around, confused. Does he even remember why he came out here to begin with? "Let's go, Shane. We're done..."

Yes, it would appear as though John Madison is ready to pack up shop early without even realizing it. Shane seems to have forgotten as well as he puts the vehicle in drive and presses his foot on the pedal.

"WAIT!" Luca bursts out.

Shane Carver slams his foot on the brakes just five seconds after taking off. John Madison didn't have his seat belt on, and as a result, slammed nose-first into the dashboard.

"FUCK!" John screams as he cups his nose with both hands, muffling his outburst. Luca then reminds them of why they came out in the first place.

"I just digged a hole for this asshole back here! Why are we leaving?"

"Oh shit," John and Shane mutter in unison as they suddenly remember why they drove all the way out to the middle of the desert.

"That was weird. For some reason I thought we just came out here to have you dig a hole." John Madison admits to Luca. He begins to speak as though Sebastian Duke is the cause of this inconvenience.

"Thanks, Luca. That would have been pretty bad if we drove all the way to Chicago in a hearse with Sebastian Duke. Fuck, I'm tired. Luca, can you just dump him in the grave, buddy? I really don't feel like doing it now. "

"Fuck off. Do it yourself."

John Madison lets out a long drawn out sigh as he looks across to Shane Carver.

"Fuck, Shane. Why did you have to dig Duke back out of the grave? We should have just left him buried in the arena."

"WHAT?" Shane blurts out, taking offense to John suggesting that this was all Carver's plan. "You're the one who wanted to do this! You were worried that the arena staff might dig him back up and set him free."

John pulls whatever response that he can from his ass. "That sounds ridiculous, Shane. That totally doesn't sound like anything I would say. I feel like you're putting this all on me now. Did you not say that you wanted the Angel of Darkness eliminated? Hmm?"

Shane Carver: "I wanted him gone because you wouldn't drop the fucking subject. Every day you just talked about how we should kill Duke! NAZI didn't have the balls to do it prior to Gauntlet City, so I finally just said fuck it and got it over with."

They both turn quiet as the truth comes out about the buried alive screwjob at High Stakes.

"Come on," John tells Shane as he steps out of the hearse. He is overwhelmed at first by the heat and sunlight that's cast down onto him from the Nevada sky. He tries to shield himself with his forearm as he wobbles around.

By the time John creeps over to the back of the hearse, Shane already has the rear door opened. We look inside and find the casket that contains Sebastian Duke. Duke begins to kick and scream like a little bitch as he hears Shane and John approaching.

"This is for your own good, Duke!"

"Let's just get this over with," Shane says as he and John remove the casket from the hearse.

The casket is poking halfway out of the hearse when suddenly...

"Holy shit! Shane, It's the cops!" John screams as he points to the patrol car and drops the casket on Shane Carver's foot. Shane screams out in pain.

"DAMN IT, JOHN!" Shane yells as Duke's big ass falls onto Shane's big toe. Shane shoves the casket back inside the hearse with Luca assisting him from the inside.

John reaches into the back of his pants where his Glock is wedged between his ass and the waistband of his jeans. He's about to draw his firearm when Shane firmly forces the gun back inside.

"Don't you dare!" Shane says as the police SUV comes closer. "Put it away, John. NOW."

John keeps the Glock in place for now.The patrol car pulls up right next to them, sending a wave of dust into their direction, blinding them.

Shane closes the door of the hearse, locking Duke and the casket back inside. For now John and Shane are calm as they watch the police officer talking on his whisper mic through the tinted glass of the SUV.

The officer steps out of the vehicle and we notice that his physical features right off the bat look eerily familiar. The police officer looks like the ultimate douchebag with his buzz cut and his fat stomach hanging over his work belt. He looks like the type of cop who would lag behind in a foot chase while his two partners do all the hard work. He's definitely someone on the police force who has to be carried by his fellow officers. But we must digress. He has a wicked smile on his face which just might make all the ladies orgasm in their panties. The name tag on his work shirt says, "XTREEEEME" for some bizarre reason. We also notice that his patrol car has a decal that says, "THE DEATH STRIKER." John Madison notices this and is ready to burst out laughing, but Shane keeps John in check with a cold stare. There's no way this is happening right now. The officer hobbles up to Shane and John to introduce himself.

"Hey fags! Durrrr I'm uhh Officer Geter Pilmour, but I digress, uhh what uhh are you guys doing out here?"

Just then, Luca Arzegotti pokes his head out of the hearse to find out what the commotion is outside.

"Holy shit, Peter Gilmour is a cop?"

"I know, right Luca? I bet the ladies are getting so wet over the thought of Peter Gilmour frisking them!"

The officer interrupts Luca and John's conversation. "Hey fags, I'm not Peter Gilmour. You both better shut the fuck up before I rip your dicks off and eat them. My name is Geter Pilmour, and as of right now I am taking the law...


John Madison chuckles, nodding back at Luca while Shane Carver just shakes his head and lets out a sigh.
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