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~Focus!~ (Christine r/p)
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07-11-2013 04:10 PM

Life is funny. You are born, you grow up and you die. You live thru good things like birthdays, Graduations, the first love, the first kiss, births. But then you have bad things like Break up and death. But one thing always stays the same. When you are in the Wrestling business… You have your ups and downs. You win some… you lose some. But this time… even with the odds stacked against… it wasn’t going to get her down.

Christine and Matt rode together to the arena. She didn’t say much during the drive as her mind was distant. She still wasn’t herself and Matt could tell. He could see a hint of the Angel as it was rising in her. He could feel his demon rise as he too could feel her presents. Christine pulls into the parking garage and spins the car out as she parks in the parking place. Matt looked almost white as he was trying to catch his heart that just got left about 50 ft behind.

Christine: You can either stay with me or you roam around on your own. And if you roam… then you will have to meet me back here after the match. Do I make myself clear?

Matt: No problem. I will be here. But I am going to stay with you.

Christine: Alright but if you do… I will be waiting. Don’t make me wait long. Right now your on thin ice… you have a lot to prove. This will be the first test.

They get out of the car and Matt grabs both their bags. She locks the car up and takes one more look at Matt.

Christine: I am leaving this on… It is a reminder who you belong to. Understood?

Matt: I know. Understood.

Before he could say anything else, she walks away and down to her locker room. Matt runs to catch up to her. She changes into her wrestling gear and then placing her stuff in the bag and putting it in a lock box. A few moments later they leaves her locker room and walks down the hall. They sees several people standing around and walking thru the halls as they pass. She knew where they was headed. She had been to Heinz Field before with other companies and when she was little with her parents. So this was like home to her. They walked until she found the door she was looking for and walks out to the seats up in the nose bleed section.

[Image: heinz_field_103118846.jpg]

They sit down As Christine watches the men assemble the ring and set up the sets for the PPV coming up. The more she sat there… the more the Angel grew. Matt could feel it as he looks at her. Christine was focused as she stared down at the workers. She was soaking up the emotions and the atmosphere of the arena as she was sitting there. Matt remained quiet as Christine as he could see her wheel turning as she was plotting the match in her head.

Christine: So your name is Reggie. The mysterious Wrestler 82 is named Reggie. Hmmm interesting. Well Reggie, we have one thing in common, we are both coming off huge wins from Wednesday Night Warfare. You a little singles match and me a big four way Elimination match. Now I know you aren’t scared of a little 5’8”, 130 pound woman… but you sound be. You realize Reggie, I just beat 3 men bigger than I in one match. You, you only had one guy.

She smirks as she looks over at Matt who really wasn’t thrilled being reminded that his EX beat him in a match. She then looks back towards the ring crew on the field.

Christine: You can ask him how it feels to lose to a girl. For Matt… it was worse seeing as he is my EX and at this time owned by me. Just like I owed the three in the ring… I will own you in this match as well. I know, you can talk all the talk and make a shit load of threats. But can you really and truly back it up and walk the walk. Can you go in this match and truly prove you can beat a psycho.

She twists her head to the side as she runs a hand thru her hair and sits on the edge of her seat. Matt watching her close as he vowed he would protect her. She really didn’t think she needed it but having him along… she could keep a eye on her precious pet as she called him. Matt had been trying to get to Christine but the wall hadn’t come down, it was only cracked. But that isn’t what is important. What is important is the fact Christine could smell the victory in the air as the days grew closer to this match.

Christine: I can see it now, all these stands filled with screaming fans. Probably half backing me and the rest you. All waiting to see the battle of the sexes… man vs. woman. The Dog eats Dog match to see who will survive. Will it be Reggie the wrestler with no name… or will it be The Twisted Angel who will once again fly thru the air and take out whatever and whoever is in my path. Right now… that is you. You are the one in my path. You Reggie, you’re the one I will devour next.

She gets up and starts to walk down the steps as Matt stays in the seats watching her. He wasn’t about to get in the way of her. She had this cold and captivating look on her face as she continued.

Christine: The time draws near, soon the two of us will be face to face in that ring they are building. The bell will ring, the crowd will be on the edge if their seats to see who will survive. You know they say only the strong will survive. Are you strong Reggie? Are you powerful? Do you have what it takes to tangle with one that is not fully mentally sane? I could sick the pet on you… but why waste him on someone that personally I don’t think will amount to much in this match. The path is set… the destiny is at hand. Are you ready for destiny? Are you ready to take this to the max? I am!

She smirks as she walks back up the steps and to where Matt is. She snaps her finger and he stands up and follows her as she leaves the area.

1 team win

DTA - Don't Trust Anyone!!!

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